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Voters are going to fire Republicans because they have not done their job.

They have failed to provide any oversight of the Executive Branch and have put us on the brink of crisis on several fronts. They have destroyed our reputation around the world.

They love to brag about all of their great accomplishments, such as a booming Wall Street, the huge taxcuts, massive de-regulation, etc....

Kajun Gal

Any person who supports Donald Trump and covers for him and/or his family is just as

evil as he is. Never in my life have I seen this type of danger from an American. Children separated from their parents, put in basically, prisons. Kashoggi and the blatant coverup for money. Backing hate groups. The blind eye to demogogs. Taking the country to a place it's never been. Liars. Brutal people. All for money. All for power. I am so ashamed because most of my family is republican. I am the black sheep in the family, yet I am on the side of goodness, peace and love. Old hippie gal. I have never been more proud to say I am in the democratic party. And I will continue to pray for the lost souls of the republicans.

May the good Lord bless us and keep us safe.


Wow. Just wow.

just finished watching the cnn town hall with beto. Listening to him speak brings tears to my eyes. I'm a 42 year old man, but there is just something about him. It's Obamaesque. There is hope for our future. Not just in Texas, but i believe nationwide. I know he said he has no plans for running for prez, but i believe it's inevitable. Right now, i feel damn proud to be a Texan. It's been a long time since I've been able to say that.


my sister is running. do you want to support progressive radio?

we are fortunate here in chicago to have held on to our former air america affilliate, wcpt.

they have a combination of syndicated talent like stephanie miller, thom hartmann, bill press, and local talent like ben joravsky. ben is a long time investigative journalist from the chicago reader, and a great repository of local political lore.

his show has been visiting each of the collar counties, talking to the dem candidates that are popping up all through the area. recently, they had my sister on the show, along w the rest of the blue wave at the bottom of the ticket in formerly solid red dupage county...


I'm Still Fuming about Kavanaugh!

Am I the only one that still believes Christine Blasey Ford??! I feel like the turd got voted into the Senate and everyone is just wiping their hands clean of the issue! No one seems to be out there saying that Kavanaugh is unrighteously on The Supreme Court! It's like everyone believes him... not just Republicans but EVERYONE! I've seen some Democrats on TV who seem to have bought into the Republicans claim that this whole thing was a democratic hoax!...


If you listen carefully, when a Trump supporter is asked WHY they support him, you will never hear

facts. You will hear unsupported conclusions ( "He's the greatest president ever!" ), unwarranted speculation ("He'll bring back our good paying factory and coal mining jobs!" ), outright lies ("He's started construction of The Wall!" ), and utter nonsense ("He won the popular vote if you don't count the five million 'illegals' who voted!" ).

These are not "alternative facts", because ---Damn it! --- there is no such thing. All of these different types of responses are simply different "flavors" of bullshit---'cause that's all they've got.

More of us need to start telling them that to their faces whenever they even begin to "explain" their Trump worship.


It's hard to believe but we must accept the truth. It's no longer Democrats vs Republicans.

Its democracy vs fascism and it's staring us right in our face. We are in danger and we must recognize it and call it out. We are at war, a war of ideas. It is a war that over 400,000 Americans fought and died for in the 1940s.

Voter suppression and rigging elections is an act of fascism.

Trying to destroy the free press and replacing it with a government run propaganda press (Fox News) is an act of fascism.

Trying to take over and control the entire justice department, the courts is an act of fascism....


Had my final hearing about the validity of my US Citizenship

Last summer my wife and I were going to work in a refugee camp in Greece. Just as we were leaving, I was inofrmed that I was on the no-fly list and also informed that my citizenship was being challanged.

I made my ctizenship via testing when I was 15 years old.

I had to go to three hearings on the citizenship challenge and two on the no fly status. Yesterday I won both and can breathe again....


McConnell has already stated his agenda if Republicans remain in control.

He and the Republicans will take that as approval from the voters to enact their "agenda".

What is his "agenda"?

To scare the crap out of people over the "huge deficits" and use that as an excuse to destroy as much as possible the Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and the Military Pension systems....


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Khashoggi 'died after fight' - Saudis

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Trump: No regrets about cheering congressman who body-slammed reporter

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Nancy Pelosi hints at short-term lease on House speakership

1 hr ago - Democrats have yet to win a House majority and Nancy Pelosi’s return as speaker is by no means certain, but already she has one eye on the exits. “I see myself as a transitional figure,” Pelosi said in an interview in which she professed utmost con ... (L A Times)

Russian national charged with conspiracy to meddle in 2018 midterm elections

3 hrs ago - A Russian national has become the first person charged by the U.S. for conspiring to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections, according to the FBI and Justice Department. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova is alleged to have participated in a conspiracy to ... (CBS News)

New York man arrested for threatening to kill two US senators over backing Supreme Court Justice

4 hrs ago - A New York man was arrested Friday morning for allegedly threatening to murder and assault two U.S. senators because of their support for the successful nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, federal authorties said. The man, 74-year-ol ... (CNBC)

Harris calls for repealing Trump Tax Plan, and instead giving families a $6,000 tax credit

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Julian Assange sues Ecuador for 'violating his rights'

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Iowa youth basketball coach admits to sexually exploiting at least 400 boys

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Judge drops some charges against ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort

