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6. That's not even close to true. It's misinformation straight from RT.
Wed Oct 23, 2019, 11:28 AM
Oct 2019

Notice that neither NBC or the NYT any of the other major outlets that have reported on Russian support of Gabbard have retracted any of the stories.

And new Knowledge did not get busted creating "Russian bots". What actually happened was the CEO of New Knowledge created a faux-Facebook page targeting conservatives during the Alabama senate race. To say he was the creator of the Russian bots supporting Trump and Tulsi is a complete falsehood, pushed by RT and FOX, which I'm surprised to be reading here on DU.

According to the CEO, it was a minor experiment -- spent a total of $10 on it -- to see how disinformation campaigns work. I would agree that it is unethical to perform such an experiment (and the CEO has since acknowledged that), regardless of how minor, on a live election. But regardless, in no way does it even slightly prove that the evidence of Russian bots supporting Trump and Tulsi, either from New Knowledge or from anywhere else, is "fabricated."

I mean, if you want to see what Russia thinks about Tulsi, just watch RT for about 5 minutes.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
I am.... FarPoint Oct 2019 #1
It's a shame, because I think she has many positives. thesquanderer Oct 2019 #2
It was a window into her soul. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2019 #3
I agree with your first two sentences. Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #4
Post removed Post removed Oct 2019 #5
That's not even close to true. It's misinformation straight from RT. DanTex Oct 2019 #6
Do more research on her nini Oct 2019 #7
Yes n/t Devil Child Oct 2019 #8
I like her on a few things but not sure to make of this scrap between her and Clinton el_bryanto Oct 2019 #9
No. She is deceptive in her words and actions. Not aligned with Democratic Party principles. Claritie Pixie Oct 2019 #10
Nyet! applegrove Oct 2019 #11
Never did! EOM tiredtoo Oct 2019 #12
Mixed bag. I agree with her on Yemen. SMC22307 Oct 2019 #13
Definitely. pintobean Oct 2019 #14
How about HELL NO??!!!! n/t Tarheel_Dem Oct 2019 #15
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