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Tweet of the Evening:

⚠️ Warning Graphic 🚨

Trump's Secret Plot Exposed: New Jan. 6 Evidence Puts Trump At Heart Of Probe - The Beat - MSNBC

Chairman Bennie Thompson dismisses former President Trump's claims that Ivanka was "checked out"...

China will 'not hesitate to start war' if Taiwan declares independence, Beijing says

Giuliani hit with ethics charge by DC Bar over false election fraud claims

Carl Bernstein- Donald Trump,is a criminal seditionist Conspirator

Outgunned Ukraine Needs More Weapons Fast as Russia Advances, Officials Say

Texas judge suspends governor's order to investigate transgender procedures

Texas judge suspends governor's order to investigate transgender procedures

They Planned It: Star Jan. 6 Witness On Plot And Trump Fans Attacking Police - The Beat - MSNBC

Cheney To Republicans -- TLP

How the Jan. 6 hearing played out on the pro-Trump web

DeSantis signs new Florida law to cover medical costs for retired police dogs

Court upholds NY attorney general's case against the NRA after the gun group claimed the lawsuit was

Alex Jones Stomps Out Of Bankruptcy After Failing To Scare Off Sandy Hook Plaintiffs

Seattle Mayor Harrell vetoes bill that would have required landlords to share rental info

Alex Jones Stomps Out Of Bankruptcy After Failing To Scare Off Sandy Hook Plaintiffs

Tweet of the Day

Ukraine says so many Russians were killed that the Russian army is storing dead soldiers in a meatpa

Fox News didn't just ignore the Jan. 6 hearing. It did something worse.

Interviews with Uvalde victim's family spur baseless crisis actors conspiracy theory

Memo reveals Pence's legal team found Trump's accusations of mass voter fraud 'unpersuasive'

Waxing Gibbous, 75% visible

Matt Walsh Dr. Phil Debate // FULL UNEDITED

Tweet of the Night:

D.C. bar files ethics charges against Rudy Giuliani

Looks like Matt Gaetz asked for a pardon...

Lynda Carter mocks Lauren Boebert for attacking drag queens

Gay bars are on the decline nationwide according to new study

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Fox News Didn't Air the Jan. 6 Hearing, and It Got Clobbered by MSNBC

The Daily Show: Insurrectionists Experience Consequences As Jan. 6th Hearings Begin

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, grain, and Africa....


Hoping to catch osprey pair, I found him:

The next 4 January 6th Committee Hearings start at 10 a.m. EST

A Trump lawyer wants cash sanctions over fear-of-flying-fruit reveal -- and lashes out at Daily Beast

Supermoon time! At 7:24 p.m. Tuesday, June's full moon will be close enough

Sunset, southern MD

why can't we have nice drainpipes anymore?

Ivanka Trump's Jan. 6 testimony exposes family strain

On January 6, Right-Wing Media Is Living In Another Universe - Ayman - MSNBC

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

The January 6th Hearings: A Criminal Evidence Tracker

What a bunch of fucking mooks!

Glenn Kirschner Recaps First Jan. 6 Hearing - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

ICYMI: Overturning Roe will ignite a legal civil war

Tweet of the Night #2:

Here's Everything We Learned From The First January 6 Hearing - All In - MSNBC

A video worth watching re AI - most of us have no idea what is going on.

PELOSI: "Your freedom of expression, of yourselves in drag is what America is all about"

Tweet of the Night #3:

This dog is a blur!

A TALE OF TWO LAs: Caruso (green) Bass (purple) in mayor primary election results so far

Chris Hayes: Fox News Coverage Of Jan. 6 Hearing Was New 'Level Of Propaganda' - All In - MSNBC

Funny baby facial expressions:

Maybe The Real Capitol Riot Is The Friends We Made Along the Way (Ferret)

A tampon shortage is the latest nightmare for women

Trump's Truth Social Is Banning Users Who Post About Jan. 6 Hearings, According to Reports

Law School Decides To Install Trump Advisor As New Dean

AGITPROP -- Agitation Propanganda -- is what FOX "News" does.

Hospitals unable to meet undocumented patient data demand from Gov. DeSantis

It has occurred to me that the strongest force in the

Remembering Judy Garland who was born 100 years ago today !!

Thinking beyond the war's end, Ukraine extends planning from 5 to 9 WESTERN nuclear reactors...