5 hrs ago - ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors on Friday agreed to drop criminal charges against Paul Manafort that a jury deadlocked on earlier this year, as a federal judge set a Feb. 8 date for Manafort’s sentencing on charges of bank fraud and fili ... (Reuters)

Justice Dept. charges Russian woman with interference in Midterm elections

5 hrs ago - The Justice Department on Friday charged a Russian woman for her role in a conspiracy to interfere with the 2018 U.S. election, marking the first criminal case prosecutors have brought against a foreign national for meddling in the upcoming Midterms. ... (Washington Post)

Mnuchin still plans to attend Saudi anti-terror financing meeting after Khashoggi disappearance

5 hrs ago - Business Mnuchin still plans to attend Saudi anti-terror financing meeting after Khashoggi disappearance By Damian Paletta and Josh Dawsey October 19 at 11:16 AM Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has decided to take part in an anti-terror finance ... (Washington Post)

Evidence suggests crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing, says ex-MI6 chief

5 hrs ago - A former head of MI6 has said all the evidence suggests Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was behind the death of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and that the theory that rogue elements in the Saudi military were responsible was “blatan ... (The Guardian)

Democrats spotlight criminal records of four Republican candidates for the Legislature

5 hrs ago - AUGUSTA –The Maine Democratic Party released documents Friday highlighting the criminal records of four Republican candidates for the Legislature, including one sitting lawmaker seeking reelection with a 25-year record of guilty pleas and convictions ... (Kennebec Journal)

Endorsement of Canadian white-nationalist candidate by Iowa's Steve King draws rebukes

5 hrs ago - Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa is coming under criticism for his endorsement this week of a white-nationalist mayoral candidate in Canada, with a major conservative news outlet publishing a piece describing King as "America's most deplorable ... (Omaha World Herald- Washington Post)

Mexico to Offer Visas to Caravan Migrants, but Only 100 a Day

6 hrs ago - TECUN UMAN, Guatemala—Mexican authorities have agreed to grant humanitarian and asylum visas to a caravan of 3,000 Honduran migrants massing at the country’s southern border—but the authorities also appear to be breaking up the group into smaller pie ... (WSJ)

Heritage Foundation's Ethically Dubious Law Clerk 'Training Academy' Suspended

8 hrs ago - By Kate Riga October 19, 2018 10:22 am The Heritage Foundation’s “training academy,” set up to groom law clerks for prominent judicial posts, has been suspended after the New York Times published the questionable requirements of the program, includin ... (Talking Points Memo)

Amritsar: Scores dead as train mows down crowd

8 hrs ago - More than 50 people have been killed and 200 hurt after a train ran into a crowd near Amritsar in India's northern Punjab state, police told the BBC. The victims were standing on the railway tracks watching celebrations for the Hindu festival of Dus ... (BBC)

Democrat Charges Nunes Concealed Russia Evidence From Mueller

8 hrs ago - October 19, 2018 3:05 am Reprinted with permission from Shareblue. A top member of the House Intelligence Committee has revealed shocking details about how Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) abused his position as committee chairman to obstruct the Mueller ... (National Memo)

Migrant Caravan Masses Near Mexico's Southern Border

8 hrs ago - TECUN UMAN, Guatemala—A caravan of 3,000 Honduran migrants that has drawn the ire of U.S. President Trump began to mass near Guatemala’s border with Mexico, setting up a showdown with Mexican authorities who have vowed to prevent the group from conti ... (WSJ)

Julian Assange launches legal action against Ecuador

8 hrs ago - Julian Assange is to launch legal action against the government of Ecuador, accusing it of violating his “fundamental rights and freedoms”. The move follows a deterioration in relations between the Ecuadorian government and the Wikileaks founder, wh ... (The Guardian)

Iconic Dodge City moves its only polling place outside town

8 hrs ago - Access to the ballot box in November will be more difficult for some people in Dodge City, where Hispanics now make up 60 percent of its population and have remade an iconic Wild West town that once was the destination of cowboys and buffalo hunters ... (Wichita Eagle)

Heitkamp fends off attacks from Kevin Cramer over voting record in first North Dakota Senate debate

8 hrs ago - The first debate in a Senate race that could shape up to be one of the most critical in the country was largely an argument over which candidate would be less beholden to politics and stand up more for the people of North Dakota. "I ran six yea ... (ABC News)

107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report

9 hrs ago - 107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report BY MORGAN GSTALTER - 10/19/18 09:15 AM EDT Georgia officials removed an estimated 107,000 people from voter rolls because they decided not to vote in prior elections, ... (The Hill)

UK's May condemns Trump for praise of lawmaker who assaulted reporter

11 hrs ago - A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday condemned President Trump for praising Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) for his 2017 assault on a reporter from the British newspaper The Guardian. Trump, at a campaign rally in Montana on ... (The Hill)

Democrats demand to know why EPA children's health official was abruptly put on leave

11 hrs ago - A number of Democratic senators are demanding an explanation from the EPA about why it put a leading children's health expert on paid leave without warning. The director of EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection, Dr. Ruth Etzel, spoke out only ... (CBS News)

Five Tribes of American Voters

12 hrs ago - “Every difference of opinion,” Thomas Jefferson warned in his first inaugural address, “is not a difference of principle.” Speaking to his countrymen after an election every bit as bitter as the one that put Donald J. Trump in the White House, Jeffer ... (Real Clear Politics)