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12. Ok, I'll kick this back up once more.
Tue Sep 22, 2015, 01:34 PM
Sep 2015

Your efforts are very much appreciated Godhumor.

There's a ton of total foolishness in the poll related threads here on DU GDP, and many posts repeatedly express a near complete misunderstanding of what polls can tell us. Many members are so invested in their candidate that the only poll they'll accept is one that appears to say they're winning (even when it doesn't say that at all). The pollsters and their motives are maligned, the results are misinterpreted and twisted (often beyond recognition). And the partisans revel in taunts and toldyasos ad nauseum.

Actually learning how polls are conducted, the strengths and weaknesses of various polling methods, and the confidence and fallibility they necessarily bring with their reported results, is good for us. It fosters better understanding, and reduces unnecessary frustration.

Thanks for adding a bit of sanity to the topic. I hope a few more folks will read your OP this time through.

You know, I am going to bump this once or twice Godhumor Sep 2015 #1
Thank you for all your work... N_E_1 for Tennis Sep 2015 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2015 #3
Last bump before letting this sink n/t Godhumor Sep 2015 #4
Excellent post. This helps a lot in how we think about polls. K&R leftofcool Sep 2015 #5
great post dsc Sep 2015 #6
Mathematically, no there isn't. HerbChestnut Sep 2015 #7
yea there is dsc Sep 2015 #9
My point... HerbChestnut Sep 2015 #10
that is a valid point dsc Sep 2015 #11
Great post. HerbChestnut Sep 2015 #8
Ok, I'll kick this back up once more. kenn3d Sep 2015 #12
Seems like a good time to bump this n/t Godhumor Oct 2015 #13
Good Post Godhumor K&R nt fleabiscuit Dec 2015 #14
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