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KS Toronado

Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hays KS
Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 9,457

About Me

Ornery, before getting upset with something you didn't understand where I was coming from, consider that I was probably teasing or pulling your leg. Apple doesn't fall far from the Ornery Tree.

Journal Archives

Brilliant Condom Ad

Shame their daddies didn't trap 'em.

If you took the 5th about the 6th

Question about pancakes

One local cafe has the best pancakes in town, and I've always wondered if it's the mix they use
or if they substitute the water for a certain milk?

Been a long time since I've made them and would like my next batch to rival the best in town.

Any good/great recipes would be appreciated. Thanks

Kids make great BIDEN SIGN

Mar-A-Lardo sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Ian

Joe Biden didn’t even ATTEMPT to save Florida from Hurricane Ian by drawing a new path with a Sharpie. - Michael Harriot

The "One Bad Apple" explained


Unfortunately Unicorn cops are rarer than the average Unicorns you see everyday.

Former Kan. GOP governor endorses Kelly's re-election

TOPEKA — Former Republican Gov. Mike Hayden endorsed Tuesday the reelection of Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly.

Hayden, who served as the state’s governor from 1987 to 1991, joined former GOP Gov. Bill Graves and former Democratic Govs. Kathleen Sebelius and John Carlin in urging Kansans to vote for Kelly on Nov. 8.

“In 50 years in Kansas politics I’ve seen the good times and the bad,” Hayden said. “The affairs of Kansas are in good shape right now, and I credit the bipartisan approach of Governor Kelly.”

He said Kelly’s work as governor led to adoption of a multibillion-dollar highway and transportation program. He said state aid to K-12 public schools reached record levels and jobs were being created in the state’s economy. He touted passage of a law phasing out the state’s regressive 6.5% sales tax on groceries.

That's 2 former GOP KS Governors who have endorsed Kelly, more at link, no paywall......


Couple MEMEs & Obama history picture

203 reQublicOns vote for "We Reserve The Right To Cheat"

"We Reserve The Right To Cheat" is basically what they were saying when they voted against......

H.R. 8873: Presidential Election Reform Act

The Electoral Count Act of 1887 should be amended to prevent other future unlawful efforts to overturn
Presidential elections and to ensure future peaceful transfers of Presidential power.

The reforms contained in this Act are fully consistent with States’ constitutional authority vested by Article II
to appoint electors; the reforms herein do not restrict the mode in which States lawfully appoint their respective
electors or resolve related contests or controversies, but instead ensure that those appointments, and the
votes cast by those electors, are duly transmitted to Congress.


This vote alone ("We Reserve The Right To Cheat" ) should disqualify 203 persons from serving in Congress. IMO

With so many fleeing Russia, what Pres. Zelensky could try

Since some countries are closing their borders with Russia, President Zelensky could offer asylum to any
male Russian pacifist wanting not to serve in Putler's army.

And with asylum comes responsibilities, they'll have to agree to work for free to clean up and rebuild
buildings and homes Russia has destroyed with their bombing.

With most of Ukraine's skilled labor off fighting, the Russian volunteers would be picking up the slack.
Could get Russian mechanics to rebuilding some left behind tanks and other vehicles.

House them in bombed out apartment buildings and tell them to get busy, winter is coming. They'll
understand housing is at a premium, besides beggars can't be choosers.

Only big drawback I see is with the large influx of pacifists, Ukraine might need additional food stuff.
They'll bring their own cooks. Maybe even give them rear echelon jobs to help fight the Russians.

Just an idea.

On edit:

They could confiscate all their phones and cameras as a 'For your own safety" so Russia couldn't hone
in on them with rockets. Plus any saboteur caught with either could be jailed right away. Plus warn them
to be on the lookout for any and report any suspicious individuals, again 'For your own safety"
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