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Democratic Primaries

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Fri Jun 28, 2019, 07:17 AM Jun 2019

Let's wish the following folks good luck in their future endeavors [View all]

Yang, Williamson, Swallwell, Bennett, Inslee, Gabbard, Delaney, Ryan and Gillibrand.

Oh, let's add Hickenlooper to the list.

Time to focus on your next project in life. Embrace the new possibilities and thanks for playing.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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I think we can add cannabis_flower Jun 2019 #1
Oh yes indeed! IluvPitties Jun 2019 #3
The ones that aren't senators should run for senate. Left-over Jun 2019 #20
+1 FailureToCommunicate Jun 2019 #59
The ones that are senators should keep their seat safe Indygram Jun 2019 #61
I'd add Hickenlooper as well. (n/t) thesquanderer Jun 2019 #21
sorry, i'd rather we drop mayor Pete & give Hickenlooper a chance. I was impressed by his answers. onetexan Jun 2019 #38
Agree completely! maddiemom Jun 2019 #46
A simple argument for Pete to stay in rather than Hickenlooper is... thesquanderer Jun 2019 #49
baggage blah blah...Joe's at the top of the polls ahead of the Idiot and all other Dems candidates onetexan Jun 2019 #50
Biden's at 38% and cannabis_flower Jun 2019 #56
My point was not anti-Biden. My point was that "I don't think he's a good choice" is not a reason... thesquanderer Jun 2019 #60
Calm down brother... BigOleDummy Jun 2019 #67
not a brother, and i am calm. You oughtta tell that to the poster who threw Joe under the bus. onetexan Jun 2019 #69
Hick did a great job here in Colorado. colorado_ufo Jun 2019 #68
We will see Inslee again MFM008 Jun 2019 #2
Yes I like him voteearlyvoteoften Jun 2019 #9
Good. Climate change is critical. ananda Jun 2019 #28
I'd really like to see and hear more of Inslee. blue neen Jun 2019 #73
Wishing them well. emmaverybo Jun 2019 #4
Yes, now everybody get back to the Senate where we need you. cbelle1039 Jun 2019 #5
Yes! zeusdogmom Jun 2019 #30
Also, Tim Ryan, thanks for playing. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #6
Swalwell has a good chance to run in the future JI7 Jun 2019 #7
Swalwell can take Kamala's senate seat Ghost of Tom Joad Jun 2019 #13
+1 FailureToCommunicate Jun 2019 #58
He is running now to raise his profile for later. nt tblue37 Jun 2019 #29
True of many of the Democratic candidates. maddiemom Jun 2019 #47
Realistically the field should be down to 7 out of 20 after those 2 debates Spider Jerusalem Jun 2019 #8
add Beto too lapfog_1 Jun 2019 #10
True. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #14
Yep. Tipperary Jun 2019 #32
Beto isn't going anywhere Indygram Jun 2019 #63
Beto and Warren are mirror images of each other lapfog_1 Jun 2019 #65
In all honesty, watoos Jun 2019 #11
His ideas are great and others will pick some up, especially if elected. He's been a help. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2019 #19
why doesn't he run for lower office and try to get something done ? JI7 Jun 2019 #22
if Harris resigns from the senate to run on the national ticket lapfog_1 Jun 2019 #34
Agreed The Mouth Jun 2019 #35
You cannot get on a stage and tell people you are going to give $1,000.00 to everyone Perseus Jun 2019 #39
Someday soon Turin_C3PO Jun 2019 #42
$1,000/month per adult is a lot of money, especially in rural areas bigbrother05 Jun 2019 #55
agree, Yang's idea to me is a very good one. Problem is he completely lacks the charisma to deliver onetexan Jun 2019 #41
Most everyone will make it to Iowa and New Hampshire. Voltaire2 Jun 2019 #12
They are DOA. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #15
Sure. Voltaire2 Jun 2019 #17
Has Gillibrand issued a statement demanding tRump resign for play-acting-groping photo? Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2019 #16
I am waiting. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #18
don't hold your breath. If she meant it to be uniform (to come out swinging against anybody accused) onetexan Jun 2019 #48
Yes! Many thanks to her for making sure we dodged the bullet with Al. maddiemom Jun 2019 #51
That's what I was thinking about the whole time she was talking. nt woodsprite Jun 2019 #52
The next debate should have no more than 5 people robbedvoter Jun 2019 #23
Biden, Harris, Pete, Warren, Booker and Castro. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #25
No doubt the short stints in potus candidacy bolster their futures in other arenas. lindysalsagal Jun 2019 #24
And Hickenlooper. nt tblue37 Jun 2019 #26
Yep. Forgot about him being there last night. IluvPitties Jun 2019 #31
Everyone but Biden, Buttigieg (for a short while), Harris, Warren. Honeycombe8 Jun 2019 #27
You can add Bernie to your list too Botany Jun 2019 #33
I want to... IluvPitties Jun 2019 #36
The S.S. Bernie has seen its day Botany Jun 2019 #40
Unless you are ok with his defense of the NRA, you forgot Biden Perseus Jun 2019 #37
I lost respect for the young congressperson with that rather desperate attack...don't know if I Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #44
Too soon. colorado_ufo Jun 2019 #70
I thought so too...and to basically say Biden is a racist was disgusting. Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #71
She is obviously going for the whole enchilada. colorado_ufo Jun 2019 #72
Also maybe Swallwell might consider winning some votesr over...rather than tearing down a candidate Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #45
Bennet can be a legitimate contender ElementaryPenguin Jun 2019 #43
Run for Senate, some of you mcar Jun 2019 #53
Dismissing candidates and wanting them to shuffle off is really not a smart idea. SayItLoud Jun 2019 #54
I thought Bennett did well last night, think there still might be a chance for him. lark Jun 2019 #57
Still early, but these guys didn't even get a chance...Bless their hearts. Fla Dem Jun 2019 #62
Don't forget the ones who didn't even qualify for the debates. JaneQPublic Jun 2019 #64
Marianne reminded me of this guy jmbar2 Jun 2019 #66
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