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David Simon, creator of The Wire, puts it in perfect context:

"School teachers carrying firearms and readied for gun battles in grade school classrooms is a level of social pathology that signals the end of any viable, coherent society. Travel such a path, and the barbarism and fearmongering of the American abattoir can only accelerate."

6:04 PM - Feb 21, 2018

Julian Englis

Little Marco Unintentionally Causes A Crowd to Erupt In Cheers for His Gun Control Argument

Rubio scores an own goal when he says the assault weapons ban "would literally ban every semi-automatic rifle that's sold in America" and the crowd erupts in cheers (Click for video)


Melania Trump's parents are legal permanent residents, raising questions about whether...

(WaPo) The parents of first lady Melania Trump have become legal permanent residents of the United States and are close to obtaining their citizenship, according to people familiar with their status, but their attorney declined to say how or when the couple gained their green cards.

Immigration experts said Viktor and Amalija Knavs very likely relied on a family reunification process that President Trump has derided as “chain migration” and proposed ending in such cases.


Conservative Twitter Users Lose Thousands of Followers, Mass Purge of Bots Suspected

(Gizmodo) Twitter suspended thousands of accounts overnight and conservatives on the platform aren’t happy about it. Twitter has yet to make a public statement about the issue, but right-wing users believe that they’re being targeted in a mass purge of suspected Russian bot accounts.

Conservative Twitter has even started a hashtag called #TwitterLockOut to talk about the purge, with some claiming that real people (as opposed to bots) were locked out of their accounts. Gizmodo has so far been unable to confirm that any real people have had their accounts mistakenly suspended.


Democrats just flipped a Kentucky state legislature seat in a district Trump won by 49 points

(Vox) Democrat Linda Belcher was just pronounced the winner of the special election in Kentucky’s House District 49, a seat that Donald Trump carried by a 72-23 margin in 2016 and that went 66-33 for Mitt Romney in 2012.


Florida House votes down motion to take up weapons ban with Douglas students present

On their first full day lobbying Florida lawmakers in Tallahassee to change the state's gun laws, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School quickly learned change does not happen very fast in government, if at all.

With Douglas students in the gallery Tuesday, the Florida House voted down a motion to take up a ban on assault weapons such as the AR-15 used by Nikolas Cruz when he killed 17 people at the school on Valentine's Day.

The final motion vote was 36-71.


My theory on why the MSDHS students have been so vocal:

Sandy Hook was a little over five years ago.

The students at Stoneman Douglas were only a couple of years older than the student victims at Sandy Hook. They were old enough to have a conscious memory of that horrible day and probably associate in some way with the students killed there. They probably haven't forgotten those feelings of vulnerability.

It's a generational thing, and they are the generation of school massacres.

It's as though the tragedy followed them.

Different schools, different states, different shooters, but the same exact problem.


State election officials across country returning to paper ballots

(Boston Globe) Hoping to counter waves of Russian Twitter bots, fake social media accounts, and hacking attacks aimed at undermining American democracy, state election officials around the country are seizing on an old-school strategy: paper ballots.

In Virginia, election officials have gone back to a paper ballot system, as a way to prevent any foreign interference. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe this month ordered county officials to ensure new election equipment produces a paper record. Georgia lawmakers are considering legislation to replace a touch-screen voting system with paper.

George II

Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort, sources say

(Los Angeles Times) A former top aide to Donald Trump's presidential campaign will plead guilty to fraud-related charges within days – and has made clear to prosecutors that he would testify against Paul J. Manafort Jr., the lawyer-lobbyist who once managed the campaign.

The change of heart by Trump's former deputy campaign manager, Richard W. Gates III, who had pleaded not guilty after being indicted in October on charges similar to Manafort's, was described in interviews by people familiar with the case.


Sanders: Trump not speaking out against Russia 'is a horror show'

(The Hill) Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday blasted President Trump for not taking action to protect the U.S. from Russian meddling in future elections, saying "that we don’t have a president speaking out on this issue is a horror show."

His comments follow an indictment released Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller outlining multiple actors who played a role in extensive Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election.

"We have got to bring Democrats and Republicans together despite the president to go forward to protect the integrity of American democracy,” Sanders said on “Meet The Press.”

