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Lemon Lyman

Lemon Lyman's Journal
Lemon Lyman's Journal
Missing entry

January 14, 2014


I wanted to add:

I hate guns. I hate that we live in a gun culture. I hope one day we can do something about it. It feels like we live in the f'ing old west or something.

I also hate rudeness in all forms, with assholiness at the movie theater being near the top of the list (I've got a whole list of little Larry David'isms - things that piss me off). We love going to movies. I don't go much anymore because I get tired of having to police the damn theater all the time. It's really bad anymore. I live in Iowa (not a big city), and it's unreal how often bad behavior at the theater is a problem. I bet I have problems with talkers or texters at 7 or 8 out of every 10 movies I see. I get tired of putting up with it. I get tired of having to admonish those behaving badly. It's just not worth it. It's supremely frustrating because I really love the moviegoing experience, whereas I think many talkers & texters are there just to kill a couple of hours.

Obviously you can't kill someone because they're an asshole at the theater. But it's ridiculous what it's come to anymore. If theaters would crack down it wouldn't be much of a problem. A few chains do police things - Alamo Drafthouse being one of the most notable. But most theaters are very hands-off. Either they don't want the bother or they don't want to pay the person/people to walk around and keep an eye on things. They're not proactive at all. They run the stupid anti-texting/talking cartoon before the movie, and then wash their hands of it. Yeah, if you have a problem you can go out and tell them. You'll miss 5 minutes of the movie. They'll send in a 16-yr-old kid to check it out. Very little is accomplished.

The theaters aren't to blame for people being assholes, but they are to blame for allowing people to be assholes.

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