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New Post/ABC poll of Pennsylvania

Biden: 54%
Trump: 45%

Notably, that 9 point lead is the same as the one in yesterday's NYT/Siena poll.


Report: Biden, wife will tour Western Pa. by train on Wednesday

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be touring through Western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio by train on Wednesday, according to CNN, citing campaign sources. The tour, which will focus on the economy and working families, marks Mr. Biden’s most ambitious campaign trip since March, when he was forced to cancel in-person campaigning due to COVID-19. He will be making the tour with his wife, Jill, CNN reported.


Fantastic ad by Sully Sullenberger, VoteVets and The Lincoln Project!

(VoteVets) Sully Sullenberger stepped up in a critical moment and now he asks that we do the same. That we do what’s needed and what’s critical to save our nation from Trump's chaotic destruction.


Former campaign rivals join forces in Florida to defeat Trump

(Tampa Bay Times) The effort to defeat Trump in Florida and mobilize the Hispanic vote for former Vice President Joe Biden has led to some strange bedfellows. An anti-Trump political committee, The Lincoln Project, run by current and former Republicans, announced Monday it has joined with three Democrat-leaning groups to target Hispanic voters and counter the messaging of the president’s campaign. The team of former rivals includes Mi Familia Vota, UnidosUS Action Fund and Nuestro PAC, which was founded by Bernie Sanders' former political adviser, Chuck Rocha. The four groups will host a bipartisan virtual town hall on Wednesday as part of their voter mobilization effort and multi-media marketing campaign.


I'm seeing noticeable cracks in Trump's support in Texas

I visited a longtime friend this weekend. This guy is the most hardcore Trumper I've ever met, but we still get along when we're not discussing politics. However... rather than Trump 2020 stuff plastered everywhere, he just had a pro-police sign in his yard. And when the election did come up, all he did was groan and shake his head in response to Trump, and didn't even say anything about Biden. He'll still probably vote for Trump, but his change in tone since this time last year is marked. And the next day I went to my dad's house. He's a long-time Republican, though him and my stepmom switched to Beto in 2018. I was very surprised to find...a Biden/Harris sign in their yard.


Whoa! My right wing sister has moved all the way from simply giving up on Trump...

...to voting for Biden! Back in late May I posted this: Be on the lookout for flying cows and frost warnings from Hell! ...about how Trump's handling of COVID finally broke through her denial and her Fox News talking points and defenses (which had been in full force just a few weeks before), so she just couldn't vote for Trump anymore. At that time, however, she was still on her anti-Biden talking points, and said she'd probably vote Libertarian. I haven't talked politics at all with her since then, as I was just going to give her space after this big a change... and then I just heard from my nephew that she's gone all the way over to Biden since then!


Amy Coney Barrett tied to faith group ex-members say subjugates women

(Minneapolis Star-Tribune) President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the "head" of the family and faith. Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say it teaches that wives must submit to the will of their husbands.

Barrett, 48, grew up in New Orleans in a family deeply connected to the organization and as recently as 2017 she served as a trustee at the People of Praise-affiliated Trinity Schools Inc., according to the nonprofit organization's tax records and other documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Only members of the group serve on the schools' board, according to the system's president.

The AP also reviewed 15 years of back issues of the organization's internal magazine, Vine and Branches, which has published birth announcements, photos and other mentions of Barrett and her husband, Jesse, whose family has been active in the group for four decades. On Friday, all editions of the magazine were removed from the group's website.


Forbes Adds It Up: Trump Is $1.1 Billion in Debt

(New Civil Rights Movement) Forbes says President Donald Trump is a billionaire, but he’s more than a billion dollars in debt. The New York Times Sunday evening dropped a bombshell investigation into Trump’s taxes, after having obtained twenty years of his returns. The Times reported Trump is $421 million in debt to an unknown entity. (One former top Mueller team attorney just strongly suggested that entity is Russia.) Now, Forbes senior editor Dan Alexander, whose beat is covering Trump, reveals the President of the United States is $1.13 billion in debt.

Major Nikon

So now we know for certain why so many people had to die

Trump was and still is looking at the biggest bankruptcy of his entire life. He owes about as much as his assets are worth, and being in the hotel and resort industry he relies heavily on people traveling. Without people traveling his finances which were already shaky to begin with are now swirling the bowl. He's on the verge of losing virtually everything and with so much of his own money on the line this isn't other people's money, it's his this time.

