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Bernie Sanders

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Thu Apr 21, 2016, 12:42 AM Apr 2016

Several posts about creating a new website, so I thought I'd take a poll. [View all]

See where we are really at.

46 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes - I am looking for a new "home"
11 (24%)
Yes - even tho I like it here it would be nice to have a choice
19 (41%)
Yes - even tho there is JPR it would be nice to have another option
11 (24%)
No - I plan on staying at DU & that would be just one more site I'd have to check, rather have it all here.
1 (2%)
No - I'm really happy with JPR, spend most of my time there anyway.
2 (4%)
Other - please comment
2 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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There is another site I know it's something like caucus99percent Kalidurga Apr 2016 #1
Post the link so we can check it out :) jillan Apr 2016 #2
This is what lead me there Kalidurga Apr 2016 #4
Thanks. Found many kindred spirits there. nt chknltl Apr 2016 #7
My understanding is they are Kos refugees Kalidurga Apr 2016 #8
Isn't there also a site with Kossacks in the name? I could have sworn someone at DU posted about it. merrily Apr 2016 #27
I haven't heard about that one. But, I wouldn't doubt it. Kalidurga Apr 2016 #31
"TPTB psychophants" : PERFECT Metaphor! 2banon Apr 2016 #64
Here You Go cantbeserious Apr 2016 #5
What Progressives Need Is An Alternative - Progressive Underground cantbeserious Apr 2016 #3
I believe that DU has always supported only Democratic candidates, even from the start in 2001. CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2016 #9
Agreed - However, In 2001 Being Democrat Was Progressive - Now, Being Democrat Is Corporate. cantbeserious Apr 2016 #11
+1 In 2000, being a Democratic was in flux from progressive to corporate, but many did not know. merrily Apr 2016 #28
Exactly what has happened and is DU's direction IMO. Just like the current democratic party, I feel RKP5637 Apr 2016 #52
Please see Reply 23. merrily Apr 2016 #26
I do like the name.. 2banon Apr 2016 #66
I really like JPR werknotgoin2takeit Apr 2016 #6
That will change Matariki Apr 2016 #18
Please see Reply 23. thanks merrily Apr 2016 #25
As soon as the tumblr delegation runs off the last of the Bernie supporters from DU, VulgarPoet Apr 2016 #33
Just what I posted. JPR lacks user friendly functionality. 2banon Apr 2016 #68
I have no idea. mmonk Apr 2016 #10
To be trite, look outside the box. delrem Apr 2016 #15
The long-term plan may be re-aligning the parties, moderate Republicans and center right Dems merrily Apr 2016 #29
Actually I'd like to see the Corporates and Centrists of both major parties appalachiablue Apr 2016 #61
True that. mmonk Apr 2016 #30
You Want A Revolution davenelson5555 Apr 2016 #12
I signed up... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #16
Awesome, thanks for being my first member! davenelson5555 Apr 2016 #17
Just a suggestion... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #19
The NYT was a poor choice of feed. davenelson5555 Apr 2016 #20
Why a new board, rather than joining JPR or caucus99? merrily Apr 2016 #24
The software and format. MelissaB Apr 2016 #34
? But that board's format is not like DU's, either. merrily Apr 2016 #35
Melissa is a website designer. FYI. jillan Apr 2016 #48
Please see Reply 47. If the idea is that people like DU's software they know that. If she's willing merrily Apr 2016 #50
I do not know what replies look like in the Revolution site, but it is easier than JPR at LiberalArkie Apr 2016 #60
Those sites are ok davenelson5555 Apr 2016 #39
Thanks, but that does not answer my question. You could have worked with them on format. merrily Apr 2016 #44
I could have, but wanted to make my own site davenelson5555 Apr 2016 #56
I suspected that was the reason, but I was curious, aka nosey. Thanks for answering. merrily Apr 2016 #58
I'm all about supporting liberal progressives... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #13
JPR is working on new software. merrily Apr 2016 #23
...that would be great. SoapBox Apr 2016 #36
To add to this, MuseRider Apr 2016 #37
The site reboots at 5 am, but only for a minute or less. Otherwise, yes, the problem is probably on merrily Apr 2016 #43
You know what would be really helpful at jpr jillan Apr 2016 #40
Okay. First, are you registered at JPR? If so, you can bring those issues up there to the admins merrily Apr 2016 #41
Oh yeah. I am registered. I posted a few times jillan Apr 2016 #45
I have already taken care of that. If you go there, you should get your questions about JPR handled merrily Apr 2016 #47
You're awesome. Like I said I bet people would be willing to chip in to help over there jillan Apr 2016 #49
thank you and back at you. Anyone willing to help there should go there and pm Marym625. merrily Apr 2016 #51
What is the URL for JPR? Thanks! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #54
JackpineRadicals.org merrily Apr 2016 #59
Thanks!!!!!! RKP5637 Apr 2016 #63
You're welcome. Enjoy. merrily Apr 2016 #65
Yep, I'm going to join. I've been looking for an alternative to look at too. Thanks again! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #67
Hope there's lots of folks Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2016 #14
Aww. Thanks. We're are a great group of people jillan Apr 2016 #46
the point that many folks are looking for another website should be something DU should take notice. PFunk1 Apr 2016 #21
I know. Things that we used to be able to talk about here jillan Apr 2016 #42
I post at JackpineRadicals.org and at DU. See Reply 23. merrily Apr 2016 #22
i normally flip between here and jpr restorefreedom Apr 2016 #32
jpr is awkward to use and greymouse Apr 2016 #38
Thanks for posting this!!! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #53
JPR is the best new board in my opinion. I support it with my small donations and they are haikugal Apr 2016 #55
What is the URL for JPR? Thanks! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #57
I'm torn to be honest, yes I do want a safe haven to speak freely without fear 2banon Apr 2016 #62
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