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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Dec 22, 2015, 11:04 PM Dec 2015

Bernie's TERRIFIC response to Hillary's bathroom scandal. [View all]

If only all of his supporters could react as well as he does.

I don't know why so many here think it helps their cause to rudely disparage her. Bernie is far more effective than they are simply by being his smart and gracious self.


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders ratcheted up his criticism Tuesday of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, calling him a “coward billionaire” and mocking him for talking about Hillary Clinton’s trip to the restroom during the last presidential debate.

“He has discovered that women go to the bathroom, and it’s been very upsetting to him,” the Vermont senator said of the real-estate mogul during a rally here that drew about 1,800 people. “This is a guy who wants to be president of the United States. He must have a very unusual relationship with women.”

Sanders was referring to Trump’s recounting Monday of Clinton’s late return to the Democratic debate stage following a commercial break on Saturday night.


Now I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve got to be honest with you,” Sanders said, speaking in a mocking tone. “I also went to the bathroom. I know, I have to admit it. … This is the pathology. This is the guy who is leading in the Republican polls.”

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Now, that's the Sanders I remember. K&R MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #1
'if only his supporters would act like that" roguevalley Dec 2015 #57
The "real" Sanders supporters who are Democrats... MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #62
Bingo. BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #91
It is amusing. MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #94
I never cared for Ron Paul daybranch Dec 2015 #136
Joe McCarthy left you a message. He said "Good job." Armstead Dec 2015 #150
... BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #160
I am a Democrat BECAUSE of Bernie Sanders. MuseRider Dec 2015 #162
Sure you are. BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #168
You are not going to bait me MuseRider Dec 2015 #169
It's never been my intent to bait you. My intent was to correct the record. BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #172
Let's see.. TommyCelt Dec 2015 #177
Oh, plenty more. For some, it doesn't sink in until a word is repeated BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #197
He did Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #181
"just a lot of rainbow farts because he's got NO friends in Congress" Indydem Dec 2015 #170
( ._.) Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #183
No correction necessary...unless you can't accept the truth. Then you should put correction between BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #198
For all the Fancy Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #199
Both Sanders and I maggies farm Dec 2015 #105
+1000.nt ecstatic Dec 2015 #133
Ron Paul supporters?! Qutzupalotl Dec 2015 #147
Stop projecting your own snide behavior on others. Fuddnik Dec 2015 #151
This influx of Ron Paul supporters ornotna Dec 2015 #196
Yeah, it was already lame the first time around. bvf Dec 2015 #69
+1 a2liberal Dec 2015 #72
exactly!! as if Hillary supporters here are full of love and charity toward all - give me a break Douglas Carpenter Dec 2015 #78
Yeah - sucks us in to LiberalElite Dec 2015 #125
yea passive aggressive insults are childish questionseverything Dec 2015 #163
That is great! k&r, very good uppityperson Dec 2015 #2
That's awesome. bigwillq Dec 2015 #3
I don't understand the stage left Dec 2015 #4
I agree. And I agree. bigwillq Dec 2015 #9
She's older than I am and even I know, when ya gotta go, ya gotta GO!! Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2015 #48
I wish DWS Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #184
She just may be kicked out if she pulls another comparable dirty trick. Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2015 #187
Well, if you've been watching MSNBC all day, Mr.Bill Dec 2015 #14
We had OP's right here with scores of recs disparaging Hillary for her bathroom use. nt pnwmom Dec 2015 #19
Link please. Scuba Dec 2015 #29
You wanted links yesterday, too, and I gave them to you. pnwmom Dec 2015 #37
So you have one mildly snarky post with 6 recs and one that is supportive of Hillary with 36, yet .. Scuba Dec 2015 #119
Why are you ignoring the negative OP with over 50 recs? pnwmom Dec 2015 #120
Can't read it as it was deleted. I have no idea what those folks were reccing. Scuba Dec 2015 #121
The OP deleted it. But it was there, and it was attacking Hillary pnwmom Dec 2015 #123
You wrote there's "OP's right here with scores of recs disparaging Hillary for her bathroom use." Scuba Dec 2015 #124
Combined there were scores of recs. And one alone had scores of recs. pnwmom Dec 2015 #126
I agree that sexism and discrimination against women is a very real problem. Do you agree ... Scuba Dec 2015 #127
I'm not going to let you divert this discussion into other areas. Sorry. n/t pnwmom Dec 2015 #128
And I'm not going to let you claim that there're multiple OP's with scores of recs when it's BS. Scuba Dec 2015 #129