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Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings close facilities after Titans players test positive for COVID-19

1 min ago - The Tennessee Titans have closed their facilities until Saturday after three players and five team personnel members tested positive for COVID-19, the NFL announced Tuesday. The eight new positive tests have been confirmed after additional testing, ... (ESPN)

Arizona man who voted Trump in 2016 switching vote to Biden after wife died of COVID-19

39 min ago - A retired Air Force veteran in Arizona who voted for President Trump in the 2016 election announced on Monday that he will be casting his vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November after the man's wife died of complications from COVID-19. Da ... (The Hill)

Cook Political Report shifts Ohio, Iowa to 'toss up' in presidential race

58 min ago - The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted the presidential race in Ohio and Iowa to a “toss up” on Tuesday from lean Republican, citing recent polls showing a tightening race between President Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. ... (The Hill)

GM Will Repay Ohio $28 Million In Tax Incentives

1 hr ago - GM Will Repay Ohio $28 Million In Tax Incentives Erik Shilling 25 minutes ago • Filed to: GM There were two GM-related press releases issued and an unscheduled event at the White House on Monday. One press release was from GM. The other, more inter ... (Jalopnik)

Singer-Songwriter Mac Davis Is 'Critically Ill' After Heart Surgery

1 hr ago - "We are sorry to report that legendary singer/songwriter Mac Davis is critically ill following heart surgery in Nashville," the musician's family said in a brief statement. "Your love and prayers will be deeply appreciated at this time ... (MSN People)

Kentucky AG agrees to release grand jury tapes in Breonna Taylor case

1 hr ago - Kentucky’s attorney general has agreed to release the recordings of the secret grand jury proceeding that considered charges against three officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. Attorney General Daniel Cameron agreed to the relea ... (Politico)

Postal Service workers quietly resist DeJoy's changes with eye on election

1 hr ago - This summer, as controversial new procedures at the U.S. Postal Service snarled the nation’s mail delivery and stirred fears of how the agency would handle the election, rank-and-file workers quietly began to resist. Mechanics in New York drew out t ... (WaPo)

British member of Parliament nominates Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize

1 hr ago - British member of Parliament nominates Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize © Getty Images A member of the British Parliament on Tuesday announced he has nominated Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize. “When others have reso ... (The Hill)

White House Told CDC: Come Up With More Evidence to Support School Reopenings

1 hr ago - NOT HOW SCIENCE WORKS Published Sep. 29, 2020 5:18AM ET The White House put the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under immense pressure to produce more evidence that suited the Trump administration's agenda to send kids and teachers b ... (daily beast)

Dying winds give crews hope in Northern California fires

2 hrs ago - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Firefighters say they hoped dying winds would enable them to bear down on a wildfire that exploded in the Northern California wine country, prompting tens of thousands of evacuations while a second blaze killed at least three peo ... (AP)

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh

3 hrs ago - Nearly 100 people, including civilians, have died as battles rage on between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. The mountainous enclave is recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but has been run by Armenians since ... (BBC)

Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump

3 hrs ago - POLITICS Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump DOJ officials say they are just following the law. But department veterans see political motives in Barr's recent moves. By KYLE CHENEY 09/29/2020 04:30 AM EDT The prosecution ... (Politico)

In Pennsylvania, advantage Biden with a big boost from women: POLL

3 hrs ago - Overwhelming support in Philadelphia and its suburbs lift former Vice President Joe Biden to a clear lead in crucial Pennsylvania, with backing from college-educated white people and women -- notably white, moderate and suburban women -- central to h ... (ABC News)

Police: Multiple people dead in Salem 'hostage situation'

3 hrs ago - SALEM, Ore. -- A possible “hostage situation” led to a fatal shooting after police responded to a home in the west Oregon city of Salem, The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies arrived at the home at 12:30 p.m. Monday, according to the she ... (ABC News)

Immigrants Say They Were Pressured Into Unneeded Surgeries

4 hrs ago - The Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Ga., drew national attention this month after a nurse, Dawn Wooten, filed a whistle-blower complaint claiming that detainees had told her they had had their uteruses removed without their full understandin ... (New York Times)

