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90. Parkland was totally negligent.....stop blaming Bernie Sanders!!
Mon Dec 30, 2019, 10:43 PM
Dec 2019

I am very sorry Mr Guttenberg lost his child at Parkland, but he needs to understand what really happened.

The school district was totally negligent! The shooter was diagnosed at 3yrs of age and Broward county was suppose to provide special education services to him. They failed to provide the necessary services mandated by Federal and State Statute. Tallahassee did cite them in violation of the law after the shooting occurred.

Prior to the time of the shooting Parkland school personnel had decided the special ed student should be in a more restrictive setting. However, they procrastinated for months and NEVER provided the services.....until the student finally dropped out.

According to the local papers in Broward, the school district spent something close to $76,000 on PR to cover up their neglect.

Mr Guttenberg needs to talk to the retired Director of Special Ed and get the real story!! Instead of bashing Bernie Sanders. The one candidate who has helped people and talked the same line for 40 yrs.

He is probably more of a democrat (progressive) than most dems. Sen Reid selected him "Chair" of Veterans Affairs and he was awarded numerous awards by the vets. He was the ranking member of budget committee. That is more dem "Leadership" than a lot of dems. He is also noted as the Amendment King when in the House. Isn't he the one who just recently shamed Jeff Bezos (Amazon) into paying his employees $15.00 an hour?

The school district is the one to blame....not Bernie Sanders!!

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Mahalo, Fred Guttenberg.. Cha Dec 2019 #1
+10000 Pachamama Dec 2019 #103
Mahalo to you, Pachamama! Cha Jan 2020 #146
Happy New Year Cha! Pachamama Jan 2020 #154
Excellent wish for Cha Jan 2020 #157
Needless to say, he presses the issue. 😂 TheBlackAdder Jan 2020 #191
Right Cha Feb 2020 #238
Good points. (nt) ehrnst Dec 2019 #2
Mr Guttenberg is determined.. Cha Dec 2019 #4
Mr. Gutenberg is correct. That is indeed a RW/NRA gun lobby talking-point. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #6
Fred Guttenberg has called out Sanders before.. Cha Dec 2019 #14
Apparently Fred Gutenberg is making a lot of BS supporters a little testy... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #16
A little? ehrnst Dec 2019 #136
To be honest with you... a different word came to mind... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #137
I'm not a Bernie supporter The Mouth Dec 2019 #140
Many people share your feelings. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #141
I don't care if they do or not The Mouth Jan 2020 #144
The more who care and share... the better odds we have that Trump won't pick any more USSC justices. NurseJackie Jan 2020 #167
Fred Guttenberg is talking about the Primary. Cha Jan 2020 #175
Good The Mouth Jan 2020 #176
Maybe reread his tweet. He is not supporting Bernie in the primary. emmaverybo Jan 2020 #226
That's too bad.. I stand with Fred Guttenberg. Cha Jan 2020 #148
In case anyone didn't know who Fred Guttenberg is: George II Dec 2019 #3
More from Fred Guttenberg on Sanders.. Cha Dec 2019 #5
The families and friends of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting were also disrespected by Sanders George II Dec 2019 #10
I remember that.. unthinkable what Cha Dec 2019 #15
Disqualifying. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #22
An update from FG.. which comes as no surprise whatsoever.. Cha Jan 2020 #158
Yes, not surprising whatsoever. George II Jan 2020 #159
In fact.. PREDICTABLE. Cha Jan 2020 #162
Those comments were crude and woefully ill-informed. He's sidestepping. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #60
Tone deaf. Cha Dec 2019 #71
