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Matt Tabbi: I've never seen it... [View all] Playinghardball Aug 2015 OP
What does a dumbass like Taibbi know? He seems smart only when he goes after Republicans. merrily Aug 2015 #1
He is a rare species. azmom Aug 2015 #2
Chuckle ananda Aug 2015 #3
Taibbi JackRiddler Aug 2015 #4
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2015 #5
Love me some Taibbi!!! kag Aug 2015 #6
Especially this quote: "Goldman Sachs is a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, SharonAnn Aug 2015 #41
Cool! Kick and R. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #7
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Aug 2015 #8
Awww, Taibbi. Another right-wing hit man out to whack Hillary. Fuddnik Aug 2015 #9
Wow. Taibbi is merciless. DirkGently Aug 2015 #10
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #11
Proud to be the 100th rec for Matt Taibbi and, of course, Bernie! mountain grammy Aug 2015 #12
rec #188 840high Aug 2015 #23
259 JEB Aug 2015 #30
How cool if Taibbi became President Bernie's press secretary stuffmatters Aug 2015 #13
Interesting... Wounded Bear Aug 2015 #14
that would be worth seeing. ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2015 #15
maybe its the accent restorefreedom Aug 2015 #21
How true. ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2015 #22
maybe its the accent AlbertCat Aug 2015 #40
Now that sounds like a great idea! marlakay Aug 2015 #16
Oh, YES!! Leith Aug 2015 #19
He'd educate the public on complex issues while challenging all incompetent MSM stuffmatters Aug 2015 #24
K&R. Taibbi is pretty honest and intelligent himself. senz Aug 2015 #17
Thanks Matt! Bernie speaks for and with us! Dont call me Shirley Aug 2015 #18
Thank you Matt! passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #20
fresh air indeed! arlington.mass Aug 2015 #28
welcome to DU! passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #29
Well said. I strongly agree. punguin54 Aug 2015 #32
Glad to be 200th Rec! tomm2thumbs Aug 2015 #25
Before he was "Bernie For President" fredamae Aug 2015 #26
Please LINK TO SOURCE when posting these "quote cards" Maven Aug 2015 #27
This is from a Rolling Stone article entitled "Give 'em Hell, Bernie" smokey nj Aug 2015 #33
Bernie is to politics JEB Aug 2015 #31
I get the feeling that Clinton supporters don't like Matt. I think they prefer rhett o rick Aug 2015 #34
K & R. 281. appalachiablue Aug 2015 #35
Huge K&R! n/t Michigan-Arizona Aug 2015 #36
Matt Taibbi is right, again. And he is a rare thing in journalism himself. sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #37
he never visited milwaukee's socialist mayor. pansypoo53219 Aug 2015 #38
KNR............!!!!! n/t Hepburn Aug 2015 #39
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