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2016 Postmortem

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Renew Deal

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Sat Dec 26, 2015, 01:34 AM Dec 2015

Should there be a full criminal investigation of the Bernie Sanders data breach? [View all]

It is likely that several laws were broken. Should there be a full criminal investigation?

Federal Law

State Law

32 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
20 (63%)
12 (38%)
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I don't know of any "Bernie Sanders data breach" tularetom Dec 2015 #1
Bernie Sanders campaign breached the NGP VAN data Renew Deal Dec 2015 #3
That is not how any fair-minded technical person would view the situation, just so you know. JonLeibowitz Dec 2015 #20
The fair minded technical people at NGP VAN viewed it that way. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #97
One staffer, who the campaign immediately fired, saved some files Ken Burch Dec 2015 #27
A staffer Bernie did not know, who was recommended by the DNfuckingC! ViseGrip Dec 2015 #76
Why would he hire someone he didn't know to be his national data director? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #99
My original view was that there was no story. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #98
Not according to NGP VAN AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #37
Maybe you didn't see what NGP VAN said? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #100
Identify specifically the law that you think that the Sanders campaign broke. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #51
That's the job of the justice department Renew Deal Dec 2015 #101
Bernie's campaign did NOT breach the data. A person recommended by NGP VAN AND the DNC was sabrina 1 Dec 2015 #106
Who was the "person recommended by NGP VAN AND the DNC" working for? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #107
The contract requires ten days of investigation before anything is decided, like going public and sabrina 1 Dec 2015 #123
LOL hill2016 Dec 2015 #13
I am a Sanders supporter and I want the truth to come out! Dustlawyer Dec 2015 #16
Agree 100% tecelote Dec 2015 #28
Who hired "this individual?" Renew Deal Dec 2015 #103
I totally agree, Dustlawyer. Uncle Joe Dec 2015 #44
An investigation led by law enforcement would be best Renew Deal Dec 2015 #102
And that was all that was needed. Ken Burch Dec 2015 #25
Bernie Sanders apologizes for what he believes may have been poor judgement by a staffer or staffers daybranch Dec 2015 #63
A class act wouldn't put out stories saying the staffer is a plant Renew Deal Dec 2015 #104
Sure you used enough "all-caps" in that post? Ken Burch Dec 2015 #24
Up to now, only the Sanders campaign has acted improperly Renew Deal Dec 2015 #105
Full disclosure would be nice Politicalboi Dec 2015 #2
I want to know what Bernie's campaign did gwheezie Dec 2015 #9
Lets do a full audit from day one. artislife Dec 2015 #26
They had the same access AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #46
As of yet, there is absolutely NO BlueMTexpat Dec 2015 #55
Are we sure that the DNC servers aren't in Hillary's basement? pipoman Dec 2015 #57
Of course they are! BlueMTexpat Dec 2015 #71
Considering Hillary's track record with the "truth" tazkcmo Dec 2015 #74
Same-old same-old BlueMTexpat Dec 2015 #90
Yes - This Citizen No Longer Trusts The DNC DWS DLC Third-Way Democratic Party Establishment cantbeserious Dec 2015 #4
Let it go creeksneakers2 Dec 2015 #5
That was my view last week Renew Deal Dec 2015 #8
Nothing has changed. Ken Burch Dec 2015 #23
And the vendor says no sensitive data was accessed AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #39
This is what changed Renew Deal Dec 2015 #108
Anything that gets to the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. nt Snotcicles Dec 2015 #6
Why is the rhetoric on this escalating? underthematrix Dec 2015 #7
Rovian projection AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #53
On this site regarding this matter, the rhetoric seems to be escalating. Your reply is underthematrix Dec 2015 #94
The Sanders camp now is complaining that the auditor is too aggressive. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #66
Link please. Eom Karma13612 Dec 2015 #86
Here you go Renew Deal Dec 2015 #109
I believe the better term would be "questionable". Karma13612 Dec 2015 #127
I just can't get into this Dem2 Dec 2015 #10
beginning from day one of the campaign through the last inappropriate access notadmblnd Dec 2015 #11
There was no "day one". Ken Burch Dec 2015 #22
Sure there was. Day one was the day user id's were set up, permissions granted notadmblnd Dec 2015 #29
No, it's not "very important" to anyone who doesn't want to pipoman Dec 2015 #59
Now that made me chuckle notadmblnd Dec 2015 #82
This is exactly as stupid as those "Democrats" who want Justice for Hillary pipoman Dec 2015 #84
OK it's stupid notadmblnd Dec 2015 #87
I am chomping at the bit for a Democratic president in November pipoman Dec 2015 #88
And the American people want the real change they were promised notadmblnd Dec 2015 #89
What is the appropriate response to such a FALSE claim? underthematrix Dec 2015 #96
