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denbot's Journal
denbot's Journal
January 25, 2023

Same here in MB

Small creaks and pops from the house’s wood frame, and plaster walls. I felt/heard the initial jolt, looked up from my tablet and after a half second or so felt the initial compression waves, then within a couple few seconds you could feel side to side shake lasting maybe 15-20 seconds total.

Woke both cats sharing twin recliners with me. The male Siamese who claimed my wife side let out a low yowl and almost got up to hide before the quake settled down.

May 18, 2022

My understanding she opened a sort of tribal membership to those claiming "Indian Blood".

With those new "members" she was able to show enough residents to get better funding to bring up the schools that members attend, and kick start a wave of genuine sustained infrastructure, and cultural improvements.

I've been involved in native arts mostly traditional silver and turquoise jewelry. At my booths I've seen a dozen or more of these "members" proudly display their tribal affiliation, and I don't question their amount of genetic relation. They help the nations and I consider those people to be at least second cousins to the people.

April 23, 2022

Steven Colbert host of "The Late Show" tests positive for COVID-19

Source: CBS

Television host Stephen Colbert has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced Thursday. "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" only on CBS has been cancelled for Thursday night.

"Yep! I tested positive for Covid, but basically I'm feeling fine- grateful to be vaxxed and boosted," Colbert wrote on Twitter. "Thank you for the well wishes."

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stephen-colbert-covid-19-the-late-show/


On Edit: His show is cancelling for the next few days at the least
October 14, 2018

It's Navajo, "Old Pawn".

The bezels are hand made, so it probably predates the ‘70’s. The cabachons are derived from small nuggets and hand shaped. The pattern is an overall squash blossom motif.

I’m guessing from the matrix in the turquoise that it is from either the Kingman or Sleeping Beauty mines.

The setting is all silver, possibly coin silver “90%”, and is done in the Navajo style. It looks copper like because of the red background.

Twisted wire is not a Zuni thing. The hallmark of Zuni is precise cut inlay stone.

October 28, 2015

I channeled Middle Finger Mom this afternoon.

This story really starts last night. I picked up a load in central Ohio, to deliver in Fredricksburg VA at 2:00pm today. I did not want to run through the night, pacing the humongous storm covering this part of the country, so I shutdown early at a truck stop to eat, shower, and take my mandatory 10 hours of rest.

As I dressed after my shower, I noticed my fresh underwear's crotch had pretty much blown out. I'm not the kind of guy that throws away tee shirts, or skivvies just because they are showing a little wear, hell, that's when are are just starting to get comfy.

Anyway I did not have a very restful night, finally I gave up just before 4am, grabbed some coffee, a breakfast biscuit and got to trucking.

Seven hours later I get to my drop in the pouring rain, getting thoroughly soaked from my hat to my tennis shoes while checking in. I'm told I'll have to wait for a dock to open up, so I parked near by out of the way, undressed and tried to get a little rest before I unload and the head to my final drop 60 miles away.

I stripped out of my wet clothes, for a quick nap. My normal sleep routine is to wear a tee shirt and one of two pairs of shorts, both made of charcoal grey jersey material, which are almost a perfect match for the underware I was wearing, my somewhat veteran hybrid boxer/tightly-whitey type undies.

Later the receiver banged on my door to wake me and gave me the usual instructions on docking. I lined up my truck, not wanting to soak a second set of clothes, I got out in the pouring rain in a tee shirt, my sleeping shorts, and flip flops.

There were a gaggle of warehouse workers on break, watching as I walked to the back of my 53' trailer to open the padlock, break my seal, and crack the doors before I backed the trailer all the way in.

At the very back of the trailer as I was opened the lock I became aware that something was weird. A moment later it hit me. When I undressed, I did not change in to my sleep gear, I just stripped down to my skivvies, and took a nap.

I was out there in the rain, wearing flip-flops, a tee shirt, not merely MFM No Pants style, but for bonus points, in nearly crotchless underware with a good portion of the warehouse crew on break 20 yards away!

I all but panicked, but I did not want to break for my cab and surely draw attention to myself, so not daring to look towards the dock crew, I tried as casually as possible, to open my trailer, and then non chalantly walk back to my cab. I got back in my truck, found, and put on my sleep shorts, and waited for either the sun to mercifully explode, or more likely, the cops to get there.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but my truck was unloaded in record time, and the receiver did not make eye contact with me when he handed me back my paperwork.

If I'm given another load back to that location, I think I'll decline it.

January 18, 2014

It sucks to be already awake for a nightmare. Kinda long near death experience post.

My trucker nightmare scenario happened last night. I noticed a weird minor clunk sound/feel when I would apply the breaks, and made a mental note to tell my boss that we should make time to have it looked at in Chicago, or possibly when I get back to L.A.

