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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,536

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How Senate Could Convict Drumpf With 58 Yes Votes

If 13 repubs do not attend the vote, it would take 8 repubs voting with All Democrats, in order to reach 2/3rds.

If 14 repubs don't attend, it takes 7 voting Yes.

The median would be 10 not attending, and 10 voting yes. 60 Yes out of 90 is exactly 2/3rds.

This would actually take more than the 17 that everyone is saying are needed. It would essentially take 20. But it would also allow 7-15 to skip the vote, and not have to actually vote to convict.

IMO, this is the option with a possibility of happening. You might get 7-10 "on the record" votes for conviction, but it's the other 7-10 which might be a challenge. Unless they stay home.

Bono: "Lady Liberty's Been Bruised & Battered These Past Four Years"

Bono: "As an Irishman, I’ve always believed America isn’t just a country, it’s an idea, one the whole world has a stake in. Lady Liberty’s been bruised and battered these past four years...but today her flame burns bright as we watch her torch transfer to two new leaders who will calm the waters, even while they chart a new course.

Joe Biden understands that in perilous times like these it is Yeats’ concept of cold passion that’s required…an idea both very Irish, and very American. Congratulations and Godspeed to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s history making, history-shaping achievement deserves many more moments in the sun.

And here's to those conservatives who, when incited to turn your back on democracy, chose to put country above party, truth above tribalism ... and accepted that the people have spoken."

11:50 AM - Jan 20, 2021


The End Is Nigh!

Jefferson Starship - Out Of Control

Grace Slick - September 1, 2017

There is the famous story of you wanting to dose Nixon when you got invited to the White House. What would you slip Trump to mellow him out?
Acid, because I don’t think he’d too well with that. It’s an ego-destroying thing where you are not in control. You’ve got to know what you’re doing with it. You’ve got to have somebody who is not high to make sure you don’t decide you’re a raven and fly off the roof. There are all kinds of things about it that are tricky. … We’ve got a president who is orange — everybody’s least favorite color. Bill Maher said never underestimate the stupidity of the American public, and, at this point in time, he is right. But I realized what a patriot I was when he got elected [because] it made me so sad thinking about how there were 12 or 15 guys who, now 240 years ago, started an entire country. Although they may not have practiced all their ideas — they had slaves and were talking about how all men were free — some in the Constitution are still used. And they were wonderful ideas as far as how to treat each other and yourself. Then you get this nut-job goofball as our president, and it’s embarrassing. He shouldn’t be running a country. Guy is a mess.

Seeing The Comments On Garth Brooks' Facebook & Twitter Makes Me Realize How Screwed This Country Is

Joe Biden is a fighter, and a good man. But I don't think he comprehends the Vitriol and Hate directed at him, and how many will NEVER accept him as President, and will accuse him of Despicable acts and beliefs. If you don't believe me, feel free to sicken yourself by looking at the FB comments. I know, those are usually a cesspool, but the ones on Garth's page look like mostly legit people to me, and are reflective of a significant portion of the public.

Those attacking Garth for performing tomorrow are overwhelming outnumbering those in support. And the comments are unbelievably off the deep end. Beyond belief.

Now I realize that these are from the Country/Western demographic. But they are still part of the 40%+ who will continue supporting Drumpf, long after he's gone, and will HATE with passion, Every Single Thing that President Biden proposes or stands for. They will, mark my words, fight him at EVERY TURN.

I thought that Joe Biden getting elected, and then the Democrats winning Senate control, would change my outlook. But I just don't see it. Yes, the bleeding will be stopped, and I know, unlike MILLIONS, that Joe has our best interests at heart. The other side is still there, still powerful, and still massive, and they're not going anywhere, or changing their minds at all.

We outnumber them. Joe won by Millions of votes. But we are hopelessly divided, and I see no way forward for this country, when 40% of the population is going to be opposition, and continue to WORSHIP a "president," who is so AWFUL, I don't need to go through all the words to describe what he is. I know we've been through them too many times here.

I really HATE HATE HATE such a large portion of the population, I'm not sure how long I can continue to stay and support this republic. My apologies to those who want to stay and fight, and I do back your efforts. I just feel it's hopeless, and this country has a bleak future.

45 Left For "45"


Let's Be Honest, If The Grifter Family Could Go Back To New York City, They Would!

Does anybody seriously believe they're going to all be happy stuck in Florida? Sure, it's nice, but it's a FAR cry from New York City.

I assure you that Egomaniacs & Suck Ups like Ivanka & Jared would rather be mixing with the High Society folks in the City That Never Sleeps. All they're going to find in Florida are a bunch of Retirees.

Hell, I'd choose NY over FL, just for the Pizza & Hot Dogs. Let alone the Thousands of other reasons.

I bet dear ol' Daddy INSISTED they all join him down there, otherwise he'd cut them off.

Democrat Party? - FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!

That is all.

(Since apparently it wasn't clear)

Today's Single Word Drinking Game


Drink Safely

There's 1 repub House Vote In Favor Of 25th Resolution

Not sure who it is.

6 repub Non-Votes remaining.
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