Trump? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #112
It would not be good for the Democratic race Renew Deal Dec 2015 #111
Well you don't have to worry, it's not going to end that way. notadmblnd Dec 2015 #121
I agree Renew Deal Dec 2015 #110
The feds are likely looking in to it already. joshcryer Dec 2015 #12
hopefully hill2016 Dec 2015 #14
Highly doubtful. joshcryer Dec 2015 #15
Could Sanders' campaign be charged with conspiracy to commit a crime? hill2016 Dec 2015 #18
Sanders' "campaign" cannot be charged with conspiracy to commit this crime. JonLeibowitz Dec 2015 #19
I'm sure hill2016 Dec 2015 #31
The independent audit that the Clinton campaign should agree to will reveal all. JonLeibowitz Dec 2015 #33
I think its sad and pathetic hill2016 Dec 2015 #38
Did I ever say anything about Clinton doing something wrong? Nope, so please contain your outrage JonLeibowitz Dec 2015 #41
Yes. The audit should cover the MOM campaign also. notadmblnd Dec 2015 #83
Pergaps we should look under Hillary's bed... pipoman Dec 2015 #60
This is more likely a crime of opportunity Renew Deal Dec 2015 #113
Yes, Trey Gowdy and his committee Mr.Bill Dec 2015 #30
Please identify precisely what law could have been violated? JDPriestly Dec 2015 #54
Saving voter files of competing campaigns was certainly not "authorized." joshcryer Dec 2015 #61
I don't think you understand the concept of zalinda Dec 2015 #72
Please. This was not white hat hacking. JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #77
It wasn't "the Bernie Sanders data breach" Ken Burch Dec 2015 #21
what about the people hill2016 Dec 2015 #32
Anyone who did that was fired, to the best of my knowledge. Ken Burch Dec 2015 #36
yeah hill2016 Dec 2015 #40
"The one-time staffer breach that was immediately rectified by the Sanders campaign" Ken Burch Dec 2015 #45
what I read is that it was very strategic data that Sanders campaign accessed hill2016 Dec 2015 #52
Who is responsible if you walk away from you car and leave it running? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #114
Sure, give it a shot. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #34
^^^100% pure gold^^^ AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #47
Hacking laws are ridiculously broad. Eric J in MN Dec 2015 #35
We have been calling for a full investigation since day 1 AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #42
Here is what VAN said Renew Deal Dec 2015 #115
Excellent pandr32 Dec 2015 #128
No - but not because it was legal ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #43
Too late for that, DWS has already ruined party unity AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #49
Not according to the polls ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #91
As long as DWS is heading the DNC there will be no unity AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #92
There will never be unity for the anti-Dem haters on the DU ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #93
Hell No!! This is a classic Rove-style set-up by DNC/HRC/NGP-VAN/DWS. Fuck this shit. 99th_Monkey Dec 2015 #48
The OP is calling for a criminal investigation, not a private one AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #50
I know that. And I know what the FBI would find out with an investigation 99th_Monkey Dec 2015 #85
Don't we deserve to know the truth? Renew Deal Dec 2015 #116
Of course we do. 99th_Monkey Dec 2015 #122
Absolutely and of Hillary's servergate....why don't we just indict all of the Dem candidtes pipoman Dec 2015 #56
Trashed for dishonestly... MattSh Dec 2015 #58
K&R! stonecutter357 Dec 2015 #62
Who says the FEC hasn't already started one? nt msanthrope Dec 2015 #64
Probably the FBI, not the FEC Renew Deal Dec 2015 #117
Yes that would be smart rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #65
Yes. I hadn't read the backround of "Josh" until this morning on HuffPo and Vinca Dec 2015 #67
The article is intended to look that way. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #118
Well, it does look odd. Especially, given his resume, how he responded to the breach. Vinca Dec 2015 #124
Did I miss something? Was the system hacked? mmonk Dec 2015 #68
Depends on the definition of "hacked." Eric J in MN Dec 2015 #79
No. No. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #119
Yes (nt) bigwillq Dec 2015 #69
You would first need to have evidence of a criminal nature. randome Dec 2015 #70
LOL seriously JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #80
The polling data from NH and Iowa must be not good. Warren Stupidity Dec 2015 #73
the desperation of the hillary supporters is rising to a new level, they see 2008 happening again bowens43 Dec 2015 #75
A full investigation. Yes. 99Forever Dec 2015 #78
Give the job to the Benghazi committee JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #81
It should be led by Trey Gowdy's haircut Renew Deal Dec 2015 #120
What criminal law was broken? Vattel Dec 2015 #95
with as high profile as this appears to be PowerToThePeople Dec 2015 #125
We need a Thorough Investigation fredamae Dec 2015 #126
yes, let's see how far he'll take this ridiculous gimmick R B Garr Dec 2015 #129
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