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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,521

Journal Archives

I would LOVE to see Trump's warehouse full of BEDMINSTER PGA 2022 UNUSABLE merch.

The Capitol riots ended Trump's dream of hosting this week's PGA Championship at his Bedminster golf course: report


The second major professional golf tournament of the year, the PGA Championship, takes place this week at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, OK. It wasn't supposed to be that way.

Former President Donald Trump's Bedminster, NJ golf club originally was slated to be the venue - that is until the sport's governing organization decided it didn't want to be associated with someone who incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol in an effort to illegitimately retain the presidency.

It took only four days after the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection for the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) to decide it would not stage its 2022 signature tournament at the Trump course, even though it had not secured an alternate location.

According to a Golf Digest report, on the day that legendary players Annika Sorenstam and Gary Player were in the East Room of the White House for a ceremony, the leadership of the PGA met to consider how they should respond to "various constituencies, including advertisers, paying fans, TV viewers, broadcast partners, corporate sponsors — and the 29,000 men and women of the PGA of America.

How heart-wrenchingly, hand-me-more-tissues SAD to see Chuck Toad out of the afternoon lineup

I've been singing that Michael Jackson song about the rat all afternoon in his honor, just changing "Ben" to "Chuck." We miss you, brave little soldier. We miss you.

I can only imagine the grief MAGAts are experiencing over Musk's "delay" announcement

They were SO excited about Trump's return to Twitter. even though they can worship him 24/7 on his own "Truth Social" platform, which he never uses.

Musk may not be "likeable" for a lot of people, but like Trump, he knows how to get people talking, and you know the old idiom, "there's no such thing as "bad" publicity," and the bad publicity for his takeover bid has been Trump.

What interests me most, after Trump's "strong assertion" (very strong, many people are saying it's the strongest assertion they have ever seen) that he would NOT return to Twitter if Musk lifted his suspension, is how many MINUTES it would take him to get back on and start tweeting.

Anyway, PLEASE take a moment today to offer your THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS for the weeping MAGATs.

Possible reasons why Rick Scott's plan to kill SS & Medicare isn't resonating with anyone I know

1). They haven't heard about it, even though I yell about it all the time

2). They think "It would never happen, people wouldn't stand for it," even though with a Republican majority in the House & Senate, they would MAKE IT HAPPEN

3). They think it's "fake news" even though it's on Scott's website

I don't know the answer. I keep seeing this presented as the Dems' way to combat Republicans going into the midterms and NO ONE I KNOW is concerned about it, and when I bring it up, they basically do not respond in any way.

This was Paul Ryan's "only regret" after getting his tax cuts for millionaires, that he left the House without getting his mitts on SS and Medicare. THIS is what is at stake in November. And people JUST AREN'T GETTING IT.

Republicans are just pissed that the leaker killed their weepy "we protected the unborn" moment

It would have been the Saddam Hussein dramatic pause "WE GOT HIM" moment, but with a fetus.

The Tucker Carlson Protecting The Rights Of The Unborn SPECIAL, Thursday on Fox.

This is why Cruz and McConnell are screaming for "justice."

It was gonna be a BIGLY YUGE MEDIA MOMENT for Republicans, and now it's not.

Posted by Miles Archer | Tue May 3, 2022, 12:15 PM (6 replies)

R.I.P. DC / Marvel Comics LEGEND Neal Adams

Neal Adams, Comic Book Artist Who Revitalized Batman and Fought for Creators’ Rights, Dies at 80


Neal Adams, the legendary comic book artist who reinvigorated Batman and other superheroes with his photorealistic stylings and championed the rights of creators, has died. He was 80.

Adams died Thursday in New York of complications from sepsis, his wife, Marilyn Adams, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Adams jolted the world of comic books in the late 1960s and early ’70s with his toned and sinewy take on heroes, first at DC with a character named Deadman, then at Marvel with the X-Men and the Avengers, then back at DC with his most lasting influence, Batman.

During his Batman run, Adams and writer Dennis O’Neil brought a revolutionary change to the hero and the comics, delivering realism, kineticism and a sense of menace to their storytelling in the wake of the campy Adam West-starring ’60s ABC series and years of the hero being aimed at kiddie readers.

I just had first-hand experience with Elon Musk's New Era Of Free Speech on Twitter

OK. so...

...Musk sends out a tweet saying "We need more love, less hate on Twitter."

So I replied and said that wouldn't happen if he reinstated Trump, that he is incapable of "less hate, more love," and that if he came back and his followers flocked after him, Twitter would be happy hour at the skinhead bar.

So Musk reported me for "hate speech."

And Twitter gave me the option of being banned...period...OR deleting my tweet as "an admission of guilt," followed by a period of 7 days in the penalty box, where i can read tweets, send private messages to my followers, and nothing else.

This is what "free speech" looks like, Elon Musk style.

The ascension of Boebert and Greene made me wonder how long Palin would sit on the sidelines

That's too much second-generation insanity for mama bear to sit alone in her cave.

And Trump's endorsement makes perfect sense...one more shot at the corpse of John McCain, revisionist history about her greatness.

The collective IQ of America has plummeted so low that it makes me ill.

I didn't assume that Trump would "go away" after being defeated (despite his claims that it's EXACTLY what he'd do if he lost).

I hoped, in vain, that he'd at LEAST shut the fuck up for five minutes.

All I can say is get ready to vote in the midterms, and bring like-minded friends with you.
Posted by Miles Archer | Sun Apr 3, 2022, 10:53 PM (7 replies)

"Justice Clarence Thomas was the lone member of the court who dissented from the court's ruling"...

Former President Donald Trump has lost his final bid to block the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots from having access to key documents.

In an 8-1 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that a former president could not invoke executive privilege on White House records if the current president did not also assert that privilege.

"The questions whether and in what circumstances a former president may obtain a court order preventing disclosure of privileged records from his tenure in office, in the face of a determination by the incumbent president to waive the privilege, are unprecedented and raise serious and substantial concerns," the court writes. "The Court of Appeals, however, had no occasion to decide these questions because it analyzed and rejected President Trump's privilege claims 'under any of the tests [he] advocated."

Justice Clarence Thomas was the lone member of the court who dissented from the court's ruling, although he issued no explanation for his dissent.


Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signs letter against Jan. 6 committee
On Jan. 6, Ginni Thomas was supporting the Capitol riot violence as it unfolded on her social media



Please allow me to state the blindingly obvious in the NY AG Leticia James vs. Don Jr & Ivanka thing

I have no idea what tactics she'll use as Princess Ivanka continues to say "Daddy told me I don't HAVE to testify, so THERE," and Don Jr. replays his dad's "witch hunt" rhetoric to stir up support among the MAGAts (who are powerless against AG James, but don't tell Don, he's on a roll)...

...BUT IF it looks like AG James is getting so close that she'll either lock them up or get their asses in court, DONALD TRUMP will care for ONE REASON ONLY..."They're getting too close to me." Won't care about Don Jr. Won't care about the Princess. Will care about his own ass.

But you knew that, so carry on.

NY AG James

We are taking legal action to force Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump to comply with our investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings.

No one in this country can pick and choose if and how the law applies to them.
11:07 PM · Jan 18, 2022·Twitter Web App

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