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Old Crow

Profile Information

Name: Corvus brachyrhynchos
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pennsylvania
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Wed Sep 3, 2014, 02:00 AM
Number of posts: 2,150

Journal Archives

QAnon Believers in Disarray After Biden Inauguration

For years, believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory had been waiting for the moment when a grand plan would be put into action and secret members of a supposed Satanic pedophilia ring at the highest ranks of government and Hollywood would suddenly be exposed, rounded up and possibly even publicly executed. They were nearly always sure it was right around the corner, but "The Storm" never came — and the moment of Joe Biden's inauguration was the last possible opportunity for President Donald Trump to put the plan in motion.

But as Biden raised his hand and swore an oath to defend the Constitution, becoming the nation's 46th president — nothing happened.

The anti-climax sent QAnon adherents into a frenzy of confusion and disbelief, almost instantly shattering a collective delusion that had been nurtured and amplified by many on the far right. Now, in addition to being scattered to various smaller websites after Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) cracked down on QAnon-related content, believers risked having their own topsy-turvy world turned upside down, or perhaps right-side up.


How to determine how a House member will vote on Resolution to Remove Trump

I've been watching the coverage of the House vote on H Res 38: If the aide reporting the representative's vote has his or her mask below the nose, the vote will be NAY.


The Seditious 126: Handy List of Representatives with Telephone Numbers

The Seditious 126: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives
Who Want to Overturn the Results of the 2020 Presidential Election

Updated to include the additional 20 representatives who signed on to the amicus brief on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.

Telephone numbers for the representatives' Washington, DC, offices are provided.

Robert Aderholt (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-4876.
Mo Brooks (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-4801.
Bradley Byrne (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4931.
Gary Palmer (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-4921.
Mike Rogers (R), 3rd Call him: 202-225-3261.

Andy Biggs (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-2635.
Debbie Lesko (R), 8th. Call her: 202-225-4576.

Rick Crawford (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4076.
Bruce Westerman (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-3772.

Ken Calvert (R), 42nd. Call him: 202-225-1986.
Doug LaMalfa (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-3076.
Kevin McCarthy (R), 23rd. Call him: 202-225-2915.
Tom McClintock (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-2511.

Ken Buck (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-4676.
Doug Lamborn (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-4422.

Gus Bilirakis (R), 12th. Call him: 202-225-5755.
Mario Diaz-Balart (R), 25th. Call him: 202-225-4211.
Neal P. Dunn (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-5235.
Matt Gaetz (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4136.
Bill Posey (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-3671.
John Rutherford (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-2501.
Ross Spano (R), 15th. Call him: 202-225-1252.
W. Gregory Steube (R), 17th. Call him: 202-225-5792.
Michael Waltz (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-2706.
Daniel Webster (R), 11th. Call him: 202-225-1002.
Ted S. Yoho (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-5744.

Rick W. Allen (R), 12th. Call him: 202-225-2823.
Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-5831.
Doug Collins (R), 9th. Call him: 202-225-9893.
A. Drew Ferguson IV (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-5901.
Jody Hice (R), 10th. Call him: 202-225-4101.
Barry Loudermilk (R), 11th. Call him: 202-225-2931.
Austin Scott (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-6531.

Russ Fulcher (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-6611.
Mike Simpson (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-5531.

Mike Bost (R), 12th. Call him: 202-225-5661.
Darin LaHood (R), 18th. Call him: 202-225-6201.

James R. Baird (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-5037.
Jim Banks (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-4436.
Trey Hollingsworth (R), 9th. Call him: 202-225-5315.
Greg Pence (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-3021.
Jackie Walorski (R), 2nd. Call her: 202-225-3915.

Steve King (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-4426.

Ron Estes (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-6216.
Roger Marshall (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-2715.

Clay Higgins (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-2031.
Mike Johnson (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-2777.
Steve Scalise (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-3015.
Ralph Abraham (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-8490.

Andy Harris (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-5311.

Jack Bergman (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4735.
Bill Huizenga (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-4401.
John Moolenaar (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-3561.
Tim Walberg (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-6276.

Tom Emmer (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-2331.
Jim Hagedorn (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-2472.
Pete Stauber (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-6211.

Michael Guest (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-5031.
Trent Kelly (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4306.
Steven Palazzo (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-5772.

