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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 13,759

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Soup of the day -- what's your choice?

I'm not fond of soup. I could easily pass on all of these and go for a sandwich or even a salad!


You can live underground in Montana for the low, low price of $135,000!

Act today! Being sold "as is." Yikes!

More photos at the link below. If you want to see lots more patchy ceiling!


MAJOR IMPACT: Bison sends another bison flying!

Not a new video, but I'd never seen if before. Maybe you haven't either. The power on display here is just incredible. Males weigh up to 2,000 lbs!!

If Donald Trump were a Kentucky Derby horse, what would his name be?


It's not just your imagination, your snacks are shrinking...

Paper bags may be more environmentally friendly, but...

kitteh doesn't like them!!

Rudy Tootie trying to cover his heinie after dodging the Jan. 6 Committee

What a lyin' windbag.


Can Russian regime change come soon enough

to save countless Ukrainian lives and also to spare Alexey Navalny, who somehow has survived this long, but his situation may soon get a whole lot worse...


How the guy can maintain a sense of humor is remarkable.

Who's the last Republican politician that you truly respected?

It's such a terrible lot today. Atrocious, really.

I can name very few current Republicans at the federal or the state level who I think are decent individuals (but I'm not familiar with some of them state by state).

I guess it would have to be Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney because they've seen the light, although Cheney still holds many positions that I abhor.

I cast back to perhaps John McCain because I think of that presidential campaign moment when he corrected that lady in the audience who denigrated Obama because she thought he was a Muslim. But that was just a honorable moment (and, in fairness, McCain did have years of honorable military service). But there were many things I disagreed with him on and could never vote for him.

Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California? But his fiscal performance was very poor (not to mention what he did to Maria Shriver).

There are just a lot of disgusting Republican politicians.

How many states have never had a female governor?

I saw this tweet and it made me wonder about the bigger picture:


The answer is 19.

North Dakota
West Virginia

While 27% of seats in the current Congress are held by women -- the highest percentage in history -- just 18% of the nation's governors are women.

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