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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 10:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,911

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I have pneumonia

So PLEASE, if it's recommended to you, get the shot.
Took a while to get it diagnosed, but the meds are working fast, and I hope to be better soon. The fatigue is unreal, and the coughing rattles your whole body.
Still have cards and stuff to mail!

The City & The City

On Britbox. An amazing fantasy-police-procedural-noir, from the book by China Miéville. It's in four parts, one hour each. The story takes place in two cities that occupy the same space, and is really, really engrossing. We'll finish tonight - I can't even imagine what will happen!


What treatments do you recommend?
I haven't done anything, except for a hip biopsy when the first hip started to hurt. It's in both hips now and the pain alternates. I have weeks where it doesn't bother me, and then I'll have a period where my walking is impeded.
I see my PCP next week and I'll ask what to do.

C.B. Strike

It's on Cinemax, but I got it on DVD.
This is a detective series based on the recent books by J.K. Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith). I had read the first three (the fourth just came out). It's great! They did a perfect job of translation. There's a nice noir-ness to the shows ,starting right with the opening music. I watched with my sister and my daughter, neither of whom had read the books and they loved it.

Case Histories

It's on Prime. A quirky detective/mystery show starring Jason Isaacs (best known as the very evil Lucius Malfoy). It goes from sweet charming moments to intense back stories and I love it! Beautifully fimed in Scotland. Two seasons.

The Low FODMAP diet?

My GI doctor is trying to help me figure out what's wrong with my digestive system. Without going into the gross details, I started with a colonoscopy which showed nothing wrong.
First step was a probiotic. No change.
Then, I went back on a low-carb diet. Better but not great.
Now I'm supposed to be trying the Low FODMAP diet, which at the outset eliminates anything that could cause fermentation in your gut. Doctor gave me a handout with the good and bad foods listed.
My problem is that this handout is incomplete. So I went looking online for more information.
The problem is that EVERY version of this diet is different! I can't find two that list the same vegetables or dairy foods as acceptable.

Quite frustrating! At this point I'm just trying to eliminate the stuff they all list as bad...taking it one step past low-carb, that means cutting out most artificial sweeteners and broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, avocados and cabbage.

Is there anyone here who can give me some guidance?

USDA Announces Proposed Rule to Modernize Swine Inspection

Source: USDA Bulletin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today announced its continued effort to modernize inspection systems through science-based approaches to food safety. USDA is proposing to amend the federal meat inspection regulations to establish a new voluntary inspection system for market hog slaughter establishments called the New Swine Slaughter Inspection System (NSIS), while also requiring additional pathogen sampling for all swine slaughter establishments.

Read more: Link to source


Happy Birthday to me - got my own smart TV!

This is a small one, just 32", but it's for my sewing room (we just had the one in the living room). It's a Vizio and it has dedicated Netflix and Amazon buttons.
Now pardon me while I go delete everything that isn't in hi-def!
Exciting, because I like to watch while I sew or do other stuff, and not always "make" my husband watch what I want to see.

Death in Paradise?

I've never heard of it, but I know we're going to get to the end of Midsomer Murders at some point. Has anyone watched it? How is it? I see Netflix has five seasons.

Paper Doll Clothes (really)

I'm obsessed with "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," an Australian TV show that came to both PBS and Netflix. Long story short, it takes place in Australia in the 1920s, and Phryne Fisher is an upper-class woman with brains and savoir faire, who becomes a private detective. The shows cover many social issues that we still struggle over today and it's terrific. And the clothes and the settings are gorgeous!

An artist made a paper doll of the character, but it's not copyright-approved, so she took it down from the Internet. I didn't care -- I bought one from her privately. It came with seven outfits, all clothes she actually wore on the show. I have a bit of a background in fashion illustration, and I decided to make more clothes for the doll. I pulled out my colored pencils and my husband's light box, and I'm having a BALL brushing up on my drawing skills. The show is based on a series of books (by Kerry Greenwood), and right now I'm doing one that is on the cover of one of the books, a steel-gray silk evening gown with pearls and pailettes. Fun!

Just in case this doesn't sound insane enough, I also plan to dress up as Miss Fisher for Halloween!
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