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Richard D

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Member since: Fri Nov 14, 2003, 10:44 AM
Number of posts: 7,998

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From a mother of an Uvalde victim. (intense)

Found on Facebook.

On Edit: this was not written by the mother, so I removed it.

My apologies.

Trial Balloon for a Coup?

. . . As the Guardian points out, this has an important and likely not accidental effect: it leaves the State Department entirely unstaffed during these critical first weeks, when orders like the Muslim ban (which they would normally resist) are coming down.

The article points out another point worth highlighting: “In the past, the state department has been asked to set up early foreign contacts for an incoming administration. This time however it has been bypassed, and Trump’s immediate circle of Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, son-in-law Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus are making their own calls.”

(5) On Inauguration Day, Trump apparently filed his candidacy for 2020. Beyond being unusual, this opens up the ability for him to start accepting “campaign contributions” right away. Given that a sizable fraction of the campaign funds from the previous cycle were paid directly to the Trump organization in exchange for building leases, etc., at inflated rates, you can assume that those campaign coffers are a mechanism by which US nationals can easily give cash bribes directly to Trump. Non-US nationals can, of course, continue to use Trump’s hotels and other businesses as a way to funnel money to him . . .


One last request for help and some DU love

My dear friend, Kimberly, has a beautiful music performance/video that I produced that is in a singer/songwriter contest.

She is a fantastic singer, and her song is very inspirational and a quite powerful story of her search to regain her personal power.

A week ago she entered a contest that had already been running for over a month. In just the last 6 days she rose to 45th place out of over 6,300 contestants, most of whom had already been in the contest for over a month!

To vote for her, all you have to do is watch the video. If you love it, please share it. K&R this too, please.

I would also love any comments you might have.

I've been a DU member now for 10 years. Never asked for a favor like this before. Probably won't again.

This is very important for her as she now is approaching a darn good chance to be in the semi-finals. Every view matters!

Thank you.


Maybe the most disturbing video I have seen.

A. filmmakers Kate Davis, David Heilbroner and Franco Sacchi explore the lives of evangelical Christians who believe that Armageddon is imminent and that Israel will be the site of Jesus's second coming. The film follows evangelicals as they prepare for the apocalypse and examines how their beliefs and craving for destruction have influenced the U.S. government's relationships with Israel and Muslim majority countries.

Sometimes . . .

I give myself a challenge to shoot in a small area, right around my house. These were all taken within a hundred yards of my back door.

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