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Oh boy. Trump is starting to play dictator god with gusto now.

Just tonight Obamacare has been ordered to be eliminated and the military is moving 1 billion into the wall.

Now that he has confidence that he's invulnerable he's going to go crazy with his extremist right wing agenda and really try to be the almighty dictator that his followers want him to be.

It's going to be a rocky, scary next two years, like nothing we've seen before. Just watch.


Cap's Rantings on the Graham Statement on the Barr Letter on the Mueller Report

Hey, you're welcome. After more than two years of rumor and speculation, of COURSE my decision to take three whole days away from the sturm und drang of the incessantly churning news cycle led to the immediate conclusion of the Mueller investigation. Some vacation. I tried to leave my phone in my pocket, I really did.

The news was accommodating at first, just a light sprinkling of madness, easily ignored. Like, for example, noted biblical scholar Mike Pompeo's new, avant-garde, theory that maybe God sent Donald Trump, who, I'll remind everyone, is a white nationalist, to save Israel, which seems like an awfully strange thing to expect of a white nationalist, don'tcha think? ...


Trump and the GOP have a massive P.R./propaganda campaign going on right now ....

.... trying to tell us that the Mueller report cleared Trump but we haven't even
seen the report yet. The only thing that has been released is Barr's spin job on
the Mueller report and McConnell is right now blocking the release of the report


Rachel sure has a way of making everything better, doesn't she?

Like most of us here, I felt kind of gut punched on Friday. But it appears that Mueller is still playing 3 dimensional chess. Trump's no more exonerated than Nixon was. We need to stay tuned, and stay positive. Like Rachel says, watch this space.


The only reason Mueller would leave the question of obstruction to Congress

...is if the evidence weighs on the side of Trump's guilt.

Mueller clearly kicked the ball to Congress. He's looking for Congress to make the verdict, because it's such an explosive decision....


Mueller Bombshell Hiding in Plain Sight!

I think everybody is missing the true bombshell in the Mueller report. But it is sitting there almost in plain sight. Ask yourself why Mueller did not draw a conclusion on the obstruction question. Not because he couldn’t decide the question, but because he believes it wasn’t his place to decide the question.

Justice department guidelines hold that a sitting president cannot be indicted. So what would be the point of weighing in on that issue? ...


To the paid trolls monitoring DU for The Dark Side: I just read that the twisted POS

you worship is compiling an "enemies list". I demand that you forward my name for inclusion.(I have no illusions of anonymity just because I don't post here with my real name)

I guarantee you that no one thinks less of Dear Leader than I do. I look forward to getting gloriously drunk annually for the rest of my life on the anniversary the first day of his life prison sentence. Should I be fortunate enough to outlive him, if health permits, I pledge to make an annual pilgrimage to the place of his interment and, at least mentally, urinate on his grave.

Is that enough? I really want to be on that list. A-T-T-I-C-U-S.


Yes or No, Do you still believe that Trump conspired with Russia?

Regardless of what the Barr Report says?

I do.

I think they are conspiring with Russia, as we speak.

He attempted to end the sanctions for Russia. What was he going to get in return? ...


Barr Was Appointed to Be AG Specifically to Do What He Did.

It was a carefully planned and executed appointment to serve exactly that purpose. Will Barr remain AG for the rest of Trump's time in the White House? Who can say? It probably doesn't matter. Barr has done his job and has whitewashed the Mueller investigation.

He was hand-selected for Trump by the Federalist Society, at Trump's request. He was brought in to be AG just at the time when the Mueller investigation was wrapping up. He was hired to do a very specific job, and he has now done it.

Once the disposition of the entire report is handled, there will be no reason for him to continue as AG.

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