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22. So was Slappy Thomas
Sun Jun 30, 2013, 10:57 AM
Jun 2013

Both of these criminals should have been impeached while Pelosi was speaker. But Manny's point above about how the Dems keep the Repukes alive to cover their own rightward march is spot on.

By Roberts Rules ... GeorgeGist Jun 2013 #1
Yes, because "times have changed" mountain grammy Jun 2013 #4
it wasn't just him MurrayDelph Jun 2013 #30
Well done! Vinnie From Indy Jun 2013 #2
Roberts is quite a piece of work MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #3
22 Democrats voted against Robert's confirmation mountain grammy Jun 2013 #6
He was caught bald-face lying to the committee during his confirmation hearings. Fuddnik Jun 2013 #7
IOKIYAR Berlum Jun 2013 #16
So was Slappy Thomas Doctor_J Jun 2013 #22
Obama launches daring life-saving effort Jackpine Radical Jun 2013 #8
This is completely fallacious ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2013 #12
My sentiments exactly. n/t loudsue Jun 2013 #13
Well done sir! n/t ewagner Jun 2013 #20
It's all part of the ruse, Manny. Enthusiast Jun 2013 #11
This is such a blatant attempt to help disenfranchise voters by the Roberts Court that Dustlawyer Jun 2013 #5
Anyone involved with the "courts" in the last thirty years xtraxritical Jun 2013 #23
The Republican Party is extra fucking extremely extreme. Enthusiast Jun 2013 #9
Roberts may be setting the future for voters showing up to vote without knowing about DhhD Jun 2013 #10
Anyone a Bush would appoint; kitt6 Jun 2013 #14
great OP! blackspade Jun 2013 #15
The John Lewis Voting Rights Act vlyons Jun 2013 #17
Roberts is a Misanthrope on almost everything he votes on . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #18
Excellent post. ewagner Jun 2013 #19
Every time a right-winger commits another atrocity, we hear how it's going to backfire Doctor_J Jun 2013 #21
Really a splendid essay, Bennet Kelley, and Welcome to DU! calimary Jun 2013 #24
These were my exact thoughts as I read the OP; how many presidential SaveAmerica Jun 2013 #28
THE STATES ARE VITAL! yes, i'm yelling. support the dga & your state dems. eom ellenfl Jun 2013 #29
I'm yelling straight along with you, ellenfl! calimary Jun 2013 #34
The Roberts Court should have listened to this . . . OldRedneck Jun 2013 #25
Welcome to DU, OldRedneck! calimary Jun 2013 #35
about 'The Real John Roberts' elleng Jun 2013 #26
I certainly hope your last paragraph is true, my experience SaveAmerica Jun 2013 #27
I disagree with many of his decisions but won't go TOO hard on him Rstrstx Jun 2013 #31
Roberts decisions makes it possible for States to say no to the ACA, no to Medicaid Expansion and DhhD Jun 2013 #33
I knew it might not be a popular position Rstrstx Jul 2013 #38
Welcome to DU, Rstrstx! calimary Jun 2013 #37
Thanks Bennet Kelley Jun 2013 #32
I don't think it was a power play. I think Roberts blinked. Azathoth Jun 2013 #36
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