Jaime. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #8
Beautiful family, she! Thank you so much for their pic! Cha Dec 2019 #38
Fred sure wishes we didnt know who he is, as in if this didnt happen in the first place his Eliot Rosewater Dec 2019 #46
Amen. George II Dec 2019 #49
Exactly Cha Feb 2020 #239
Cha, thanks for posting this. Sloumeau Dec 2019 #7
... Cha Jan 2020 #150
I Fixed the "Chambi". I have no idea where that came from. I blame possessed autocorrect. :) eom Sloumeau Jan 2020 #151
It's quite alright. I Cha Jan 2020 #155
Sirota is being an asshole again. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #9
Reality is starting to set in with some in the Sanders campaign leadership team BannonsLiver Dec 2019 #21
I wish! Cha Jan 2020 #188
+1 Cha Feb 2020 #233
Fred Guttenberg.. Cha Feb 2020 #252
Yes, Fred Guttenberg does have excellent reasons Cha Jan 2020 #178
I am shocked to see David Sirota accusing Guttenberg of hating Bernie. Sloumeau Dec 2019 #11
yeah.. that's the only go to they have.. when Cha Jan 2020 #180
Remind me again why i would support a candidate who hires Briana Joy Gray and David Sirota? still_one Dec 2019 #12
This. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #13
Mahalo for the pic of Jaime & her father, Fred.. here's an update Cha Jan 2020 #164
This is disgusting. sheshe2 Jan 2020 #165
And this is why I can't support you, Fred Guttenberg. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #17
That sounds punitive nt Cary Dec 2019 #18
Punitive isn't the word I'd have chosen... but it's safe. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #19
Is Guttenberg running for something? The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #23
No, but he's pushing for gun control laws. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #25
Bernie Sanders and the Brady Bill... a review. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #28
Bernie supports nearly all of what Guttenberg supports these days. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #35
Define "nearly" NurseJackie Dec 2019 #39
I don't have much time for this, but here you go. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #55
I trust Fred Guttenberg to know what he's talking about.. Cha Dec 2019 #77
trust through tweets. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #78
Keep laughing.. Fred Guttenberg is exaclty right about BS.. Cha Dec 2019 #118
As absurd as mistrust through tweets LanternWaste Jan 2020 #161
thank you! Cha Jan 2020 #207
"Nearly"? Cha Jan 2020 #217
Very glad he has evolved. betsuni Dec 2019 #119
But rogan says BS is "insanely consistent". Cha Jan 2020 #213
People who say that don't want to think of Bernie as a politician. betsuni Jan 2020 #215
Or the dreaded "Establishment" Cha Jan 2020 #225
I trust Fred Guttenberg on this.. not BS. Cha Jan 2020 #189
He's a guy expressing his opinion. He is free to do that. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #29
Of course he can. So can I about his opinions and politics. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #32
Sure, but he doesn't deserve to be trashed by a dishonest, vindictive bombthrower The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #33
Exactly. Cha Feb 2020 #243
So you would punish him for not being for Bernie Sanders Cary Dec 2019 #34
Its not that he doesn't support Bernie, its the framing that Bernie is opposed to gun safety laws aikoaiko Dec 2019 #36
I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but you did not refute my summary Cary Dec 2019 #123
You don't have to give me the benefit of the doubt. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #124
I don't have to do anything Cary Dec 2019 #129
Fred Guttenberg knows BS' record. Cha Jan 2020 #212
I CLEARLY see the difference aikoaiko... so do others. The problem is, this involves Bernie... InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #202
