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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 27,955

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Dear GOP, your strategy is not working.

The evidence is stacked against you. Time to face reality and have a sit down with Trump. You have to convince him to resign in time for primary season next year.

He's going down and he will take you with him. Even if the Senate does not remove him, you know full well that he will do something even worse if left in office.

This is your last best chance to rid yourself of him and rebuild your party.

On Friday, there will be impeachment hearings and the MLB World Series in Washington, DC

at the same time.

We live in strange and interesting times.

Go Nationals!!!

That is all.

Ahhhh!! I remembered it!

Ever get a partial lyric from a song in your head and cannot remember the full song? That happened to me today. I had this song in my head that ended with the word, "always", and I couldn't remember the damn song...until now.

Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver.

Whew!!! It was driving me nuts all day.

Does the House even need the whistleblower to testify at this point?

The parade of witnesses so far seem to corroborate everything that the whistleblower said and with first hand knowledge.

Impeachment is pretty obvious at this point.

Mick Mulvaney is not stupid. He's an example of a highly-educated person whose only real...

talent is taking and fulfilling orders of the extremely wealthy and well connected. He's never had to think on his feet or develop any other skill. He does what he's told, and that's all he is or will ever be.

Trump is Cersei Lannister in the book, "A Feast for Crows"

I've recently re-read the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I am struck how almost beat for beat, Trump follows Cersei's reign as Queen Regent.

1. Overly obsessed with political rivals.
2. Negligent about affairs of states.
3. Not listening to experienced, key advisers.
4. Allowing invasions to happen.
5. Getting caught using people to dig dirt on a rival.
6. Being indicted.

The only thing left is to strip Trump naked and have him walk from the Capitol to the White House with Nancy ringing a bell behind him yelling, "Shame".

People who are okay with our level of income inequality remind me of people who are okay with...

royalty. Okay with being ruled by a royal family. In a sense, billionaires are indeed a sort of economic royalty with near omnipotent power. Their offspring will inherit their wealth and the power that comes along with it without doing anything for it other than being born.

If I go to Hell, I know what will be my eternal torment. What's yours?

My torment will be packing, moving, and unpacking.

Can you guess that I just moved?

How do you buy health insurance if you miss open enrollment? n/t

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