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Democratic Primaries

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Fri May 17, 2019, 09:32 AM May 2019

Disqualifying: Biden gave paid speech supporting repuke in 2018 [View all]

Biden has gotten away with so much garbage for so long, but this one is a dealbreaker in my book.

Biden got paid $200,000 to give a speech to a Republican-leaning business crowd in Michigan during which he praised GOP Congressman Fred Upton even as Democrats were clawing at his seat in the midterms, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Though it wasn't a formal endorsement, Biden's speech praised Upton for his support of a piece of cancer research legislation (Biden's son Beau died of cancer in 2015) and called him "one of the finest guys I’ve ever worked with.” As the Times reported, that phrase quickly appeared in Republican advertising, and when Upton's Democratic challenger tried to get the former vice president to do something in response, “There was nothing but silence,” the candidate, Matt Longjohn, told the paper. (Upton ultimately won by 4.5 points, the smallest margin of his career.)


Upton is a "moderate" Republican who is antichoice and voted to repeal Obamacare, and Biden knowingly helped him win his race and ignored the Democratic challenger?

Sorry, but I support Democrats who support actual Democrats.

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If Sanders had done this, there would be such wailing and gnashing of teeth... aidbo May 2019 #1
Well, legally speaking, a sitting rep can't do this, and he's been a career politician for decades. ehrnst May 2019 #42
I don't see any issue with taking the fee. The bigger issue to me... thesquanderer May 2019 #327
That's an issue I have with Our Revolution ehrnst May 2019 #330
RE: "Anyone who supports them is complicit in that." thesquanderer May 2019 #341
I don't know of anyone that I would support 100% ehrnst May 2019 #351
Not necessarily bashing, but for example... thesquanderer May 2019 #355
I'm talking about POTUS candidates, not organizations. (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #417
No, you were talking about "Our Revolution" thesquanderer May 2019 #418
I was talking about candidates, and that their support of certain orgs would be a ehrnst May 2019 #419
Nonstop. 24 hrs a day. Hassin Bin Sober May 2019 #43
You know it!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #50
Biden didn't endorse Upton. However, Sanders did endorse anti-abortionist Heath Mello still_one May 2019 #80
So, Biden taking a $200k paid speech to help elect an anti choice Republican is better.. aidbo May 2019 #110
This is the laughable false framing that is prefacing Bernie's R B Garr May 2019 #131
$200k didn't have anything to do with it? Why didn't he do it for free then? aidbo May 2019 #150
This contrived umbrage is very obvious. Bernie's groups R B Garr May 2019 #161
I take no umbrage that Biden took.. aidbo May 2019 #251
Reality is your hypocrisy is on full display. Those are Bernie talking points R B Garr May 2019 #272
Hiring people who supported non-dems is not the same... thesquanderer May 2019 #325
LOL, it's worse, since you are knowingly and intentionally R B Garr May 2019 #328
+1000. ehrnst May 2019 #332
Supporting orgs and PACs that trash Democrats is also a deal breaker in my book. ehrnst May 2019 #331
Why didn't he endorse the Democrat in this hard fought race, or even take the phone calls pnwmom May 2019 #403
What other Democrats endorsed him? Do you have proof R B Garr May 2019 #405
He gave a speech for him weeks before the election, and refused to endorse the Des pnwmom May 2019 #402
I get it pnwmom, you don't like Biden, and I suspect you won't vote for him in the primary, and still_one May 2019 #406
I get it that you don't want to acknowledge that he's anything less than the perfect candidate. n/t pnwmom May 2019 #409
Not at all, Biden's made plenty of mistakes in his career, but on most issues he has still_one May 2019 #410
Since Warren was raised in Oklahoma, I keep wondering why Biden pnwmom May 2019 #412
Elizabeth Warren most people should know her when she was an advisor during the financial crisis, still_one May 2019 #421
Yes there would wailing because it's illegal. George II May 2019 #271
Sneaky or clever? I can't decide. NurseJackie May 2019 #278
What Democrat will he bash this time around? katmondoo May 2019 #352
try sticking to the topic at hand. aidbo May 2019 #381
Please, we're not allowed to talk about what Sanders has fone Nuggets May 2019 #408
Stop, just stop. we can do it May 2019 #2
YES YES STOP!!! Am I shouting YESSSSS!! Thekaspervote May 2019 #117
Agree! OP, honorable people don't use dishonest spin Hortensis May 2019 #165
Sorry, but you are going too far here. Vidal May 2019 #3
He helped a repuke win an election wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #5
Exactly!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #55
BS hired senior campaign staff who voted for Jill Stein and encouraged others to do so as well. lapucelle May 2019 #157
Thank you. The OP is dishonest swiftboating😡 we can do it May 2019 #194
This only makes sense wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #196
It makes sense no matter who you are supporting. lapucelle May 2019 #273
What is "dishonest" about it? whathehell May 2019 #245