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

10 hrs ago - A super-enzyme that degrades plastic bottles six times faster than before has been created by scientists and could be used for recycling within a year or two. The super-enzyme, derived from bacteria that naturally evolved the ability to eat plastic, ... (Guardian/US)

Top House Republican calls for probe of source of NYT Trump tax documents

11 hrs ago - Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) called on Monday for a probe into the sources of The New York Times story that detailed two decades worth of President Trump's tax records and financial dealings. Brady, the head Republican on the House Ways and Means Comm ... (The Hill)

Kentucky AG will share Breonna Taylor grand jury recording after juror calls for release

11 hrs ago - The Kentucky attorney general will release a recording of the grand jury proceedings that led to no charges for the death of Breonna Taylor, a spokeswoman said Monday night. The attorney general will share the information Wednesday on a judge’s orde ... (Washington Post)


12 hrs ago - Tax records show that “The Apprentice” rescued Donald J. Trump, bringing him new sources of cash and a myth that would propel him to the White House. Sept. 28, 2020 From the back seat of a stretch limousine heading to meet the first contestants for ... (NY Times)

AG Nessel announces criminal investigation of group seeking repeal of Whitmer powers

12 hrs ago - LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is launching a criminal investigation into Unlock Michigan — the committee collecting signatures to repeal an emergency powers law Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is using to address the coronavirus pandemic — Ne ... (Detroit Free Press)

Trump announces plan to deploy 150 million Covid rapid tests previously touted

13 hrs ago - President Donald Trump formally announced a plan on Monday to disperse the 150 million rapid coronavirus tests first promoted by the White House in August. The White House originally billed the deal to obtain tests, which are made by Abbott Laborat ... (CNN)

Texas sheriff indicted after probe into Black man's death

13 hrs ago - AUSTIN, Texas -- A Texas sheriff has been indicted on charges of destroying or concealing video in an investigation into the death in custody of a Black man, Javier Ambler, that was filmed by the police reality TV series “Live PD," prosecutors s ... (ABC News)

Former Louisville cop pleads not guilty on wanton endangerment charges

14 hrs ago - Brett Hankison, the only officer to be indicted in the Breonna Taylor case, pleaded not guilty to his charges during a telephone court appearance Monday afternoon. Hankison, who was fired from the Louisville Metro Police Department in June, was hit ... (ABC News)

California governor signs four LGBTQ rights laws

14 hrs ago - --snip-- SB 132 requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will now be required to ask inmates about their gender identities and pronouns and house them accordingly. This comes just months after a federal judge ruled that ... (LGBTQ Nation)

YouTube celebrates Deaf Awareness Week by killing crowd-sourced captions

15 hrs ago - YouTube has been criticized by members of the deaf community for deactivating a feature that allowed channels to crowdsource captions and subtitles. The 'Community Contributions' feature was deactivated September 28, one day after the end of Interna ... (Daily Mail)

US official: 2020 census to end Oct. 5 despite court order

16 hrs ago - U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says the 2020 census will end Oct. 5, despite a federal judge's ruling last week that the head count of every U.S. resident should continue through the end of October, according to a tweet posted on the Census B ... (Houston Chronicle)

China fires back at US over environment, South China Sea

16 hrs ago - BEIJING (AP) — U.S.-China friction flared again Monday, with Beijing firing back at accusations by Washington that it is a leading cause of global environmental damage and has reneged on its promise not to militarize the South China Sea. A document ... (AP)

Florida lifts all COVID-19 restrictions

18 hrs ago - Florida residents will no longer be fined for not wearing face masks and COVID-19 restrictions on all businesses in the state, including restaurants and bars, have been lifted in an effort to help the state's economy, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis. ... (ABC News)

Breaking: COVID-19 breaks out on one of first ships to resume cruising

18 hrs ago - One of the first large cruise ships to resume sailings in the Mediterranean since the coronavirus-caused worldwide halt to cruising in March is experiencing a significant outbreak of the illness. At least a dozen crew members on the 2,534-passenger ... (MSN)

Jury finds white nationalist guilty of rape threat

19 hrs ago - CONCORD, N.H -- A self-proclaimed white nationalist who rose to prominence during a deadly 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was found guilty Monday by a federal jury of threatening to rape the wife of a man who was part of a racist group he f ... (ABC News)