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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Jun 30, 2019, 01:24 PM Jun 2019

Let Me Be Blunt. [View all]

I mean, really. Please allow me to be blunt here on DU. I'll explain:

I'm 73 years old. There's a fair chance that this will be my last presidential election. I can't count on another one. I've been a Democrat all my life. I've supported and voted for every Democrat on the ballot since 1968, the first year I could legally vote. Even in 1960, I volunteered to help with JFK's campaign.

All those years, I've kept hoping that we'd finally figure it out and stop electing Republicans. I mean, it has been obvious throughout my life that we do well when Democrats are in power, and not well when Republicans are.

Sometimes, during my life in politics, Democrats won. Sometimes they did not. I mean Richard Fucking Milhous Nixon got elected while I was serving in the USAF. I even met him once at my console during a war games exercise. I loathed that man, but he was President, so I said, "Good Morning, Mr. President."

I'm hoping to go out of this world with a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. That's my hope. That's what I've always hoped for, but have rarely had. Right now, we have a Republican moron in the White House and a Senate dominated by a wrinkled up old turtle who plans to block any progress as long as he holds his seat.

So, I'm pissed off. I'm angry that my last years on this planet could be spend under another Republican-run government. That's not something I want to see happen.

So, please let me be blunt. Because I'm planning to be. In the run-up to the 2020 election, you're going to see me making blunt, honest statements about politics. I've been involved in that stuff all my adult life. I think I've earned the right to be as blunt as I want in what might be my last presidential and congressional election. So, that's my plan.

I might say things you don't like, but that's just me being blunt. I might point out that something is bullshit while I'm being blunt. I might point out uncomfortable facts by being blunt. But, there it is. I don't have time for nuance any longer.

