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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,217

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Kansas plan for extra nurses' pay stalls over GOP concerns

reQublicOns are basically saying "Nurses who are vaccinated don't deserve hazardous duty pay"


Kansas man out over $100,000 and our Attorney General doesn't care.

"Johnson County judge..... asked the Kansas State Attorney General to weigh in before he issues his ruling. The Kansas Justice Institute..... arguing the government should not be allowed to destroy Martinezí car for an act he did not commit. But, weeks after the hearing, the Attorney General has decided he will not get involved in the case,"

Our Attorney General (Derek Schmidt) running for Governor is unable or unwilling to issue a ruling on such a simple matter, this should be used against him on the campaign trail. If he can't make little decisions, we surely don't need him making big ones.
Entire article here......


This is how we could use "The Big Lie" to our advantage

Remember the old saying "The first liar doesn't have a chance" ? Well the R's have been telling a whopper
ever since they lost to Biden fair & square. They have even convinced people to storm the Capitol because
Dominion voting machines were all being hacked in favor of Democrats. So let's just agree with them that
ALL voting machines can be hacked, and the solution is paper ballots only. But watch R congress people
all vote against going paper ballots only and demand we keep voting machines. And why would they do
that? Simple, they enjoy hacking some brands of voting machines but are unable to use the Dominion
made ones to their advantage, that's why they only attack one company. Live debates in Congress over
this issue should be entertaining.

Per #4 below " its harder to hack mail in ballots so we should expand them."

Started a petition for a National Mask Mandate at change.org

If you believe this country needs to mask back up to slow the Delta variant,
please go sign the petition. Thank you.


Can we at DU start online petition drives to mask up?

Politicians tend to be wary of saying anything that might cost them votes. So let's show them we have their
backs by starting online petitions for a national mask mandate to slow the spread of the Delta variant.
Sooner or later people will realize how important wearing masks are to slow the covid spread, and the sooner
we can get our Government to come out and say "Everybody Mask Up" the better off we will be. I've never
done one before but I'll try and start one on change.org, can someone start one on Facebook, Twitter, etc?
Can someone here with the ability to do a "create poll" OP here on DU start one to show Politicians we have
their backs and this country needs a national mask mandate so we can get back to "normal"
Can we get to the greatest page?

LOL, where's there's smoke, there's not necessarily fire.

Fire at Topeka restaurant.......


Vote Pro-Life like your life depends on it.

Who's life matters more to you, some stranger's unborn or your own? In my red town so many tell me their
main reason for voting "R" is "because we're Pro-Life". R's love that word come elections, and it's time we take
it away from them. We are the real Pro-Life party, we wear masks and take vaccines to help our fellow man we
don't even know. I don't need to list all the stupid things R's have done during this pandemic to kill people,
DU readers already know. It's time we start painting Democrats as "The Real Pro-Lifers" & R's as "Bring out
your dead". Midterms are fast approaching, let's take away one of their favorite talking points by reminding
voters of the 100's of thousands of needless deaths reQublicOns have caused. Believe my next T-shirt I'll have
made will read...I'm Pro-Life I vote Democrat!

What I'd really like to see TFG do this Friday the 13th

Orange man pulls up to the White House Gates in his huge motorcade, Security Guard asks "State your name
& your business here", Der Fuhrer yells "If you watched FQX news, you'd know today is the day I'm to return
in glory and pick up where I left off, NOW open those gates so I can get back to golfing off !" So Security
arrests and charges him with ____(fill in the blank)____, throws him in jail & throws away the key.
The entire motorcade cheers for days.

Reading through Jerry Moran's BS

I'm on Moran's email list for his news letter where he brags about & takes credit for stuff he really shouldn't.
This one yesterday kinda irked me.....

Supporting First Generation College Students

..... U.S. Department of Education announced it will award four grants to (college) institutions.....which help identify
students from disadvantaged backgrounds,.....supporting disadvantaged students earn a college degree...... a strong
proponent of this program to help our next generation of Kansans flourish.

As you can see I cut out the bullshit, so he brags about 4 disadvantaged kids getting some help, well Jerry... what about
the thousands of kids who would like to go to college but can't afford it? What are you doing to help them?
Probably just saying masks & vaccines are bad.

The 10 States where both of their reQublicOn Senators voted against....

H.R. 3684: INVEST in America Act are......

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, & Wyoming
It's a shame we can't withhold all Infrastructure money from these States since their Senators feel the
money isn't needed, but it would be unfair to the working poor & middle class to do so.
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