Fred Guttenberg doesn't want Sanders to be the nom.. I agree. Cha Feb 2020 #248
Fred Guttenberg doesn't like BS' past Cha Feb 2020 #230
Express away.. I'll take Fred Guttenberg's opinion Cha Jan 2020 #193
Who famously said: George II Dec 2019 #45
That's probably why he didn't say that death in VT is not the same thing as death in LA or Chicago aikoaiko Dec 2019 #68
"Guns in Vermont Are Not the Same Thing As Guns in Chicago or Guns in Los Angeles" Cha Jan 2020 #192
Bernie has not always been good on guns...why wouldn't Guttenberg be honest? And the GOP Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #65
Thank you. Paka Dec 2019 #81
if bernie wants to point to one staged pic from 50 year ago to prove mopinko Dec 2019 #111
+1 betsuni Dec 2019 #115
There are 2 falsehoods in your post. Guess which ones scipan Dec 2019 #125
are you calling me a liar? mopinko Dec 2019 #135
You posted something that is not close to accurate. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2019 #138
No there are NOT. Cha Jan 2020 #218
+1 sheshe2 Dec 2019 #127
Then I guess we can forget dad, he only lost his baby girl. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #37
Yes I do support gun control, but I wouldn't do it by smearing Bernie as anti-gun safety. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #41
Fred Guttenberg does Not "smear" BS.. Cha Dec 2019 #50
I keep waiting for that old worn-out chestnut: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." NurseJackie Dec 2019 #51
Good for Fred Guttenberg calling out BS for his avoiding Cha Dec 2019 #61
Everyone who is serious about reducing gun violence is also talking about mental health treatment aikoaiko Dec 2019 #52
But that's Not all they should be Cha Jan 2020 #149
And Bernie isn't only talking about mental health in the context of gun violence. aikoaiko Jan 2020 #153
BS did then and that was Fred Cha Jan 2020 #156
I do not see a smear. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #53
Where's the smear? He said only that he won't support Bernie The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #59
The smear is that Bernie doesn't care about gun safety. aikoaiko Dec 2019 #64
BS' voting record is open to the public Cha Jan 2020 #206
That's exactly true! Cha Dec 2019 #116
Not supporting BS's stance on gun control MontanaMama Dec 2019 #105
Yes! betsuni Dec 2019 #109
This message was self-deleted by its author aikoaiko Dec 2019 #114
They blow it up with their accusations.. Cha Dec 2019 #117
Precisely, MontanaMama.. Cha Feb 2020 #253
"They can't stop us"??? Who the eff is THEY? MontanaMama Feb 2020 #254
yeah.. not good Cha Feb 2020 #255
Someone recently told me... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #44
Sigh sheshe2 Dec 2019 #128
Good time to kick this Cha Feb 2020 #234
Is Fred Guttenberg running for office? TexasTowelie Dec 2019 #43
And, this is WHY I Do Support Fred Guttenberg FOR Cha Dec 2019 #48
I'm guessing Fred Guttenberg doesn't care. Cha Jan 2020 #179
We Support Fred Guttenberg. Cha Jan 2020 #196
Imagine being a speechwriter/journalist who doesn't know pnwmom Dec 2019 #20
Oh, he knows. He just doesn't care. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #24
"I absolutely cannot support @BernieSanders" myohmy2 Dec 2019 #26
Guttenberg isn't posting on DU. He opposes Sanders as a primary candidate, The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #30
That's not what he said. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #31
Thank you!!! sheshe2 Dec 2019 #42
Yeah, you "think" on that and get it Straight what Fred Cha Dec 2019 #57
"Yeah, you "think" on that..." myohmy2 Dec 2019 #97
Keeping thinking.. Cha Dec 2019 #98
False premise LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #169