If BrieBrie's candidate loses again, I wouldn't be surprised to see more of the same. lapucelle May 2019 #268
whataboutBernie excuses Biden? shanny May 2019 #224
Nothing excuses what BS did. lapucelle May 2019 #256
"to you" shanny May 2019 #259
We all only speak for ourselves... lapucelle May 2019 #267
For some, the "Bernie standard" applies ONLY to Bernie, not to any other candidate, including Biden. InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #258
+1 shanny May 2019 #260
Good example... there are so many other examples I could cite, as I'm sure you could too. InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #266
BS hired Stein endorsers as campaign manager, press secretary, and senior campaign advisor. lapucelle May 2019 #269
This thread isn't about Bernie wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #279
please see post #325 thesquanderer May 2019 #326
Hiring people who bitterly, gleefully & very publicly endorsed a 3rd party candidates in 2016 lapucelle May 2019 #333
So, why is there a different standard for Bernie?! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #54
What "different standard"? Examples please. George II May 2019 #78
What "different standard" is there for Bernie that isn't ehrnst May 2019 #234
He supported a Republican over a member of his own party. Demit May 2019 #4
What if it was Bernie who had done this... just imagine!! Oh boy, look out!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #68
Push em back! Push em back! BannonsLiver May 2019 #187
Riiiiight! Justifying different standards for Bernie... ooookay!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #257
Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah! BannonsLiver May 2019 #262
He might as well have - Sanders (not a Democrat at the time) supported a pro-life candidate.... George II May 2019 #288
He didn't support a republican. He simply thanked Upton for supporting a bipartisan bill.... George II May 2019 #109
In the middle of a campaign. In which he conspicuously declined to endorse the Democrat Demit May 2019 #158
The author of the Vice hit piece in the OP link recommended 3rd party voting in 2016. lapucelle May 2019 #275
You mean this satirical piece wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #277
The piece sings Stein's praises and links to a laudatory profile and to her campaign website, lapucelle May 2019 #295
Bernie openly bashes Democrats all the time including President Obama Thekaspervote May 2019 #119
This is whataboutism. Whatever Bernie does has nothing to do with what Biden did. Demit May 2019 #151
I am replying to post #68 Thekaspervote May 2019 #162
Well, you actually replied to post #4. Demit May 2019 #172
Then why are people on this thread bringing up Bernie on his behalf in whataboutisms themselves? themaguffin May 2019 #232
Don't ask me. I'm not on either of their cheerleading squads. Demit May 2019 #236
Ok. I only asked you because you called out whataboutism. themaguffin May 2019 #239
I did. It's a stupid rebuttal no matter who it's trying to defend. Demit May 2019 #242
When your son dies of brain cancer, maybe you support someone who FailureToCommunicate May 2019 #6
Biden supported someone who voted to take away MY healthcare wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #7
Okay. But I do hope you'll support in the general whomever is the nominee. FailureToCommunicate May 2019 #9
This isn't a purity test wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #16
He said something nice about him Dream Girl May 2019 #61
During a speech in a closely contested race wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #104
BS needs to have a little chat with his press secretary lapucelle May 2019 #173
Do you see my signature? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #175
No doubt about that... vote blue, no matter who!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #70
I may be wrong but it doesn't appear the OP will support the nominee BannonsLiver May 2019 #188
Well, that's why I said "hope" FailureToCommunicate May 2019 #238
He didn't endorse him for office, if that's what you're implying. (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #53
Seriously... and I spose the Democratic candidate wouldn't support cancer research?! Doubt that!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #57
HE isn't hiding behind his son's memory. You are acting as though he's an agent in this hit job, emmaverybo May 2019 #303
Still kicking this old story, I see. elleng May 2019 #8
Actually, it hasn't been discussed wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #11
Has been discussed here plenty. elleng May 2019 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #23
Yes discussed over and over Thekaspervote May 2019 #122
This has even discussed at least twice Demsrule86 May 2019 #321
As I said it has been discussed...here are three...took me two minutes to find. Demsrule86 May 2019 #322
Oh they just never give up ... old story indeed Thekaspervote May 2019 #121
That never stops old Bernie stories from being repeated over and over and over again... InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #287
His affection for Upton is in part because of the Republican's work to support the cancer research hlthe2b May 2019 #10
Upton voted to repeal Obamacare wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #12
Never said he didn't. But one sided discussions are dishonest. hlthe2b May 2019 #73