So, please bear with me. Let me be blunt.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Let Me Be Blunt. [View all] MineralMan Jun 2019 OP
Are you going to be blunt? Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2019 #1
If you'll allow me to, I am. MineralMan Jun 2019 #3
Blunt away! dchill Jun 2019 #141
I think they took a break to smoke a blunt. Funtatlaguy Jun 2019 #4
Ah, my days of smoking the evil weed are long past. MineralMan Jun 2019 #30
Guess you don't eat Doritos now either. Funtatlaguy Jun 2019 #81
I never did like Doritos. Original Fritos for me, stoned or sober. MineralMan Jun 2019 #84
Dude, you gotta use the scoops Fritos for dipping. Funtatlaguy Jun 2019 #86
Not for that can of bean dip. You scoop too much. MineralMan Jun 2019 #88
OMG, you are bossy...bet you were picked last for dodgeball. Lol Funtatlaguy Jun 2019 #89
Just my personal preference. MineralMan Jun 2019 #90
Love Rebl2 Jun 2019 #123
I know. I rarely eat them now. MineralMan Jun 2019 #124
What is that, a cilantro leaf? Presentation is everything! Beartracks Jun 2019 #126
I think so. I just ate it out of the can, MineralMan Jun 2019 #132
As it should be. Beartracks Jun 2019 #134
Ah, Mineral Man.... Trueblue Texan Jun 2019 #140
Could you give an example? Politicub Jun 2019 #2
Sure. If we select a nominee for President who cannot MineralMan Jun 2019 #8
Thanks. I appreciate your post. Politicub Jun 2019 #9
We also need a Democratic Congress desperately. MineralMan Jun 2019 #11
Another area in which we agree! Politicub Jun 2019 #15
Yes-in-deedly-dee! calimary Jun 2019 #109
Just as desperately, maybe even moreso, we need Dem majorities in STATE legislatures, because Sogo Jun 2019 #114
This. JudyM Jul 2019 #150
I don't think there's only one person who can beat Trump- dawg day Jun 2019 #22
No Offense, but that isn't very blunt. bluewater Jun 2019 #23
Well, Biden, Warren, or Harris, for example, could work. MineralMan Jun 2019 #37
Thanks for being forthright bluewater Jun 2019 #43
Yes he was caraher Jun 2019 #46
Yes, thanks bluewater Jun 2019 #49
Harris was under 10% until this weekend. It's still early. (n/t) thesquanderer Jun 2019 #47
That is a valid point. bluewater Jun 2019 #54
I really want the wee fucker to be beaten by a woman. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2019 #144
Yes, they do. Trump just says 'F U' and keeps on rollin' PatrickforO Jul 2019 #147
so, bluntly speaking qazplm135 Jun 2019 #31
Not at all. MineralMan Jun 2019 #33
re: "Anyone the Republicans can hang a 'Socialist' sign on will not win. And that's a fact." thesquanderer Jun 2019 #42
The label did not stick to Obama. MineralMan Jun 2019 #45
I know a Republican who likes Biden who still thinks Obama is a socialist. thesquanderer Jun 2019 #48
Well, I don't worry much about what Republican voters think. MineralMan Jun 2019 #56
They're not going to call anyone a socialist. Mr.Bill Jun 2019 #68
so everyone then qazplm135 Jun 2019 #62
re: "she lost in three states we had no business losing. I know why. You know why." thesquanderer Jun 2019 #38
There was much anti-Clinton and anti-Bush sentiment in 2016 MarcA Jun 2019 #82
True. There was specific "anti-dynasty" sentiment as well as general "anti-establishment" sentiment, thesquanderer Jun 2019 #85
Hillary lost because of the Russians. Full stop. stopbush Jun 2019 #50
Yes, that was a major part of it. MineralMan Jun 2019 #58
Well said, 2020 is pivotal. saidsimplesimon Jun 2019 #138
That is one reason I support Bernie. roody Jun 2019 #142
Finally. Someone on here said this. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #146
My advice to you, to put it bluntly, Croney Jun 2019 #5
Well, I hope to. But, once you're in your 70s, it can be a crapshoot. MineralMan Jun 2019 #10
Staying alive Traildogbob Jun 2019 #53
That may be what is keeping me going. True Blue American Jun 2019 #101
This message was self-deleted by its author Peacetrain Jun 2019 #6
DU is a safe place for Democrats to support Democratic candidates bluewater Jun 2019 #7
Yes, of course. I've been here a long time. MineralMan Jun 2019 #12
Welcome to DU. I'm glad you approve of our TOS... Hekate Jun 2019 #87
Okay by me! pandr32 Jun 2019 #13
I am so with you on this... nocoincidences Jun 2019 #14
Speak right up. You can be very blunt while still being polite. MineralMan Jun 2019 #17
I'm 50 and tired too from decades of activism and resistance, in the streets and in politics happyaccident Jun 2019 #35
Let's all make a pact to live long enough to see these crooks and cheats out of office... dawg day Jun 2019 #16
I'll vote for that. MineralMan Jun 2019 #18
Count me in. Great idea. NT emmaverybo Jun 2019 #71
I'm right behind you Mineral Man calguy Jun 2019 #19
Thanks! MineralMan Jun 2019 #20
You have been posting with great restraint. Easy to understand it gets tiring. empedocles Jun 2019 #21
Yes. In order to make the changes that are so badly needed, we need MineralMan Jun 2019 #28
MM...your posts, wisdom, and righteous rants are always welcome Docreed2003 Jun 2019 #24
I like blunt Turbineguy Jun 2019 #25
Have always respected your honesty. Wellstone ruled Jun 2019 #26
Will you allow others to be blunt as well? Buzz cook Jun 2019 #27
Of course. As I have always done. MineralMan Jun 2019 #29
Your premise appears to be that Joe Biden is the only candidate that can win CentralMass Jun 2019 #32
No. That is not my premise at all. MineralMan Jun 2019 #39
I understand your passion and frustration. As unpopular as CentralMass Jun 2019 #65
