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History of Feminism

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Mon Dec 30, 2013, 09:34 AM Dec 2013

I've decided to use HOF for my farewell thread. [View all]

I know---I hate these types of farewells because 9 out of 10 don't hold up. I did one several years ago and actually lasted a couple of months. It's the lurking that pulls you back. You lurk, see some knucklehead post, and you just have to reply. Just like an addict who goes sober for a year but takes one sip of Jack Daniels at a Christmas party or one hit off a pipe.

So if I tell you ---nope---I'm gone for good---- I'd be lying.

I am leaving though and I'm going to do my best to make it stick.

I have a career, a damn busy career that needs my full attention. When work is over I have a family, I have a dog, I have a cat, I have hobbies, I have a life---and I want to smell the roses. Simply put---I want to be happy.. errr happier.

I have not been happy on DU for sometime. My personality is such that it is hard for me to abide with douchebaggery.

Let me just say right off the bat---- when I wake up in the morning and take that first look in the mirror---bang----there is my first douchebag siting of the day. I know damn well that I can be the biggest A-Hole on DU and in the past 13 years have said some stupid shit. Ain't nobody perfect and I'm far far from it.

Honestly though--- I don't want to be a douchebag. I don't want to argue with other douchebags---I don't want to argue with anyone.

It's exhausting, time consuming, and it drains your soul.

Hence me saying goodbye to my virtual home since 2001.

What I see going on here the last couple of weeks has freaked me out---actually creeped me out. I know---I know--- Put the offenders on ignore---trash the thread---etc. I can't do that---it's not my nature. If I see somebody attacking my friends, I'm going in. This is unsustainable and it is not working. The loop hole in the rules, the cleverness of the opponent, alerts, juries etc.... make it impossible to win the day.

I chose HOF to say goodbye for two reasons. One---to stick it in the eye one more time to those who continue to battle this group---and two: because you opened my eyes to your everyday struggle for true equality.

So that's it...... I'm done. It's time to smell the roses.

To my friends here on DU---friends who I know and trust---PM me and we'll find away to stay in touch.


