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Miles Archer

"Mr. President, please stop winning so much!" And he has. The only promise kept in 72 years. MAGA!

I know that with the daily "Shit Show in a Dumpster Fire," it's easy to get down, but listen to Uncle Miles for a second.

The "Blue Wave" literally manifested into a BLUE WAVE. It wasn't all talk, it wasn't Fitzmas, it was a BLUE WAVE.

Trump had THREE decisions against him this week by judges he appointed (the Acosta thing being one of those decisions).

He blew that trip to Paris, bigly....


Happy 70th birthday to an amazing Democrat who changed history for the better

He never became president, though he would have been a great one. He never held national office at all, though he would have been great at that, too. After a humiliating defeat, he had a long talk with Al Gore, and then selflessly devoted years of his life to turn the fortunes of the Democratic Party around and deliver us Congress AND the White House. When he was denied a deserved Cabinet position due to a petty grudge in late 2008 and early 2009, instead of slinking off into obscurity, he had a plan ("join some firm nominally for some name recognition for them and some steady income for me, and spend my time raising hell for causes I care about" ). As with everything else, has has stuck to his plan and given it everything he has, as he has always done.

In the meantime, away from the limelight, he has still managed to be the devoted family man he always was, but few ever knew.

Happy 70th birthday to my friend (and yours), Howard Dean!


Friday Talking Points -- Trump's Temper Tantrum

Most Americans, not being political wonks, have largely moved on from the midterm election results. The mainstream media has also largely been ignoring the still-developing story, for two reasons: (1) they really kind of blew it on Election Night, uniformly coming to the wrong conclusion very early in the evening ("the blue wave is not appearing" ) and so they're now avoiding having to correct their misinterpretation; and (2) there's a recount in Florida again! Woo hoo! Break out the video clips of that poor myopic cross-eyed guy with the magnifying glass -- that's always fun to run, right? ...


This is how Democrats lose elections. I've been around long enough

to have seen this before. Democrats fighting with each other and Republicans egging them on. We have so much to do and so much to lose! Nancy Pelosi should be re-elected by acclimation.

My mother used to tell me and my brothers when we were fighting..."Stop it! You're all you've got."

George II

Let's talk about Senate elections

Last Tuesday the Democrats lost seats in the Senate, but it wasn't really as bad as some might think, and there are better times ahead.

On November 6 Democrats had 25 seats expiring, republicans only 8.

We lost four (assuming Nelson might lose), republicans lost two. Percentage-wise that's actually a better showing than the republicans - we lost 16% of our seats vs. 25% of theirs. and those two pickups eased the losses. Plus there's a runoff election in Mississippi coming up in a few weeks against a stumbling republican. A little rosy spin on a "loss"....

louis c

What if your 73 year old uncle said this?

My Analogy: My uncle, who lives alone next to a grocery store calls me, and I live 15 miles away. He says to me, "Louis, can you pick up some cereal for me? You know I like Rice Krispies." My response, "Uncle Jack, you live right next door to the grocery store. Just go in and buy some. Do you need some money?" He says, "No. I have the cash and I would buy them if I could, but I misplaced my ID and you know, they can't sell me cereal with my picture ID."

Would you think your uncle was experiencing some aging problems, like Dementia?

I sure would.


It's possible the 2020 election may rhyme with the 1932 election.

When FDR was elected the Republican party had been wrecked by the great depression. It took the Republicans 20 years to regain the Whitehouse. Trump may wreck the Republican party as badly as the great depression.

We have seen just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trumps corruption and crimes. The Republican party went along with all the corruption and crimes. It is going to shock the American people when everything is exposed. The corruption is off the charts. The number of crimes is off the charts. The Republican party truly is the party of Trump. That's how they will remembered for years to come.

Good luck trying to win elections as you are called the party of Trump.

Jersey Devil

How the Pelosi "issue" will end

Nancy will win overwhelmingly in the Dem caucus vote with a few dissenters and those who swore on their mothers' graves that they would never, ever vote for her for Speaker will vote "present" in the full vote on the floor. All the rest is theater staged for the media so that individual reps can get a bit more media attention. Apparently, their campaigns did not get their names in print enough times for them, so this gets them a bit more attention than the anonymity that they will get as freshman congressional members thereafter.

If there was really someone in the wings who could compete with Pelosi as an alternative I could understand all the attention it is getting, but there isn't anyone who comes within miles of her in terms of experience or accomplishments. I think Dems would be complete idiots to seriously consider anyone else.


Donald Trump was humiliated by the election.

He thought he was the populist that America wanted. He wanted everyone to know that his name was on the ballot.

But, the American people rejected him and his brand of politics. From sea to shining sea, there was a blue wave across America. They told him, "No, your vision of America is not what we see."

This must be terribly painful and humiliating for his supporters, also? It is a tough reality to accept....

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