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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
November 4, 2020

Did we lose the house??

Cnn shows 215 d 219 r..wtf

November 4, 2020

I never thought I would need this group, but I do

My son died, and I am totally inconsolable

He was my true soulmate.. he looked the most like me..he was the last of my kids..Our senses of humor were the same..

He was the "golden child".. always did the right thing.. He had such a wonderful life..loved his wife.


He had so very many friends
His wife put together such a touching video from the remembrance ceremony


November 2, 2020

Steve's last lesson. (my youngest son's death)

Steve’s last lesson.

You are a man …let’s say 35 to 40 ish.

Were you a “jock” in high school/college?
Remember all those times you were hurt and the coach said “walk it off”?

Sports injuries are a part of life when you are a teen/twenty-something, and your youth pretty much guarantees that in a few days you’ll be okay.

But NOW, you are a grown-up man, who may have put on a few pounds. Perhaps you choose fast food because you are in a hurry or it just tastes good to you. You like to watch sports, and sports means snacks.

You are still active and do physical things (my son routinely hung garage doors, laid tile, worked a full-time job, did yard work, hiked, etc.)

My son’s death can be a lesson.

His death was because of a massive heart attack at age 41. He also had sky-high cholesterol, arterial plaque, high blood pressure, and an enlarged heart.

These were all undiagnosed.


Because, like so many men, he was still strong and felt okay, so he did not go to the doctor.

None of these issues came on suddenly, and he had health insurance, so any of them could have been diagnosed by a doctor with ample time to treat them. Perhaps he would have still had a heart attack, but he might have had enough time to treat these issues, change his lifestyle and diet, and could have lived a much longer life.

We will never know because that did not happen for him.

Once you hit your 30’s, please investigate family health histories, just in case your family has issues that might affect you as well. Steve knew there was a history of heart disease in our family, but he felt strong and shrugged it off.

He was a busy guy and even though his wife and I reminded him to go to the doctor for his shoulder pain (a “strained muscle”), he did not go. He promised he would, but he didn’t. That “strained muscle” may well have been a precursor; a warning sign his body was sending.

We will never know, and all the “shoulda/couldas” are in vain now.

All we have now is the insane grief that’s left behind.

This is not to blame him, because we all are in denial sometimes, and we all think we have time to deal with difficult issues. We all rationalize our aches and pains.

You love your life, love your wife, love your family.

Do you want your Mother to cry every day for the rest of her life? Do you want your wife to be a young widow, crying herself to sleep every night? Do you want your children to be fatherless?

Please see a doctor to get a baseline, a heads-up while there is time to do something about it.

Do it for your family,
Do it for your friends.
Do it for Steve.
Do it for YOURSELF.
(1st pic is from the world cup in Brazil, 2014
2nd one is his "jock" pic, a personal favorite of mine)

link is for the lovely video presentation at his ceremony of remembrance..It was at a soccer field and about 350 people drifted through..He had so many friends

October 3, 2020

October 2, 2020, 9:15 pm.

October 2, 2020, 9:15 pm.

This was the moment I learned that my youngest son, Steven , had died.

I still don't have all the details yet, but my oldest son, Scott called me to tell me the horrible news.

What we know currently, is that his wife texted him yesterday afternoon and he didn't respond..
She called and he did not answer. She got home from work a little after 8pm and found him on the Iiving room floor.

An Amazon package was delivered after 5pm and was inside the house, so whatever took his life must have happened during that 3 hour time frame.

He was ALWAYS on his phone,(or near it) so whatever it was, was fast and overwhelming, leaving him no opportunity to use his phone.

My heart is broken, but at least I had 3 glorious weeks with him and his brothers recently, when they worked on my house.
I called him last night and we talked for half an hour .
He was always my political-talk buddy.

He was a sports fanatic, and traveled to every world cup (Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Russia) he could.

He was a good friend to all who knew him(and he knew everyone), a great brother to Michael and Scott , a loving husband to Maria and was our little "Beebs"...my last baby.

He would have turned 42 on Dec 15th. He was one of a kind.

July 12, 2020

need to update my payment info..can't remember how

I've clicked and clicked and can't find the page..my debit card apparently got hacked, so I'm trying to update all my auto pays..


June 25, 2020

Paging Jeff Bezos!

Jeff Bezos should set up a testing fund that any state can draw from to ensure that they can continue testing, and they should also have to report their findings, so we can have an accurate count.

He would go down in history as a lifesaver, and it would piss off the orange one too..

Trump's playing games by cutting funding, so someone needs to call his bluff..

June 20, 2020

There should be NO presidential debates this time around

Trumpie seems interested in having MORE...

Biden should just say no thanks. Trump refuses to wear a mask...his toadies are too afraid to.. and why on earth risk it?

Just give each candidate a topic, and allow them to state their case on each one..

This could be done on several presidential issues.. several times.

June 11, 2020

Georgia's voting "plan" worked perfectly.


Mass confusion. sealed ballot envelopes, dodgy machines, sketchy polling place planning,long lines..

It's designed to "appear" modern, innovative, but in practice, it works just the way they planned it..

During the next few months, there will probably be more "cullng of the herd", and by November, there will be another "miraculous" republican victory..

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