The way you framed it wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #107
Now that is disingenuous as hell and you know it. hlthe2b May 2019 #130
Is this not what you wrote? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #137
It is what has been REPORTED word for word... hlthe2b May 2019 #143
His praise being genuine does not make it any better wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #198
Yes, Thanks elleng May 2019 #15
Biden refused to endorse Upton's Democratic opponent, who went on to lose by less than 5%. Demit May 2019 #26
Upton, Dingell, Brooks, & Deutch Reintroduce Gun Violence Reduction Bill: the Jake Laird Act Vidal May 2019 #13
He also twice voted to repeal DC's gun laws wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #20
'Upton is a good guy.' Celerity May 2019 #97
Are you saying you won't support him if he wins the nomination? Kaleva May 2019 #17
Unlike Biden, I'm a pragmatist wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #18
So this doesn't actually disqualify him then. Kaleva May 2019 #92
Disqualifies him from my primary vote and yours n/t wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #125
None of the Dem candidates are disqualified in my opinion. Kaleva May 2019 #155
This is still primary season. It's not a time to assume anyone will be the nominee. Demit May 2019 #27
Hit the nail! at140 May 2019 #64
The reality is no candidate this primary is disqualified. Kaleva May 2019 #101
I don't support all the Dem candidates. That would be weird. Demit May 2019 #170
I didn't say I'm rooting for all to win Kaleva May 2019 #177
I support their right to vie for the nomination too. Demit May 2019 #185
Will you vote for Biden revmclaren May 2019 #19
See post above wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #21
Well, since you have such high convictions about revmclaren May 2019 #29
Are you talking about Bernie Sanders? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #30
Hmmm... TCJ70 May 2019 #33
I'll be looking forward to seeing your undecided status change to supporting revmclaren May 2019 #41
Another strategy I've noticed is "Don't make the candidate talk about actual issues, Autumn May 2019 #89
So your answer is yes then. One must keep revmclaren May 2019 #37
Blind partisan hatred is destroying this country; I hope for something better LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #22
Stupidly supporting repukes is destroying this country wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #28
You mean like hiring staff that are known for opposing Democrats? (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #47
Why do you assume I support Bernie? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #56
No, I didn't assume that about you. ehrnst May 2019 #63
But they aren't frontrunners wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #205
Maybe we're not thinking of the same other POTUS candidates. (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #233
Once again, he did NOT "support" Upton, he spoke about Upton's help in getting.... George II May 2019 #49
Upton tried to repeal Obamacare wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #59
And vilifying him for doing so says more about the attacker's character than Biden's, IMO LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #66
The repetitive attackers. LakeArenal May 2019 #114
Yup! Thekaspervote May 2019 #128
Thank you. shanny May 2019 #386
You're welcome wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #390
This has been posted several times in the past couple of months. People should dig into..... George II May 2019 #24
It was used in Upton's campaign advertising wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #25
Yes, he knew what he was doing. It wasn't a campaign event. George II May 2019 #34
Biden supported a repuke who voted to repeal Obamacare wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #38
So you would not vote for Biden if he is the eventual nominee? cwydro May 2019 #44
He didn't endorse the Democrat running against Upton. That's what's worth digging into. Demit May 2019 #35
In that case, dig away. George II May 2019 #52
I don't have to. The boosters for whom he can do no wrong should, though. Demit May 2019 #67
This is a intentional distortion and misrepresentation, and the OP knows it. still_one May 2019 #40
From the NYT article wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #46
I stand by what I said, and if you think this kind of distorted trash is helping Sanders, the polls still_one May 2019 #69
Why do you people assume I support Sanders? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #129
You nailed that one!! Thekaspervote May 2019 #134
Perhaps you missed this: ehrnst May 2019 #31
It's true wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #36
If Republican approval of a Democrat is disqualifying... ehrnst May 2019 #45
Republicans approved Upton's challenger? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #51
No, that wasn't what I was talking about. ehrnst May 2019 #60
Who are you referring to, specifically? Demit May 2019 #93
No, I wasn't talking about Lieberman. ehrnst May 2019 #98
Republicans use Democrats against Other Democrats wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #102
GOP dark money superpacs spend lots of money doing that. (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #139
