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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 2,145

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Can you help? Quicktime player suddenly misbehaving

I have a wildlife camera with an SD card. Normally the videos display in Finder with the first shot of the video. Then when I click on them to play, Quicktime opens and plays them.

Midday yesterday, the videos started showing in Finder with the Quicktime icon. When I click to play, I get the swirling beachball, endlessly.

Any clues out there? I need to see if our neighborhood mangey fox ate a meatball so I can give him some ivermectin!

Thanks, folks.

I feel so ripped off--newspapers.com

I have had a membership to ancestry off and on for years. I have to get our family tree ready to pass on to my niece, who will be carrying the info into the future after I'm gone (mentally or physically). I have to clean up a mess I made when I first started about 10 years ago and didn't know that if you accept all the hints you end up with things like, "Lady Godiva had 50 children. She actually died before she was born," in the life stories.

So I resubscribed for six months and decided to include newspapers.com. It's so frustrating when I can't open an article.

As I went along, it seemed that everything I wanted to read was part of some "premier" subscription that cost another $50/year. I was able to open some papers in various cities, but never the major paper.

I have 10 days left to cancel the upgrade. I saw someone say that you can get newspapers.com through some libraries and am wondering if that access is to all papers or just the non-premiers. I'll check on that.

There seem to be a lot of people who know what they're doing on this thread. It's great to read the posts!

How Joe is being handled by the press--by Eric Boehlert

I have been following Eric Boehlert on Twitter for a while. I found this helpful, as I peruse the headlines (and comments sections) that do nothing but criticize the administration's handling of the situation in Afghanistan.


Recommendation: Charlie Wilson's War

My husband and I kept remembering this movie over the last few weeks and we finally watched it tonight. (Available for rental on Prime)

It was a good refresher about some of the seeds that were planted in the 1980s in Afghanistan that we continue to watch develop. Very moving to watch, and great cast.

(Since it's a Hollywood movie based on a nonfiction book, there is debate about parts that are not 100% historically accurate. The overall point remains valid.)

Prime streaming unsyncing--anyone else having this issue?

It happens every time we rent a video on Prime--there are lags, it falls out of synch, and we have to do a restart with our Firestick. By the time we get to the end, we've adapted and it stops driving us so nuts. Until the next time!

Now it has started happening while streaming series. Not as much, but enough that we notice.

I thought it might be our wifi, but it doesn't happen with Netflix, Kanopy, or YouTube.

The first time it happened with a rented movie, I requested a refund. That was a lot of work to get $3.99 back, and they said it was only a one-time courtesy.

An old desktop MAC--how can I make use of it?

I believe I bought it around 2010. It works beautifully except, of course, that it can no longer be updated. It has a nice, big screen.

Then I have my new little MacBook.

Does anyone know if there's a way I can connect the two so the monitor of the obsolete can be the screen while I'm typing on my laptop?

I did the Google on it and it's either 1. over my head or 2. doesn't look promising.

Thanks in advance if you have a good idea.

Finder--where did I go wrong?

Whenever I try to find anything in finder using Search, it gives me all these other folders. Like script folders! And ds_store folders! I have tried to find this answer in Apple support. Clues?


VA and hydroxychloroquine

I am waiting for this to blow up. It passed by on the lower right side of the CNN page at 4 a.m. last night. It's not blowing up yet. Will it?


Finally on front page MSM--African-Americans and COVID-19

NYT today: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/07/us/coronavirus-race
(I think their paywall's down for C-19 stories.)

'Ms. Lightfoot, the first black woman to be elected mayor of the city, said in an interview that the statistics were ďamong the most shocking things I think Iíve seen as mayor.Ē'


Update--in Kansas City, Missouri:

AND Dr. Fauci said it out loud today in briefing!

Disproportionate COVID-19 in African Americans

I am waiting for this to blow up in the news. So far, this might be the best thing I've seen. Perhaps because it is early data, it is not hitting anything prominently that I follow. It is important!

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