I've always doubted that Sanders could be elected as President. MineralMan Jun 2019 #72
I'm not going to venture a guess. These are strange and unpredictable times. I'm just going to watch CentralMass Jun 2019 #79
So you're saying over age 73 the odds of living diminish? TheCowsCameHome Jun 2019 #34
Good reason not to vote for a candidate who would be 82 at the end of his first term Martin Eden Jun 2019 #60
I'm sorry but, Butterflylady Jun 2019 #98
I sincerely doubt the people in your retirement community are faced with ... Martin Eden Jun 2019 #115
That's why we also elect a Vice President. MineralMan Jun 2019 #61
Pretty much my feeling this time, MM... Hekate Jun 2019 #96
VERY carefully. TheCowsCameHome Jun 2019 #116
Mineral Man, you and I have lived somewhat a parralel life. I am 3 years older.. friend of m and j Jul 2019 #145
Thanks! MineralMan Jul 2019 #154
Yes. The choice Clinton made barely helped her win his own state, let alone others. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #148
Actually, odds rise for increased lifespan. I am on a classmate site. Many classmates, emmaverybo Jun 2019 #92
Let me be blunt. I see what you did there. Autumn Jul 2019 #149
Thank God for the Tide Pod Challenge generation to save us from the geriatrics. LanternWaste Jul 2019 #159
I've had similar thoughts lately PatSeg Jun 2019 #36
Yes. We need to let the best candidate win the primaries. MineralMan Jun 2019 #41
Exactly! When they attack each other they give ammunition to the Republicans. Akacia Jun 2019 #67
Yup. Focus on what you'll do if elected. That's my advice to them all. MineralMan Jun 2019 #69
A legitimate challenge respectfully and sharply put, without resorting to an attack meant to emmaverybo Jun 2019 #106
Yes, I was remembering the 2008 election PatSeg Jul 2019 #156
Think you are so right. Agree that Hilary would have made a fine president. NT emmaverybo Jul 2019 #160
Pass the blunt, brother jayschool2013 Jun 2019 #40
The irony. demmiblue Jun 2019 #44
Irony is a funny thing... MineralMan Jun 2019 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author stopbush Jun 2019 #51
Well, that's never stopped anyone in the past. MineralMan Jun 2019 #55
K&R! R B Garr Jun 2019 #52
Be the blunt. Tactical Peek Jun 2019 #57
LOL! MineralMan Jun 2019 #59
The blunter... czarjak Jun 2019 #63
I've carefully read all the rules here. Mr.Bill Jun 2019 #64
Here's the deal. As long as you don't make personal attacks on other MineralMan Jun 2019 #75
K&R!! blue-wave Jun 2019 #66
We should all be comfortable using "I call BULLSHIT" NoMoreRepugs Jun 2019 #70
Yes, you can say that. MineralMan Jun 2019 #76
I knew there was a reason I liked you. wyldwolf Jun 2019 #73
Thanks! I appreciate it. MineralMan Jun 2019 #74
At 78 years of age tiredtoo Jun 2019 #78
It is hard to understand, isn't it? MineralMan Jun 2019 #80
Hilary fought hard and well. A perfect storm including Russian interference took the presidency emmaverybo Jun 2019 #107
You're one on my favorite posters so be blunt. brush Jun 2019 #83
Me too, on being blunt. Here's some blunt, with my apologies. TryLogic Jun 2019 #91
No, actually, I could do that job, although nobody would vote for me. MineralMan Jun 2019 #94
Believing you to be the thoughtful, analytical, compassionate... 3catwoman3 Jun 2019 #143
You are too kind! MineralMan Jul 2019 #152
Right there with you! madamesilverspurs Jun 2019 #93
Just a kid, eh? MineralMan Jun 2019 #95
At 64 I feel much the same. nolabear Jun 2019 #97
This is the old fart string Jersey Devil Jun 2019 #99
I'm not sure of the age requirements. MineralMan Jun 2019 #100
It's varies from person to person patphil Jun 2019 #103
25!:) True Blue American Jun 2019 #104
I'm glad you're still vigorously fighting the good fight... Hekate Jun 2019 #102
I don't know what else to do, really. MineralMan Jun 2019 #105
TB; DR. NT mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2019 #108
Bring it, sir! volstork Jun 2019 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2019 #111
I am in the same boat as you are. BigmanPigman Jun 2019 #112
You'll be here treestar Jun 2019 #113
Respectfully, 73 Is not that old in 2019. drray23 Jun 2019 #117
Well said ... six rules RHMerriman Jun 2019 #118
Everyone has the right to be blunt cannabis_flower Jun 2019 #119
OK. Like I'm not used to that, right? MineralMan Jun 2019 #121
Hey Mineral Man. I am 83 and plan on being around to piss on trump's grave. justhanginon Jun 2019 #120
Cool! I'll write my name on the marker. MineralMan Jun 2019 #122
Please do be blunt. bitterross Jun 2019 #125
Blunt is so yesterday..... OxQQme Jun 2019 #127
I, too, am very yesterday... MineralMan Jun 2019 #133
We have to win this next one. More than ever. cwydro Jun 2019 #128
Be blunt all you want... BlueJac Jun 2019 #129
Go for it 👏👍👍👍👍👍 Irishxs Jun 2019 #130
Bravo MM Ferrets are Cool Jun 2019 #131
I welcome it proud patriot Jun 2019 #135
No time to pussyfoot around... Wounded Bear Jun 2019 #136
Sounds kinky, that does... MineralMan Jun 2019 #137
If you state a position The Wizard Jun 2019 #139
Please be blunt Gothmog Jul 2019 #151
Winning this election is crucial. MineralMan Jul 2019 #153
Let me be blunt too Renew Deal Jul 2019 #155
Hey, everyone! Thanks for all the support! MineralMan Jul 2019 #157
I appreciated your Post and agree with all you said... Pachamama Jul 2019 #161
Bring it on! Pacifist Patriot Jul 2019 #158
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