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My (ex) sister-in-law and her husband took my sons and I to watch Ringo Starr's concert in Binghamton Tuesday evening. Every song the All Starr Band played was fantastic. There is something about watching the 78-year old former Beatle that brings back good memories. And I know that most of the audience – and the majority was of my generation – were reliving the same memories. Thousands of people were singing along, and hundreds were dancing throughout the arena.

In these strange and often terrible times, it is important to take time to recognize and experience the good that is around us. That's not to say we should ignore or somehow forget all the bad things around us – that is not possible. We are in one of the most intense conflicts in our nation's history. We see it played out in the media daily, with Trump, Kavanaugh, and the spineless republicans in the House and Senate. They are the spores of a poisonous plant that have taken root in too many communities across America. ...


One of the reasons I like Andrew Gillum so much--maybe it's shallow--he's so inherently likeable.

Don't get me wrong. There have been plenty of highly likeable Democrats and elected officials on local, state and federal levels before 2016.

There are plenty of highly likeable Democrats and elected officials currently serving in local, state and federal levels at this very moment. We talk about them all the time here. We root for them. We cheer for them.

But its just such a refreshing feeling to see a fresh, relatively unknown face in politics come out of the blue now in 2018 who just makes you happy. Who makes you smile. Who you get a genuinely good feeling for when you hear them speak. Who makes you optimistic that all is not lost. ...


My son, (a prosecutor in Brooklyn) has this to say about Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh on Facebook today..

In my experience, liars tend not to invite the FBI to investigate their claims.

I'm waiting to hear all the evidence before making up my mind. At this point all I care about is that the process is fair. In our system, both the accused and the accuser are entitled to fair process.

But on the face of it there are several reasons Prof. Ford's story appears credible: ...


Maybe Dr. Ford should just go on television and tell her story directly to the American people.

She could go on television and speak right into the camera about what happened, taking away the opportunity for the republicans on the Judiciary Committee to abuse her.

There is nothing they can do to stop her. It's her first amendment right. Kavanaugh isn't going to be able to do a thing about it. Suing her for defamation doesn't seem like it would be an option.

Then let the republicans vote for Kavanaugh, which they were going to do all along, and pay at the polls in November.


Finally broke down and called Grass man's office about Kavanaugh

haven't called in a while because I feel so frustrated when I call his (and Ernst's) office.

I know they would much rather give me a "fuck you" rather than a thanks for calling.
I especially know that 100% of Iowans could be against the Grassley side and he would do whatever he wanted. Matter of fact that was about the situation with Merrick Garland. Then later that same year Iowa gave him 65% of the vote.

But the Kavanaugh appointment is so important I took one for the team and will be doing so frequently in the next weeks.


One important characteristic of many stupid people is that they do not know it.

Think of Trump. A profoundly ignorant man who has never worked a day in his life. But an ignorant RICH man. And that makes the difference.

Because he had a rich father, he had no worries. He never had to apply for a job, never had to actually do anything to get his position. ...


Kavanaugh Does Not Want An Investigation Because He Knows It Will Show Attempted Rape

This is the frame anyone (Democratic Politician) involved should be using now.

They want to hurry up the "testimony" and not have a proper investigation.

They give Democrats a talking point from God, and we don't use it once again. ...


Regarding Kavanaugh the sexual assaulter and a memory of mine.

We already knew that Kavanaugh was a bona fide CREEP when he sneered and turned away from the offered handshake from the father of a murdered young woman.

We've also found out that he has a history of sexual assault, but the Trump worshipping Republicans want us to look past this because Kavanaugh was 17 at the time it happened.

When I was young, my father told me that if a girl or woman ever told me to stop, than stop IMMEDIATELY. On my own, I added to that to not only stop, but to release all physical contact, also immediately. ...

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