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The shutdown is hitting me personally...

I was just notified my food stamps (WI) will be updated on January 20, not February 8th.

And I won't know until the 20th if the full amount is added.

Thank you, Big Mouth Trump and Turtle Boy McConnell.


There is one job a Senator has that can't be done by anyone else

and that is voting. Missing yesterday's vote for a meeting about seeking a new job wasn't right. He should have excused himself from the meeting, went to vote, and continue the meeting. One of the pitfalls for any senator who runs for President is the fact he or she will miss votes. It is one thing to miss a routine vote because you are in Iowa or New Hampshire. It is quite another to be in DC on the day of an important vote and miss it to attend to your presidential campaign. Yes, in the grand scheme we would have lost even with Sanders' vote. But it should have been cast.


This can only go ONE way, folks

People currently facing the possibility of foreclosed mortgages or eviction are the least likely people to continue supporting the “pResident” and the party that caused the shutdown in the first place.

People currently lining up at food banks in order to feed their families are the least likely people to think that withholding their paycheques is justified in order to fund a “wall” the majority of the country doesn’t want....


He's a punk.

He's a doughy punk with boyish hands and a huge fat mouth. He has no real power, except for the false contrived power that his weak and complicit followers in congress give him.

And yet the republicans act as if they are afraid of him. Trump intimidates a lot of them. Look at how they nod and smile approvingly when standing behind Trump when he is speaking. They do what I call the "coward's shuffle". They laugh when Trump says something "funny". They get a stern look when Trump is being a prick (think Mike Pence)....


"Submit Your SOTU In Writing." Pelosi Is An Absolute GENIUS.

Trump doesn't give a damn about a million federal employees having to sell their silverware to pay their rent.

Want to kick Trump where he'll FEEL it? TAKE AWAY HIS SPOTLIGHT! Deprive him of free publicity. Yank away his chance to make a CAMPAIGN RALLY SPEECH on the floor of the House....


Nancy is Brilliant!

Not only does the suggestion he submit the SOTU in writing or read it from the Oval Office underscore the Trump shutdown, it would deprive the First Toddler of the pomp and circumstance he so loves.

He wouldn't get his little ego stroked by the joint session of Congress and all the focus on him, him, him he loves.


Whenever there is an outcry they bring back government workers, without paying them, so that issue

goes quiet. This just happened with them bringing back IRS people to help get people their refunds, and food inspectors to make sure the food is safe. If people don't feel this shutdown, he wins. I know it is nuts, but I think asking people to work for no money is nuts. He is trying to make the shutdown seem like it doesn't impact the regular people who vote for him.


This Bernie Supporter Will Support Bernie If He Runs

And so will almost all of the other Bernie Supporters.

Sorry other 20 / 25 candidates.

I like all of them but one but I am an anti-oligarchy Bernie guy.


I have stated openly on this platform that we need stronger democratic leadership when Nancy was

running for the speakership. I was wrong. the way Nancy is handling her responsibility makes me proud of her and glad that she is at the helm at this critical time against the most corrupt and insane president in American history. So Nancy sorry and thank you keep the good work.

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