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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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1. "He also asserted that Warren's claim of people drinking $900 bottles of wine was false".
Sat Dec 21, 2019, 08:27 PM
Dec 2019

Wow.. how rumors spread. So many talking about that "$900 bottle of wine".

Wehrle concludes his op-ed by suggesting that "Democrats can find more important things to debate in the United States of America at this dark hour."


To attend the dinner, Wehrle explained, donors were asked to "max out," meaning give the legal limit campaign donation of $2,800.
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Joe Biden
"He also asserted that Warren's claim of people drinking $900 bottles of wine was false". Cha Dec 2019 #1
The wine is already out of the bottle.. not a good look for Mayor Pete. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #2
What's not a good look? babylonsister Dec 2019 #4
He's not among my top few candidates for President, but I really like him.... George II Dec 2019 #20
"Wine already out of the bottle"? That's ridiculous. So a candidate makes an entirely false claim... George II Dec 2019 #5
Exactly, George.. Thank you calling out Cha Dec 2019 #13
Is what you're saying ... frazzled Dec 2019 #10
Who's to say Bill Wehrle necessarily knew everything going on with the wine cave fundraiser? InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #14
He was there, he knows a lot more than someone who wasn't there, Elizabeth Warren. George II Dec 2019 #22
Ah, but what went on behind closed doors in the wine cave's secret Oligarch Room? betsuni Dec 2019 #37
Tell me...am I lying? brooklynite Dec 2019 #54
Oh, come on now! cwydro Dec 2019 #69
Get real.. It's Not a good look for EW.. she's the one Cha Dec 2019 #12
Yes, I am too. cwydro Dec 2019 #68
It's customary to decant good wine before drinking to give it time to breathe. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2019 #16
lol.. That's what I thought of.. "The cat's outta the bag"! Cha Dec 2019 #42
There's also "the horse has left the barn". greatauntoftriplets Dec 2019 #43
.. Cha Dec 2019 #55
How about "the wine out of the bottle" for THESE events? Both PRIVATE, both $1,000-$5,000 admission George II Dec 2019 #70
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are millionaires ........ stonecutter357 Dec 2019 #3
And Biden as well. Buttigieg is the only one in the debates who isn't. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #6
Pete Buttigieg is not. But his net worth is roughly equal to what Sanders' was before he decided... George II Dec 2019 #8
He should write a book LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #15
New Rule: Democrats can only hold fundraisers in bus stations and abandoned buildings. betsuni Dec 2019 #7
Ha! That seems to be babylonsister Dec 2019 #9
LOL! Would that make certain Cha Dec 2019 #18
And no donations from anyone with a job, just in case. betsuni Dec 2019 #19
And even if they plan on contributing the maximum of $2800, make sure they break them up.... George II Dec 2019 #23
ExFreakingZacty! Cha Dec 2019 #33
I find there's a real ugly overtone to this "wine cave" mantra... regnaD kciN Dec 2019 #38
Elitist, sipping fancy French wines in swanky crystal-filled wine caves. betsuni Dec 2019 #41
Perfectly stated. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2019 #44
Nothing worse than a candidate who wears old shoes. progressoid Dec 2019 #61
I said new shoes that give them blisters but can't be returned because they betsuni Dec 2019 #63
i really like banrock station which is usually around $5 on sale at discount liquor. pansypoo53219 Dec 2019 #67
Only for that other guy's candidate. Not mine. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #80
I wonder where the Vice President of Health Insurance Exchanges at Kaiser OneCrazyDiamond Dec 2019 #11
Probably at Kaiser, because only one candidate wants to do away with insurance companies. George II Dec 2019 #25
+ 10000 Pachamama Dec 2019 #58
Your correct. That is the likely outcome this election. OneCrazyDiamond Dec 2019 #71
Considering the state of affairs in this country democrank Dec 2019 #17
Meh, at a minimum wage of $10/hr it would only take a worker half a week to buy that bottle of wine. jalan48 Dec 2019 #21
Except that there were no $900 bottles of wine. George II Dec 2019 #26
I'm sure that will make all the difference to the minimum wage workers. jalan48 Dec 2019 #27
What do minimum wage workers have to do with this? EVERY candidate accepts.... George II Dec 2019 #28
And you wonder why we lose elections... jalan48 Dec 2019 #29
Because we get sidetracked by nonsense issues Hav Dec 2019 #30
Yeah, eking out a living on minimum wage is a real butt hurt. The elites are busy working on jalan48 Dec 2019 #31
I'm not sure who you are attacking Hav Dec 2019 #34
Not an attack, just an observation from the bottom. It's all good. jalan48 Dec 2019 #36
No, I don't, and no, we don't, at least not as many as some would like us to believe. George II Dec 2019 #32
Sounds like things are looking rosy. jalan48 Dec 2019 #35
To some, I'm sure they do. George II Dec 2019 #40
Seriously!! But imagine if it was Bernie attending a wine cave fundraiser with billionaires!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #56
So much woe!1 BannonsLiver Dec 2019 #73
I can't imagine that. jalan48 Dec 2019 #74
Honestly, IMO, this makes the whole thing look even worse for Warren relayerbob Dec 2019 #24
well, I hope what is playing out on DU isn't as dire as we make it. CTyankee Dec 2019 #39
Yes, shes's held such events frazzled Dec 2019 #50
+100000 Pachamama Dec 2019 #60
As a brief follow-up relayerbob Dec 2019 #81
I'll be glad when the primary season is over. Nt BootinUp Dec 2019 #45
I do think "wine cave" makes a good meme. David__77 Dec 2019 #46
Just hanging out with the ultra rich. I totally get it... Joe941 Dec 2019 #47
Pro tip: OilemFirchen Dec 2019 #48
Cheers! Cha Dec 2019 #49
... betsuni Dec 2019 #51
long as you admit he has a reason for denying healthcare... questionseverything Dec 2019 #52
If he wanted to deny healthcare, have unregulated insurance companies, he'd be a Republican. betsuni Dec 2019 #57
Googling led me to Linked-in nitpicker Dec 2019 #62
And? betsuni Dec 2019 #64
Just saying nitpicker Dec 2019 #65
Oh sorry, I misunderstood, you're right. betsuni Dec 2019 #66
Should rich and ultra rich only be able to give to GOP? Pachamama Dec 2019 #59
Perhaps you should take that up with Bernie...he didn't seem to have a problem hanging out with... brooklynite Dec 2019 #72
AFAIK Mayor Pete was being critized for not having the press at that event after he said "The press napi21 Dec 2019 #53
Yes, let's take health conglomerate executive's words at face value wellst0nev0ter Dec 2019 #75
You don't invite wealthy contributors to the Golden Corral. YOHABLO Dec 2019 #76
The op-ed author (Wehrle) has been a VP at Kaiser Permanente for almost 8 years. LonePirate Dec 2019 #77
Warren has taken $54,235 from Kaiser Permanente this election cycle LongtimeAZDem Dec 2019 #82
Bam The Mouth Dec 2019 #85
This whole discussion is a great example kacekwl Dec 2019 #78
Mayor Pete came out the best in the exchange with Warren Gothmog Dec 2019 #79
No he didn't Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2019 #83
I certainly think he did.... Happy Hoosier Dec 2019 #84
Mayor Pete was very effective in pointing out that Sen. Warren had held the same events earlier Gothmog Dec 2019 #86
No he wasn't Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2019 #88
I have attended similar events and the description in the OP sounds right Gothmog Dec 2019 #87
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