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101. You may as well
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 03:33 PM
Jul 2015

prepare handouts containing the predetermined questions and answers, and distribute them before anyone even sits down. That seems to fit your criterion just as well, and wouldn't be fraudulent at all.

Alternatively, you could do a Putin, have a secretary record the questions, and schedule a follow-up session a couple of days hence, during which answers could be given, provided the questions were deemed worthy of an answer.

Or, hell, fuck it: Just put her behind a $2,700/question paywall.


Clip didn't play. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #1
"I have zero problem with planted questions." Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #4
Don't know what to tell you then. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #11
I don't think that Bernie plants questions virtualobserver Jul 2015 #15
Not sure I am buying that. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #17
we all know what the questions are going to be on talk shows..... virtualobserver Jul 2015 #22
I agree, it isn't his style. However at the Netroots town hall, it sure looked like he had a plant still_one Jul 2015 #26
true, and looking at the lack of coverage by networks of this protest virtualobserver Jul 2015 #28
If one took the time to watch the videos, Bernie not only dealt with the situation well, but still_one Jul 2015 #29
It's different for Bernie because he has the same answers to every question. Walk away Jul 2015 #92
Bernie does stay on message virtualobserver Jul 2015 #93
It's a mantra for him. LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #104
This is a touch different... jimlup Jul 2015 #18
Conflating interview questions with planting someone in the audience to ask a question is hilarious. djean111 Jul 2015 #64
This wasn't a talk show. arcane1 Jul 2015 #82
This video was from before our last president was elected. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #86
Click on the video and you'll be directed to YouTube where you can watch it. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #6
I like this youtube DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #9
" lookin' like I robbed Liberace"....one of my favorite lines ever... Indepatriot Jul 2015 #50
Pardon my cultural ignorance but your reference alludes me./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #68
From "California Love" (Dre's part) Indepatriot Jul 2015 #80
TY -nt =no topic DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #81
Cultural Reference re: Liberace 1monster Jul 2015 #84
I know who Liberace is...I loved "Beyond the Candelabra" DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #85
I am not Catholic but I would place it under venial sins if I were./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #7
I like that. It gave me a chuckle. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #14
I agree Sheepshank Jul 2015 #58
They are holding this position as if all questions asked to her will be planted. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #63
Exactly. okasha Jul 2015 #87
But when the questions are planted because Motown_Johnny Jul 2015 #32
"but to her viability as a candidate" NCTraveler Jul 2015 #33
If she is not as knowledgeable on the issues as Motown_Johnny Jul 2015 #37
Give me a minute. Cleaning the drink off my monitor. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #38
She needs to go up against an (R) you know.... Motown_Johnny Jul 2015 #40
Not a viable candidate. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #42
IF she isn't knowledgeable. Motown_Johnny Jul 2015 #43
We all need to smile. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #56
She is the "smartest woman on earth"! pocoloco Jul 2015 #70
lol. That's too funny. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #72
Why is that? zentrum Jul 2015 #41
In any event, Hillary zentrum Jul 2015 #47
If this is what did them in, she didn't have that person in the first place. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #53
The young woman said that she had yet to make up her mind and was attending 1monster Jul 2015 #88
Wonder if anyone was ever able to follow up to find out who she voted for. nt. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #89
Heh. bvf Jul 2015 #2
Conveniently the OP neglected to post the date of the video - 2007!!!! George II Jul 2015 #52
She's evolved from planting questions. frylock Jul 2015 #61
Equally conveniently, bvf Jul 2015 #62
Of course it is. TM99 Jul 2015 #3
More desperation 'news' from 2007. onehandle Jul 2015 #5
"Desperate people do desperate things." DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #8
Let's hope not. We can't afford too many more mistakes like this Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #10
I like this Hillary youtube better DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #13
Or the bigger mistake with the vote on AUMF which did the funding of the war. Ask Bernie why he Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #20
Nice regurgitated talking point. Too bad it doesn't make any sense. Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #21
One needs to accept the full story, the same day the IWR vote happened then the AUMF occurred, had Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #23
Honestly you seem confused. Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #25
Yes there had to be funding for the IWR, the IWR did not provide the funding. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #90
Question to Clinton, "Are you backed by Big Oil; and if so, what is your Energy Policy"? DhhD Jul 2015 #49
That's the first thing I noticed even before the video began - desperation for sure! George II Jul 2015 #54
20 years of town halls just us Jul 2015 #12
I think you are correct in pointing out the similarities between the Clinton campaigning and Snotcicles Jul 2015 #34
The difference between... 99Forever Jul 2015 #16
Which one? The one who was attacked by sniper fire or who spoke of the virtues of "hard working Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2015 #19
Take your choice my friend. 99Forever Jul 2015 #27
I know for sure one choice won't be HRC. That's for damn sure. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2015 #102
Do Thom Hartmann and Bernie have a list of questions for callers to choose from... cascadiance Jul 2015 #66
My response was not about BLM and you need to not talk down or be condescending. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2015 #103
Well, Hillary sure isn't afraid of answering hard questions, or she could have taken the opportunity Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #24
Or maybe just avoid speaking in front of the group. That works too. jalan48 Jul 2015 #31
I like saying "Shutup" better. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #60
LOL-or..... jalan48 Jul 2015 #69
How do you know the "hard questions" she answers Motown_Johnny Jul 2015 #35
Thing is, even in the debates the candidates probably have a pretty good idea what's coming. Buns_of_Fire Jul 2015 #67
To bad the student went along with and didn't ask her question instead. Snotcicles Jul 2015 #30
Politicians! newfie11 Jul 2015 #36
What difference does it make? Yesterday the whining was about the answers - today the questions?!! Fred Sanders Jul 2015 #39
Well, for some of us ethics is important. nt Snotcicles Jul 2015 #48
Most have very flexible sense of ethics Bradical79 Jul 2015 #79
It is minor, it is even less significant to those who dismiss it. Snotcicles Jul 2015 #83
Is this supposed to be a bad thing or something? Gman Jul 2015 #44
I still remember a phony bit at the first Clinton inauguration where Hillery was vanlassie Jul 2015 #45
The Clintons and The Truth Indepatriot Jul 2015 #46
You had to go all the way back to 2007 (8 years ago) to find and post this? George II Jul 2015 #51
It just popped up today during that video of Hillary laughing about Gaddafi being anally raped... Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #57
Mark Twain said: Snotcicles Jul 2015 #59
Unhelpful at best Android3.14 Jul 2015 #55
This is smarmy, but.... blackspade Jul 2015 #65
Never met, or worked for, a political candidate (even for City Council) that didn't plant DonViejo Jul 2015 #71
That's too bad :-( Bradical79 Jul 2015 #75
Even radio talk shows featuring candidates have planted questions.... DonViejo Jul 2015 #78
This is an awesome thread! DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #73
Thanks but this thread is weak.... Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #74
That thread is awesome(r)./nt DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #77
All part of the show Blue Owl Jul 2015 #76
"Probably still going on"? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #91
No different than Trump paying supporters Fearless Jul 2015 #94
Loved what she said at the end about how it "takes the voter out of it" n/t whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #95
Quelle surprise. AtomicKitten Jul 2015 #96
Much About Nothing Nitram Jul 2015 #97
I'm glad you think it's OK for politicians to plant people in the audience and then pretend to Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #98
I'm so glad you're glad. Nitram Jul 2015 #99
She is pretending to select a random person with their hand raised for a question. Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #100
You may as well bvf Jul 2015 #101
LOL! Cheese Sandwich Jul 2015 #105
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