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I really have no idea why GOPrs can't conceive of the fact that rape is a bad thing...

It's as if they're pathologically incapable of understanding that concept.

They find so many ways of mitigating, excusing and even justifying the rape of women (especially.)

They like to emphasize the sexual aspect of sexual assault as if the sexual part was merely a misunderstanding. ...


I got drunk at a Catholic school party too!

I didn’t know how to drive. My mom had dropped me off at some kid’s house senior year. I couldn’t tell you whose house it was or even where it was. I had never been in with the popular kids but yet here I was, having been invited by a kid I had a crush on.

I went along with the crowd and drank anything that was offered, mixing my alcohols. Later, somehow, we all ended up at a park and continued the drinking. ...


Anyone else catch that revelation how our President* misunderstood how tariffs work ?!!

It seems to me that this discovery should really be more of a bigger deal...

From what I recall, I learned of this in a random observation on a brief TYT clip, where Cenk was noting how The Groping Dotard has been under the mistaken belief that tariffs are paid for by the exporting country !

I mean, huh ? WTF ?!!



False argument: if Kav isn't confirmed, they'll just confirm someone who is even more right wing

Hearing this bullshit argument on MSNBC.

Fact: anyone tRump nominates and the Senate confirms is going to be a conservative, most likely a raging conservative. There’s nothing we can do about that.

However, what they will NOT be is a combination of who and what Kavanaugh is...


Michael Avenatti Has a Strategy - It Could Work, So I'm Not

He has a client who might be able to shed some more light on Kavanaugh's lack of character and rapey mindset.

His client, however, isn't quite ready to make her statement yet, and time's short. So Avenatti is dropping crumbs for the media to follow, building up anticipation and doing whatever his client needs. ...

Snake Plissken

I missed the verse in the Bible that states raping passed out women is okay as long as you ...

don't' bake a cake for a gay couple's wedding.

I must not have the same edition of the Bible as Republicans use.

Tom Rinaldo

I can understand why an assault victim would retain Avenatti now

Ordinarily I might hope they would use "the system" to bring their allegations forward. There is a built in element of "showmanship" (by design) in how Avenatti operates. In some ways a victim may appear more "credible" if they report their concerns about Kavenaugh directly to the Senate committee first, where his appointment to the Supreme Court is currently being considered.

But knowing how the Republican Party operates I can understand the Avenatti route instead. These women are being attacked, these women are being persecuted, and they are being defamed. They might want a pit bull watching their backs, and in their place I might well turn to Avenatti first myself. He knows how to move the game off of defense onto offense. And as they say, the best defense is often a good offense. ...


The arrogance of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans...

They decided from the start to push the Kavanaugh nomination thru as quickly as possible. They made the decision to withhold documents that were needed for questioning by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. "Take the 5% we give you and be happy", they said.

McConnell promised all the partisans in his Party that he was ready to plow thru any resistance to get Kavanaugh confirmed. He gave angry speeches from the floor denouncing the smear campaign of the Democrats. ...


"Chaste kiss"? I've heard about enough of this bullshit.

Chaste? Chaste? His lawyer had the temerity to use that word in a sentence regarding his client, a wretched pile of stupid male hormone swinging his below-average-sized dick around like he's some Lothario-of-the-private-school-set?

I went to private school with some so-called "elite" kids, I taught their equivalent later in my career in professional school, I know who these assholes are better than many and let me tell you, they're even worse than they appear to be on TV and movies. Generally, they're vacuous empty shells who remain as such into adulthood and have almost no redeeming qualities. Even if "educated" they have no depth, no intellectual curiosity, no nothing. They measure everything through the lens of "Would I fuck that?" and if not, "How drunk would I have to be to fuck that?" ...

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