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21. Every time a right-winger commits another atrocity, we hear how it's going to backfire
Sun Jun 30, 2013, 10:51 AM
Jun 2013

it never does. This is just wishful thinking, BK.

Edit: Rec anyway, it's well-written

By Roberts Rules ... GeorgeGist Jun 2013 #1
Yes, because "times have changed" mountain grammy Jun 2013 #4
it wasn't just him MurrayDelph Jun 2013 #30
Well done! Vinnie From Indy Jun 2013 #2
Roberts is quite a piece of work MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #3
22 Democrats voted against Robert's confirmation mountain grammy Jun 2013 #6
He was caught bald-face lying to the committee during his confirmation hearings. Fuddnik Jun 2013 #7
IOKIYAR Berlum Jun 2013 #16
So was Slappy Thomas Doctor_J Jun 2013 #22
Obama launches daring life-saving effort Jackpine Radical Jun 2013 #8
This is completely fallacious ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2013 #12
My sentiments exactly. n/t loudsue Jun 2013 #13
Well done sir! n/t ewagner Jun 2013 #20
It's all part of the ruse, Manny. Enthusiast Jun 2013 #11
This is such a blatant attempt to help disenfranchise voters by the Roberts Court that Dustlawyer Jun 2013 #5
Anyone involved with the "courts" in the last thirty years xtraxritical Jun 2013 #23
The Republican Party is extra fucking extremely extreme. Enthusiast Jun 2013 #9
Roberts may be setting the future for voters showing up to vote without knowing about DhhD Jun 2013 #10
Anyone a Bush would appoint; kitt6 Jun 2013 #14
great OP! blackspade Jun 2013 #15
The John Lewis Voting Rights Act vlyons Jun 2013 #17
Roberts is a Misanthrope on almost everything he votes on . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #18
Excellent post. ewagner Jun 2013 #19
Every time a right-winger commits another atrocity, we hear how it's going to backfire Doctor_J Jun 2013 #21
Really a splendid essay, Bennet Kelley, and Welcome to DU! calimary Jun 2013 #24
These were my exact thoughts as I read the OP; how many presidential SaveAmerica Jun 2013 #28
THE STATES ARE VITAL! yes, i'm yelling. support the dga & your state dems. eom ellenfl Jun 2013 #29
I'm yelling straight along with you, ellenfl! calimary Jun 2013 #34
The Roberts Court should have listened to this . . . OldRedneck Jun 2013 #25
Welcome to DU, OldRedneck! calimary Jun 2013 #35
about 'The Real John Roberts' elleng Jun 2013 #26
I certainly hope your last paragraph is true, my experience SaveAmerica Jun 2013 #27
I disagree with many of his decisions but won't go TOO hard on him Rstrstx Jun 2013 #31
Roberts decisions makes it possible for States to say no to the ACA, no to Medicaid Expansion and DhhD Jun 2013 #33
I knew it might not be a popular position Rstrstx Jul 2013 #38
Welcome to DU, Rstrstx! calimary Jun 2013 #37
Thanks Bennet Kelley Jun 2013 #32
I don't think it was a power play. I think Roberts blinked. Azathoth Jun 2013 #36
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