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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Feb 2, 2020, 06:18 PM Feb 2020

If you could choose only between Bloomberg and Sanders to be our nominee, [View all]

which one would you choose?

158 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
104 (66%)
54 (34%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Neither but if the goal is to win, I'm going with Bloomberg. Drunken Irishman Feb 2020 #1
I'm not asking that you like either. Only which one you think would be best as our nominee against highplainsdem Feb 2020 #3
Yes Sanders is my last pick exboyfil Feb 2020 #26
Bloomberg would beat trump and help down ballot candidates Gothmog Feb 2020 #2
I agree. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #98
Bloomberg would have a shot at winning. Bernie wouldn't. So, no contest. MH1 Feb 2020 #4
I hope it won't come to that! Dietz Feb 2020 #5
Wow. 31 votes in the first 10 minutes, and 28 of them for Bloomberg. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #6
Hmmm. DU speaks. Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #58
This is an interesting result because 4 years ago, right here on DU, Ron Green Feb 2020 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Fresh_Start Feb 2020 #12
I don't hold that against Bloomberg... but still think Bernie will defeat him when Biden drops out!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #66
Biden is not dropping out obamanut2012 Feb 2020 #154
Yup, Joe WILL drop out... just watch and see!! It's history repeating itself, as in 1988 & 2008!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #155
It's actually embarrassing for Sanders supporters on DU compared to 2016 wyldwolf Feb 2020 #13
I have the TV on, too. The game hasn't started yet. (Go, Chiefs!) highplainsdem Feb 2020 #16
Yeah! Go CHEFS! Great googly moogly. wyldwolf Feb 2020 #18
Chefs? cwydro Feb 2020 #28
Yeah, Chefs wyldwolf Feb 2020 #30
Many people on both sides here were purged during and after that primary season Tom Rinaldo Feb 2020 #20
Yeah, I keep hanging around (mostly reading, not posting) hoping that DU Ron Green Feb 2020 #21
"Bernie friendly website that devolved into a cesspool." wyldwolf Feb 2020 #24
Yes Cha Feb 2020 #126
A number of HRC supporters took breaks from DU during the last primary, because of the reactions highplainsdem Feb 2020 #25
oh please Skittles Feb 2020 #60
Best be thick-skinned to hang out and contribute here. Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #61
DU is an echo chamber dualboy24 Feb 2020 #87
NO! nice Swipe at DU Members.. Cha Feb 2020 #124
Have you failed to notice ... nolawarlock Feb 2020 #129
DU would be head over heels Codeine Feb 2020 #135
I hear ya TheRealNorth Feb 2020 #145
NewsFlash: This is the primaries.. we don't Cha Feb 2020 #161
go over to that Bernie Bro/Broette JPR site and THEN talk to me about echo chambers Celerity Feb 2020 #159
+1 Preach it. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #165
Leaving of one's own volition is not a purge. LanternWaste Feb 2020 #95
Duh. Did I say it was? Tom Rinaldo Feb 2020 #97
Many cosplay progressives chose not to accept the new TOS... SidDithers Feb 2020 #109
Yeah, I remember said cesspool ... nolawarlock Feb 2020 #130
Most of those people have left. Quixote1818 Feb 2020 #23
Things change. I supported Sanders in 2016 The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #29
This pretty well sums up my experience too. Mike 03 Feb 2020 #34
Everything you said speaks for me too. I started out actually supporting Bernie. Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #83
I hope you're right. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #86
No offense meant by this, but between the 3 old white men, Bernie seems to Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #140
I hate generalizations about Bernie supporters. Jack_Warriner Feb 2020 #136
These are individual opinions. I would hope Bernie supporters are smart enough to Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #146
Ditto drmeow Feb 2020 #100
Most Bernie supporters were driven away by the horrible behavior of some after the '06 primaries Kentonio Feb 2020 #93
Read your own posting history...nt SidDithers Feb 2020 #111
I'm quite aware of my own posting history thanks Kentonio Feb 2020 #115
Really? I would call this an attack: LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #116
The worst sort of revisionism. Codeine Feb 2020 #137