Beautifully done! Puglover Dec 2015 #153
stoop to doo Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #185
that deleted op was about hc being late because she would not use the potty unless she was alone questionseverything Dec 2015 #164
There's lots of good reasons to not support Hillary. Her bathroom habits aren't in the top 1,000. Scuba Dec 2015 #165
i agree completely but can admit i still think it is funny questionseverything Dec 2015 #167
And it was taken down because the poster pnwmom Dec 2015 #186
lawd...are we seriously timing the route to the potty? questionseverything Dec 2015 #192
Poutrage...lol Bubzer Dec 2015 #145
??? mountain grammy Dec 2015 #30
Here. pnwmom Dec 2015 #40
I think it's idiotic and I think most Bernie supporters feels the same.. mountain grammy Dec 2015 #44
Then you should be in those threads telling the nasty, sexist haters to shut up. pnwmom Dec 2015 #50
and you should do the same for the bernie bashers. roguevalley Dec 2015 #58
I just wrote a very positive post about Bernie. pnwmom Dec 2015 #66
+1 MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #73
There is a sickness in this country awoke_in_2003 Dec 2015 #104
Thank you for acknowledging this. It's been going on since she first said pnwmom Dec 2015 #108
Thank you awoke_in_2003 Dec 2015 #112
That's my bottom line. People not painting themselves into a corner pnwmom Dec 2015 #113
Thank you awoke_in_2003 Dec 2015 #114
You're welcome -- but I think there are many here who would agree with you. pnwmom Dec 2015 #115
Here's the problem Armstead Dec 2015 #152
ain't that the truth..... Mbrow Dec 2015 #132
A nice post Puglover Dec 2015 #155
Bernie supporters have been VERY surly. Chemisse Dec 2015 #156
A lot of Sanders supporters aren't actually Sanders supporters. NuclearDem Dec 2015 #5
I think you are correct in that assessment. MADem Dec 2015 #10
And once the returns come in, crying. George II Dec 2015 #25
Oh good grief. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #85
Who belongs to that particular subset? And it sounds like some organized group that libdem4life Dec 2015 #138
I Believe You're Right gordyfl Dec 2015 #39
+1 joshcryer Dec 2015 #45
And a lot of "Sanders supporters" here ... NanceGreggs Dec 2015 #116
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. That's a good thing. Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2015 #188
The man is a class act tularetom Dec 2015 #6
Better than some of his supporters--and I'm glad to say he did not disappoint. MADem Dec 2015 #12
Think all Hillary supporters are perfect? nt Logical Dec 2015 #76
No. I think most people, myself included, are not perfect. MADem Dec 2015 #80
Sandersdem had a fantastic response eridani Dec 2015 #117
Many of his supporters here reacted very poorly. pnwmom Dec 2015 #18
Guess you selectively overlooked those of us calling that bullshit on the carpet, huh? Scootaloo Dec 2015 #28
Like this asshat Bernie supporter Paulie Dec 2015 #31
BWAAAAAH! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #88
Do they make more money from adding a couple commercials Paulie Dec 2015 #90
Really. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #93
Bread and circuses. Paulie Dec 2015 #98
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_circuses. nt SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #100
No, I didn't. And that's why I wrote the OP the way I did, referring to "some" pnwmom Dec 2015 #32
I can only hope that Clinton supporters follow the same example. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #33
When have Clinton supporters written sexist OP's about Bernie? pnwmom Dec 2015 #51
You haven't read the old man posts then. roguevalley Dec 2015 #60
No, I haven't. Unless it's in response to the old lady posts people put up about her. n/t pnwmom Dec 2015 #65
I am going to give your props, Scootaloo! Posters like you earn respect. KittyWampus Dec 2015 #42
Kudos to Bernie! leftofcool Dec 2015 #7
Masterful! Orrex Dec 2015 #8
And this is why all us zentrum Dec 2015 #11
And according to Rolling Stone, SEXY. draa Dec 2015 #13
Haha. Yes! zentrum Dec 2015 #49
Jeez, I should get older even faster! Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #180
The supporters who aren't wearing special glasses. pnwmom Dec 2015 #17
I can't tell a lie (it's true, I can't, or won't) Elmer S. E. Dump Dec 2015 #189
Glad to hear it. zentrum Dec 2015 #191
I love this. cwydro Dec 2015 #15
Good on you, Bernie. BlueCheese Dec 2015 #16
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Dec 2015 #20
Next on the news: Hillary takes a big dump. It smells bad. Team coverage and analysis Feeling the Bern Dec 2015 #21
That's what some DUers were saying a couple days ago pnwmom Dec 2015 #23
Just reading this on my fb feed... one_voice Dec 2015 #22
Bless his heart. Hekate Dec 2015 #24
That's my candidate Scootaloo Dec 2015 #26
Very nice. That's the best way to deal with tRump: Mockery. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2015 #27
He has discovered that women go to the bathroom Kalidurga Dec 2015 #34
Couldn't you just post this without starting it out by criticizing Sanders supporters? Punkingal Dec 2015 #35
Agreed. Reading through this thread is so disappointing. MelissaB Dec 2015 #43
. Snotcicles Dec 2015 #63
Very Upsetting. Stryder Dec 2015 #36
I would certainly like to see that. Tomorrow. nt SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #89