Lot rent up 30%

"Starbucks" seems to say that it cares so much about customers that it cannot have unions...

DA who charged 2 women with murder after stillbirths has lost his reelection bid

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' Band

New Evidence Details Trump's Refusal to Act During 1/6 Attack - Ayman - MSNBC

PLEASE HELP... I'm trying to watch the rest of the Jan 6 attack on our election, but...

Steve Bannon says the TV ratings for the J6 hearing were rigged. Of course he does.

Trump Goes WILD On Truth Social After Ivanka & Bill Barr Expose His Lies

Michael Cohen absolutely Destroys Jared Kushner for Jan 6 Testimony - MeidasTouch

Real Time With Bill Maher (6-10-22) Full Show

Seth Meyers - Fox News Refused to Air Jan. 6 Committee Hearing - Monologue 6/9/22

LFR rant. Friday night beer induced, sick of the righty tighties trying to rewrite US history.

I like Jamie Raskin

A Tale of Two Cops

The One Witness at the January 6 Hearing Who Matters Most

Rachel Maddow: Thoughts on The First Public Hearing into Attack on The US Capitol - Political Voices

Broadway Theater To Be Renamed For Icon Lena Horne In Historic First.

Maher was brilliant tonight

Leslie Howard piano plays Liszt's 'La Romanesca'

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/10/22

Woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop met with man who planned to shoot up synagogue

'A Lot Of Connection' Between Trump, Proud Boys During Presidency Says Rep. Aguilar - The ReidOut

Russia's P**** Riot hangs banner saying 'Matriarchy Now' at Texas State Capitol

Chocolate news

LFR has found a small local beer garden and is finally enjoying being outside again.

Wynton Marsalis "Mr. Jelly Lord" - Smokehouse Blues

How are the extremist forums/chats looking 12 hours after the 1/6 hearings?

Legal Expert Kirschner: Jan. 6 Was A Scheme Not A Crowd That Spun Out Of Control - The ReidOut

Uneducated Americans are easily fooled.

Transgender Sussex paramedic says patients refuse her help

Needles And Pins - Jackie DeShannon / Searchers / Smokie / Ramones / Tom Petty with Stevie Nicks

KellyAnne criticizes the J6 Committee for not requesting Donald Trump to testify.

Saturday's digit: 6/10: I might sleep in and hope raindrops are ending by midday.

Interesting interview on Amanpour&Company with new Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism

Epic Ukrainian trolling: As of June 7th, Moscow no longer exists

MSNBC: Here's how soon prices could go down again, according to experts

Working a "poem" : Whose Is My Grief?

Jan. 6 Panel Puts Focus on Cabinet Discussions About Removing Trump

The Evidence of the Jan. 6 Committee - WSJ Editorial

IRS Raises Mileage Rates as Gas Prices Increase

Is there a greater gaslighter than Kelly Anne Conway? 😑

In cat speak, paw on the face means: "Get up and feed me."

LiZ cHeNeY iS a HeRo!

Law professor: Congress only has 'the power to persuade' - ABC News

Russian military gains ground on in eastern Ukraine - ABC News

In 1971 India made a movie about the white hippies invading their country

Trump's Manic Response to January 6th Hearings & Fox News Attempts to Distract Viewers from Watching

Lawrence O'Donnell On The Cascade Of Failures By Uvalde Police - The Last Word - MSNBC

Corporate Greed Strategy: Declare upcoming shortage.

Navy helicopter crash marks the 5th military aviation mishap in less than 2 weeks

I think that most of us concluded that the committee, has done a superb job

Coming up on TCM:

12+ Uvalde Children Could Have Been Saved If Police Responded Adequately

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: Holy Pentecost, 11 June/Hymns of the Feastday

David Hogg On Push For Gun Safety Following Uvalde: 'This Time Is Different' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden tries to put inflation blame on Putin, Russia - ABC News

Here's how many Washington voters support an assault rifle ban, according to new poll

DeSantis to pull in public money for his campaign

Uvalde school district police chief speaks out on shooting - ABC News

The Amarillo Zoo captured a strange image outside the zoo in the dark and early morning...

Who Knew?

Jason Johnson explodes on Republicans They don't care about your kids. Actions speak loudly.

