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2. exactly how f*cked up is our media and our political situation where he has to be *convicted* before it "could hurt"
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 06:15 PM
Apr 12

seriously, hillary's loss can largely be attributed to an organized smear, a baseless accusation of a non-crime that resulted in zero indictments and exoneration from any criminal wrongdoing after many congressional investigations.

her actions were legal and consistent with previous administrations and resulted in zero compromise of national security.

her emails were combed through at great length and little was reported about her *accomplishments* as secretary of state while they were examining evidence of her strong leadership and work ethic, the media's only interest was whether or not they could screw over hillary and damage her career.

meanwhile donnie waltzed off with overtly marked classified documents, seems to have an open channel to putin, is on tape casually showing top secret intel to strangers in public places, and refused to return it based basically on a made-up non-existent post-presidential decree. oh and there's also strong evidence of 3 other criminal areas resulting in a total of, apparently 88 felony indictments across 4 cases.

oh and he's been found liable for rape and defamation. trials over and done with. appeals in process, but we have our result.

but we need a *conviction* before it *could hurt* his chances in the election????

if this was a democrat the media would have written his political obituary long ago.

he was the worst president ever and his only original claim was being a "successful businessman" despite multiple bankruptcies (including a casino ffs!) yet he has never been audited, can point to particularly major business accomplishments, never ran anything other than a family business, never revealed his taxes, and is struggling to come up with surety bonds for a fraction of his supposed net worth.

our media sucks. they should be refusing to air him because he's the single most thoroughly documented liar in all of history. if "journalists" had any actual devotion to the truth, they'd burn him as a horrible source. if "journalists" had any respect for its audience, it wouldn't repeat his insults directed at women and minorities. they'd just note *that* he lied or *that* he insulted someone yet again, and say he "reminded voters yet again that he's a liar/sexist/bigot". then the actual quote can appear and be debunked in the 17th paragraph or whatever.

but no, they continue to give him all kinds of free airtime and exposure, largely saying exactly what he wants to be aired. his quotes, and his intended victims crying foul. that simply reinforces his vision of the world, a hierarchy where the "right" skin color and gender and so on dominate and everyone else complains about it. letting his victims respond is important, but it's also important to not present it as a debate where the media refuses to say what's right and wrong. the media *must* treat his lies and insults as the scandals they are, but they never have. instead they treat it as must watch "controversy", which is exactly what he wants.

let's say there's only one trial before the election, and it's a mistrial for whatever reason. the media will amplify his false claim of exoneration, largely shrug and say who knows about the other looming trials, say they'd just be delayed 4 years if he becomes president, and then we will have a rapist-in-chief and a liar-in-chief and a bigot-in-chief and incompetent-dictator-in-chief and the end of democracy.

face it, our media is pretty much hopelessly corrupt and largely operates as a free public relations branch of the republican party. the right-wing bias is insane.

and you know what, if donnie becomes president, the media no doubt will continue to promote him even as he has journalists arrested for insufficiently fawning coverage.

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