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And quite a few heads will explode on DU if and when that happens still_one Feb 2015 #1
Nah. HappyMe Feb 2015 #5
This is what I think is going to happen: HRC will have minimal ground game, it will be played out leveymg Feb 2015 #2
Yes, damn good for Wallstreeters, but not for mainstreeters. The Dems can do MUCH better. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2015 #3
Another Clinton? guillaumeb Feb 2015 #4
There is a bit of a logic error or something like that, here: djean111 Feb 2015 #11
while I think every bit of what you added is on the mark guillaumeb Feb 2015 #13
I understand completely. Really. djean111 Feb 2015 #24
She's liberal on social issues. Unfathomable that she'd appoint a Roberts or Alito emulatorloo Feb 2015 #29
Agree. That false and demeaning meme, like all their false and demeaning memes, doesn't stand up to merrily Feb 2015 #26
She inspires most young women One of the 99 Feb 2015 #12
and that is a tremendous factor guillaumeb Feb 2015 #14
Clinton is TOUGH, has the experience, and is brilliant DonCoquixote Feb 2015 #6
Yes-we had our 8 years of Obama... catnhatnh Feb 2015 #7
There is no doubt she's very qualified and someone to be reckoned with, but > YOHABLO Feb 2015 #8
Umm, really. That's what you've got, she doesn't have enough "balls". Agschmid Feb 2015 #23
you funny AtomicKitten Feb 2015 #9
And until that happens I'll be giving everything I have to fight for Bernie tracks29 Feb 2015 #10
Hillary will run to the right of Obama. And lose. blkmusclmachine Feb 2015 #15
Is that all you ever have to say about HRC? Persondem Feb 2015 #18
My crystal ball says - TPP. TPP is TODAY, not senate votes from years ago. TODAY. djean111 Feb 2015 #25
Repeating the usual anti-HRC diatribe does not impress Persondem Feb 2015 #30
I am not trying to impress you in any way. I am stating my opinion. djean111 Feb 2015 #33
Opinions can be informed or not, and your leaps of (il)logic are Fox-worthy. Persondem Feb 2015 #38
Here ya go...... djean111 Feb 2015 #39
Thank you. I get the impression that you didn't read the whole article ... Persondem Feb 2015 #41
The point is that I would have thought she would have an actual position on the economy BY NOW. nt djean111 Feb 2015 #42
Well, either she doesn't have a position or she's reluctant to share it. winter is coming Feb 2015 #43
The economy is not some static entity that you can figure out once and then Persondem Feb 2015 #47
Just sounds to me, then, that Hillary has merely been busy raising money, and djean111 Feb 2015 #50
Yes, I agree she would make a great candidate.... daleanime Feb 2015 #16
More Clinton inevitability talk davidpdx Feb 2015 #17
Sure, she'll be damn good if you love war, are a 1%er, love "free trade"........ PeteSelman Feb 2015 #19
I doubt Jamaal510 Feb 2015 #21
Sure, the mouthbreathers will hate her. PeteSelman Feb 2015 #22
Bingo. truebluegreen Feb 2015 #52
I don't vote for Republicans Ramses Feb 2015 #20
If we're going to get Republican policies, I prefer having a Republican to blame. Scuba Feb 2015 #27
I think you're probably right, and I'd add Proud Public Servant Feb 2015 #28
The only time since 1924 when voter turnout dipped below 50% in a presidential election Art_from_Ark Feb 2015 #40
What's incredible to me about the "inevitability" statements is the underlying self-pity. beerandjesus Feb 2015 #31
this is a reply worthy of an op DonCoquixote Feb 2015 #32
Your post is much better than mine below, LiberalElite Feb 2015 #45
Yup. Exactly. djean111 Feb 2015 #34
One poster wrote about the Republicans pulling the conversation to the right guillaumeb Feb 2015 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Feb 2015 #36
All there is is hype. HappyMe Feb 2015 #37
I'm just curious - LiberalElite Feb 2015 #44
Bullshit Splinter Cell Feb 2015 #46
If Hillary runs... Chan790 Feb 2015 #48
With Hillary as president, the corporations will still be running America. After 8 more years, Cal33 Feb 2015 #49
I won't vote for her, no matter what. If the party wants my vote they'll need to earn it. Republican GoneFishin Feb 2015 #51
Apparently the Republicans don't need to do anything...you'll just give them a vote by default brooklynite Feb 2015 #55
People who don't recognize that the goal of elections is to elect someone to represent our GoneFishin Feb 2015 #57
People who don't recognize that the goal of elections is to pick people to run the Government... brooklynite Feb 2015 #58
Corporate, corporation, corporatist. What did I leave out? Coriander for Cory in Corpus Christie? DFW Feb 2015 #53
Didn't see anything In OP that says she'll be good WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #54
Sander will go independent and I will go with him 4dsc Feb 2015 #56
And if Sanders endorses Clinton, you'll throw him under the bus as well? brooklynite Feb 2015 #59
She was inevitable in 2008, too Carolina Feb 2015 #60
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