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Did anyone see the Trump press conference from India this morning?

Once again, he refused to respond to whether he would welcome outside interference in our elections. Unfortunately, reporters only get one shot and the questions are swept away. Other reporters do not do the necessary "follow-ups" to get a reasonable response.

Also, he was asked about the firing of the DNI and the replacement of him with an ambassador with no intelligence experience. He said that the DNI was leaving March 11th anyway. He didn't say what our intelligence agencies were to do between time?

He also commented on the "inappropriate" comments by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. He thought the women Justices should recuse themselves from any cases related to Donald Trump.

At one moment, he accused the CNN reporter of lying and being dishonest. The CNN reporter responded that the network had a better record than he at being honest.

There may be an empty seat back from India?

To the Candidates: Unless you are Donald Trump, you must be very careful with the words you use.

Words can be hurtful. They can be as green as envy or red as a rose. But they mean something.

Unless you are Donald Trump.

Then you can be as unpatriotic as you wish. You can write love letters to dictators. You can threaten to lock up your opponents. You can threaten them with bodily harm. You can threaten to kill them.

But the people will not accept it from anyone else.

There is a price to pay if you try.

Nothing that Bernie Sanders or any Democrat will do will be as bad as what Trump and the Repubs...

...will do in the next four years if they are given four more years.

Bernie's "socialism" will not even come close to the damage that Donald Trump has planned. Think about programs for the poor. Think about SS. Think about Medicare and Medicaid. They will all be in their death throes if Donald Trump is given four more years.

What damage will Bernie Sanders do? With the present Democratic House, he will be unable to get anything done that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats do not want done.

Trump wants to destroy our government and all its programs. The Republicans stand with him.

Do not be deceived into believing the "socialist" is going to do all these terrible things. It is the other side that is serious about making America a banana republic. We will be a Third World country in four more years if we do not make changes.

To be honest, I don't think any of the Democrats should be criticized at all...

...because Donald Trump has made everything "normal".

Nothing that any of the Democrats has done is equal to the words or actions of Donald Trump. Why should Democrats operate with different standards? When the Repubs criticize one of our own, just laugh at 'em. Don't expect more from the Democrats than Repubs expect from Donald Trump.

But, we are not like them. We expect our candidates to be more decent and more moral and more "normal".

Well, screw them!

That's about where I'm at.

The best strategy to defeat Trump and the Repubs is to unite the Democratic Party.

By uniting the Democrats, it will divide the Republicans.

Because by uniting the Democrats, it would unite the country against the Republicans and Trump.

Bring the country together and it will tear the Republicans apart. They are dependent on the division of the rest of the nation in order to win. Trump thrives on division.

Present a message that is totally opposite and in contrast to Donald Trump. Be truthful. Be decent. Be compassionate. Be patriotic. Be human.

What happens with the Democratic Party if Trump wins a second term?

This post is not meant to further divide the Party, but rather, to look at the near future in a more realistic view. The Party will have no choice but to unite or to separate and begin anew.

Has anyone forced themselves to think of this possibility? Granted, it is not a pleasant thought.

But, is it possible?

Some say not only possible but likely.

Will the Party be able to unite or will it be splintered beyond repair?

In my opinion, this is the historical turmoil we may be entering?

This election is maybe the most important election of our lifetimes, in regards to the survival of the Democratic Party.

Let us vote with our eyes wide open.

The Deconstruction of the Administrative State

An instructive video on CNN one month after the inauguration of Donald Trump. In my opinion, it explains the strategy of Trump and the Republicans more than any other theory.

Help me understand this "down the ballot" discussion?

The gist of the argument is that if Bernie were to win, it would hurt the candidates down the ballot.

Are they saying if Bernie got more votes than anyone else and became the nominee, his supporters would not vote for those "down the ballot"?

Or are they saying that all those folks that did not come out to vote for another candidate in the primaries, for whatever reason, will not come out and vote for Bernie Sanders in the general election, but will come out and vote for the person they did not want to come out and vote for in the primaries?

Help me understand this argument. It's a little confusing for me.

Is Donald Trump charging the taxpayers or his campaign for these campaign trips?

So long as he thinks he can get away with it, I'm sure he is asking someone else to pay for all these trips he has been taking lately?

How could one find out?

Which would you prefer?

(on edit: This is the way most people think of their candidate as opposed to all the others)
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