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WH: Everything About Stormy Daniels Payout 'Has Been Asked And Answered'

1 min ago - By Nicole Lafond | February 22, 2018 3:23 pm During the White House press briefing Thursday, deputy press secretary Raj Shah dodged questions about President Trump’s personal lawyer admitting last week that he paid a porn star $130,000 out of his ... (Talking Points Memo)

Northeast governors announce gun control initiative

3 min ago - Not counting on Washington to take action on gun laws, four Northeast Democratic governors on Thursday announced the formation of a state-based alliance to beef up gun controls. It's modeled on the Climate Alliance formed by Democratic governors afte ... (Politico)

Longtime NYC police chief: Giving teachers guns is 'the height of lunacy'

7 min ago - BY BRETT SAMUELS - 02/22/18 03:49 PM EST Former New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Thursday said President Trump’s and gun advocates’ suggestion to arm teachers to prevent school shootings is “the height of lunacy.” https://twit ... (The Hill)

Gov. Rauner drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate his commitment to diversity

10 min ago - In an awkward onstage appearance this week, Gov. Bruce Rauner drank a glass of chocolate milk to demonstrate his belief in diversity. “It’s really, really good,” Rauner said after taking a sip of the sugary drink. “Diversity!” The clunky corporate ... (Chicago Tribune)

NRA Head Lashes Out At Gun Control Advocates, "They Hate Individual Freedom"

16 min ago - Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA, broke his silence this week after the Florida shooting with an unrepentant defence of gun rights and an aggressive attack on political elites who "hate individual freedom." LaPierre used his address to the ... (The Guardian)

With Greitens investigation heating up, Missouri lawmakers wonder what's next

18 min ago - As Missouri lawmakers considered on Tuesday whether threatening the release of "private sexual images" should be a felony, one Kansas City Democrat had this to say: "I’d ask everyone to say no to blindfolds and duct tape and support ... (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Cruz: Dems are 'the party of Lisa Simpson'

23 min ago - BY BEN KAMISAR - 02/22/18 02:44 PM EST Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) compared the Democrats to know-it-all cartoon character Lisa Simpson in a Thursday appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference. "The Democrats are the party of Lisa ... (The Hill)

WH: Trump doesn't support assault weapons ban

32 min ago - BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 02/22/18 03:02 PM EST The White House said Thursday that President Trump does not support a ban on “assault weapons.” Democrats are calling on lawmakers to enact a ban on semi-automatic weapons that have been fashioned to fi ... (The Hill)

House Oversight Probes Scott Pruitts Travel Expenses

32 min ago - EPA administrator has been under fire for first-class travel and luxury hotel stays Posted Feb 22, 2018 5:05 AM As questions about the official travel habits of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt mount, the House Oversight and Government Reform ... (rollcall.com)

Trump Just Praised an NRA Official With a Long History of Appalling Statements

54 min ago - “Jack-booted government thugs” in “Nazi bucket helmets.” Noah Lanard Feb. 22, 2018 1:50 PM A week after the Parkland school shooting left 17 people dead, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to praise National Rifle Association CEO Wayne L ... (motherjones)

Exclusive: U.S. official focused on election security being shoved aside

1 hr ago - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of a federal agency who has helped U.S. states protect election systems from possible cyber attacks by Russia or others is being removed from his post by Republican House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and the Wh ... (Reuters)

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler accused of sexual harassment in lawsuit

1 hr ago - The suit says Schedler would send her Valentine's cards addressed to "My Dearest Sunshine," roses, bottles of wine, clothing and even sex tapes, despite her repeatedly telling him she was not interested in a sexual relationship. "When ... (The Baton Rouge Advocate)

U.S. judge denies Manafort's request to modify his bail terms

1 hr ago - POLITICS FEBRUARY 22, 2018 / 2:14 PM / UPDATED 41 MINUTES AGO WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, lost a bid on Thursday to modify the terms of his bail, after a federal judge said his proposal t ... (Reuters)

NRA spox: 'Many in legacy media love mass shootings'

1 hr ago - By Maegan Vazquez, CNN Updated 1:35 PM ET, Thu February 22, 2018 Washington (CNN)The National Rifle Association's national spokeswoman argued Thursday that "many in legacy media love mass shootings" during a speech at the Conservative ... (CNN)

Trump says he and NRA are on same page

1 hr ago - BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 02/22/18 01:39 PM EST President Trump expressed optimism on Thursday that the National Rifle Association would back new restrictions on guns, despite the gun lobby declaring opposition to the president’s proposal to raise age ... (The Hill)

Trump says John Kelly would stop mass shootings if he was a teacher with a gun:'The bullets would..

