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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 4,506

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The boog

Journal Archives

The boog A child crying doing a Easter egg hunt that dog ate my egg

As my wife and I sit on back porch having coffee. Getting ready to hard boil eggs and color them for a Easter egg hunt. At our daughters home it is for the older kids and our grandkids will be humped around as well for the hunt.

My wife brought up the time at the elementary school. kindergarten our son and as parents we once again colored eggs for the class. And hung out as the kids searched for them, and I let boog run around as he enjoys kids. Not realizing that boog was hunting eggs as well and eating them.

And a little boy came crying to the teacher saying that dog ate his egg that he found. So I went and gathered the boog and put his leash on him. So today my wife said mr boog you will be sequestered in the yard doing the hunt.

Mr brownstone slash and Izzy

Coming from the front room , our son is trying to figure it out on guitar. As I stand at the keurig in the kitchen, in my mind I can see the notes that are picked the hammer ons. And he makes a mistake and I hear dammit so softly and then back to trying to figure it out. I want to help him but at times he will say Iíll get it dad ,Iím heading to the porch back porch cuz Iím in my boxers Iíll spare the neighbors the sight of my chicken legs as the boys say to have my coffee and pipe.

Reading again my fathers journals from Vietnam

So this is his second tour 69 with the 173rd. So Iím not sure if this is battalion ops or brigade.

So after inserting with chinooks they moving along as company element and NVA starts putting out indirect fire mortars

So Iím reading this and thinking the NVA is trying to find them with indirect and if they had wounded naturally we would call in birds for our wounded. And then NVA could find true trace or how they were moving.

I am so thankful as airborne infantry my total time was peaceful 84-87. In reading my fathers journals , can you imagine and I read into what he wrote. Most would think inserted by chinooks moving along. My old man passed away in 2000 car accident, I just want what I read and what he lived to be know.

I see in my old mans journals humping under a rucksack sweating your nuts off. Then you hear the indirect rounds from NVA leaving mortar tubes. Man Iíd be so afraid,Can you imagine in those few moments thinking I have to lay flat. Then the moment of relief that the indirect landed on a piece of earth away from you and no wounded. Every second wound tight man thatís so fucked up.

I really like mayor Pete

He is compassionate intelligent calm level in the head, and a veteran. And young enough to change our party to the direction it needs to go. At 53 years of age this election will be the election that I am voting for our childrenís and grandchildren future.

Boogs new nickname Nandor the relentless I should have bribed for a Ivy League obedience school

Ok Iím bored thought I was leaving for Maine 0200 Tuesday now 0700 Tuesday so no reason to lay down early. Nandor the relentless is character, In the new tv show what we do in the shadows,they are my kind of vampires.

Well our Nandor aka the boog decided this morning hey mans gone and he forgot to put the cat food up. So my man must want me to eat cat food, he is relentless if we forget to put trash can away yup heís relentless trash grazing. If we forget to put any cookies away on the bar yup gone.

So as I lay on the sofa with a terrible smelling boog the cause farts from cat food pilliaging this morning , I asked boog should man and lady paid a bribe for Ivy League obedience school eight years ago. I got a wag wag Iím good man big chocolate head on my hip.

Then my wife came home and said oh god that dog smells. I said hey letís roll down army surplus pick up the kids and us ,some m40 pro mask we used carry as kids in army be awesome Easter presents. My wife started spraying air freshener she says oh open a window.

I'm ranting Sometimes my kids drive me insane full speed ahead into debt

Five children three grown daughters two boys still at home. Our youngest daughter and our son in law want to buy a brand new Toyota 4 runner 40.000$ dollars reason they have a ten month old and she is pregnant again, I love Japanese cars you cannot kill them easy to get 300.000 on Japan suv.

I have a 02 Toyota Tacoma extended cab only 124.000 miles on it I bought it used, six months ago why because my 98 Nissan Pathfinder wouldnít pass Pennsylvania inspection with 288.000 miles on it rust issues so I sold my Harley rocker and bought the Tacoma left savings alone. I like 4 wheel drives. And my dream was to drive the pathfinder into my union pension years and giving greedy banks both middle fingers. And at that time my wife said why donít you just treat yourself and buy new I laughed.

I get it as in having a new car itís nice my wife drives new every five to six years me I hate owing a bank. So in this ramble I told our daughter hey I know a guy who has a 99 Toyota 4 runner it only has 87.000 on it he wants 4500$ Heís a teamster brother a driver like me who has retired and he just drives his Corolla. Like me he is on top of his vehicles maintenance oil change gets transmission serviced. I even told her hey Iíll buy it for you both problems solved. Sheís a elementary teacher she drives four miles to work my son in law is union apprenticeship electrician he travels. No dad that 4 runner is older , then this is the moment I pull my hair out and think geez kid your mortgage is 2100$ month. And you wanna pull a cluster fuck and add what add another bill of maybe 550 month for 72 months, Iím offering you better alternative.

they wanna go into debt over a 2019 4 runner oh they drive me up a rope.

