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denbot's Journal
denbot's Journal
October 28, 2015

I channeled Middle Finger Mom this afternoon.

This story really starts last night. I picked up a load in central Ohio, to deliver in Fredricksburg VA at 2:00pm today. I did not want to run through the night, pacing the humongous storm covering this part of the country, so I shutdown early at a truck stop to eat, shower, and take my mandatory 10 hours of rest.

As I dressed after my shower, I noticed my fresh underwear's crotch had pretty much blown out. I'm not the kind of guy that throws away tee shirts, or skivvies just because they are showing a little wear, hell, that's when are are just starting to get comfy.

Anyway I did not have a very restful night, finally I gave up just before 4am, grabbed some coffee, a breakfast biscuit and got to trucking.

Seven hours later I get to my drop in the pouring rain, getting thoroughly soaked from my hat to my tennis shoes while checking in. I'm told I'll have to wait for a dock to open up, so I parked near by out of the way, undressed and tried to get a little rest before I unload and the head to my final drop 60 miles away.

I stripped out of my wet clothes, for a quick nap. My normal sleep routine is to wear a tee shirt and one of two pairs of shorts, both made of charcoal grey jersey material, which are almost a perfect match for the underware I was wearing, my somewhat veteran hybrid boxer/tightly-whitey type undies.

Later the receiver banged on my door to wake me and gave me the usual instructions on docking. I lined up my truck, not wanting to soak a second set of clothes, I got out in the pouring rain in a tee shirt, my sleeping shorts, and flip flops.

There were a gaggle of warehouse workers on break, watching as I walked to the back of my 53' trailer to open the padlock, break my seal, and crack the doors before I backed the trailer all the way in.

At the very back of the trailer as I was opened the lock I became aware that something was weird. A moment later it hit me. When I undressed, I did not change in to my sleep gear, I just stripped down to my skivvies, and took a nap.

I was out there in the rain, wearing flip-flops, a tee shirt, not merely MFM No Pants style, but for bonus points, in nearly crotchless underware with a good portion of the warehouse crew on break 20 yards away!

I all but panicked, but I did not want to break for my cab and surely draw attention to myself, so not daring to look towards the dock crew, I tried as casually as possible, to open my trailer, and then non chalantly walk back to my cab. I got back in my truck, found, and put on my sleep shorts, and waited for either the sun to mercifully explode, or more likely, the cops to get there.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but my truck was unloaded in record time, and the receiver did not make eye contact with me when he handed me back my paperwork.

If I'm given another load back to that location, I think I'll decline it.

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