Nope. nt Tipperary May 2019 #32
So do I. 50 Shades Of Blue May 2019 #39
Regardless of The relationship Joe has(d) with Upton, the timing of the speech was questionable Raven123 May 2019 #48
Why he would think he can work with the GOP better than Obama is a GREAT question to ask. Demit May 2019 #254
zzzzzzzzzz EveHammond13 May 2019 #58
First of all, welcome to DU wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #62
zzzzzzzzz EveHammond13 May 2019 #65
Why did you vote "Supporting another candidate anyway" but claim you are Undecided? RelativelyJones May 2019 #71
Good catch, and good question LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #72
Like I said, undecided, multiple "nopes" wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #94
So the speech wasn't really the deal breaker then, lapucelle May 2019 #296
Do you think that somehow "undecided" is the same as shanny May 2019 #388
!!!!!! LakeArenal May 2019 #81
Biden was never my first choice wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #82
Your choice. RelativelyJones May 2019 #91
You have two dozen other choices in the Primary, so big deal Hekate May 2019 #195
No, I'm not stupid wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #206
LOL. busted. EveHammond13 May 2019 #160
The OP is a Sanders supporter BannonsLiver May 2019 #192
How am I a sander's supporter wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #203
I wondered and asked. The OP said Sanders is not in their top 3...unless they are being disingenuous RelativelyJones May 2019 #235
That appears to be the case. BannonsLiver May 2019 #240
Indeed it does. RelativelyJones May 2019 #241
Show proof or stand down wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #248
Stand down? BannonsLiver May 2019 #261
Another useless rant from a supporter of someone in disguise NYMinute May 2019 #74
Still undecided, pal wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #84
Enquiring minds want to know. RelativelyJones May 2019 #95
Biden's certainly at the top of the "nope" list wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #99
Ok, who's on your list of preferred candidates? Have you made an argument why they are the best RelativelyJones May 2019 #112
Warren, Booker, Harris wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #120
Fair enough, all great candidates. Then why not make an argument for them instead of this strangely RelativelyJones May 2019 #132
I'm not fully in support of either of the candidates wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #249
It certainly has effect on us "undecideds." earthshine May 2019 #179
By a 2:1 margin, based on the poll in the OP NYMinute May 2019 #230
It's obvious that you didn't understand my post. Too busy typing to read, eh? earthshine May 2019 #237
I guess we need to look elsewhere for an absolutely perfect candidate flyingfysh May 2019 #75
And he'd certainly be under attack as someone polling in the lead... ehrnst May 2019 #79
Jesus is perfect because he's fictional. LakeArenal May 2019 #83
Perhaps you mean his deification is fictional? elias7 May 2019 #178
Yes. No such thing as divinity. LakeArenal May 2019 #181
Pretty heavy. Now we're needing definitions. elias7 May 2019 #310
It's a serious debate; I hold with the the "legendary" position, in that there was likely one LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #191
There are better candidates than Biden out there wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #86
That maybe, but are they electable? The polls so far say no Thekaspervote May 2019 #138
Shocking investigative info.... LakeArenal May 2019 #76
Unlike Upton wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #87
Only because he had brain cancer. LakeArenal May 2019 #96
So McCain would have voted against Obamacare wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #100
Get over the hyperbole. LakeArenal May 2019 #103
There's nothing wrong with being friends with members of the other party. Demit May 2019 #106
OMG again. I have actually supported the Republicans locally. LakeArenal May 2019 #118
Hopefully their policies align with you views wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #123
Some don't. That's how it's supposed to work LakeArenal May 2019 #133
Both Lieberman and John Edwards wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #142
18 points. Double digits. Since he announced. LakeArenal May 2019 #159
So you'd support Lieberman and Edwards if they're frontrunners? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #164
That's really dumb. LakeArenal May 2019 #174
Let me know when you're the former VP of the party contemplating a run for president Demit May 2019 #176
Part of Joe Biden's success is his ability to reach across the aisle democratisphere May 2019 #77
How many repukes voted for Obamacare? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #90
Another "Biden not pure" thread LibFarmer May 2019 #85
God forbid Democrats exercise some standards wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #88
The standard that Biden exercised here is that of a decent human being. That you have such a LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #105
Then why didn't he campaign with Upton's Democratic opponent? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #108
I don't know, but that doesn't change my statement LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #111