EPIC! Watch Liz Cheney blast Trump Republicans: After Trump, 'Your dishonor will remain'

Russia's economy: Is it crumbling or standing strong? - DW News

Country Life Vlog ...Azerbaijan

US: China's military activity around Taiwan threatens region

Lead counsel to Trump impeachment: What Donald Trump should be seeing are handcuffs

So much for "love" for a Brit crown - at your own risk. G'nite.

a judd legum list: repukes who didn't cooperate with 1/6 committee & corps who donated to them

Brother of fallen Capitol officer says he wants to see Trump in prison - CNN

'Disingenuous': January 6 committee chair responds to Trump's Ivanka comments

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

Bolsonaro Tells Biden that He Will Exit the Presidency in A Democratic Way

India's Dilemma - DW News

Top British Broadcaster REACTS to Tucker Carlson LIES about Jan 6 Hearings

How likely is a Chinese invasion of Taiwan? - DW News

January 6 Hearings Distill Huge Amounts Of Evidence, Testimony Into Clear Picture - MSNBC Prime

Butt Rush: the initiative tackling India's cigarette butt crisis

Fulton County (Atlanta) D.A.: Extreme security 'required for me to stay alive' after threats

How The Legal Legacy Of The Civil War Applies To the January 6 Attack - MSNBC Prime

Fish and Chips' Surprising Jewish History

China tells US it will 'not hesitate to start war' over Taiwan - Al Jazeera

Will DOJ respond to the public hearings or even "leak" something.

Rallies demanding stricter gun laws to take place nationwide - CBS News

Democrats Pessimistic About January 6th Hearings Impacting Midterm Elections - Ring of Fire

A lawsuit claims Waukegan police extracted another false confession from a Black teen

Russian journalist on Putin's 'wanted list' speaks to CNN

Anyone know how to contact American Muckraker PAC?

Biden chides Exxon, oil companies for profits while everyone else endures inflation

Australia announces compensation deal with France over scrapped submarine contract - FRANCE 24

Jayapal: 'If We Don't Get Justice' On Jan. 6 'Then We Can't Guarantee Our Democracy' - NBC News

***Newsweek: Trump May Be Charged For Trying to Overthrow The Election By The End of June!!!!!****

Iranian-Backed Militias Are Stepping Up Attacks On U.S. Targets - NBC News

20 Million Americans Tune Into First January 6 Hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Brooks and Capehart on the Jan. 6 hearings and the push for gun safety legislation - PBS NewsHour

Sailor Moon Drawn Right

US Senate races in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

The organized attack on the Capitol described in detail:

March For Our Lives Rallies Return - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two workers rescued from chocolate-filled tank at Mars Wrigley factory

Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE

Patron at work!

Pennsylvania switch-to-grazing project aims to save farmers, land and Chesapeake Bay.

One-On-One With Henry Winkler - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bolivian ex-president Anez convicted of orchestrating coup, gets 10-yr sentence

Bolivian ex-president Anez convicted of orchestrating coup, gets 10-yr sentence

Biden: Jan. 6 Hearings Highlight 'One Of The Darkest Chapters In Our Nation's History' - MSNBC Reports

January 6 Committee Opens With a Narrative MasterClass

Breakfast Saturday 11, June 2022

The Memo:

I keep hearing, especially of late ...

Rwanda asylum plan: UK court allows removal flight planned for Tuesday

Rwanda asylum plan: UK court allows removal flight planned for Tuesday

Trump's forces are preparing for the next storming of the Capitol. This time, they plan to win

Federal judge in Texas throws out Biden administration immigration enforcement guidelines

Ivanka's House hearing testimony undercut by former White House press secretary

Why do some men always carry weapons everywhere?

If the US faces another insurrection, The Murdoch family will be the cause

Anyone hanging out at too late/or too early? My 11 and 13 year old just ran off in Lee's Summit, MO

What we learned from the first public hearing on the Jan. 6 investigation - PBS NewsHour

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, June 11, 2022

The noose is in possession of FBI Washington Field Office [Jan 6th MAGA rioters made a gallows]

NYTimes Wordle 6/11

A nation of laws, or men?

Disney can't figure out why its $3K a night 'Star Wars' hotel flopped

Infowars Bankruptcy Tossed In Deal With Sandy Hook Parents

WAAAH! MOM! LOOK! They're using teleprompters! MOM!!

