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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Aug 18, 2015, 09:48 AM Aug 2015

Latino group demands Hillary Clinton and DNC cut ties with private prison industry [View all]


“We demand Hillary Clinton return and reject any and all donations and financial support from the private prison industry. Clinton can’t claim to be working to end mass incarceration while accepting donations from the very people who are bankrolled by it. Hillary Clinton claims to be the ideal candidate to represent Latinos, but that can’t be trusted if she is accepting money from the very people who have made billions of dollars destroying the lives of millions of immigrants and Latinos. For far too long, black and brown people have been arrested and imprisoned for minor crimes they commit at rates far lower than white people— all the while wasting billions of taxpayer dollars and millions of lives.

“If Clinton wants our votes, she must return, and stop accepting, dirty money from private prisons.”

About presente: With more than a quarter million members, Presente is a major national organization dedicated to amplifying the political voices of Latino communities in the United States.
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I know she isn't Bill Clinton. But, changes under his administration exploded prison population mucifer Aug 2015 #1
And I feel sad some folks still think Clinton is taking "private prison money". Tunnel vision is a Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #9
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!!!" nt Romulox Aug 2015 #12
The real issue being ignored in the rush to demonize is: what is that curtain and why is it there? Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #13
the real issue in this thread cali Aug 2015 #16
I use funny accents when I read his posts, it helps. nt artislife Aug 2015 #41
lol -- great idea -- thank you, artislife! senz Aug 2015 #71
That's a good idea, I just read his posts because they are so funny, accents would help. n/t A Simple Game Aug 2015 #141
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Aug 2015 #160
And there it is again ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #42
Yawn. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #49
there what is? do tell. cali Aug 2015 #69
she damn well is. cali Aug 2015 #14
She should own this and return the money. GitRDun Aug 2015 #30
+ 1 senz Aug 2015 #73
Her relationships with some industries is a core REASON FOR of her candidacy. Vincardog Aug 2015 #82
OK...the Manchurian Candidate GitRDun Aug 2015 #116
Odd Android3.14 Aug 2015 #122
I believe Vincardog was inferring she was a Manchurian candidate GitRDun Aug 2015 #123
I think that is understood, but I've swung and missed before Android3.14 Aug 2015 #125
Got ya! I won't go there, but that's ok GitRDun Aug 2015 #135
Disgusting. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #51
6 degrees of separation game again? MaggieD Aug 2015 #92
Yup, that's exactly what's going on. Thanks for the reality check. n/t pnwmom Aug 2015 #94
You know, if HRC supporters were posting.... MaggieD Aug 2015 #101
Yes she should turn down money from folks associated with certain industries AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #184
Some folks live in a puretopian dream world MaggieD Aug 2015 #188
There are thousands of firms NOT profiting from human misery AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #189
What this says is that a lobbying firm who is involved with her campaign has other clients, pnwmom Aug 2015 #93
There's no excuse for even taking money from a firm that has money like that. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #179
That's ridiculous. They hired a law firm to do bundling of campaign contributions. pnwmom Aug 2015 #180
Who cares if they eat babies? AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #186
Maybe some of your doctor's other patients do. You'll never know. n/t pnwmom Aug 2015 #191
So what if they lobby for human misery! AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #185
I don't think you know what a lobbyist is. pnwmom Aug 2015 #97
It speaks to their character AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #187
Thank you! 840high Aug 2015 #124
it's sickening when people deny facts. cali Aug 2015 #22
Bernie is not taking private prison money. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #34
Let us assume a candidate is offered 10 million dollars by one person, money bundled from a hundred different donors. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #63
OK. On the right, we have a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who accepts donations JDPriestly Aug 2015 #153
And this is going to be the #1 issue of this campaign, getting this corrupt money out of sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #168
Sanders voluntarily surrendered the CU wasteland and neither Clinton or Obama did. Their choice. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #169
Where is your evidence that Hillary is? pnwmom Aug 2015 #102
Here you go. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #150
"There is a small possibility" is an opinion of that author, backed up by nothing. pnwmom Aug 2015 #151
Unfortunately, with Hillary Clinton's record on accepting, seeking corporate JDPriestly Aug 2015 #152
No, we don't "have to assume" anything. That's what you choose to do, as a Bernie-backer. pnwmom Aug 2015 #181
It is sad ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #45
Not "reasons" but "ethics" Android3.14 Aug 2015 #59
