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Liberal In Texas

Liberal In Texas's Journal
Liberal In Texas's Journal
June 17, 2024

I've known about this show for years and

was pretty sure the evil Trump in the show was a direct parody of the real evil Trump - Fred.

But I didn't realize how much the show producers picked an actor that looked so much like the real evil thing.

June 17, 2024

On this Father's Day and with the recent D-Day anniversary, I just wanted to post this about my dad...

He was a WW2 veteran who fought in Europe and was wounded in Europe.
He took this picture of the Howitzer he was in charge of. I don't have any information about where this is except he said he was in France and Germany.
I don't believe he ever got over his war wounds and the Army retired him.
He died at a young age, 47.

To all our dads who fought the fascists and Nazis we remember you today.
May we have the peace that you believed you won so long ago.

February 24, 2018

Some good news for a change.

OK...Only Day One on these stats...but but but...

Of the 51,249 Texans who cast ballots Tuesday on the first day of early voting, more than half voted in the Democratic primary.

The total number of voters from the 15 counties with the most people registered is high for a midterm year.

In Dallas County, 4,023 people voted in the Democratic primary, an increase over the 2,587 people who voted in 2014 and the 2,908 in 2016.

(One must remember Dallas County is blue, and has been for a long while. Like Austin. And Houston. And San Antonio. We can't do much about the rubes in the sticks. But this is a really good trend for not only Dallas but Texas as a whole.)


Political experts attribute much of Texas' increased voter turnout as a reaction to the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, as well as the state's eight open congressional seats.

"In general, there seems to be more energy, largely stemming from people's reactions to President Trump and a lot of Democrat-leaning groups trying to get people out and organized," said Robert Lowry, a political science professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. "It's maybe more Democrats than Republicans, but people who oppose him and don't like the results of the election and can't believe he won, [saying] 'We obviously can't vote against him this time but we can try to get more Democrats elected to respond to him.'"

From the Dallas Morning News.

If we can get this done in Texas...boy oh boy.
Missing entry

Missing entry

April 28, 2016

Legendary News sportswriter Blackie Sherrod dies at 96

He wasn't only sportswriter, he covered the Kennedy Assassination, wrote columns when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and the Democratic National Convention in 1960.

I remember occationally running into him at the colorful media watering hole, Joe Miller's. Especially one night when a few us of sat listening to Blackie spin his stories into the wee hours of the morning way after closing time.

Another great from my past is gone. RIP Blackie.


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