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Gun Control Reform Activism

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flamin lib

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Sat Jan 3, 2015, 05:30 PM Jan 2015

Pending approval as a host for this group I'd like to introduce myself. [View all]

I have a Federal Firearms License for Curio and Relic firearms. To get this license I had to apply to the BATF&E and wait while they, the FBI, Texas DPS and my local Police Chief did a background check. It took three months and was no hardship regardless of what some say.

I currently own seven rifles and one pistol, all designed prior to the turn of the 20th century. Most of them I have not fired. They are all secured in a locked gun safe bolted to the wall with the ammunition secured in a secondary location. I typically have 100 rounds of ammunition for each of the two types of rifle because that's how military surplus bullets are sold. I also have four other guns in storage for others. I offered my 12 year old grandson $20 if he could lay hands on a gun and ammunition in 24 hours. He couldn't do it but I gave him the $20 anyway because of the piece of mind it bought me.

I haven't laid hand or eye on any of these guns in over a year. In a typical year I might take one or two to the hunting property while visiting my brother, an avid hunter. Been doing this for more than a decade and have successfully avoided shooting anything so far. I do enjoy target shooting and am able to make 2 inch groups at 100 yards without a telescopic sight. Not bad for 66 year old eyes. I don't practice much, once it becomes muscle memory it never goes away.

I had two semi automatic pistols but in January of 2013 I had them destroyed as per BATF&E instructions. After watching 6 hours of live coverage of the Sandy Hook on CNN and MSNBC with a three year old in my lap I came to the conclusion that there is no justification for civilian ownership of semi auto weapons with removable magazines because the ability to kill with them is only limited by the physical strength to carry ammunition. December 14 is burned into my memory.

I donate to Everytown For Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.

So what does this make me?

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A gun nut.
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Just another hobbyist.
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Unfit to host this group.
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Monkey pants.
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I voted just another hobbyist. GGJohn Jan 2015 #1
Why do you need semi-autos? randys1 Jan 2015 #26
Why do I have to have a need? GGJohn Jan 2015 #28
GIven their existence leads to so much death and destruction, are you saying you can have it randys1 Jan 2015 #29
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, GGJohn Jan 2015 #30
BAzooka? randys1 Jan 2015 #31
Why the hell would I want a bazooka? GGJohn Jan 2015 #32
Why do you NEED a right to religion? kioa Jan 2015 #34
It makes you supremely qualified to host this group. Starboard Tack Jan 2015 #2
My thoughts also. nt dumbcat Jan 2015 #4
You sound like a true responsible gun owner, unlike those in the NRA and our very own gungeon Bjorn Against Jan 2015 #3
Do you support taking away his current right of owning other kinds of rifles? kioa Jan 2015 #12
First of all I never said anything about taking away his rights, second you are in the wrong group Bjorn Against Jan 2015 #15
Do you support the AWB? kioa Jan 2015 #17
This thread is not about the Assault Weapons Ban, and no I am not open to making you a host Bjorn Against Jan 2015 #18
I had to delete the GD thread because it raised the ire of Gungeoneers and I couldn't see any of the flamin lib Jan 2015 #5
sarisataka has continued it in the RKBA group Electric Monk Jan 2015 #6
Well, it can just stay there. flamin lib Jan 2015 #7
Seeing the response to your posts in that thread....you are welcome to host...my sympathies. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #9
Guns are among my least favorite tools. hunter Jan 2015 #8
Was a "sniper" when the Army didn't have a sniper program flamin lib Jan 2015 #11
Would like to see you as host. I agree completely with your position on semi-auto guns. Hoyt Jan 2015 #10
How so? Rifles are one of the least used murder weapons. kioa Jan 2015 #13
Heard it all before.. And it is no reason to allow proliferation of gunz. Hoyt Jan 2015 #14
You don't "allow" any right. kioa Jan 2015 #16
So now we are going from, guns are fine because people get killed by knives, to Hoyt Jan 2015 #19
I don't think you have any cause in insisting that any innocent American should give up ANY right to kioa Jan 2015 #33
Clearly, gunz are important to you. Hoyt Jan 2015 #35
Predictable Hoytism. eom GGJohn Jan 2015 #37
GCRA Statement of Purpose: billh58 Jan 2015 #20
The first thing I'm going to do is add some names to the blocked list. At least three, so far. nt Electric Monk Jan 2015 #21
I'm with you there. nt flamin lib Jan 2015 #22
Thanks n/t billh58 Jan 2015 #24
I'm willing to bet billh58 Jan 2015 #23
Ironically I can't see any of the responses to the GD crosspost and only one flamin lib Jan 2015 #25
makes you a smart person and a responsible gun owner. leftofcool Jan 2015 #27
As someone on the other side of the fence on this issue... kioa Jan 2015 #36
Owning a gun may be a right, flamin lib Jan 2015 #38
Being able to own guns you want to ban IS a current right. kioa Jan 2015 #40
It is NOT a right. It's a current privilege that can and has been prohibited. flamin lib Jan 2015 #43
Post removed Post removed Jan 2015 #44
I repeat, to own some particular type of gun IS NOT A RIGHT. flamin lib Jan 2015 #45
1) Dictionary definitions aren't falsehoods. kioa Jan 2015 #46
Yeah, there's that "true liberals" label---as usual, an indicator of conservative inclinations.(nt) Paladin Jan 2015 #39
Oh sure. kioa Jan 2015 #41
Then refer to yourself as a liberal, rather than a "true liberal." Problem solved. (nt) Paladin Jan 2015 #42
He really, really tried to pull off billh58 Jan 2015 #47
dissection jimmy the one Jan 2015 #48
Thanks for the props. flamin lib Jan 2015 #49
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