Her Husband And Bush Sr billhicks76 Aug 2015 #84
All she has to do to clear this up is to say that she has never, nor will ever take money rhett o rick Aug 2015 #86
In fairness, given how specific a statement that is, both should say it. Lancero Aug 2015 #107
I agree completely. I believe the AA community recognizes that the war on drugs, and the increase rhett o rick Aug 2015 #137
And your guy is still losing Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #147
Yes, gloat with the billionaires until the day he wins. The 99% will kick the asses of your 1% rhett o rick Aug 2015 #149
Funny how I am not a Democrat Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #161
I am glad you brought that up. I worship principles and ideals not labels. rhett o rick Aug 2015 #171
Anyone can label themselves a Democrat Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #172
Maybe I got it wrong, but seems to me that those people that only look rhett o rick Aug 2015 #173
We have to move past that vote Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #174
"We have to move past that vote." The most important decision in a century. rhett o rick Aug 2015 #175
You lose me.. Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #176
Our country is crashing around us and you pretend that everything is swell. rhett o rick Aug 2015 #183
Bullshit..this country is not crashing Tommy2Tone Aug 2015 #192
Yes, its a great day that the Oligarchs can continue their reign Katashi_itto Aug 2015 #159
Our 'guy' has called for the banning of the obscene practice of privatizing prisons. No one 'guy' sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #167
Snicker, Here is someone who will not pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Katashi_itto Aug 2015 #158
What the hell would you call it, then? Ken Burch Aug 2015 #178
Since you ask so nicely, I will oblige: Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #182
I'm sure his apology is just more bs for those harmed and it's roguevalley Aug 2015 #15
Like I said....tunnel vision...all things seen through one lens. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #24
Yeahhhhh... about that tunnel vision, Fred.. frylock Aug 2015 #27
don't bother. some people are pretty brazen about ignoring facts and rewriting reality cali Aug 2015 #32
The fact that they continue to do so in the same thread really helps to highlight.. frylock Aug 2015 #36
Some people certainly are nt ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #47
Yawn. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #53
I'm presenting facts. anyone denying that Hillary takes bundled money from cali Aug 2015 #67
They know. They just don't give a shit. hifiguy Aug 2015 #112
Biden drove that legislation, unfortunately MaggieD Aug 2015 #89
An "apology" 20 years later don't feed the bulldog. hifiguy Aug 2015 #109
Lack of respect or understanding of historical context makes people believe and say strange things. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #115
money=access. access=influence. access+influence=corruption cali Aug 2015 #2
Do you have any links to HRC accepting donations from them? MaggieD Aug 2015 #96
yes. And it's posted in this thread. cali Aug 2015 #104
It's another fake issue MaggieD Aug 2015 #105
This message was self-deleted by its author Android3.14 Aug 2015 #126
Tell that to Latinos AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #190
Yes, there is absolutely NO excuse in a society such as ours to even have PatrickforO Aug 2015 #3
Exactly tecelote Aug 2015 #18
There was a Repub. Congressman who promoted prison labor as a way to bring jobs back to the US virtualobserver Aug 2015 #77
Agree. ananda Aug 2015 #21
You can buy publicly traded stock in 2 of these companies MBplayer Aug 2015 #23
That's sad. ananda Aug 2015 #55
It really is. And because prisoners are not protected by the laws against slavery, it may be JDPriestly Aug 2015 #37
"It is an offense against morality." artislife Aug 2015 #43
Our rights are guaranteed by the state ("of, for, and by the people") KansDem Aug 2015 #58
Private prisons are a crime against humanity and maybe some day the country will also evolve Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #75
Bernie Sanders has called for the abolishment of Private Prisons. Another reason why sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #166
Here is the link to the actual letter azmom Aug 2015 #4
How much donation money? She could mark that money to hire ex prisoners for campaign work. Sunlei Aug 2015 #5
here rpannier Aug 2015 #29
Idaho booted out the Corrections Corporation of America. Freakin' Idaho! If our guys could wise brewens Aug 2015 #6
No, no no no. We can't actually push for changes! jeff47 Aug 2015 #7
Yeah, Nazi, white supremacist Idafuckingho! Enthusiast Aug 2015 #40
How about a constitutional amendment banning private prisons? Lucky Luciano Aug 2015 #8
Good idea. Another would be repealing the 2nd and a new one banning guns for private civilians without just cause shown. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #17
Maybe you'd like to discuss the problem Bradical79 Aug 2015 #26
He's in denial that it is happening.. frylock Aug 2015 #28
He is not "in denial". He is "denying". And hoping repetition and scorn will mask reality. nt djean111 Aug 2015 #60
The Nile can be dangerous. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #62
I used Mr. Magoo for that one. artislife Aug 2015 #46
We could freeze private prison construction, for starters MBplayer Aug 2015 #20