Good morning!

they drove to DC to complain about high gas prices... they DROVE

NYTimes Wordle 6/11 ***Spoiler Alert***

Rep. Jamie Raskin: We Dispelled The Thick Fog Of Propaganda From Trump - MSNBC

Our sons summer job is going to be hard on Boog the chocolate lab and man

Meadows, Milley phone call: " We need to change the narrative Pence is in charge"????

How the DOJ should handle the Trump case?

A severe recession is possible, economic expert warns

'Catastrophically bad' inflation report is boosting chances of a 75-basis-point interest-rate hike

Little Freya has an impressive set of whiskers

North Korean leader reaffirms arms buildup in party meeting

😃🇺🇸 🇩🇪🍫🍰🗓❗️

Herschel Walker's controversial therapist (demons, conversion therapy, etc)

I am glad the committee delayed sharing the transcripts of their investigations

Richard Strauss was born on this date.

I only recently found out that Albert Einstein was a real person..

This statement during last night's hearing is another BFD that needs investigation

Old Missouri Coal Plant Neared Retirement; Now It's Needed to Avert Blackouts

Bernard Purdie was born on this date.

The cult believes that Trump united the country.

Four things I hope the J6 Committee hearings reveal:

Covid ba.4 and 5 in South Africa

Boxing/MMA: The rise of youth cage-fighting

Parent worried about active shooter may have brought gun to middle school

Elephant Responds With Enthusiastic Affection After Hearing Her Friend's Voice

Pro-choice activists protest near Justice Clarence Thomas' suburban home

Well Look At This: Murdoch Newspapers Find Trump Guilty

The Origins of DC's LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade: How It Started in 1975

$14.25M settlement proposed for man who spent 20 years in prison for double murder he didn't commit

He spent most of his adult life in a W.Va. prison on a wrongful conviction. Two years later, he

What is the actual price of the barrel of oil? Oil corporations not drilling to keep price high?

Please explain to me what Trump meant when saying Ivanka was "Checked Out"

Pro-gun Americans NEVER think of the psychological horror they are inflicting on all our children

Thank God Fox kept us from hearing lies from the Jan. 6th committee! (Satire)

Last night on OAN (wait for it):

One more time gas prices are not Joe Biden's fault. Shell Oil made $76.5 Billion over the past year

Trump's Truth Social Is Banning Users Who Post About Jan. 6 Hearings, According to Reports

President Biden FTW: Energy Firms Not Drilling INTENTIONALLY To Increase Profits.

Rohit Chopra is arguably Washington's most powerful regulator. And yet you wouldn't know it

Summer Camps Scramble to Hire Staff Before the Season Opens, Kids Arrive

Why wasn't TFG escorted to an undisclosed location?

Russia is now in control of much of Severodonetsk

Eye drops are cheaper if you're a dog.

If You Love Somebody

"The Fixer"

Father and son killed in latest tragedy as Isle of Man TT death toll rises to five

Citizen Bear

"This Island Earth" premiered in theaters on June 10, 1955.

Anyone going to March for our lives?

I hate it when I'm singing along to a song and the artist

Delicate sound of thunder

Did you know Medicare does not pay for tetanus booster shots? But

Syria: 'significant' damage to airport from Israeli strike

📣 Coming up next week! "Protesting Injustices," a webinar dedicated to understanding 1A

New York fund apologizes for role in Tuskegee syphilis study

On this day, June 11, 1955, the worst accident in motorsports history occurred.

Could President use executive power to implement a WPA

150 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Geico facing payout to woman who got HPV after sex in car

You raised $100.00 on June 10, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

2022 24-hr. Le Mans starting now on the Motor Trend channel on cable, also listen at

$1.5M to be paid to Kent, WA police chief who displayed Nazi insignia

You raised $10.00 on June 10, 2022 OFFICIAL DU is out for BLOOD (Gov NE)

Adam Conover of 'Adam Ruins Everything': Most of the numbers on your medical bills are made up

Quote of the Day

India water: Hundreds jostle to reach well

Is there a way we can ask Magas why Fox went commercial-free during the hearings?

Pence, imo, is in a no-win pickle. He would love to run for Prez as a strong leader

All 24 Hours of Le Mans Race Cars to Use 100% Renewable Fuel

SCOTUS Priorities

"F-- you Draymond?" F-- you Steph?"