Every thing seemed normal as I blew passed the Halloran Summit brake check turnout before the long drop in to Las Vegas. Since I was in no hurry, and while not real heavy 68k lbs +, I was heavy enough, so I decided to drop in to 12th gear at the very top, before the down slope even began though I was only going about 55mph cresting the rise. I braked firmly to get my engine rpm's low enough to rapidly drop to 12 gear, and then I intended to immediately, drop again to 11th gear which is my usual descent gear for that drop at around that weight.

Upon breaking, that disturbing little clunk, turned into a startling big clunk, with a decided pull to the left. I reapplied the brake, wanting to down shift to at least 10th gear A.S.A.P. In a matter of a second or two my air pressure warning alarm triggered as I was able to drop into 12 gear, but even as I shifted my brake peddle drop to the floor and I knew I had a serious problem, I was at the top of a roughly 8 mile 6% downgrade with no brakes, my only out was a runaway truck ramp and a big decision 4 miles ahead. As soon as my engine got the air pressure passed 70psi and I had some air pressure for breaking I applied as much pressure as I dared, and was able to drop into 12 gear before losing all my braking air pressure, and once more my brake peddle hit the floor.

I was in the truck lane with a break in the Friday night Vegas traffic so I was able to get around the truck I was running up on, while checking on the next lane in my mirror it was obvious that all my wheel hubs were already smoking from the friction, which means among other things that whatever pressure I apply will be less effective due to the heat glazing between the brake shoes and hubs.

By this time I was chalked full of adrenalin, and my mouth was so dry, I knew that I had to make sure that I was thinking clearly, and not make any mistakes, as I had already run out of wiggle room before I even started down hill. I let my air system build up to 100psi trying not to think of the speed I was also building. I had to get down to at least 10th gear if I was going to be able to maintain control of my rigg, and save my very scared ass.

At 100psi I got back on my brakes and as I slowed to just under 55 I was able to drop from 12th to 11th gear, and the extra rpm's from the engine braking helped to build air pressure fairly quickly, I instantly built up speed to my engine's redline at 20k rpm.

I was at my moment of truth, if I missed my next down shift, and could not get back in to 11th gear, I might not be able to get into any gear and that would mean I was dead, the only choice left would be if I had the guts to leave the roadway at a place where I would not harm anyone in my immediate area. Again at 100psi I braked as hard as I could, and used my "splitter" switch to drop into 10th. I hit the switch, revved my engine and dropped my eye to my rpm gage which would be the first indication if I caught the next lower gear.

I was very relived to see my rpm's shoot up from about 18k to 25k and with that confirmation that I was in 10th gear, and due to the thinning traffic (it as just after 11pm PST) I just needed a little luck, and no dumb-assed moves from myself or any of the remaining Vegas runners.

I was still a couple of miles from the halfway point, and the emergency truck ramp, but due to the very high rpm's I was able to build enough pressure in order to feather my brakes as efficiently as possible to slow my truck enough to not go much over deep in the red zone 25k rpm's, my actual speed between 65 to 75 mph. I made the decision not to take the truck ramp, not knowing if it was a bad decision for about a half mile when I would make the last bend and be on a straight line of sight to State Line and the traffic between me and the flatlands just before the Nevada boarder.

I got around the corner and there was nothing in front of me for at least 4 more miles, my only worries left was the possibility of my smoldering brake hubs lighting my tires on fire, and the extra thrill of multiple blowouts at high speed with a fiery death thrown in for laughs.

There are moments when I actually miss being a cube-rat.

Sent from my iPad

March 18, 2012

That fucking tears it. Veterans please respond to my proposal with a thumbs up or down.

Again a DU'er has made a blanket insult to veterans that was alerted on, and let stand by a jury.


This is not the first time, and I am fucking sick and tired of this horseshit

This would not happen if someone said that Mexican's were dirty, Black's were lazy, Gay's were pedafiles, Middle Easterner's were terrorists.

But blanket insults to veterans are left to stand. I would like a tumbs up or down to take this to the Admins as a group wth those who wish to cosign on the thread.

If we do and the admins let these blankets insults stand I am out of here.

December 13, 2011

Dear Monkey Gods of Admin status

The Veterans Group does not have any Hosts. I don't know exactly know what hosts should do, but I do believe that DU NEEDS a Veterans Group, and I would like to help it get started.

My qualifications are: I am a Navy veteran with a campaign ribbon for service in the persian gulf. I am the son of a Veteran, the Nephew & cousin of Army, Navy, Marine, and Airforce veterans of the Vietnam War, Grand son of WWII Navy vet, great grand son of a WWI veteran, and a great great grand son of combatants from both sides of the apache wars.

My primary medical and occasional mental health care comes from the West Los Angeles V.A. Hospital system. I am sure there are much better hosts out there, but I am more then willing to fill in until they muster for duty.

I for one hail my Simian Overlords.

Peace, and should that fail, poo shall be flung.

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