Reading my fathers journals again Vietnam

I had my fathers journals notebooks letters from his two tours ,Iím not sure how to explain I guess transcribed. And I read these pages at times. when I first received them they were as I said letters to our mom and notebooks and loose pieces of paper. I have been looking at the Herds the 503rd operations online internet is amazing, And comparing them with his journals.

A letter written to his wife with perhaps a stub of a pencil humping with 173rd 66 -67 after a long night of wondering if he would see the sun rise, in his letter asking how my twin brother and I are. For a guy that only went to tenth grade he was very descriptive in his journals. My wife commented once not out of malice or rudeness ,she said I see where you and your father never paid attention on proper punctuation in school I replied exactly it is in our dna sarcasm.

My father in his journals a purple of a RPG rocket or green tracer rounds coming into us as NVA was trying to over run red tracers from the pig ( the m-60ís) and M-16ís as we put out rounds.

One part I read over and over was his second tour they had to pull a lp listening post. So my old man and four other troopers sky soldiers 1969 are between NVA and their element as a night battle rages. And the NVA knew where they were and it was murder incorporated my father and another sky soldier was only two come out of that walking back to their rifle company after that long night, as their rifle company got hit by NVA and the listening post was trying to get un fucked, not sure how far out they was from their lines but Iím thinking any distance is to far. But he wrote not sure after adrenaline I sat and puked smoking a cigarette . That reading that is to me fucking personal where Iím thinking fuck I read it and start to tear up because my old man was living at that moment second to second, probably thinking this is fucked Iím gonna get wasted tonight I donít know , because I never lived a moment like he did I imagine he would be so full of anger and letís I am not sure , my old man lost a leg on his second tour , one of my first hard memories of him was in VA hospital and it smelled I was probably 4. And he was in wheelchair and he hugged his boys held my one brother who was baby.

And after he discharged retired with wounds he went to work in steel mill a strong union man thatís where I get my union pride workers Wrightís. Artificial leg oh fuck it was just a leg Iím alive was his attitude, but Vietnam really squeezed his mind years later he would apologize to us boys. How he was so short tempered when we were younger. He came to know Christ around I donít know maybe 1993 ,He always would tell me as my twin brother passed away in 89. I wish I would have been able to apologize to him how I was when you boys were young.

Itís ok Iíd tell him and laugh Iíd say ,do you remember what you said to me in 84 when I came home and said hey I enlisted today Iím gonna go benning infantry then jump school. And he would smile at me and say your a fucking pollock as we our family is
Ukrainian Polish. The day I told my old man I enlisted army going benning he looked at me and said you dumb fucker gritting his dentures cuz he knew what a world of hurt is and who would want anyone to experience it. I was 17 but I was lucky my time was all peaceful.

Bob the donkey my wife's significant other is upset

Her significant other is bob he is a donkey bob loves my wife. When he sees my wife he brays hugs her her with his head I love you so much ,Bob has been temporarily staying with us for the last eight years. And as my wife was planting trees earlier Bob was trying to nibble on them and that caused argument I think they both need relationship counseling.

So now as I sit on back porch having a ice tea, my wife has left to go shopping with our one daughter. And bob has been put back in pasture and he is at the fence crying for the woman he loves.

This morning Boys and me at the Gym I love aggravating them

At fifteen they both have started really getting into weight lifting they also have enrolled in after school weight training program. Myself Iíve always been more cardio or resistance exercises like as kid in army. Pull ups sit ups push ups i swim laps, I have replaced running with rowing my knees Iím 53. And now after we warm up at the ymca these two head off to iron pile to lift, they both wanna get bulked up.

Their words dad your scrawny we want to get bulked up now I find humor

Weight wise they average around 150 to 160 at fifteen years of age height both of them five foot eight ,five foot nine to my six foot weight I come in maybe 145 weight. I love watching them do lifting and then they go to mirror and flex and give each other high five they make me smile.

So I walked over to let them know I was gonna go hit pool swim. And our one son says dad look at this as he was posing flexing. He says look at these guns what do you think, I responded cool I see cheeseburgers pizza chip beef mashed potatoes then I said like I used to when he was younger. And hugged him I love you little man, then I really went dad and grabbed our other son and hugged them both. They were embarrassed dad really public hugs not cool then I turned it up and kissed them on forehead, then headed to the pool.

Boog Jedi mind control

As he watches his boy make a bologna cheese sandwich for lunch sitting looking cute. Attempting once again to use his Jedi mind control.

Boog - Boy you will make me a sandwich why you want to make me a sandwich.

Boy looks at the boog you are on a diet your down from one hundred to eighty eight pounds. As he wraps everything up and puts it away.

Boog heads to couch to cuddle with the man his muzzle on my hip.

Man- you struck out I heard

Boog - yea man we need to watch the empire strike back again Iíll get it one day.

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