Do Decent Human Beings vote to repeal the ACA? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #124
Biden didn't do that, so your question is dishonest. That the person he was decent to LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #126
It does reflect on his decisionmaking wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #146
Only in a positive way, unlike your own position, IMO. LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #152
Decent humans support cancer research. Glad to see the R B Garr May 2019 #144
Do decent people vote to repeal the ACA? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #148
Your whole premise is contrived. Biden was appreciative R B Garr May 2019 #153
Agreed with what you have posted but trying to present facts MarcA May 2019 #135
Yes, I know it can be a fruitless effort for some corners wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #140
Yes, it is craziness if you are backing someone that is not electable Thekaspervote May 2019 #141
standards. like booing Hillary at our Convention on national tv. #Standards EveHammond13 May 2019 #163
I question the standards a post like this shows. To me, a lack of them. emmaverybo May 2019 #304
And they're not winning many converts either. BannonsLiver May 2019 #263
LOL! Bernie's group Justice Democrats, et al, openly support Republicans R B Garr May 2019 #113
Who says I support Bernie? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #115
lol R B Garr May 2019 #116
It's easier to dismiss you if they label you a Sanders supporter. N/t TCJ70 May 2019 #171
No, it's just that such bilious attacks are ususally associated with a particular campaign; so LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #182
Thank you wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #219
Nah, but it is easier to see the true motivation. BannonsLiver May 2019 #200
Interesting that there's a call out for giving a paid speech... brooklynite May 2019 #127
And a speech about cancer. Cancer. R B Garr May 2019 #136
A speech for a Republican in a tight race wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #154
Nope: a speech to a business group. That the candidate was there was incidental. brooklynite May 2019 #167
The speech wasn't "for a Republican". This laughable false framing R B Garr May 2019 #168
I don't give two hoots about Bernie wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #193
Biden gave a speech appreciative of cancer funding. It wasn't R B Garr May 2019 #270
No matter what you say, the Repukes think differently wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #276
You keep misrepresenting. The article you linked to is not NYT. It's Vice, R B Garr May 2019 #300
The repuke congressman campaigned on Biden's speech wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #301
Biden gave a speech about cancer research. Here are the Sanders staffers who voted third party: R B Garr May 2019 #305
When Biden's additional tax returns are released soon we'll see what he did with the $150,000.... George II May 2019 #302
#fakenews ! stonecutter357 May 2019 #145
Exactly! Very fack. R B Garr May 2019 #149
Can't imagine caring Loki Liesmith May 2019 #147
Water under the bridge. Joe's not perfect, but neither am I. Laelth May 2019 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #166
That is just ludicrous.. Biden heads up the Cancer Initiative.. Peacetrain May 2019 #169
Oh goodie the new disqualifying meme is here. BannonsLiver May 2019 #180
"Joe wears sunglasses! Why is he opposed to solar energy?!?" LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #183
Disqualified!1!1!!!! BannonsLiver May 2019 #184
It's disqualifying to praise someone for sponsoring a key cancer research bill???? andym May 2019 #186
It's disqualifying to praise someone wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #189
IMHO, praising someone who accomplished some good, for the good that they did andym May 2019 #222
He didn't say anything about Upton's efforts to repeal ACA wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #225
My point goes beyond the implications for that particular election and is far more general andym May 2019 #297
Post removed Post removed May 2019 #190
Hear, hear! BannonsLiver May 2019 #197
Support Democrats, Don't Undermine Them wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #199
"Support Democrats, Don't Undermine Them" Downtown Hound May 2019 #201
Yeah, from the crowd who says "Vote Blue, No Matter Who" wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #202
for THIS we are gonna re elect trump? seriously? samnsara May 2019 #204
There are better fighters than Biden n/t wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #207
im not convinced samnsara May 2019 #252
Some hope for that if they can't have purity. BannonsLiver May 2019 #208
This goes beyond purity wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #211
Righhhhht BannonsLiver May 2019 #214
I swear, only Democrats do this to themselves wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #215
Thank God you're here to show us the way. BannonsLiver May 2019 #217
First Rule: Always Support Democrats wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #218
Glad to see you coming around. BannonsLiver May 2019 #220
Second Rule: Shun Those That Break First Rule wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #223
Right on! BannonsLiver May 2019 #226