Trump's Manic Response to January 6th Hearings & Fox News Attempts to Distract Viewers from Watching

Why school lockdown drills can do more harm than good

Weekend TOONs - Putting the "T" In Sedi_ion

The January 6 hearings showed why it's reasonable to call Trump a fascist

My new red hat & T-shirt idea

Chicagoland: CTA, Pace, Metra release new regional connect pass

Jan6 Committee Twitter account

Canada geese a problem in your neighborhood? Take a gander at these DNR tips to deal with them

Hey! Do you think we're out here to play games?

I mentioned that I think the protocol for law enforcement should be to shoot first

Veterans create bulletproof bookcases for schools

Typical Fox news watcher

Jan. 6 hearings are the jolt of reality Republicans need. But they'll ignore it

Fluffy Cat Runs As Fast As A Cheetah And Beats Her Dad In Every Race

Man hunting for flying discs in gator-filled lake found dismembered

New York fund apologizes for role in Tuskegee syphilis study

Man bitten by alligator after mistaking it for dog on leash

Biden announces joint declaration on immigration in attempt to show unity across the Americas

The Repuke Agenda

5 Excellent Science Books You Should Read

My Trumpy neighbor, commenting on that stunning video footage, once again demands

So when are they going to talk about Antifa and January 6?

Biscuits Basket ADVENTURE! My normal trail around a lake was a tad soggier than average yesterday...

Former LA Dodger's son among 5 Marines killed in crash in California

My mother called me twice to talk about J6C hearings

$1.5M to be paid to police chief who displayed Nazi insignia

Democrats Mull Attacks on Oil and Gas Companies

The oil companies are literally cranking up the prices to make Biden lose and get record profits

$1.5M to be paid to police chief who displayed Nazi insignia

The ELEPHANT in the room. OPTICS - MAGA dog whistle alert

Stephen Curry 'wills' Golden State Warriors to victory with 43 points in Game 4

Salvadoran women jailed for abortion warn US of total ban

Beautiful defective cages.

Port: How could anyone watch the Jan. 6 committee's presentation and still support Donald Trump?

Miami Herald editorial -- how Florida "traitors" led the Jan. 6 attack... "It all begins with

Dishonor will remain' for Idaho Republican delegation as nation watches Jan. 6 hearings Read more a

allowing morons, children, hate-filled goons, and the propagandized to carry weapons of war

Gov't Mule - It Hurts Me Too (live in Krakow, 2013)

This one had me reaching for the ol' Kleenex box.

Has anyone heard anything from the people in Trumps inner circle since the hearing?

Repubs are threatening Democrats with revenge if they regain the House or Senate.

Should we start picketing gas stations

Biden says Zelensky 'didn't want to hear' U.S. warnings of invasion

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do (studio version + live at the BeachLife Festival, 5/15/22)

$100K trucks: The new American status symbol

Russia hands out passports in occupied cities

Re Joe Biden, Inflation, Gas Prices (it's kinda long)

One in 500 men carry extra sex chromosome, research suggests

One in 500 men carry extra sex chromosome, research suggests

Bush ethics lawyer: The Jan. 6 committee needs to follow the money

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 11, 2022)

We've had "dark matter," the "dark web" and now, (gasp) "The Dark Proteome."

RI House passes gun limits: Ban on large-capacity magazines, minimum age 21 to purchase

Roxy Music - Angel Eyes (Dutch TV show TopPop, 1979)

Middle Age Riot tweet:

I did it!

Baby otter scooping and eating ice (2nd tweet):

What was the FOX rationale for not showing the Hearing?

I have a relative who is vacationing in Italy...

Carving talent:

The fake electors scheme: It seems the DOJ has made this a major focal point of their investigation.

Conspiracies dominate GOP primary for Nevada elections post

Gorgeous, loving wolf family:

Sanctions are hitting hard enough to hurt Russia, if not stop it

Great compilation of cats knocking things off surfaces:

'John Henry' by Big Bill Broonzy - Original Lyrics

Biden says Zelensky 'didn't want to hear' U.S. warnings of invasion

Carnage and Chaos (TLP)

Snoqualmie Valley farmers struggling after wet spring

More than 60 million people across Southwest are under heat alerts. And summer is still 10 days away

What broke my heart on Jan. 6th...

