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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 836

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Ryan last night

I had paid zero attention to him before, but he seemed to be the only one who actually had any answer about fossil fuel that sounded positive. He had me at electric cars. Then he talked about regenerative agriculture! How refreshing! Ahead of the curve!

I'm not saying he should be president, btw. Just enjoyed that part and not seeing anyone on Twitter with anything nice to say about it so here I am.

Worth watching--Interior/Climate Change

Maria Caffrey and other Interior whistleblowers. Hold your nose during Rob Bishop's statements.


ICE in Kansas City break car window to arrest man without a warrant

and with a child in the car.

And the KCMO police, who have plenty of other things to do, helped them.


Shopping for our first EV--updated

2015 Leafy is in the garage, all charged up and ready to go about 80 miles. I think we got a good deal. Now if I can only figure out how to work the XM radio. We must be at the end of the previous owner's subscription. Lots of learning with this car already; probably good exercise for the brain.

Anyone out there already worked through all this, eager to share your own insights?

Where we are after three days:
Tesla: No, thanks. Personal bias against Elon Musk.
Chevy: Need to go try the Bolt, but would prefer a higher seat.
Leaf: Heavy duty lease talk from new car dealer depicted them as becoming obsolete after three years, so he'd be "eating the depreciation for us." Handed us the keys to keep the car for a couple of days and fall in love with it. Yes, I have fallen in love with it, but he totally manipulated us and also insulted our intelligence btw. I think the smartest thing to do would be to buy a 2015-16, including some that just came off a lease. They are available for around $10-12k. Yes, we'd lose all the credits for new cars, but it still comes out to be much less and we don't need a bigger range. (9-year old Prius going strong for longer trips.) My understanding is that batteries were sketchy prior to 2014.
Kia Soul EV: I like the look of the Soul but can't find any near me to check out.
VW e-Golf: Can't find any nearby to check out.

What I have heard from friend with Leaf is that Carvana, CarFax, and CarMax are the ways to go for EVs.

cell phones--age related?

Final update: Thanks to all of you again! This really was helpful. I ended up with Consumer Cellular at $38/month for both of us with as much data as we need and an AARP discount. I believe they use AT&T where we usually are and that it is reliable coverage. Also happy that I don't need to deal with AT&T customer service. It was declining by the time we finally stopped using them for a landline and internet.

Thanks again--

Update: Thanks for all your thoughts. Decision made. Coverage matters, some but not a lot of data--Verizon is only $60 for 2 lines with their prepaid plan and autopay. Excellent deal and I hear everywhere that the coverage is great. It took me most of the day to work through the research but I avoided having to go to a store and stand in line so I'm happy.

Original post:
So--is it me? Is it because I'm over 30?

Trying to figure out the best cell phone plan for two people aged 64 and 65 is mind-boggling. I'm trying to research on the web because every phone store I enter has huge lines and it is very confusing there, just as it is on the web, but with crowds.

We had the need for more lines until now--two is enough for now. Our Sprint contract is ending, and it has been dropping calls like crazy for months so we are ready to move on.

I'm down to Verizon, T-Mobile and some others that have generic names. We do use phones for data and I use mine for work, so they need to be smart and reliable.

And do we need 5G or is it just hype?

Oh, and I own my Apple 7+ and we have an Essential phone we can take with us, if anyone other than Sprint knows they even exist. That was one we fell for and were totally taken.

Any advice appreciated. I think there is a niche market for cell phone consultations done by people who aren't as confused as I am.

Once again, Bob saw it coming


Boundary Waters

Trump has opened the door for mining.
This is the organization I've been following. It seems to have the best coverage and capacity.

Monsanto's Dicamba drifting new fed suit


KS-03 Again--HRC

I was reminded today that HRC won this district by a point in 2016. That was major.
We can do it!


We have several good Democrats running this year. Instead of highlighting all the good things about their chosen person, I am seeing negative blather about the other ones on various social media sites (haven't noticed on DU yet). Really, I think they're all decent.
The focus needs to go to November--who can win in an area that has voted repeatedly for Kevin Yoder? He can be unseated, but some of the candidates will not be able to do it. Really hoping that someone who can win in November wins next week.

Sometimes it seems like we're just not thinking it through.
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