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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 7,058

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My new Covid mask reads on the front IQ TEST

I had a friend make it the IQ test is in red stitching on white mask. Yes we live in trumpublican Jonestown Cult kool or fools aid drinking cuntry Mercia. People around here vote for god guns and think you better stand for the national anthem. In other words these tribe members are dumb asses keep your hands government off my social security. Yet they voted trumpig and repig their whole lives and those facist wanna destroy all social programs . They claim to be Christian Iíve started asking them is that republican Jesus or traditional Jesus you worship.

This morning out and about at the grocery store. I was wearing it and ran across three people no mask. All three of them one guy and then one guy and his wife read my mask. Gave me looks I pointed at the IQ TEST to try and help them the fuck out morons. None of them said thank you for me trying to help them out ungrateful assholes.

We need to merge Antifa cells

On the way to the store this morning . I saw maybe six trump yard signs spray painted with BLM. And we live in trumpig cuntry Mercia

Duncan pup ate some puzzle pieces

Our one son who is 15 and young lady was doing puzzle. On the table on back porch and our son just came in and tossed puzzle in trash. Duncan loves sitting on porch table. And I do not think we want those puzzle pieces back.

You would think I was looking at porn made my wife mad looking at 55 plus communities

I find humor, Sitting on couch Iím 54 she my wife is 52. Me Iím thinking or so I think Iím thinking ahead wow thatís a mouth full. So I was showing her this one place nice place. Two bedroom one half bath prefabricated stand alone $105.000. They cut grass blow the snow , why they even have a golf course with two ponds loaded with bass cool . I do not golf well Minnie but I have to cheat at miniature golf yes I fish they even have a gym and outdoor pool. Iím like look the doc said theyíre not going to do your knee or hip at your age. She was in car accident few years back, she gets around she swims she is active. At times she has trouble going up our stairs.

So I said we let boys have the house in like two years. I do not plan on retirement in union until maybe 62. We take a va loan again. Buy a one floor home then when I retire we pay it off with my union annuity. And live on our defined pensions if Wall Street doesnít fuck us. This idea has gone over like a Led Zeppelin my wifeís response.

Mrs teb - you can move to a retirement community Iím not.

Teb- Well ok then just to let you know Iíll be taking my 79 tokai Les Paul reborn. And the 1 watt Marshall head and a stack.

Mrs teb- whatever

She is so fiercely independent I love her.

Humor Duncan pup ,Had to get my prescription sun glasses repaired

Yes I rage on gop earlier post. This morning and I try to spread what I find humorous. Duncan pup likes to sit on table on back porch. So this morning the lard ass my fault sat on my prescription sun glasses as I had them on table. After I got off work the nice lady at the optometrists asked how did your glasses get bent. I said a 25 pound golden retriever puppy ass sat on them.

Gop defense we didn't know on trumpig and Woodward Nuremberg

We didnít read it oh your gonna quote it the press. We didnít know. Same defense as Nuremberg we didnít know refuse to acknowledge. You wonít be hung by neck for being complicit in 200.000 murdered gop come November you will be voted out cowards.

Put down the rifles and your rice bowls my uncle is getting married in Vietnam got a new letter.

Iím all alone boys are cyber schooling my wife is actually in her office this morning. And as a union teamsters I decided drop sick I got the days to burn Iím in mood to make it a five day holiday. Anyway my uncle retired United steel workers and he was a widower. He decided to travel on his union pension, Europe New Zealand Vietnam japan Poland Ukraine Eastern Europe to search church records Russian orthodox for relatives. He is into researching family history. After he traveled to Vietnam like year later he went back and established a residency. He is former marine infantry I think his tour was like late 67 to January 69 those guys had thirteen month tour. At that time he was in college for mathematician. He got kicked out I cannot remember for what anyway the draft caught him.

He tells story that when he was at his induction physical he was trying to play deaf. And for being a unpatriotic asshole he says they set him up draft board to get drafted in marine corps. He says the draft board had no time for a educated hippie cuz they fought in WW2. After the war as infantry marine, he came home went to work in same steel mill as our father another Vietnam vet. He writes actual letter to my one brother who was marine infantry also yes I aggravate my brother call him LEG as he was never Airborne infantry as I itís a joke all in fun. Anyway my brother will scan and email our uncles letters.

