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Democratic Primaries

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Thu Apr 25, 2019, 04:38 PM Apr 2019

Assuming you will vote for the nominee in the General either way would you rather [View all]

27 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Go with Biden if he is seen as the safe choice to beat Trump?
13 (48%)
Go with your preferred other candidate in the primary and take a chance?
14 (52%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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I am wondering how much of Biden's support is fully dependent on the running assumption he jezebel321 Apr 2019 #1
A lot leftofcool Apr 2019 #2
I'm thinking I agree. I wonder if others start polling well against Trump or Biden slips against jezebel321 Apr 2019 #3
Well, that is what it is all about. BannonsLiver Apr 2019 #14
Not mine JustAnotherGen Apr 2019 #29
This is the way I am LEANING.... but I've not made a final decision hlthe2b Apr 2019 #4
I keep seeing this thought about only serving one term. But has he said that? jezebel321 Apr 2019 #6
Strong instinct. I TRULY believe Biden wants to set the country back on course... hlthe2b Apr 2019 #7
Is it ok to say I would feel so much better if he would say it? Part of my reluctance to back him jezebel321 Apr 2019 #8
I don't think we should handicap him going into a General election (assuming he does win nomination) hlthe2b Apr 2019 #13
I've also been very concerned about using that argument. MoonRiver Apr 2019 #43
Not to nitpcik, but Biden was born in 1942, while the orange moron was... GReedDiamond Apr 2019 #50
He said that yesterday and that is a negative dor me Raven123 Apr 2019 #33
Just a reminder of the priorities hlthe2b Apr 2019 #35
A country that was on the right course before Trump would not have elected Trump Raven123 Apr 2019 #37
That you would even make the comparison makes me wonder why you are here. hlthe2b Apr 2019 #44
you weren't satified with how Obama/Biden restored economy? AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #54
He should never say that. A lame duck presidency is a bad idea. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #20
'And incumbents win reelection almost always.' Celerity Apr 2019 #25
Recently except for two ...most incumbents win another term. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #39
'FDR on...only two that didn't win a second term.' Celerity Apr 2019 #42
It would be a big mistake tactically to say so drray23 Apr 2019 #34
We need a healthy competitive primary campaign, and then let the primary voters and caucus goers totodeinhere Apr 2019 #5
"Go with Biden because he is my preferred candidate AND he's the best choice to beat Trump" LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #9
lol, I should have put a 3rd choice up. Wasnt meaning to imply anything by it. nt jezebel321 Apr 2019 #10
NP; I got it :) LongtimeAZDem Apr 2019 #11
All these health epidemics, lung, kidneys, heart, childhood Hortensis Apr 2019 #12
Well not safe could elect Trump again. I can't imagine the horrors that await if this happens. Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #21
Yes. The horrors will include SCOTUS for ANY Republican Hortensis Apr 2019 #23
How about: wait till there has been a debate or two and see how the candidates handle them? n/t pnwmom Apr 2019 #15
A much better idea Andy823 Apr 2019 #16
I agree! We have such great candidates, some of whom are still barely known by the electorate. femmedem Apr 2019 #31
Yes a lot can change Andy823 Apr 2019 #45
If Repub Senate Allows drumph to be Convicted MarcA Apr 2019 #17
Pence Demsrule86 Apr 2019 #40
I don't feel like I'm taking a "chance" with my primary vote backtoblue Apr 2019 #18
I'm with you, Blue! If Joe is nominated I'll vote for him but I don't think he's a sure thing. hedda_foil Apr 2019 #57
WI too late to matter. but i would vote for the leader. IF i think they will win. pansypoo53219 Apr 2019 #19
Would I rather watch democracy soaked in petrol and kicked down a hill? For my PERSONAL vanity? Maru Kitteh Apr 2019 #22
Not voting in the poll because the wording is presumptuous. Kentonio Apr 2019 #24
slanted wording, so a bogus poll, 'safe choice' v. 'take a chance', that would earn an 'F' from 538 Celerity Apr 2019 #26
Too many things can happen by out primary-- like other primaries... TreasonousBastard Apr 2019 #27
Seeing Biden as the safe choice is also taking a chance. Demit Apr 2019 #28
a vote for BS is a vote for trump AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #30
I don't know why you believe that. Do you have polling data to that effect? totodeinhere Apr 2019 #48
I think Bernie people don't realize that he is not popular wasupaloopa Apr 2019 #52
I believe if Joe MFM008 Apr 2019 #32
Indeed. I think Harris would be more likely than warren as vp drray23 Apr 2019 #36
Buttigieg doesnt have a law degree, I keep seeing all these posts from various people saying he Celerity Apr 2019 #38
Just an example MFM008 Apr 2019 #46
lolol, Putie would have a FIT!!!! Celerity Apr 2019 #47
Actually the Constitution does not require that a SCOTUS justice have a law degree. totodeinhere Apr 2019 #49
I knew that, but in today's environment , he will not be judged as eligible from a Celerity Apr 2019 #53
oh, that's a hard one. Amimnoch Apr 2019 #41
Biden will not be the nominee. I think it is good that wasupaloopa Apr 2019 #51
what chance would I be taking? Skittles Apr 2019 #55
That's a false choice NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #56
Lotta assumptions in there. shanny Apr 2019 #58
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