Yes, but haven't you heard?! When it comes to BERNIE, an entirely different standard applies!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #204
I stand with Fred handmade34 Dec 2019 #27
Kind of a silly place to be standing... Chicago1980 Dec 2019 #87
That makes 2 of us. orangecrush Dec 2019 #40
I disagree with Bernie on some gun issues. Tiggeroshii Dec 2019 #47
Fred Guttenberg wants what's Cha Jan 2020 #143
DU rec...nt SidDithers Dec 2019 #54
"By the way, remind me again, is Bernie a Democrat or an independent?" PJMcK Dec 2019 #56
Well... there's this. NurseJackie Dec 2019 #63
Nothing else is needed Zeus69 Dec 2019 #89
Oh, there's more. There's a clip (a debate? a town-hall?) where he's... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #95
Thanks for posting this, Cha! K&R! highplainsdem Dec 2019 #58
Bernie has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years ritapria Dec 2019 #62
+1 Paka Dec 2019 #85
Wow all the Bernie bashers together in one thread! LiberalLovinLug Dec 2019 #66
NO.. all those Supporting Fred Guttenberg's Fight For Cha Dec 2019 #73
So, Mr. Guttenberg, guillaumeb Dec 2019 #67
Ask him again if he actually becomes our party's nominee... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #72
fred is a one issue activist. Understandably so. he's a hero of mine which is very few. Kurt V. Dec 2019 #69
Because a person has an issue that they see as most important doesn't Blue_true Dec 2019 #99
Exactly. So no one can dismiss it .. as Cha Dec 2019 #107
Cha, you seem to be fully aware of the double standard that is used Blue_true Dec 2019 #133
Fred Guttenberg most certainly is Cha Dec 2019 #108
K&R! nt TexasTowelie Dec 2019 #70
gee, another trumpster's opinion, who cares? nt yaesu Dec 2019 #74
The guy loaths Trump. Blue_true Dec 2019 #100
I hope he would support Bernie over... JoeOtterbein Dec 2019 #75
That's Not what he's saying.. this is the Primary. Cha Dec 2019 #76
This is from Fred's tweet: JoeOtterbein Dec 2019 #79
Too bad.. Fred Guttenberg is telling why he doesn't BS Cha Dec 2019 #82
I have no clue how you are reading that as a threat. sheshe2 Dec 2019 #131
Yeah, that wasn't a nice way to describe Cha Dec 2019 #132
IKR?! sheshe2 Dec 2019 #134
Perfectly said, she! Cha Jan 2020 #142
Only if sanders is the nominee Gothmog Dec 2019 #94
Distortion much. Blue_true Dec 2019 #101
Hope youre right, but then its Bernie we're talkin bout;would be a shame, but not a surprise if PUMA InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2020 #205
Okay... Rob WA Dec 2019 #80
The kind of bullshit argument we don't need. Chicago1980 Dec 2019 #83
Fred Guttenberg is talking about the Primary.. Cha Dec 2019 #96
This is the Primary! IT's Not Fred Guttenberg Cha Jan 2020 #199
You can't win them back. You can't. So stop saying that Bernie can. paleotn Dec 2019 #84
Please someone fill me in on what and which GOP voters Bernie can woo? Every puke I know is hair on UniteFightBack Dec 2019 #86
The First of Many McKim Dec 2019 #88
Parkland was totally negligent.....stop blaming Bernie Sanders!! skh500 Dec 2019 #90
I strongly disagree Gothmog Dec 2019 #93
Bernie needs to answer for his past votes on gun legistlation. Blue_true Dec 2019 #102
Shame on you.. Fred Guttenberg did NOT say Cha Dec 2019 #110
Well, yeah, he kind of did: LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #171
I truly admire and respect Fred Guttenberg Gothmog Dec 2019 #91
GRRRRR Me. Dec 2019 #92
There are certainly reasons to not support Bernie TheFarseer Dec 2019 #104
Fred Guttenberg does his homework.. Cha Dec 2019 #106
K&R betsuni Dec 2019 #112
I'm with Fred. n/t Tarheel_Dem Dec 2019 #113
K&R brer cat Dec 2019 #120
With various possible reasons and not recognizing his name, Hortensis Dec 2019 #121
David Sirota just loves to be spanked n/t PhoenixDem Dec 2019 #122
sirota is a divider.. Cha Dec 2019 #130
.. Cha Jan 2020 #183
Yeah, well, neither can I... in the primary. LakeArenal Dec 2019 #126