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Looking forward to your resurrection intaglio Dec 2013 #1
Trumad thank you for being who you are. boston bean Dec 2013 #2
I understand why you feel a need to leave BainsBane Dec 2013 #3
I think it's a real shame that someone can be alert stalked. boston bean Dec 2013 #9
Exactly... Skinner needs to address this very ugly and very real issue. hlthe2b Dec 2013 #69
I will miss you in sports. nt TBF Dec 2013 #4
I'm sorry you are paying the price for seeing our everyday struggle.... Little Star Dec 2013 #5
a huge +1000 boston bean Dec 2013 #6
I will miss your posts irisblue Dec 2013 #7
I'll miss you and will hope for your return. mountain grammy Dec 2013 #8
I had you on ignore for a couple years due to your profanity-laced closeupready Dec 2013 #10
A very classy farewell, Trumad. You must do what you must do...but CTyankee Dec 2013 #11
Well that's a helluva deal. I'm going to miss you being here, Trumad. loudsue Dec 2013 #12
we need you in the sports section wilt the stilt Dec 2013 #13
I second, third and fourth that Auggie Dec 2013 #20
I'll add a fifth to that - TBF Dec 2013 #30
You take care of the fifth. I'll bring the ice cubes and glasses. Auggie Dec 2013 #108
i am way ahead. yawl need to catch up, lol. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #109
straight up! TBF Dec 2013 #110
I will JustAnotherGen Dec 2013 #14
just back from a break myself. mackerel Dec 2013 #15
I understand your struggle .... marble falls Dec 2013 #28
well said, marble falls, my sentiments exactly.. mountain grammy Dec 2013 #31
You've made me a lot less dumb any number of times, granny. I'm very glad you post, too. marble falls Dec 2013 #40
I will miss you cally Dec 2013 #16
I had to take a double take, mistook you for someone else, lol. grantcart Dec 2013 #119
I will miss you trumad. Autumn Dec 2013 #17
Trumad, I hope your break, whether long or short Squinch Dec 2013 #18
I do hope you can find the balance that allows you the level of participation Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #19
Be well, and be happy. riqster Dec 2013 #21
Bon Voyage Jeff In Milwaukee Dec 2013 #22
I understand. redqueen Dec 2013 #23
ah - trumad. hurting my heart but, I (as much as anyone) understand. Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2013 #24
DU will not be the same without you, trumad... Take your break, but please don't let it be too long. hlthe2b Dec 2013 #25
I'm sorry to hear this ismnotwasm Dec 2013 #26
I hope this is temporary, my friend! Cooley Hurd Dec 2013 #27
Paste this cartoon to your computer screen thesquanderer Dec 2013 #29
good bye old friend.... madrchsod Dec 2013 #32
I'm right behind you graywarrior Dec 2013 #33
Don't you dare! Are you going too? Squinch Dec 2013 #53
Duct tape a duck or something... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #103
Add me to the list of people who will miss your posts magical thyme Dec 2013 #34
There are MRA trolls on DU. yardwork Dec 2013 #35
Now the MRA is infiltrating?... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #105
Wishing you all the best. niyad Dec 2013 #36
I don't come by this forum much because it's too close to my heart, actually. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #37
You will be missed. redwitch Dec 2013 #38
Go Canes! Scurrilous Dec 2013 #39
I know the feeling. mstinamotorcity2 Dec 2013 #41
We will miss you. historylovr Dec 2013 #42
Come back before the 2014 elections panader0 Dec 2013 #43
As many have indicated ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #44
Take care, Trumad. Enjoy your family :) xulamaude Dec 2013 #45
Be well, trumad. Hope those roses are sweet. nolabear Dec 2013 #46
The 2008 primaries... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #106
You CAN'T GO! You're one of the few whose posts can't be dismissed as a bitter old lady's. PassingFair Dec 2013 #47
Oh noes! katsy Dec 2013 #59
Plus, Screeming Meemie always said he was a nice person. PassingFair Dec 2013 #61
^^This^^ Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2013 #92
screeing was his biggest defender to us women. i had forgotten that. ahhhhh. ya. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #99
I hope you will be back, revived and refreshed. Shrike47 Dec 2013 #48
So sorry to see you go,Trumad. sufrommich Dec 2013 #49
I've left and returned a couple times Omaha Steve Dec 2013 #50
Sometimes stepping away is for the best. PeaceNikki Dec 2013 #51
This makes me sad MuseRider Dec 2013 #52
fare thee well my friend mopinko Dec 2013 #54
Mostly I'm a lurker katsy Dec 2013 #55
Seconded! Euphoria Dec 2013 #66
Sorry to see you go. blackspade Dec 2013 #56
You've been on DU a very long time.. Tikki Dec 2013 #57
Happy New Year trumad... polichick Dec 2013 #58
You lasted longer than I did..... Uben Dec 2013 #60
Please don't stay away too long! Texasgal Dec 2013 #62
I'm sorry to wake up to read this post, trumad. NYC_SKP Dec 2013 #63
I'm sure this has nothing to do with Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #64
you felt snotty was the way to go? see, not gonna cut it in here. respect. or do not post. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #67
No, I'm just invoking a bit of gallows humor Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #70
itake it back... totally, k. hey, i am truly being the gatekeeper on this one, but ya... you too. seabeyond Dec 2013 #72
Go take a shit on some other thread. sufrommich Dec 2013 #68
ya. but... pretzel is there with the few others. trumad and me, included in the very small circle seabeyond Dec 2013 #73
I have a difficult time thinking he is here for anything other than to cause boston bean Dec 2013 #96
sittin right beside you woman. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #97
the only reason I posted in this group was trumad's GBCW thread Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #117
Actually, that helped explain what was going on. JimDandy Dec 2013 #75