Adopted Kitten Won't Stop Hugging The Guy Who Gave Him Love

Do you want the country to be united?

Mike Pence called after Brian Sicknick's death to offer condolences. Pres. Trump did not.

Swedish classic food recipes 💙💛

Tweet of the Day

Nearly half of Republicans think US has to live with mass shootings, poll finds

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an unintentional act in Parkland....

Tucker Carlson humiliates himself with dumbest comment of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Bonded Pit Bulls Travel Across The World To Meet Their Dad

Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks - Old Friend

We said goodbye to the Four Legged Food Critic,

Little man rounding third does it HIS way:

Emma Thorne: Christian Facebook Mom Says Barbie Is DEMONIC 🔥

Serious question

John Sweeney's Kyiv Diary day 107

McCarthy Blames Crime on Dems While It Rages in His GOP-Led Hometown

Gimme kiss!

Cartoons 6/11/2022

Foes of state's capital gains tax drop plans for initiative

Juneteenth celebrations span Marysville, Snohomish, Edmonds

Bennie Thompson says in surprise move that Donald Trump is welcome to testify

POS Matt Gaetz on MTG's show -

1/6 panel: Told repeatedly he lost, Trump refused to go

Watch Boston Smalls completely obliterate the Right's Second Amendment arguments

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Get in my belly!!!!

Jan 6 Q: Why were there TV cameras ready to cover inside the capital?

Trump endorses Katie Britt in Alabama Senate race

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 12, 2022 - Fathers on Film - Part 2

Since it's Le Mans weekend, a little vintage 917 for your enjoyment.

Another Jomini on the Ukraine War is out.

GOP Slapped Down Again For Jan. 6 National Guard Lie

The first hearing in of Fox News reviews

TCM Schedule for Monday June 13, 2022 - Special Theme: LGBTQ Directors


Before we pass a law to protect supreme court justices, we need to extend Daniels's law nationwide

Something startled the crowd at the March for Our Lives, causing crowd to flee

Remember the Joy ?

I've been watching a bird nest for awhile now. Today, I found a nestling

Another Empty Greene classic - her rights were "fragrantly violated"

Last month, Jefferson County voters elected a new judge. Now, she may never take the bench

Democrats Mull Attacks on Oil and Gas Companies

Judge: Georgia county can't deny gender surgery to deputy

Ok, I found it funny....

Russian conspiracy-theory: Russia defeated Napoleon in 1812 with a nuclear bomb.

This land was promised for housing -- instead it's going to a pro soccer team owned by a billionaire

This land was promised for housing -- instead it's going to a pro soccer team owned by a billionaire

Timothy Snyder: Putin is preparing to starve much of the developing world

2022 Horse Racing - 2022 Woody Stephens Stakes

Do you know who's utimately responsible for our current situation?

New Study: Moderna VS. Pfizer Vs. Novavax vs. Johnson & Johnson vs. COVID Infection

dejoy belongs in dehoosegow

Failed coup or dress rehearsal?

How Did Guns Get So Powerful?

In primetime presentation, Jan. 6 committee delivers the goods

She truly believes everyone marries the wrong person.

A few more, with greenery:

They Called Her 'Black Jet'

Watch: Thousands rally against gun violence at March for Our Lives protest in Washington, DC

Lauren Boebert Caught DRUNK Driving

Transgender prisoner sues state officials, says she should be in women's prison (MN)

Conservatives wanted to use the truck convoy. Everything is politics with those

Penn Supreme Court Decisively Protects Mail Voting Against GOP

My dog did the comfort animal job yesterday. My neighbor needed it and where to get it.

To Residents, Razing Atlanta Forest for 'Cop City' project is 'an Act of Disinvestment'

Make sure your FOX watching friends know the coup was more than just the attack on Jan 6

About a month ago I posted about another cat who was turning up on my porch

I'd love to see Flag Day moved to a different date

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 11, 2022

Dear GOP: If You Vote To Repeal A Rule Banning Nutcases From Buying Guns...

Long-lost recordings of Eichmann confessing to the Final Solution revealed

Daily Distraction 11/06/2022

Daily Distraction 11/06/2022 Posted in Photography

I really like the low-carb shirataki noodles

So... Lets take a look at those that have flipped

Has anyone read the new James Patterson memoir "Stories of My Life" ?