1 hr ago - Trump says John Kelly would stop mass shootings if he was a teacher with a gun: ‘The bullets would be flying’ DAVID EDWARDS 22 FEB 2018 AT 13:45 ET President Donald Trump on Thursday insisted that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly co ... (RawStory)

UPDATED: Trump: Give Bonuses to Armed Teachers

2 hrs ago - President Trump on Thursday floated the idea of offering a little bit of a bonus for teachers who are trained and armed. You cant hire enough security guards... but you could have concealed [carry weapons] on the teachers, the president said, per poo ... (The Daily Beast)

Pennsylvania Congressional Map Battle Lands In Supreme Court

2 hrs ago - By MARK SCOLFORO | February 22, 2018 6:47 am HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A request by Republican leaders in the Pennsylvania Legislature to stop a new congressional map from being implemented is now in the hands of the nation’s highest court. The fil ... (Associated Press)

Trump-appointed judge who donated to campaign refuses to recuse himself from dossier matter

2 hrs ago - By ALI DUKAKIS Feb 22, 2018, 9:15 AM ET A Trump-appointed federal judge who donated to the Trump campaign and worked on his presidential transition team has rejected requests to recuse himself from overseeing a legal battle involving Fusion GPS, ... (ABC News)

Trump campaign official Gates will have sealed hearing in Washington court on his lawyers bid to wit

4 hrs ago - A federal judge has scheduled a hearing for Friday on a request by lawyers for Rick Gates to withdraw from representing the top Trump campaign official in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The sealed hearing schedule was disclosed Thur ... (CNBC)

Obama praises 'fearless' Florida shooting survivors: "We've got your backs'

4 hrs ago - Former President Barack Obama praised survivors of last week’s school shooting in Florida for speaking out in the wake of the attack, calling them “smart” and “fearless” and promising “we’ve got your backs.” “Young people have helped lead all our gr ... (The Hill)

Brussels lockdown: Belgian police seal part of capital in major security operation

4 hrs ago - Streets have been closed and armed police special forces units deployed to a southern suburb of Brussels after reports of a possible murder. A police helicopter could be heard overhead in the Forest district of the Belgian capital, while images from ... (Independent UK)

NRA's Wayne La Pierre at CPAC: Gun Control Advocates Are Exploiting the Florida School Shooting Trag

5 hrs ago - NRA's Wayne La Pierre at CPAC: Gun Control Advocates Are Exploiting the Florida School Shooting Tragedy A top official with the National Rifle Association said during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday that politici ... (Time)

UN Security Council set to vote on motion calling for Syria ceasefire

5 hrs ago - The UN Security Council is expected to vote on a new plan for a Syria ceasefire today. The resolution, which has been drafted by Sweden and Kuwait, would allow for a 30-day break in the fighting to deliver humanitarian aid. It remains unclear wheth ... (NewsTalk)

Iran says may withdraw from nuclear deal if banks continue to stay away

5 hrs ago - FEBRUARY 22, 2018 / 4:32 AM / UPDATED 4 HOURS AGO Bozorgmehr Sharafedin LONDON (Reuters) - Iran will withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal if there is no economic benefit and major banks continue to shun the Islamic Republic, its deputy foreign mi ... (Reuters)

Trump praises NRA leaders: 'They love our country'

6 hrs ago - President Trump took to Twitter Thursday to praise the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its leadership, calling them “great people great American patriots” who “will do the right thing.” “What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to unde ... (The Hill)

Facing jeers and boos, Rubio shifts on guns during tense forum

6 hrs ago - It was a striking turnabout for Rubio, who never met a gun-rights bill he didn’t vote for in the Florida legislature and in Congress. By MARC CAPUTO and REBECCA MORIN Updated 02/22/2018 12:19 AM EST The mass shootings in Newtown, Orlando, Las ... (Politico)

Top Political Donors Have Already Given $66 Million for Midterms

6 hrs ago - By John McCormick and Bill Allison February 22, 2018, 4:00 AM EST Billionaire Tom Steyer and packaging king Richard Uihlein are leading the charge among mega-donors seeking to influence the November elections, with the top 10 contributors loggin ... (Bloomberg News)

Amnesty accuses President Trump of human rights violations

6 hrs ago - 6 hours ago Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Donald Trump of "hateful" politics and of being a threat to human rights. "President Trump takes actions that violate human rights at home and abroad," the group ... (BBC)

Warriors to spend part of D.C. trip with local kids, as they won't be heading to White House

6 hrs ago - 2:35 AM ET Chris Haynes and Ramona Shelburne OAKLAND, Calif. -- With President Donald Trump tweeting last September that a White House invitation for the Golden State Warriors was "withdrawn," the reigning NBA champs have decided to go ... (ESPN)