More light on what happens when we allow corporations to fund our political campaigns AllyCat Aug 2015 #10
Hillary has a Private Prison Money problem. nt Romulox Aug 2015 #11
Do you have any links to HRC accepting donations from them? MaggieD Aug 2015 #98
@ anacodainfl Aug 2015 #99
He is a lobbyist for many, many companies MaggieD Aug 2015 #100
Thank you for posting MBplayer Aug 2015 #19
Very glad they have spoken up about this issue. logosoco Aug 2015 #25
What would you do about a person who is convicted of shoplifting three times or more? JDPriestly Aug 2015 #38
counseling would be good (although some people are logosoco Aug 2015 #72
Prisons are racist institutions, private prisons even more so. n/t demmiblue Aug 2015 #31
+100000000000 azmom Aug 2015 #68
And this is the person BLM wants to get behind for POTUS? d_legendary1 Aug 2015 #33
Do you have any links to HRC accepting donations from them? MaggieD Aug 2015 #91
Here: d_legendary1 Aug 2015 #165
The private prison industry needs to be wiped off the face of the earth Jack Rabbit Aug 2015 #35
Well, obviously you cannot say you oppose something while taking their money. Same thing with sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #39
It is so blatant. artislife Aug 2015 #48
+1000~! n/t Catherina Aug 2015 #54
Great idea, but why would a center right Third Way candidate like Hillary do that? Zorra Aug 2015 #44
Oh but haven't you heard. Bill has expediently apologized just in time for Hillary lol n/t Catherina Aug 2015 #57
Awww, that's so sweet! And absolutely no reason whatsoever to trust either Clinton. nt Zorra Aug 2015 #61
"I feel your pain" lol Catherina Aug 2015 #74
Wonderful post, Zorra! hifiguy Aug 2015 #113
Latinos are aware and care about the issues azmom Aug 2015 #142
Hey Sanders - FairWinds Aug 2015 #50
Google gives me this: Maedhros Aug 2015 #66
Here's the link: dreamnightwind Aug 2015 #154
I read it as Bernie. My bad. [n/t] Maedhros Aug 2015 #157
link? frylock Aug 2015 #81
I think I know who is REALLY a shill...[n/t] Maedhros Aug 2015 #138
You just made that up didn't you? Google search jtuck004 Aug 2015 #87
Still nothing five hours later? Maedhros Aug 2015 #140
& off we go! "A few choice words about Clinton’s ties to mass incarceration & the Black base starts Catherina Aug 2015 #52
Bravo! Great post! nikto Aug 2015 #111
...+1 840high Aug 2015 #128
Kick and R BeanMusical Aug 2015 #56
Although I oppose private prisons whole-heartedly, 'we demand' raises my hackles. Shrike47 Aug 2015 #64
Post on your facebook. There is a petition azmom Aug 2015 #65
Do you have any links to HRC accepting donations from them? MaggieD Aug 2015 #95
She provided this info to the FEC azmom Aug 2015 #103
Don't see any for profit prisons on there MaggieD Aug 2015 #106
No way...she's on their payroll. Wake up. libdem4life Aug 2015 #136
Did a web search: it's all over the internet -- liberal sites, particularly senz Aug 2015 #70
All well-resepected sources at DU. hifiguy Aug 2015 #114
What should Hillary do, drop a missile on lobbyist's houses? Tell lobbyists stop bundling election money? Free country, last I heard. Or maybe she Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #117
um... TheFarS1de Aug 2015 #121
Ahhhhh..... Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #129
So your saying ... TheFarS1de Aug 2015 #144
I should have just responded with "Ahhhhh" and left it at that ...which was my first choice.... Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #145
We do understand it dreamnightwind Aug 2015 #156
+1 azmom Aug 2015 #164
Her line is always that the laws didn't work in their favor, Jennifer Kay Aug 2015 #76
Good for presente mikehiggins Aug 2015 #78
AMEN!!! uponit7771 Aug 2015 #79
Here is the racket: azmom Aug 2015 #80
Thank you for that information. Maedhros Aug 2015 #139
If anything should be outlawed, it should be the for profit prison industry. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #83
Agree and add to that for profit health care marlakay Aug 2015 #85
Maybe you can keep the fees for the $200,000 a page speeches from your friends at Goldman $ach$ jtuck004 Aug 2015 #88
Do you have any links to HRC accepting donations from them? MaggieD Aug 2015 #90
Daily Kos, Common Dreams, and Americablog can tell you about it. senz Aug 2015 #118
And again, that person lobbies for lots of orgs MaggieD Aug 2015 #120
Taking their money so as to get elected, then the administration can reign them in Babel_17 Aug 2015 #108
This is a slam-dunk, and Hillary has no defense here, except to give up those donations nikto Aug 2015 #110
Scott Walker is a big fan of privatization -- Why is Hillary in bed with this industry! Wisc Progressive Aug 2015 #119
She is not "in bed" with this industry MaggieD Aug 2015 #132
Comparing lobbyists to law firms is fucked up Android3.14 Aug 2015 #127
Is that why unions, and Latino groups..... MaggieD Aug 2015 #130
As President, Martin O'Malley will elleng Aug 2015 #131
Didn't he contract with them as governor? MaggieD Aug 2015 #133
Dunno, elleng Aug 2015 #134
Ssssh, African Americans are reading this too! daybranch Aug 2015 #143
Hear, hear! Stellar Aug 2015 #146
K & R SoapBox Aug 2015 #148
Meanwhile, Sanders will attempt to defund them jfern Aug 2015 #155
Good on this group. This must stop. Autumn Aug 2015 #162
I agree with it Bethany Rockafella Aug 2015 #163
Typical of Clinton, she wants to argue the definition of "lobbyist", "bundler". nt Romulox Aug 2015 #170
There is no excuse for any Democratic politician to take money from the private prison industry. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #177
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