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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Feb 10, 2020, 12:54 AM Feb 2020

DU Poll: Bloomberg or Sanders? [View all]

If it came down to Bloomberg and Sanders, who would you support?

114 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
66 (58%)
42 (37%)
I'd wait to see a debate with the two of them before deciding
6 (5%)
Other answer (comment below)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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DU Poll: Bloomberg or Sanders? [View all] thesquanderer Feb 2020 OP
I would have to let said recipe simmer. dchill Feb 2020 #1
bernie is fair on policy but zero on person, bloomberg is repub lite but better on person nt msongs Feb 2020 #2
Progressive taxation, reproductive rights, gun control, environmental protection... brooklynite Feb 2020 #21
Republican lite means not a socialist. comradebillyboy Feb 2020 #62
DEMOCRATIC Socialist... brooklynite Feb 2020 #63
I'm pretty sure I know what a social democrat is but I am not so comradebillyboy Feb 2020 #64
He's pretty liberal for a former Republican. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #27
So, death by spoon or fork question, eh? nt Quackers Feb 2020 #3
Neither of them! (I voted other.) n/t CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2020 #4
Last Sunday's poll, with about 400 responses: highplainsdem Feb 2020 #5
Oh wow.. I did vote in that poll.. Thanks Cha Feb 2020 #12
Ah, I'd missed that. Though it seems more conceivable this week than last! n/t thesquanderer Feb 2020 #31
Yes, it does. And Sanders is doing better in this poll because, judging by comments I saw, some highplainsdem Feb 2020 #40
Bloomberg in a heartbeat. tritsofme Feb 2020 #6
I find this opinion article on Bloomberg concerning - does he like the dictators? womanofthehills Feb 2020 #67
Ask yourself a question. Which of these 2 candidates would democratisphere Feb 2020 #7
re:"Ask yourself which of these 2 candidates would appeal to the greatest number of eligible voters? thesquanderer Feb 2020 #66
He definitely won't be appealing to any younger voters womanofthehills Feb 2020 #69
Sanders. Bloomberg used to be a zentrum Feb 2020 #8
You really should learn more about Bloomberg, since you don't understand his political highplainsdem Feb 2020 #11
Might as well draft Romney MoonlitKnight Feb 2020 #13
re: "wouldn't it be great to do so as enthusiastically as we did for Barack Obama?" thesquanderer Feb 2020 #32
So much truth, so little appreciation for it Doremus Feb 2020 #42
+1. JudyM Feb 2020 #75
Didn't Warren "used to be a Republican"? Tarheel_Dem Feb 2020 #23
Much longer ago, and never actively working to defeat Dems, AFAIK, so... thesquanderer Feb 2020 #35
Well alrighty then.... Tarheel_Dem Feb 2020 #43
I never set any goal posts here, so I couldn't have moved them. thesquanderer Feb 2020 #60
lol Elizabeth Warren used to be a Republican ! stonecutter357 Feb 2020 #51
So was Warren. And it was political. He had the best chance too win this Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #53
So, Bloomberg was originally a Dem and switched to being a Republican in 2001 womanofthehills Feb 2020 #68
So much Bernie hate on this forum. OliverQ Feb 2020 #9
where? I dont think he is fit to be a president but that dont mean I hate him nt msongs Feb 2020 #10
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #15
Not wanting him to be the nominee isn't the same thing as hate. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #50
He earned it. He should have been there for Clinton during the general in 16. Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #55
you get a heart !!!!!!! trueblue2007 Feb 2020 #14
:-) thesquanderer Feb 2020 #36
God, that's just depressing enough that it probably will be the final choice Recursion Feb 2020 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Feb 2020 #17
I migrated to Klobuchar over the past week or so without really noticing Recursion Feb 2020 #18
No MFM008 Feb 2020 #19
Which one is the Socialist? NurseJackie Feb 2020 #20
Ugh. Codeine Feb 2020 #22
Bloomberg because he'll beat Trump gollygee Feb 2020 #24
I think Bloomberg's biggest advantage is cash, but since he's promised... thesquanderer Feb 2020 #37
Considering Bloomberg HockeyMom Feb 2020 #25
Bloomberg's more likely to beat Trump than Sanders. Don't make the perfect the enemy of the good. chia Feb 2020 #26
I'm not sure who's stronger against Trump, especially if we have Bloomberg's money either way. thesquanderer Feb 2020 #65
Very curious to see how it goes here in California too! chia Feb 2020 #70
Bernie... myohmy2 Feb 2020 #28
Bloomberg is my absolute last choice Amishman Feb 2020 #29
I want to say something about Mike, where he grew up, I hope it is informative. clippership Feb 2020 #30
... Fix The Stupid Feb 2020 #34
I also find the poll humorous as hell. nt fleabiscuit Feb 2020 #44
no question Nikki28 Feb 2020 #33
Sanders is un electable Gothmog Feb 2020 #38
So was Trump. (n/t) thesquanderer Feb 2020 #74
Socialism will kill both sanders and down ballot candidates Gothmog Feb 2020 #76
Most of the people in the poll who say they would never vote for a socialist... thesquanderer Feb 2020 #78
trump reall wants to run against a weak and unelectable candidate like sanders Gothmog Feb 2020 #81
Never Bloomberg for me n/t Devil Child Feb 2020 #39
But Gabbard's ok? Squinch Feb 2020 #79
Hell yeah! Devil Child Feb 2020 #80
Unless it's Sanders v Gabbard... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #41
I'd have to wait for a debate before deciding. musicblind Feb 2020 #45
Poll: Americans Won't Vote for a Socialist Gothmog Feb 2020 #46
Read the fine print. thesquanderer Feb 2020 #47
socialism" is a red flag for Republicans and Republican-leaners Gothmog Feb 2020 #49
Here we are, 2 polls, 500? responses, over 5000 views. Somehow . . . ? empedocles Feb 2020 #52
Ok, but a Sanders candidacy would not be designed to appeal to... thesquanderer Feb 2020 #58
That actually makes it worse. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #56
re: "The fact that 24% of Democrats wouldn't consider voting for a socialist is not good" thesquanderer Feb 2020 #59
Any other year, Sanders. This year, Bloomberg Azathoth Feb 2020 #48
Not surprised by this at all. honest.abe Feb 2020 #54
Bloomberg Movbez4 Feb 2020 #57
K & R Duppers Feb 2020 #61
The winner. (n/t) Iggo Feb 2020 #71
I don't think that DU is representative of the Democratic Party. totodeinhere Feb 2020 #72
LOL PDittie Feb 2020 #83
Yea, I guess that's pretty obvious but I felt like mentioning it anyway. n/t totodeinhere Feb 2020 #84
Not a fan of Bloomberg, but.... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #73
I'm guessing the residual dislike of what Sanders did to the Party in 2016 stopbush Feb 2020 #77
I think so to. Kaleva Feb 2020 #82
I would simply abstain from voting in the primary and vote for whoever the nominee was in November. Midwestern Democrat Feb 2020 #85
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