Ummhmmm sheshe2 May 2019 #298
And so is Matt Longjohn, the Dem challenger wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #299
Did I miss the primary? Aren't we still choosing a general candidate? n/t TCJ70 May 2019 #210
Haven't you heard? Joe's the presumptive candidate wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #212
Couldn't care less. BlueTsunami2018 May 2019 #209
Wish Joe could've followed your advice wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #213
Still supporting him. bearsfootball516 May 2019 #216
Who cares. Polly Hennessey May 2019 #221
This stupid poll is Bernie supporters trying to discredit Joe calguy May 2019 #227
Point to where I'm a Bernie supporter wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #228
I just finished replying to a Bernie post shouting "disqualifying" and found that good sense emmaverybo May 2019 #229
But that would prevent virtue signaling and purity displays. BannonsLiver May 2019 #231
I am suspicious. Two DISQUALIFYING posts this morning, one upon the other, against Bernie emmaverybo May 2019 #246
The others were responses to this terrible OP. BannonsLiver May 2019 #247
You've got the order reversed...This one was posted, then a different poster... TCJ70 May 2019 #253
So this was a backatcha. It probably should be removed as well. All DISQUALIFIED postings emmaverybo May 2019 #264
No. This one (about Biden) was first. N/t TCJ70 May 2019 #265
I was corrected on that by two other members who said Bernie post was first. So I am still emmaverybo May 2019 #285
Mine was first wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #291
Solves that. nt emmaverybo May 2019 #292
Well...I only posted in one of the Bernie threads. TCJ70 May 2019 #306
Not a disqualifier in my book PBC_Democrat May 2019 #243
What has Biden gotten away with? mcar May 2019 #244
He was for forced birth before he was against it, for one wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #250
This is weak sauce. beaglelover May 2019 #255
Harry Cheadle, the author of the Vice hit-piece in the OP link, recommended 3rd party voting in 2016 lapucelle May 2019 #274
The piece is clearly satirical wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #280
No it isn't. lapucelle May 2019 #281
Any reasonable person who reads the quote you cited wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #283
Oh that Harry! lapucelle May 2019 #293
This further proves you're not interested in a good faith discussion wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #294
Alternately, perhaps the Harry Cheadle Vice hit piece you linked to is "satitical". lapucelle May 2019 #282
This is cringeworthy wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #284
Maybe you can add a voting option that reads: lapucelle May 2019 #289
He doesn't mock Stein. lapucelle May 2019 #286
... wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #290
You were done when you created the push poll still_one May 2019 #307
Brilliant, lapucelle! I was just looking up Harry and also saw he has a definite bias R B Garr May 2019 #309
And the gaslighting didn't work. lapucelle May 2019 #311
The OP is an epic fail. BannonsLiver May 2019 #312
And that one vote was from someone who was supporting Harris (not Biden) on May 10. lapucelle May 2019 #313
Yes, the gaslighting and shaming didn't work. R B Garr May 2019 #314
Attacking the candidate who has the biggest backing wasupaloopa May 2019 #308
"paid speech supporting rebuke" betsuni May 2019 #315
It doesn't help for me especially with the rest of his record JonLP24 May 2019 #316
You support a man who refused to get a job when his son was on Welfare LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #317
This is new information but I looked into it I don't have any issues with it JonLP24 May 2019 #318
Here: LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #319
He noticed with that 4% he did well in Burlington so ran for Mayor of Burlington JonLP24 May 2019 #320
It definitely looks bad loyalsister May 2019 #323
you change my mind about Biden ...... stonecutter357 May 2019 #324
Talk about bashing Democratic figures...complete with a poll !!! With friends like this.....nt UniteFightBack May 2019 #335
"With Friends Like These" wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #336
So fucking what with this OLD NEWS. Not interested and neither are the people who don't follow UniteFightBack May 2019 #338
We'll see how irrelevant it is wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #343
Oh yeah I'm sure we'll have plenty of time on the debate stage for everybody to say their piece.... UniteFightBack May 2019 #345
Someone will have to say it, if they want to be the candidate wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #347
If Biden wins the primary, saidsimplesimon May 2019 #329
I personally want a fighter for the Democratic candidate wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #337
I'm so sick of people and their bullshit dealbreakers when the country is burning down around them. UniteFightBack May 2019 #334
Didn't say I'll vote against him in the general wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #339
Yeah sharp elbows worked out great in 2016 huh? This is DIFFERENT....don't you get that? nt UniteFightBack May 2019 #342
This year will be worse. Look at the field. wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #346