We have been invited to come to Vietnam after vaccines Iím taking boys and I my brother is going as well. I posted in vet section awhile back our uncle is extremely happy living there and he invited us to come. So we wanted to go to see him and fish the catfish are huge in this river his pictures.Now weíre gonna go next August hope Covid vaccines to meet our new addition to the family. This woman that he met seems to be fine lady as his first wife. Iím happy for him sheís a doctor she is 68 years old I think he is 70 or 71.

They met at church dinner heís been doing Catholic Church as no Russian Orthodox Church available. I joke weíre bi religious our great grandfather was Russian orthodox our great grandmother was polish catholic they met after WW1. I myself after marrying my wife defected to the Lutherans , weíre relaxed we are the Grateful Dead of Christianity the Lutherans Iím joking I find humor people.

This fine woman that he met she is a doctor still practicing a doctor like our one brother. She was schooled university in Russia and came home and was NVA doc. I smile because the one bar my uncle hangs out is owned by former NVA officer arvin and nva troops all socialize together. The Vietnamese are so kind and forgiving towards my uncle and expat American vets. And you know itís odd my uncle was in same marine battalion that my mothers brother was in. He my momís brother didnít make it home. And in this letter he wrote that it was August 68 that he heard he got KIA my momís brother he remembered his name .

In my last letter to him I told him our mom his sister in law is in dementia she asks about her brother. Mom gets confused although I tell our uncle she remembers shit us kids did in our teenage years. And she will tell us you boys were onry then she says oh you were just boys.

He was wanting our mom his sister in law to come with us as well. He didnít know she cannot travel. Hey itís life Iím happy for him reading his letter. On back porch with the Duncan pup as the pup is eating dirt I just fed him not sure what dirt eating is about. I sent my brother pics to send print off pictures of us and our grandsons and daughters and our boys. And the dogs especially Duncan pup I told my brother to add Duncan pup is our anchor baby in letter to our uncle. I ramble just glad our uncle is well and living for once memories of war now have faded I hope. And heís happy cuz he has menthol cigarettes and miller beer and is in love.

Our school district is awesome cyber school

Two tenth graders and fifth grader are at desk signed in and ready to be counted head sets on laptops signed in . 07:45 start to 14:20 end five days week. The school district and educators are aces and weíre partial in thinking. As our youngest daughter is elementary teacher, the school ran last year with what they had on home schooling. Emailing assignments to be completed they were available online for instructions you had to make appointment. And this is dedication I remember our one son online with math teacher on a Saturday morning that speaks volumes to me. And in like four months our district put together cyber academy fantastic operation.

Every course is covered even gym theyíre obligated to get in 20.000 steps a week recorded by fit bit. Advanced language the district brought in a outside operation. So German and French is covered. Even music class our one son guitar, they brought outside instructors for music. His music teacher will accept his music college online guitar program credits this summer. He was supposed to attend five weeks this summer obviously he could not so he did it online. And gym we can substitute the walking with our free weights and swim club by appointment only.
I work third shift I have that covered along with home school lunches.

Every marking period there is $500 reimbursement per child. Now that is decent for single parents buying supplies or groceries. The only issue we ran into was laptops for some reason district didnít have enough. So fortunately my wife and I weíre able and purchased three laptops. So the boys didnít have to use their gaming laptops.

School lunch today is a thirty pound turkey itís in the oven. Mashed potatoes stuffing and broccoli and gravy. Iím running home school mess hall breakfast and lunch. And gym class well I gotta go scoop up the dog crap and check on the boys.

Drive in hamburgers milk shakes homemade fries today reminds me of my youth

Using around five pounds of ground burger and about a pound pork sausage mixed in with burger. Worcestershire sauce Iíll just dump in what I think or substitute A1 sauce then add salt pepper. Iím doing them on stovetop cast iron griddle.

Toasted buns Cheese Lettuce onions beefsteaks tomatoes and pickles. Was gonna do a thirty pound turkey. Problem is I started thawing it Saturday itís still partly frozen Iíll cook the turkey Tuesday or Wednesday after I get off work.

Hendrix bold as love with squeak duck accompaniment

On back porch having coffee and my pipe, son is trying out this fender twin amp In living room that I worked on for friend. And Duncan the golden retriever puppy is sitting next to me Squeaking his duck. I find humor and Iíll take it in these times we live in be safe all.
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