As will I; though if it comes to that, we'll likely lose the whole thing LongtimeAZDem Jan 2020 #170
Fuck. You. Fred. The Mouth Dec 2019 #139
Really? MrsCoffee Jan 2020 #145
I am presuming he means in the GENERAL election The Mouth Jan 2020 #147
I understand and support Fred Guttenberg Gothmog Jan 2020 #152
Fred is not alone. R B Garr Jan 2020 #160
A response from Fred Guttenberg Gothmog Jan 2020 #163
Don't see too many lectures in here. redqueen Jan 2020 #166
I really think that the attacks on Mr Guttenberg are inappropriate Gothmog Jan 2020 #168
Mahalo, Goth.. Cha Jan 2020 #172
Hey Cha Gothmog Jan 2020 #173
As do I.. a grieving father who puts Cha Jan 2020 #174
Jesus- Fred! will you please just STOP! James48 Jan 2020 #177
No, I do NOT want Fred Guttenberg to stop Cha Jan 2020 #181
I would hope that if Bernie gets the nomination that he will change his mind. totodeinhere Jan 2020 #182
Quibbles? The Valley Below Jan 2020 #184
K Cha Jan 2020 #185
K&R RandySF Jan 2020 #186
Who is surprised that sanders supprters are attacking this fine man Gothmog Jan 2020 #187
His choice, just as it's my choice to disregard anything Guttenberg has to say... Devil Child Jan 2020 #190
Is Stein-supporting Sirota the right person to kvetch about tishaLA Jan 2020 #194
If he means in the primary, that's his right The Mouth Jan 2020 #195
I love this ad Gothmog Jan 2020 #197
Thank you for this, Goth Cha Jan 2020 #198
I really admire Fred Gutenberg Gothmog Jan 2020 #200
I would definitely vote for Bernie in the General - OhZone Jan 2020 #201
It concerns me that he's the GOP choice for Dem candidate. ehrnst Jan 2020 #203
Bernie's from Vermont democrattotheend Jan 2020 #208
We all know that. Cha Jan 2020 #209
The attacks by sanders supporters on this man disgust me Gothmog Jan 2020 #210
Yep. And that feeling is growing fast. Amimnoch Jan 2020 #211
Mahalo, Amimnoch.. I just Updated the OP Cha Jan 2020 #221
Thanks for that update! They're dowright insulting imo. Amimnoch Jan 2020 #222
Threats? Cha Jan 2020 #224
So he'd vote Trump over Sanders or not vote at all? Gore1FL Jan 2020 #214
K&R Scurrilous Jan 2020 #216
Fred Guttenberg-sanders is again showing that dealing with gun violence is not a priority. Gothmog Jan 2020 #219
omg.. I should UPDATE OP.. Cha Jan 2020 #220
You are welcomed Gothmog Jan 2020 #223
I feel the same.. as a parent. Cha Jan 2020 #227
My heart bleeds for this man Gothmog Feb 2020 #228
I know, Goth.. Thank you so much for Cha Feb 2020 #229
When I saw that it was this father who spoke out, I knew why Gothmog Feb 2020 #231
Mahalo, Cha! It's me AgadorSparticus. Hope you have been well. Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #232
Aloha! Cha Feb 2020 #237
I am also glad that Biden discusses sanders' sad record Gothmog Feb 2020 #235
He's right, you know? I feel the same way. Fred speaks for me. NurseJackie Feb 2020 #236
These attacks by sanders supporters are sad Gothmog Feb 2020 #240
JHC.. I didn't know they went that far. Cha Feb 2020 #241
Understandable Bradical79 Feb 2020 #242
Here is another reason to not support sanders Gothmog Feb 2020 #244
Wow.. this needs to go Viral! Cha Feb 2020 #245
I am pissed by this stunt Gothmog Feb 2020 #246
It's a stupid stunt.. Retweeted Fred's tweet.. Cha Feb 2020 #247
Has sanders condemned this stunt yet? Gothmog Feb 2020 #249
I support Fred's incredible advocacy to #EndGunViolence ! Gothmog Feb 2020 #250
Thank you.. Cha Feb 2020 #251
Fred is worried about down ballot candidates Gothmog Feb 2020 #256
Excellent info... Thank you, Fred.. Cha Feb 2020 #257
+1 dalton99a Feb 2020 #258
Fred has some good comments here Gothmog Feb 2020 #259
Thank you, Fred.. Retweeted! Cha Feb 2020 #260
Fred Guttenberg endorses Joe Biden Gothmog Mar 2020 #261
Oh Wow.. this should be an OP Cha Mar 2020 #262
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