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41. Excellent post and sorry I did not see this earlier ...
Tue Oct 27, 2015, 12:34 AM
Oct 2015

our daughter attended med school and did her residency at an inner city hospital and saw many of the same problems with people coming to the clinic and not being able to follow through with the medical attention they needed. Poverty and education play a large role in people's health and we need to try and break that cycle by offering more support.

Keep caring and thank you!

From your post ...

"... It's also the reason I strongly support Sanders as I truly believe in my heart of hearts and know as a physician who deals with the ravages of poverty and an anti-working class rigged system every day that economic issues are fundamental to everyone's well being especially when it comes to African Americans and their health and their lives.

As the original Clinton campaign used to say "It's the economy, stupid". It was true then and it is true now.

I could go on and on how poverty disables, maims, and kills. That is for another post but the stats are easy to find. Just google leading causes of death of Americans in general and then various groups of people. It may not be as sensational as some of the horrible cases we have had to witness in the news but impoverishment is a slow persistent degradation of the soul, the mind, and the body.

Yes we can work on specific things to correct institutional and non-institutional racism in this country and I think all of the three main candidates are becoming wise to addressing this more overtly. But fundamentally, under it all, many of us truly do believe the fundamental problem for everyone, especially African Americans, is an economic one. Even so, this is not an either-or set of solutions, we can work on all fronts.

We can certainly have a debate about how to do that and I would like to. But it doesn't seem as if it would be a fair debate because it feels like the moment you don't overtly and categorically disregard the economic issue as being fundamental to everyone's plight, then you are plagued with the implied meme that you are not really "getting it" or you are not really "racially sensitive" to what's going on. And this is the last thing you want to have applied to you on a left leaning forum board.

But here's the thing, many of us really do feel the underpinning problems are economic, environmental, and campaign finance related. We feel that correcting these things would create a better playing field for everyone, especially the African American community..."

I must hate my own people because I am black and big JRLeft Oct 2015 #1
Because the USA is a racially divisive country. delrem Oct 2015 #2
Not all the Founding Fathers thought slavery was cool Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #43
The tone of your post Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #3
And we were wrong he's bought and paid for. He's showing his true colors daily. JRLeft Oct 2015 #4
Maybe...maybe not...that's not my point Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #10
Unfortunately, the country was so racist at the time no way we could benefit. JRLeft Oct 2015 #14
Why are you bringing up Bill Clinton in response to Kev's point about FDR? Number23 Oct 2015 #15
Sorry about that, I wanted to point out how Wall Street's policies JRLeft Oct 2015 #17
Well, black folks (and other POC) are kind of used to being fucked over Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #21
True, even under Bush with the option arm aka adjustable rate mortgages. JRLeft Oct 2015 #42
That's my point... Chitown Kev Oct 2015 #18
I made a post years ago that talked about the white liberal left's harassing and haranguing Number23 Oct 2015 #32
Well this Bernie Sanders supporter thinks the African American community owes Snotcicles Oct 2015 #37
It isn't really Fumesucker Oct 2015 #5
It was the reaction to Black Lives Matter that did it BainsBane Oct 2015 #6
Good OP, thank you. DU is not racially divisive. There are a few people here TRYING to make it so, sabrina 1 Oct 2015 #7
I think the best way to understand might be to murielm99 Oct 2015 #8
+100000000000 BainsBane Oct 2015 #11
Yup! Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #13
I went the Blacklivesmatter website and I am confused. Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #38
You are talking to the wrong person. murielm99 Oct 2015 #39
I am not sure if I am to take your post as being helpful or arrogant. Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #40
I was trying to be helpful. murielm99 Oct 2015 #47
ok thank you Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #48
I'll give this a shot gwheezie Oct 2015 #9
Great post. nt Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #12
Perfect response from you. As usual Number23 Oct 2015 #16
+1 Starry Messenger Oct 2015 #22
This....all of it. nt Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #24
Nothing to add Dem2 Oct 2015 #29
Well spoken. Skidmore Oct 2015 #30
Beautifully stated! n/t Spazito Oct 2015 #34
Nailed it. Agschmid Oct 2015 #44
Most of it is done by a small group of people AgingAmerican Oct 2015 #19
IMO it started when it became very beneficial to one candidates supporters to make it that way azurnoir Oct 2015 #20
Calling Black Lives Matter a "Soros funded Hillary group" didn't help. JaneyVee Oct 2015 #23
Ask the guy who diagnosed black and LGBT Hillary supporters as suffering from Stockholm Syndrome..nt SidDithers Oct 2015 #25
^^^ This right here MohRokTah Oct 2015 #31
Start here Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #26
BJ, I think the genesis of all of this was Cali_Dem's OP in May where he dared to note Hillary's Number23 Oct 2015 #33
Ah, right you are... Bobbie Jo Oct 2015 #36
That gif... Agschmid Oct 2015 #45
Exactly Armstead Oct 2015 #27
Sour grapes. randome Oct 2015 #28
I put the people who try to stir up crap on ignore. liberal_at_heart Oct 2015 #35
Bernie has a 100% rating from the NAACP Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #46
Excellent post and sorry I did not see this earlier ... slipslidingaway Oct 2015 #41
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