Biden: "You will not hear me speak ill of another Democrat." OP are you listening? Doodley May 2019 #340
Me neither...I have not trashed other Dems in this forum...there is no reason for it...even UniteFightBack May 2019 #344
Not sure why you bring up Sanders wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #349
I repeat: wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #348
You give reasons to support Biden, because he"s happy to say when a lawmaker supports something good Doodley May 2019 #392
And that same lawmaker uses that praise wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #399
Fine. If you prefer to divide, carry on. Biden is a unity candidate as was Obama. You are welcome to Doodley May 2019 #400
Yes, I won't undermine a Democrat in favor of a repuke wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #401
You already have done. By saying Biden should be disqualified, you give succor to Trump supporters. Doodley May 2019 #411
So don't criticize Democrats wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #413
The OP loathes Biden BannonsLiver May 2019 #350
Final warning. wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #353
A good faith discussion? BannonsLiver May 2019 #354
Agreed LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #356
You Have Yet To Disprove The Contents wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #357
So not interested in a "good faith" discussion then. BannonsLiver May 2019 #358
Totally opposite of what I said wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #359
What am I supposed to "disprove"? BannonsLiver May 2019 #360
Biden gave a speech wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #361
Okay BannonsLiver May 2019 #362
Why don't you give a fuck? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #363
Well BannonsLiver May 2019 #364
Funny wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #367
Yes, it is. BannonsLiver May 2019 #368
Think you mean this: wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #369
Why bring Killer Mike into this? BannonsLiver May 2019 #370
Try again wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #371
Try what again? BannonsLiver May 2019 #373
Try editing your post again wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #376
I see no need for that. The choice was appropriate. BannonsLiver May 2019 #379
Probably because he, like me, is not offended by people behaving as decent human beings LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #365
Voting to repeal ACA is not decent wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #366
Which he did not do. He made a speech to a business group, and praised the cancer support work of LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #372
You clearly misread what I said wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #374
And that you find evil in Biden saying nice things about someone, anyone, is reprehensible LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #375
It's really sad actually. BannonsLiver May 2019 #377
I feel like I need a shower just for replying LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #383
Really ugly nasty stuff meant to divide BannonsLiver May 2019 #384
All they have is their hate LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #385
Then don't wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #391
Biden gave a repuke campaign material wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #378
Like Biden, I refuse to lower myself to the level of the other side. LongtimeAZDem May 2019 #380
Playing smart is not "lowering yourself" wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #382
Is it by the individual response, or letter , or complete sentence? Peacetrain May 2019 #387
I just wanted to get a pulse from the Biden backers wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #389
Now that your question has been answered, perhaps you can answer mine. lapucelle May 2019 #393
I doubt people are worried about something that didn't happen, R B Garr May 2019 #396
His speech was written in repuke literature wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #398
More things that didn't happen. Now you're fabricating about R B Garr May 2019 #407
Try re-reading my post again wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #414
You should take your own advice and not embellish content, R B Garr May 2019 #416
You don't have to reply, you know wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #420
Biden wasn't there for his campaign so he didn't give R B Garr May 2019 #394
What a desperate fabrication. Biden didn't give him "campaign material" R B Garr May 2019 #395
I agree wiht you. should have been self delete just as you said. (my ipinion) trueblue2007 May 2019 #397
This is disturbing. I know he's friends w/Repubs, but this was going too far. nt Honeycombe8 May 2019 #404
Huh. welivetotreadonkings May 2019 #415
Sorry that happened to you wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #422
FYI: George II May 2019 #423
I doubt the OP would have any problem with that. BannonsLiver May 2019 #424
Can you read the signature? wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #425
What signature? BannonsLiver May 2019 #426
It's like talking to a wall. wellst0nev0ter May 2019 #427
What is? BannonsLiver May 2019 #428
Holy moly melman Jan 2020 #429
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