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Must-see-tv..Fascism in Europe (Rick Steves' documentary)

Trump in a nutshell


Non partisan registration and only opt-out

The US knows who is a citizen and who is not.

Every US citizen of voting age should be automatically registered to vote

Paper ballots..

More polling places

Vote by mail works well where it's offered.

Separate ballots for DC positions..house/senate/president

If Russia wants to meddle in city council/state offices, let them

There IS a way to do this.. our govt just loves complexity

A few predictions here.

What we know now about the whole sordid mess, is probably the total we will know.

August is upon us and not long after that we have the LaborDay weeks-long "holiday"... Then we have Veteran's Day time offsies..and then Thanksgiving..and of course Christmas ..and during all this there is campaigning/debating.etc.And of course, primaries are next in line.

There is just no more time. Republicans "win the day" because they never wait. They would have jumped in with both feet, the day after the inauguration.

The path of hearings/investigations/court proceedings works in the outside world, but it no longer works in government because of Fox News/Facebook/Twitter etc.

If Trump loses, he will pardon everyone he has ever known, convicted or possibly to be convicted.
He will even play the poor ole me card and pardon himself.

Any cases currently under way will be "ended".

We will never see his taxes.

No one will indict him. He's an old man.. a crook to be sure, but I don't see a new admin wanting any "hangovers".We are democrats and that's the way we roll.

The FBI/CIA/NSC/e-i-e-i-o will need to be rebuilt, the ACA will have to be resurrected. NASA/NOAA/EPA/..Basically, a new president will be starting at square one, with all the former history being long trashed by Trumpo.

There will be so much work to do, so much carnage to fix, this will fade away...shades of Iran Contra/the Iraq war shenanigans.

I will be long gone before the echos of this mess will rear its ugly head again.
It WILL come back to haunt us, but by then who knows what dire straits we will be in due to climate change.

Only republicans latch onto their prey and never let go.

If you changed the party from r to d, a democrat would have been impeached and removed from office by Feb 15 2017.

Rules are for democrats. The republicans are wild eyed barbarians taking no prisoners.EVER.

In races that are do-able, people just need to be told that republicans are vile cheaters who think it's ok to cheat on a wife, cheat on taxes, remove people from voting rolls willy-nilly, use outdated voting machinery, do business with enemies, give state secrets to enemies, skim money off the government for their own use. It's ok to NEVER tell the truth.It's ok to pay off mistresses, and to "pal around with pedophile sex traffickers".

We have to have some short, easy to understand talking points that define who republicans are..and we need to remind people every time we can.

They cleverly adopt short, pithy, easy to repeat slogans, and we need powerpoint displays to explain stuff..

The days of explaining are sadly behind us. Someone said once that if you are explaining you are losing.

How DOES Chump win?

The states we have to worry about are pretty clustered and demographically similar WI PA MI pretty much get us there..

Paul Ossman aka "Kellogg"-"White Dog"-"POS"


This place sounds like a snake pit.. No doubt he has a case...even if he is a reprehensible right-winger...why oh why do people write things down?

Paul Ossmann, former chief meteorologist at CBS46 (WGCL-TV), has sued his former employer for “racially and ethnically discriminatory termination,” accusing the CBS affiliate of fostering a “racially hostile work environment.”

In response, the CBS affiliate owned by Meredith Corp. released a statement saying that Ossmann was terminated April 8, 2019 “for cause based on multiple complaints from female co-workers of conduct that violated our workplace policies. CBS46 conducted investigations into each of these multiple complaints. Ossmann’s discharge was not only appropriate, but necessary and consistent with our values. Meredith will defend vigorously against Mr. Ossmann’s false allegations that attempt to obscure that fact.”

As a 62-year-old white man, he said he also faced “racist and ageist” comments by now former evening anchor Sharon Reed “and/or” current evening co-anchor Thomas Roberts. He said Reed called him a “white dog” and a “piece of [excrement.]”

Next to his name is also the word “Kellog,” which he said in the lawsuit is shorthand for a Kellogg’s “cornflake,” which is defined in the urban dictionary as “an old, tired conservative or Republican who whines about everything.”



Your Face on a Glamorous Magazine Cover In Seconds! Fun fun


Trump attends a MAGA wedding


Ivanka congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of United Kingston 🤦‍♂️

Ivanka Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson On Becoming Prime Minister Of ‘United Kingston’
BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 23 JUL 2019 15:15

Apparently the United Kingdom isn’t the only place with a new Prime Minister because Ivanka Trump just congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the leader of the ‘United Kingston’.

The new PM was voted in by 159,000 Conservative party members today (July 23), meaning Johnson is the head of the household, and the country, in his new residence at 10 Downing Street following Theresa May’s resignation last month.


Shortly after the result was announced, Ivanka took to Twitter to share some kind words with the politician; a courteous move from one person adjacent to power to another actually gaining some.

Another oopsie with cat filter (murder press conference)


Police Accidentally Livestream Murder Press Conference With Cat Filter
BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 22 JUL 2019 16:56

There’s a time and a place for using the cat filter on Facebook and I think we could all agree a press conference about murder is not one of those occasions, but unfortunately the technology got the best of police in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police held a conference on Friday (July 19) where they shared details about a double homicide involving 24-year-old American Chynna Noelle Deese and 23-year-old Australian Lucas Robertson Fowler, who were found dead on a remote highway earlier this week.

The event was serious and sombre, as would be expected, but those watching on Facebook live were baffled by the stark contrast of the nature of the news and the image of the person delivering it.


If Trump manages to cheat his way into a win,

He will pressure Thomas to resign
As much as we love her, Ginsberg cannot last forever
Breyer is getting old, and might be susceptible to pressure..


Trump would replace those three with THREE 40-something zealots..

and for the next FORTY years (at least) we have a 7-2 split..

Kagan & Sotomayor may as well take up knitting, just cast a standing opposition vote & watch Nexflix all day long.

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