Post removed Post removed Dec 2013 #116
You've got one coming yourself BainsBane Dec 2013 #148
Lol. I know I do. I just thought the GBCW Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #149
You know why. JTFrog Dec 2013 #159
I understand completely. MadrasT Dec 2013 #65
a discussion board hfojvt Dec 2013 #71
Damn. This gives me a sad :-( TDale313 Dec 2013 #74
This makes me sad:-( redstatebluegirl Dec 2013 #76
This is my fist post, I feel responsible that I didn't get here faster! expungebob Dec 2013 #77
i can understand but i would never link my rl fb with anyone on du. not a chance in hell. seabeyond Dec 2013 #78
Thanks! expungebob Dec 2013 #81
i have a star so that might be the reason, whatever you are talking about. i am the worst to ask seabeyond Dec 2013 #82
Seabeyond, I do not always agree with you, and once you and a few tblue37 Dec 2013 #85
thank you tblue. i do remember seabeyond Dec 2013 #86
and I would never fb. grantcart Dec 2013 #120
Take care of yourself. Rex Dec 2013 #79
Shit! Iggo Dec 2013 #80
Darkness falls over DU but I feel Trumad will shine somewhere. IADEMO2004 Dec 2013 #83
Trumad, this post is bound to get some negative replies. Please ignore them. Th1onein Dec 2013 #84
i think you will find EVERYONE, hands down, values, appreciates, loves trumad. seabeyond Dec 2013 #87
Long Live trumad, Long Live HoF... A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2013 #88
I've taken breaks and come back again figuring out how to better use DU than for snarking and being uppityperson Dec 2013 #89
DU just took a bad hit sellitman Dec 2013 #90
LOL...almost 3,000 people have come for your funeral! PassingFair Dec 2013 #91
5000 now ...homage. Ellipsis Dec 2013 #150
I see no reason for this. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #93
I'm only sorry kiva Dec 2013 #100
There's no reason you can't start a thread. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #112
Hmmm, thought that since meta died kiva Dec 2013 #113
it is to prompt a flame war.... hence, you do it, not him nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #115
Hardly. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #125
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Dec 2013 #128
... cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #133
thank you. i will delete seabeyond Dec 2013 #134
Like I said... don't bother. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #135
Because these threads turn ugly in GD ismnotwasm Dec 2013 #114
I'll miss you. In_The_Wind Dec 2013 #94
I'll miss you, too, trumad! calimary Dec 2013 #101
Best wishes Doctor_J Dec 2013 #95
enjoy your time off and if/when you come back come hang in the Lounge Kali Dec 2013 #98
Don't know what has happened... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #102
Psh. Real farewells don't announce themselves. Aldo Leopold Dec 2013 #104
peace and happiness to you and your family heaven05 Dec 2013 #107
So long trumad BobbyBoring Dec 2013 #111
See you on January 21st. aikoaiko Dec 2013 #118
that is clever. probably true. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #121
There are many divisions at DU but one of the most significant is between those grantcart Dec 2013 #122
Ah Tru... Don't Go... Just Hang Out In Sports, Or Science... GD Has Gone Batshit Crazy, But... WillyT Dec 2013 #123
Dear Trumad, I've been here since 2001 as well. scarletwoman Dec 2013 #124
As to your last sentence... Blue_In_AK Dec 2013 #127
I wish you the best. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #126
We'll keep the coffee hot. DeSwiss Dec 2013 #129
You'll be missed Cali_Democrat Dec 2013 #130
Sorry to see you go. MH1 Dec 2013 #131
Hope it's just a break... Phentex Dec 2013 #132
If you go, neighbor, I've enjoyed reading your posts for 9 years steve2470 Dec 2013 #136
I see your position, trumad.. Cha Dec 2013 #137
Trumad - please make it just a break Matariki Dec 2013 #138
You're lurking now. I just know it. R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2013 #139
Be well, trumad. Many, including me, will miss you. nt cry baby Dec 2013 #140
I get it obxhead Dec 2013 #141
Happy New Year Trumad! progressoid Dec 2013 #142
This place just... sucks now. Number23 Dec 2013 #143
+1 ismnotwasm Dec 2013 #153
Gahhhh! Ellipsis Dec 2013 #144
Gonna miss you. But until you come back, here's a song. MrScorpio Dec 2013 #145
So, so sorry to see you go, Trumad Samantha Dec 2013 #146
Come back in 9 months for the midterms OmahaBlueDog Dec 2013 #147
Obviously you're well liked. delrem Dec 2013 #151
Always a bit sad when I see people who, like me, have been here from nearly the beginning dpbrown Dec 2013 #152
Don't let the... countryjake Dec 2013 #154
NOOOO!!! Jeezus, who's left? lamp_shade Dec 2013 #155
Please reconsider. leveymg Dec 2013 #156
Meh, you'll be back. nt Javaman Dec 2013 #157
I'll miss you. I don't want you to go. Solly Mack Dec 2013 #158
do we have to beg? Warren Stupidity Dec 2013 #160
I will miss you. salin Dec 2013 #161
that was probably the hardest time for women on du. and ya, allowed. it was rough for so many. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #162
Amen, salin. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2013 #163
Smell the roses is right -- enjoy, relax, regain perspective on Real Life Hekate Dec 2013 #164
All the best to you, trumad. Zorra Dec 2013 #165
take care trumad, hope your time away is short. bench scientist Dec 2013 #166
Happy New Year, trumad! countryjake Jan 2014 #167
trumad, where are you...... nt seabeyond Feb 2014 #168
Come Back, trumad ... Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #169
ha ha. that is funny. ya.... nt seabeyond Feb 2014 #170
I know how you feel... I'm restricted with my email, but do keep in touch with DUmail. Take care! freshwest Jul 2015 #171
Kicking just because it needs saying again..... AuntPatsy Jul 2015 #172
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