Nope. Kentonio Feb 2020 #148
Yup, cant say I blame 'em for leavin; came close myself, which Im sure wouldve made many here happy InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #156
I chose the one thats fit to be in charge of an organization of any consequence nt msongs Feb 2020 #8
Bloomberg. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #9
Whoever is ahead Turin_C3PO Feb 2020 #10
. Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #11
Bloomberg over Sanders, but that is an awful choice. Sloumeau Feb 2020 #14
We must defeat Trump and make gains down-ticket wherever possible. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #15
Brutal to look at this poll. Mike 03 Feb 2020 #17
I live in Arizona too. McSally used to be my U.S. Rep. Glad she is no longer that, but got... Sloumeau Feb 2020 #77
Sanders but if there was some doubt about Sanders beating Trump and Bloomberg beating him Quixote1818 Feb 2020 #19
Post removed. rzemanfl Feb 2020 #22
LOL That subject line worried me so much I checked your profile to see if you'd had a post hidden. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #27
It's just a placeholder until someone is rzemanfl Feb 2020 #45
This used to be Democratic "Underground" now it's Democratic Central. Should change name and start rainy Feb 2020 #31
It's still a progressive Democratic forum. The far left doesn't, or shouldn't, have a monopoly on highplainsdem Feb 2020 #33
What is far left today? Roosevelt? He was mainstream once upon a time until money bought our rainy Feb 2020 #36
Sanders isn't FDR. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #39
FDR and Marxist-Leninsts were opponents denem Feb 2020 #96
FDR was not a populist-socialist. OneMoreCupOfCoffee Feb 2020 #90
FDR Is a Mythical Legend MineralMan Feb 2020 #169
Three years of Trump does a lot to focus the mind. RandySF Feb 2020 #48
There's not a millennial in this country that will vote for Bloomberg. Way to quash the young and rainy Feb 2020 #32
So they'll default to Trump? The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #35
give them their candidate and they will show up in droves and out vote Trump voters in rainy Feb 2020 #37
Explain to them how unlikely it is they'll have their student debt (no matter how large it highplainsdem Feb 2020 #41
"Give them their candidate"? Please. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #43
Their candidate will drive away other voters who we need...so no. Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #51
How about we give them the candidate who wins the primary? Squinch Feb 2020 #53
I mean don't let the party cheat rainy Feb 2020 #56
Oh, FFS. Squinch Feb 2020 #57
Allowing them to hold the party, Codeine Feb 2020 #139
Kind of sad, especially after 3 years of trump crud. Hoyt Feb 2020 #40
single most unreliable voting block in the electorate. wyldwolf Feb 2020 #38
Exactly. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #42
I'm 33 showblue22 Feb 2020 #46
If they are not going to vote for the primary winner if it isn't their pet person, then Squinch Feb 2020 #52
Millennials are to fired up about Biden either, but I think they'd prefer him over Trump Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2020 #65
Bullshit. xmas74 Feb 2020 #132
Bloomberg showblue22 Feb 2020 #44
I'm going with Bloomberg. LIKE SOMEONE ELSE IN THIS THREAD SAID .... BS is my last pick. trueblue2007 Feb 2020 #47
+1 Sloumeau Feb 2020 #78
I refuse to accept sarisataka Feb 2020 #49
I hope it won't come down to this, either. But many leftwing Dems think Sanders will be the highplainsdem Feb 2020 #55
We have one job this election. Remove Filthy Donny. Bloomberg can do that. Squinch Feb 2020 #50
wow... myohmy2 Feb 2020 #54
IMO the enthusiasm of the people who do support Sanders makes them underestimate the skepticism highplainsdem Feb 2020 #59
well said. nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #69
The American people will NEVER choose Sanders Zolorp Feb 2020 #67
no matter... myohmy2 Feb 2020 #72
Yes, but the communist ads about Sanders will be TRUE Zolorp Feb 2020 #73
Sanders isn't a Communist TheRealNorth Feb 2020 #138
This is anecdotal awesomerwb1 Feb 2020 #104
I disagree completely Zolorp Feb 2020 #167
Can you imagine the ads against Bloomberg? Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2020 #166
Sanders has been spouting his "progressive" lines for some 40 years The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2020 #74
