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Ok my blood is boiling today!!!

I got a very unpleasant phone call today from my brother who was a former union rep. Now retired from his steel company sold off to Bain capital and voted for Trump. We have been at each other’s throats since his vote for trump. I post things to Facebook and I use both my maiden name and married name on it. My brother is retired and has enough money to live comfortable. Somewhere around 4,000.00’a month income not counting his bank accounts and stocks and such!

Today he asked me to not use my maiden name on Facebook as people ask him about my posts. He goes to Florida all winter his income allows him the pleasure to leave the snow! I went crazy and told him I’m not dropping my maiden name...as I’m proud of being democrat, my posts, and that my mother and father would be proud of me for defending what they taught and believed in. I wonder what his union brothers would think of him? He hates all my posts...and is embarrassed of me using his last name! I told him he’ll no I won’t drop my maiden name or my core beliefs that he somehow forgot! ...


The GOP will demonize any effective Speaker, and encourage a weak one, so why not just

go with the best one we’ve had in a generation? Yes, we need to think of the future, but what better way to do that than to give a good example of leadership to the upcoming Congress people? The Dems have not been in control of Congress for 8 years, so all the young members have no firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a successful Speaker of the House....


I'm so mad at James Carville

I am still, several days later, absolutely furious with him. I saw him on election night and he was such a downer, talking about how this isn't going to be a blue wave but we would do okay. He looked and sounded completely depressed and he took all of the wind out of my sails on election night. I was texting back and forth with various friends who sounded just as depressed....


Winter Garden

OUR winter garden is emerging. The dogwoods have already lost their amber leaves to a couple of frosts, but the Japanese maples are still showing scarlet in the setting sun.

It was a successful summer. There were devastating renovations which included my first forays into no-dig gardening with the debut of two compost mounds placed defiantly on the flattened slope of my front yard and planted with new additions of tickseed, painted fern, hechura, and false sunflowers.

We shepherded the few Asian lilies - which had escaped the night-foraging of our neighborhood deer - to successful blooms (resolved to finally order them in bulk this fall so we don't need top protect the handful we have like they're gold)....

H2O Man

Banana Republicans

Just what background does Matthew Whitaker have – besides being an outspoken critic of the Mueller investigation – that resulted in Trump selecting him for acting Attorney General? I mean, just how does a failed political candidate, failed campaign manager, and failed and corrupt businessman make that sort of leap? Inquiring minds want to know! I think that one little-reported detail might shed light on why Trump picked this entirely unqualified specimen for this position.

Way back in time, or so it seems today, Trump was looking to hire an additional lawyer for his personal legal team. This was the position that would eventually be filled by Ty Cobb. The president was looking for someone who could serve as the public spokesman for his team, since this was at a time when the media was reporting damning evidence against Trump and his campaign at an alarming daily rate....


Had a thought getting dressed this morning...

Kasich announced that he might be interested in running as a third party candidate in 2020 and it occurred to me that it was the first move of the Establishment Republicans to regain their strength and come surging back. They always play the long con, you can never overestimate their fiendishness. Given the climate of the country, the Republicans have been flushed as a majority-winner party nationally and the water is circling the drain. By getting rid of Trump for a second term and conceding the WH to a Democrat, they can begin to rebuild their favorite position: the opposition party of resentment and hate of the "Liberal" establishment which is defined as anyone to the left of Attila the Hun. I believe that they realize that they erred in allowing Trump to manhandle their candidates during the debates and probably believe that he was unwittingly set up to believe he could run and win by none other than the Clintons, who preyed on his narcissism....


Aren't You Just SO Proud, GOP?

It’s not like your “pResident” hasn’t been a complete embarrassment from the beginning. Between his incoherent speeches, his displays of incredible stupidity, and his ludicrous tweets, he’s certainly given you ample opportunity to hone your defensive skills on a daily basis.

But after getting your asses kicked in the midterms, it must have been of some comfort to realize this past weekend that he was capable of sinking even lower than his usual bottom-of-the-barrel position – and on the world stage, no less! ...


Could he possibly be any more of an asshole?

My grandfather served in the 101st Infantry, Yankee Division, Massachusetts National Guard. He, along with his unit, was one of the first American soldiers in the trenches of France during the "War to end all wars." I have his Purple Heart. I don't know if he was part of that famous battle, but have no doubt that he left friends behind in one of those graveyards dotting the French landscape.

The Orange Shitgibbon chose to disrespect their sacrifice and the hallowed ground in which they lie because of a little rain??? ...

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