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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Sep 7, 2015, 04:15 PM Sep 2015

Should Bernie Sanders campaign with Cornel West? [View all]

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Apparently Bernie's campaign has announced that he will be campaigning with Cornel West.

What do you guys think of that?

Cornel West has had some hateful things to say about President Obama:

“Rockefeller Republican in blackface.”
“brown-faced Clinton.”
"Kenny G in brown skin.”
"a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs"
"a black puppet of corporate plutocrats."
"a niggerized black person."

As many of you are aware, President Obama is still very popular with African Americans and liberal Dems. 84% and 86% approval rating respectively.

Do you think it's wise for Bernie Sanders to be campaigning with Cornel West?
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14 (64%)
8 (36%)
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I'm very concerned. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #1
You're a Hillary supporter? Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #2
You're a Bernie supporter? Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #71
As I've said before Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #75
I think he's going to, irrespective of the results of an Internet poll. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2015 #3
would that be longer or shorter than the unacceptable Black list? reddread Sep 2015 #5
He's doing it; the question is moot Capn Sunshine Sep 2015 #4
People who are committing to him, will do what average DUers would do HereSince1628 Sep 2015 #13
I have a policy about giving free advice, Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #6
I get your point. The good news is, the folks who stevenleser Sep 2015 #16
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #19
Not arrogance, experience dealing with the people in question. Important difference. Nt stevenleser Sep 2015 #21
No worries, Steven.. you're not the one who's smug and arrogant. Cha Sep 2015 #70
That's true too. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #20
He does nothing but blast black people. Who hasn't he slimed in the last 8-10 years that has Number23 Sep 2015 #23
He gave some flack to Toni Morrison in his Coates takedown too. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #26
If you can get your hands on a link, could you post it re: the Coates smack talk Number23 Sep 2015 #29
He posted it on his FB page and it got picked up by various outlets Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #32
Good God. So Coate's massive body of work addressing racism don't mean a damn thing Number23 Sep 2015 #40
Dyson called shenanigans too. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #45
My guess is that they probably love to think that they are Number23 Sep 2015 #48
I can't think of anyone better for him to be campaigning with Senator Tankerbell Sep 2015 #7
++++++++++++++ swilton Sep 2015 #11
I hope the Clinton silenttigersong Sep 2015 #56
Yes, combine this with the fact he marched with MLK and he's a shoo in! zappaman Sep 2015 #8
there's something truly repulsive about mocking civil rights activism. what it says to cali Sep 2015 #18
No what's truly sad is the repeated marginalizing and condescending tone zappaman Sep 2015 #34
Cornel West is a BLM activist that's being marginalized and dismissed in this thread Chathamization Sep 2015 #59
That should nail down SC for Clinton so , yes nt arely staircase Sep 2015 #9
She already has it nailed down by over 25 points FloridaBlues Sep 2015 #53
Bernie Sanders should support Dr. West's campaign for prison reform and police accountabilty Cheese Sandwich Sep 2015 #10
If he wants to lose the vast majority of the tiny amount of black support that he has now, why not? Number23 Sep 2015 #12
Starry messenger talked about free advice. The good news is, the folks who need to take stevenleser Sep 2015 #15
Well, the DU "wisdom" is that this is a great thing! Along with chasing black people all over Number23 Sep 2015 #22
Yeah, well, the DU wisdom is also that a President Sanders would be able to get stevenleser Sep 2015 #25
Well, DU wisdom is that a white woman from Illinois trying to talk black and Southern Fawke Em Sep 2015 #28
She has served as a loyal member of the first black Presidents cabinet stevenleser Sep 2015 #30
No, they have not decided. HappyPlace Sep 2015 #35
Yes, they have decided, and awkward missteps by Bernie like inviting West to speak on his behalf stevenleser Sep 2015 #37
Oh...I think he knows the "Ropes" in US House and Senate very well. KoKo Sep 2015 #31
That doesn't matter at all. Boehner and the GOP house won't support progressive legislation, period. stevenleser Sep 2015 #33
And Clinton won't even try. HappyPlace Sep 2015 #39
See my #66. Trying isn't the point. It's not doable. Nt stevenleser Sep 2015 #67
Then how will Hillary as President deal with the GOP...? KoKo Sep 2015 #50
As I keep saying, it's Bernie claiming he can make all sort of change, which he can't. stevenleser Sep 2015 #66
And yet no one in congress has endorsed him lunamagica Sep 2015 #78
You're absolutely correct Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #17
Thank you, Cali! Cha Sep 2015 #68
no. I used to have a lot of respect for Dr. West cali Sep 2015 #14
"Kenny G in brown skin" Jamaal510 Sep 2015 #24
Kenny G is pure poison to my ears. grasswire Sep 2015 #27
Not everyone likes the same music...so, what does Kenny G. have to do KoKo Sep 2015 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Sep 2015 #36
I don't get it. Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Sep 2015 #43
You're the only person on DU that I've seen who thinks Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #47
It's an insult. grasswire Sep 2015 #51
"the true jazz world"> KittyWampus Sep 2015 #74
it ain't Kenny G... grasswire Sep 2015 #79
I guess it depends on what he thinks he will accomplish. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #42
YES!!! Then Bernie's true radical colors will show ericson00 Sep 2015 #44
You mean like Bill Ayers sunk the Obama campaign? jfern Sep 2015 #58
Obama had Bill Ayers campaign with him in 2007/2008? nt Cali_Democrat Sep 2015 #61
Bill Ayers was much more controversial than jfern Sep 2015 #62
go ahead, delude yourself. Its fine with me. The more delusional Berning fans ericson00 Sep 2015 #65
I think he should do what he feels is best and right. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #46
yep grasswire Sep 2015 #52
If he said no to Cornel West it would be more proof that he & his supporters are white supremacists Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #54
Oh God yes! DEFINITELY! Metric System Sep 2015 #49
! Number23 Sep 2015 #55
He's already doing it! Yay! Cha Sep 2015 #69
I'm good with all voices being heard, even though I don't agree with them. No fear. MerryBlooms Sep 2015 #57
Honestly silenttigersong Sep 2015 #63
It's a rally, not the centerpiece of his campaign whatchamacallit Sep 2015 #64
No (nt) bigwillq Sep 2015 #72
I have no problem with it. If it helps him reach morningfog Sep 2015 #73
Absolutley. nt. SouthernProgressive Sep 2015 #76
I used to have a lot of respect for Cornell West. His readings were riversedge Sep 2015 #77
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