Some channel 12 video of Gableman during contempt proceedings. Not looking his best.

We should pick one gas station brand and boycott them until they lower prices

'Enough is enough' say thousands demanding new gun measures

A large caravan of republican congress rep who beg for a pardon

Hello, fellow patriots! I'm sure you will be pretty sure of my eye dental tea by the

Tweet by John Fetterman

Nolan Cooke: Jan. 6 rioter sentenced after his GoPro showed him on front line rushing police

I believe that McConnell and his cadre of rogue Republicans aren't calculating this for Midterms:

March for Our Lives, Ft Worth.

Rev Al is hosting Politics Nation from home

First pics from March for Our Lives Ft Worth, TX

Bill Maher Loses It on Kellyanne Conway During Heated Jan. 6 Talk: 'He's a Criminal!

How Stacey Abrams is looking to win Georgia

Breaking BIden speaking live in NEw Mexico about Federal Assistance

More from March for Our Lives Ft. Worth post #2

Ft Worth March post #2

"Let him remain there."

Pence-world's final takedown of Trump's Jan. 6 bid to remain in power revealed in his lawyer's memo

Overlooking creek and fields

New York failed to put abortion rights in its constitution. Here's why some states are hopeful.

Texas school police chief says he didn't think he was in charge during shooting

AOC Touts Blocking Supreme Court Security Bill After Kavanaugh Threat

Old enough?

The shadow race is underway for the Republican presidential nomination

Rudy says the Left secretly planned the insurrection to frame Trump

Huge mistake to not charge Trump if they have the evidence.

So, tried a diversion from the repetitive news for a few hours. Watched "Stay Sweet" (Netflix)

Patriot Front arrested in Idaho .....🤣

He went from "the future of the Republican Party" to "the mypillow guy part two"... (Jr.):

Weather to blame for shortage of popular Sriracha hot sauce

What are you streaming these days?

What are you streaming these days?

Sweet pic of TX gov Abbott & Joe Biggs

BREAKING: White Nationalist 'Patriot Front' Detained, Members Arrested at Pride Event in Idaho

Putin's minions collect his poo when he's out of the country, and ship it back to Russia

Harry Belafonte & Nana Mouskouri - Irene (Erene)

Saturday evening, southern MD

Gwen and Dewi are now with their new dad.

Jared Kushner's pardon palooza will be damaging to both Donald Trump and to Kushner himself

Damn, That's A Sight for Sore Eyes. A Whole UHaul Full of Heavily Armed Losers, Dressed Up Like...

Frank Sinatra - The World We Knew (Over and Over)

New Hampshire police charge 46 fraternity brothers with hazing

Netflix - Stand Out An LGBTQ Celebration 2022

The hidden financiers behind Jan. 6 should be sweating right now

Far-Right Leader Tells Teen Girls In Audience To 'Keep Having Babies' To 'Make More Americans'

Texas state senator says Uvalde school police chief interview 'directly in contrast' with DPS

Stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world

More is coming. I don't think this is the last of negative news about 1/6 riot or Trump!

Top Prosecutor says Trump will be Indicted in Georgia - MeidasTouch

Renaissance - Kiev

Breaking: Some kind of terrorist scumbags were busted headed to cause trouble at a Pride

2022 Horse Racing - 2022 Belmont Stakes

Tom and Daisy..... Jared and Ivanka ..... The Great Gatsby

The Singers Unlimited - Emily

Hundreds in Olympia 'March for Our Lives' Saturday to call for gun control legislation

One of the targets of TFG's mob was the physical electoral ballots

Rude Pundit: Liz Cheney Is Trying to Save the House She and Her Father Built and Other Observations

Have I mentioned lately that I hate android? I have just been

Robert Goulet - No Moon At All

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, canyons, water bottles, and a plan....

Professor Tribe was just on MSNBC. Garland was one of his students.

Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head

Jerry Lewis - Isn't It A Pity

The Gin Blossom Special's drunken rant threatening Biden impeachment

Edith Piaf - Roulez Tambours

Question, Why didn't the capital police have access to rubber bullets?

Terror at DC Rally after Screaming Man Reportedly Claimed He was Armed

Heard Today-Chump Sandwich

Lukashenko admits that Belarus will fight for west of Ukraine

What's the matter, Florida GOP? Scared of losing radio outlets that repeat your lies?