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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
January 30, 2019

Okay, here's an odd thought

What if Melania is Trumpie's "handler",,

She's a classic example of a honeypot scheme. She was raised in an iron curtain country and did not leave until the 90's.. She would have made a perfect undercover agent ..

The story about the meeting got me to thinking. She, no doubt, understands Russian, so she was the translator..

Maybe she was sent to the uS to "work" him..

January 30, 2019

Can congress make new laws for the president?

I keep hearing about things the house wants to work on to change "rules & norms" into laws..

But can they even do that?

Personally, I would love to see:

pardons made ONLY for people who have already SERVED a portion of their sentence
and NO pardons for the CURRENT admin people.

Mandatory tax returns made public along with the initial filing paperwork, 10 year minimum

No troops set foot anywhere outside the US without congress' input (except for already in-place bases in non war zones)

No presidential meetings without a note-taker/recording...and a US interpreter whenever one is needed..

a PUBLISHED list of all visitors to the white house.

There are surely more, but....this is a start

January 30, 2019

Like a Roger Stone

January 30, 2019

This deep freeze is a "re-run" of 77/78 winters

It was sooooo brutally cold AND snowy, businesses & schools went on half days or closed altogether.. sometimes there was no heat

the link below is a small re-telling of it..We lived it

The article is about Ohio..we lived in northern Indiana.. The brutal winter spanned Illinois/Indiana/Michigan/Ohio and other states

I still remember my son ( he was 3) would turn on the tv and wait patiently for the weather.. If it did not have a minus, he could go outside for a bit.. my kid was tough

our street looked just like this



The Ohio River froze in '77. A crippling blizzard hit in '78.

For two straight years, it was Elsa, Mr. Freeze and Old Man Winter against the Tri-State, and winters have never been harsher. If you lived through those two historic seasons here, you probably have a story to tell.Maybe you were among the hundreds who walked across the river in '77. Maybe it took you days to dig your car out of the snowdrifts that rose to 9 to 12 feet during the Blizzard of '78. Like every winter since, every winter to come will be compared to those back-to-back blasts of frigid cold and snow that crippled the region.

In each year, the biggest events happened in January.

In 1977, it was the brutal cold – 26 consecutive days with below-freezing temperatures capped by three straight record-setting days:

> Minus 21 on Jan. 16;

> Minus 24 on Jan. 17;

> Minus 25 on Jan. 18.

The temperature stayed below zero for 58 straight hours. Pipes burst and car batteries died. That's also when the river froze for the first time since 1958 and only the 13th time in recorded history.

Photo courtesy of Kenton County Public Library

The river stayed frozen for six days - Jan. 18-23. The ice was estimated to be 6 to 12 inches thick. There was a slight warmup that broke the ice, but it froze again for nine days - Jan. 30 to Feb. 7. Tugboats occasionally cut a path down the middle of the river, but the ice just packed together again. Boat traffic was suspended from Jan. 25 to Feb. 2. It was the coldest January on record with an average temperature of 12 degrees (The normal average was 31.1). January 1977 also set that month's record for snowfall with 30.3 inches (the normal was 6). And the 1976-77 winter set a Tri-State snowfall record with 47.3 inches. But those snow records fell 12 months later.

In 1978, what some called the worst blizzard in U.S. history slammed into the Tri-State and the Midwest on the night Jan. 25. continuing into the next day. It brought 6.9 inches of snow on top of 14 inches already on the ground. It also brought sustained winds of 35 mph with gusts up to 70, and temperatures that dropped to zero. It was a whiteout, a knockout punch. Those two winters – 76-77 and 77-78 - were the coldest and snowiest on record.

snip for much more


January 26, 2019

A mental health moment , and a reminder

Here at DU, tempers can easily flare, and many really nice people can go too far, and end up in DU jail..

The NEXT presidential election is in NOVEMBER OF 2020...

Primaries do not even start for a very long time.

We all have our favorites, but this early on, trashing other people's favorites does NO GOOD, and never ends well..


Here's how I do it :

I peruse LBN for truly worthy stories about candidates (potential, real, or even pie-in-the-sky)

in GD, I "edit"..

Go to "my account"..look for "trash can"..

Now just list the names of the candidates whose mere mentioning of their names drives you crazy.and they are instantly gone from your page..

You can always remove them from the list later if you want to mix it up..

It's a great way to de-clutter too when a big thing happens and there are eleventy-seven threads on the subject..


my list cracks me up.. I don't edit it often enough

Keyword Remove
Bernie Sanders Remove
2nd amendment Remove
adam schiff Remove
afghanistan Remove
alex jones Remove
Ann Coulter Remove
Aretha aretha Remove
Aretha Franklin Remove
avenatti Remove
bernie sanders Remove
biden Remove
Bill Donohue Remove
clinton Remove
code pink Remove
cornel west Remove
drone Remove
franken Remove
gitmo Remove
Glenn Beck Remove
guantanamo Remove
hastings Remove
hilary Remove
hilary clinton Remove
hillary Remove
hillary clinton Remove
israel Remove
jews Remove
kardashian Remove
kucinich Remove
lewinsky Remove
lgbt Remove
McCain Remove
mccain mc cain Remove
Medea Benjamin Remove
mia farrow Remove
michelle malkin Remove
Miranda Remove
MLK Remove
monica Remove
N.R.A. Remove
Nader Remove
national rifle assn Remove
national rifle association Remove
NRA Remove
NSA Remove
peanut allergy Remove
peanut-free Remove
pelosi Remove
pit bull Remove
pit-bull Remove
Pitt Bull Remove
pitt bull Remove
pitt bulls Remove
Pittbull Remove
pittbull Remove
Ralph Nader Remove
sarah palin Remove
second amendment Remove
snowden Remove
surveillance Remove
torture Remove
tulsi gabbard Remove
warren Remove
woody allen

January 26, 2019

In praise of new friends...and old friends

As most of you know my husband of nearly 49 years died suddenly Oct 26th.

We moved to our forever home in 2016 ( from Calif to Washington state), so we did not have many longtime friends.

This afternoon, one of my bowling buddies called me up and said she and her husband wanted to take me out to dinner with them. It was the first time to a local restaurant since Bill died.. It was nice to have dinnertime conversation again

and last week my BFF (for 36 years) called to tell me she is coming for a visit in Feb..for 10 days..yippee...

A week after my husband died, I forgot to close a car door and of course the battery died.. It was my first solo "car issue" ..I called the motor club and they sent out a guy at 9:30 PM..

He hadn't been there more than 5 minutes when my corner neighbor (3 houses down) showed up and stayed there with me until he left ... I was not afraid to be alone with a strange guy, but she was worried for me

I might figure out this alone stuff yet

January 26, 2019

Name the new baby..name generator..link added

Obviously this is tongue-in-cheek ...but based on some of the "newer" names..maybe not so much

my "new baby" would have been

Huntlee Gray "last name"

oops..brb..forgot the damned link

January 25, 2019

Oh my, GS Warriors skip WH..visit Obama


Warriors skip the White House, meet with former president Barack Obama instead
By Matt Bonesteel January 25 at 4:40 PM
The Golden State Warriors knew they would not be visiting the White House to celebrate their 2018 NBA title on their annual trip to Washington this week. They hadn’t done so last year in recognition of their 2017 championship, with Stephen Curry saying he wouldn’t have met with President Trump even if invited and Trump then withdrawing any invitation that may or may not have existed.

Instead, the Warriors this week met with the White House’s previous resident, on Thursday paying a visit to former president Barack Obama at his Washington office ahead of their game that night against the Wizards.


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