Sam Graves (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-7041.
Vicky Hartzler (R), 4th. Call her: 202-225-2876.
Blaine Leutkemeyer (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-2956.
Billy Long (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-6536.
Jason Smith (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-4404.
Ann Wagner (R), 2nd. Call her: 202-225-1621.

Greg Gianforte (R), At Large. Call him: 202-225-3211.

Jeff Fortenberry (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4806.
Adrian Smith (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-6435.

Jeff Van Drew (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-6572.

Elise Stefanik (R), 21st. Call him: 202-225-4611.
Lee Zeldin (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-3826.

Dan Bishop (R), 9th. Call him: 202-225-1976.
Ted Budd (R), 13th. Call him: 202-225-4531.
Virginia Foxx (R), 5th. Call her: 202-225-2071.
Richard Hudson (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-3715.
Gregory Murphy (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-3415.
David Rouzer (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-2731.
Mark Walker (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-3065.

Bob Gibbs (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-6265.
Bill Johnson (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-5705.
Jim Jordan (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-2676.
Robert E. Latta (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-6405.
Brad Wenstrup (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-3164.

Kevin Hern (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-2211.
Markwayne Mullin (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-2701.

John Joyce (R), 13th. Call him: 202-225-2431.
Fred Keller (R), 12th. Call him: 202-225-3731.
Mike Kelly (R), 16th. Call him: 202-225-5406.
Dan Meuser (R), 9th. Call him: 202-225-6511.
Scott Perry (R), 10th. Call him: 202-225-5836.
Guy Reschenthaler (R), 14th. Call him: 202-225-2065.
Glenn “GT” Thompson (R), 15th. Call him: 202-225-5121.

Jeff Duncan (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-5301.
Ralph Norman (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-5501.
Tom Rice (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-9895.
William Timmons (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-6030.
Joe Wilson (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-2452.

Tim Burchett (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-5435.
Scott DesJarlais (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-6831.
Chuck Fleischmann (R), 3rd. Call him: 202-225-3271.
Mark Green (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-2811.
David Kustoff (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-4714.
John Rose (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-4231.

Jodey Arrington (R), 19th. Call him: 202-225-4005.
Brian Babin (R), 36th. Call him: 202-225-1555.
Kevin Brady (R), 8th. Call him: 202-225-4901.
Michael C. Burgess (R), 26th. Call him: 202-225-7772.
Michael Cloud (R), 27th. Call him: 202-225-7742.
Mike Conaway (R), 11th. Call him: 202-225-3605.
Dan Crenshaw (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-6565.
Bill Flores (R), 17th. Call him: 202-225-6105.
Louie Gohmert (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-3035.
Lance Gooden (R), 5th. Call him: 202-225-3484.
Kenny Marchant (R), 24th. Call him: 202-225-6605.
Randy Weber (R), 14th. Call him: 202-225-2831.
Roger Williams (R), 25th. Call him: 202-225-9896.
Ron Wright (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-2002.

Ben Cline (R), 6th. Call him: 202-225-5431.
Morgan Griffith (R), 9th. Call him: 202-225-3861.
Rob Wittman (R), 1st. Call him: 202-225-4261.

Cathy McMorris Rogers (R), 5th. Call her: 202-225-2006.
Dan Newhouse (R), 4th. Call him: 202-225-5816.

Carol D. Miller (R), 3rd. Call her: 202-225-3452.
Alex X. Mooney (R), 2nd. Call him: 202-225-2711.

Tom Tiffany (R), 7th. Call him: 202-225-3365.

Stay Vigilant

The Young Turks: Trump Replaces Four Senior Officials at the Pentagon

President Trump halts funding to World Health Organization

Bernie Sanders still national frontrunner ahead of Super Tuesday: CBS Evening News

The Establishment v Bernie Sanders, Coronavirus & the Stock Market: The Common Good w/ Robert Reich

Just a note of appreciation for: YUI YOSHIDA

Yui, thank you for managing the Asian Group, doing a damn good job of it, and so often finding great videos to share with the entire Democratic Underground community. You are witty, smart, vigilant for justice, and fierce. I have been so happy that you've returned to DU and the Asian Group. I wish you and Juju all good things.

(Thank you very much!)
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