Mike! Mike! Mike! n/t sprinkleeninow Feb 2020 #62
My answer this week is "Sanders" Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2020 #63
Bloomberg is the obvious winner!! Thekaspervote Feb 2020 #64
LOL, I guess Bernie isn't winning hearts and minds. R B Garr Feb 2020 #82
I think a Bloomberg Warren (or reverse) ticket would be very interesting and spooky3 Feb 2020 #68
I like her best but I think he's most likely to win. Only Squinch Feb 2020 #121
You need geographical balance. xmas74 Feb 2020 #133
True. I'd pick Amy of the two. It's time to get a woman Squinch Feb 2020 #150
Both are good choices. xmas74 Feb 2020 #152
Bernie would be red-baited Stargleamer Feb 2020 #70
And a New York Jewish media mogul Buzz cook Feb 2020 #71
No, any Democratic nominee will be attacked Stargleamer Feb 2020 #75
Bloomberg. MontanaFarmer Feb 2020 #76
We have to win this year, so I voted Bloomberg. herding cats Feb 2020 #79
I honestly don't know enough about Bloomberg to make that decision. musicblind Feb 2020 #80
Sanders would lose the GE. denem Feb 2020 #81
Based on what? OliverQ Feb 2020 #85
The Bernie hate on this sub is pretty astounding. OliverQ Feb 2020 #84
Clearly based on polling, the US demographics are nothing like DU Quixote1818 Feb 2020 #88
Bloomberg isn't running in Iowa. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #89
But earned. Squinch Feb 2020 #120
When anyone can't debate BS' Campaign's Bogus Attacks.. Cha Feb 2020 #127
Sanders. I'm a Biden supporter with Warren as my 2nd choice. phleshdef Feb 2020 #91
Ah Democratic Underground. Kentonio Feb 2020 #92
Yeah! Who would want to vote for a guy who changes his Party designation for convenience? brooklynite Feb 2020 #99
Bloomberg seriously? JonLP24 Feb 2020 #94
This message was self-deleted by its author Progress_Dem Feb 2020 #103
Bloomberg would not beat Trump IMO Progress_Dem Feb 2020 #101
Any self-styled progressive that votes third party or sits at home deserves Trump LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #102
Perhaps Progress_Dem Feb 2020 #105
If they don't vote for the Democratic candidate against Trump, they not really progressive. Period LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #106
Exactly. They're sanctimonious, purist fools. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #108
I disagree but so be it. Progress_Dem Feb 2020 #110
Any action or inaction that helps Trump win is not progressive. It's really that simple. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2020 #117
Of course you do ... nolawarlock Feb 2020 #134
Meaning what? The only real meaning in there is a Squinch Feb 2020 #119
That's about the last thing that happens on this site. nt fleabiscuit Feb 2020 #123
Any progressive Democrats who would vote third party or stay home rather than vote for the nominee highplainsdem Feb 2020 #107
I hope middle of the road Dems feel the same way TheRealNorth Feb 2020 #141
Totally agree. And I don't see Biden being the nom. I think Bernie has this in the bag just zonkers Feb 2020 #113
I think Biden can still win Progress_Dem Feb 2020 #114
I like Joe but to telegraph any type of bipartisanship zonkers Feb 2020 #118
We don't need another billionaire. marble falls Feb 2020 #122
They task us, and we shall have them... nt fleabiscuit Feb 2020 #125
Blech! What a miserable choice Mountain Mule Feb 2020 #112
Bloomberg, but I'll say it again, ecstatic Feb 2020 #128
Bloomberg xmas74 Feb 2020 #131
Wow... budkin Feb 2020 #142
I'm no real fan of Bloomberg, but I'd pick him in a heartbeat Maru Kitteh Feb 2020 #143
I think at that point it's a coin flip HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #144
At least Bernie Sanders was never a Republican... unlike Bloomberg Jack_Warriner Feb 2020 #147
Very telling iamthebandfanman Feb 2020 #149
They dont see it. DaDeacon Feb 2020 #151
People like to talk about some of our candidates as "DINO"s and the like. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 2020 #153
kick highplainsdem Feb 2020 #157
KICK Cha Feb 2020 #158
Bloomberg for sure! n/t Tarheel_Dem Feb 2020 #160
Even liberal DU generally supports a center-lane candidate. Laelth Feb 2020 #162
I chose Bloomberg, but would gladly vote for Sanders. BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #163
Probably Sanders Turin_C3PO Feb 2020 #164
I'm a Biden supporter peggysue2 Feb 2020 #168
Kick to see if people change their vote Kaleva Feb 2020 #170
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