Hillary, a 69-year-old woman in heels, had to hike much, much farther than the men to tblue37 Dec 2015 #38
Thank you for your thoughtful post. The only detail I'd add pnwmom Dec 2015 #46
I am a Bernie supporter, but I get tired of the ugly attacks from both sides. Only a few of the tblue37 Dec 2015 #56
And there's another issue: She has Secret Service protection The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2015 #53
Yup. n/t pnwmom Dec 2015 #67
Makes you wonder if that five minutes SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #92
Either way, the idiot male moderator and the cameraman exploited it to tblue37 Dec 2015 #146
Yeah, the boys' club probably thought it was real funny. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #148
Sorry, Bernie. Not enough. aikoaiko Dec 2015 #41
He behaved very well. As he should have. pnwmom Dec 2015 #47
Agree with Sanders. Unfortunate you have to disparage his supporters in your post. AllyCat Dec 2015 #52
Tough. I had to deal with their nastiness before he spoke up. pnwmom Dec 2015 #55
I also got problems with some Bernie "supporters." SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #96
well, these particular comments about Hillary going to the bathroom and what have you Douglas Carpenter Dec 2015 #106
That might be an excuse except nasty, sexist diatribes have been pnwmom Dec 2015 #107
well, I have policy disagreements with Hillary and I am in much closer agreement with Douglas Carpenter Dec 2015 #110
I Agree, except... gordyfl Dec 2015 #54
Here are the facts. I'll assume you're just ignorant of them, pnwmom Dec 2015 #61
Here are some more facts. I'll assume you're just ignorant of them, gordyfl Dec 2015 #74
...! KoKo Dec 2015 #166
Out of the park rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #59
Well, Trump IS a putz. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #99
+1000000 for Bernie ! PosterChild Dec 2015 #64
For the next debate PADemD Dec 2015 #68
That would have been ideal, SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #102
I keep thinking Bernie is going to do or say something cilla4progress Dec 2015 #70
What did you think of his plan to send Iranian soldiers into Syria pnwmom Dec 2015 #71
I admit this is something I would need to research cilla4progress Dec 2015 #77
Bernie is going to be apologizing for the rest of the campaign mgmaggiemg Dec 2015 #75
Go Bernie! deathrind Dec 2015 #79
I love it how they pretend Hillary supporters are pure as the driven snow AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #81
Where have Hillary supporters ever picked on Bernie with such despicable pnwmom Dec 2015 #86
I do recall two ops AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #111
BWAAAAAAH! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #82
K & R SunSeeker Dec 2015 #83
Bernie is an Honest Man, she said... gordyfl Dec 2015 #84
I think she meant it. She believed him when he had a shocked reaction pnwmom Dec 2015 #87
Well, well. Me appreciating something about DWS. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #103
"unusual" doesn't even begin to describe it Tarc Dec 2015 #95
Nice one Bernie...nt comradebillyboy Dec 2015 #97
Thanks for posting this Matariki Dec 2015 #101
You're welcome, Matakiri. pnwmom Dec 2015 #109
Why would anyone emulate Trump and post this shit akbacchus_BC Dec 2015 #118
K&R - saw that and loved it Dem2 Dec 2015 #122
I overheard two Bernie fredamae Dec 2015 #130
I love Bernie's sense of humor being use to shiv Trump. Vinca Dec 2015 #131
Love Bernie lark Dec 2015 #134
Why is it suddenly a scandal? CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #135
Well done Bernie. Classy as always. Laser102 Dec 2015 #137
It's not her bathroom breaks that piss me off about her Larkspur Dec 2015 #139
An alert for "prostitute" coming in 3..2.. thereismore Dec 2015 #140
No, she has been called worse by Bernie supporters. leftofcool Dec 2015 #171
I am a Bernie supporter who values basic decency. nt thereismore Dec 2015 #173
Excellent response! NastyRiffraff Dec 2015 #141
Always the Gentleman! Duval Dec 2015 #142
"If only all of his supporters could react as well as he does. " Project much? Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #143
Good going Bernie! nt Adrahil Dec 2015 #144
Who on DU disparaged Clinton for going to the bathroom? valerief Dec 2015 #149
If one supplies links it could get interpreted as calling another DUer still_one Dec 2015 #158
OMG. Why is Bernie attacking poor Donald. How w dare he accuse still_one Dec 2015 #154
You know, everytime I visit this forum, chervilant Dec 2015 #157
You must have missed all the nasty bathroom posts. Here are some: pnwmom Dec 2015 #182
If only Hillary and her supporters had 1% of Sanders class Doctor_J Dec 2015 #159
If only pnwmom Dec 2015 #176
let's contrast this with Mrs Clinton's behavior in 2008. Doctor_J Dec 2015 #161
LOL KentuckyWoman Dec 2015 #174
I support the Democratic candidates. Wish we had more of our great people running. L. Coyote Dec 2015 #175
Boom! ismnotwasm Dec 2015 #178
I just ripped a Unicorn Fart (involuntarily). This is great! Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #179
Trey Gowdy polmaven Dec 2015 #190
freaking hilarious! Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #193
When it comes to the Clintons Turbineguy Dec 2015 #194
I know, right! ornotna Dec 2015 #195
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