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From Kentucky to Colorado.

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Which side are you on?

Are you on the side of America or those that seek to destroy our democracy?

Are you on the side of the oligarchs and international criminals?

Or are you on the side of those that are fighting to protect our institutions and our right to vote?

Are you on the side of those that hide and obfuscate and do harm to our country?

Or are you on the side of those that call for transparency and the truth?

Are you on the side of the liars and the distractionists?

Or are you on the side of those that defend our Constitution?

Are you on the side of those that do not know "fake news" from "real news"?

Or are you on the side of those that believe we are better off with a "free press"?

Will Nancy hold a vote in the House before there are Articles of Impeachment?

There is no rule that says she must. She is in charge of the House, just as McConnell is in charge of the Senate. When Mitch allows a vote in the Senate, then she may consider a vote in the House?

The House has the sole authority to impeach. Trump is not impeached until Articles of Impeachment are passed by the whole House. At the present time, it is in the investigation stage. There is no vote required.

It is a distraction by Trump and the Republicans. However, they should be careful of what they wish, they might just get it?

Presently, the Republicans are using the lack of a full vote in the House as an excuse to defy subpoenas. Nancy sees it as obstruction of justice and the Courts may ultimately agree with her?

There is much more to Ukraine than just Giuliani looking for dirt on the Bidens.

He was not having "several meetings" with Manafort for no reason. He was gathering information about something corrupt.

It would be difficult to believe that Donald Trump did not know about what was going on?

It was a shadow government operation working in secret for Donald J Trump.

In my opinion, money laundering is involved. As is the former Ukrainian oligarch, Dmytra Firtash. He is now living in Vienna and that is where the two Giuliani "associates" were going with their one-way tickets when they were arrested at the Dulles Airport. Coincidentally, Giuliani had a ticket for Vienna also.

I suspect there is a lot of dirt to uncover and it doesn't involve the Bidens at all.

How much should Democrats rely on the polls before they impeach?

Should they not impeach if the polls are below 50%?

In my opinion, impeachment is not something that should be tied to public opinion polls. If they are waiting on the polls to hit 60 or 70%, I doubt that will ever happen in this political environment.

However, I believe Pelosi's patience is permitting the people to see enough evidence to legitimately impeach. If crimes have been committed, they have no choice, regardless of the polls, but to impeach.

What did John Bolton mean by "drug deal"?

He informed Fiona Hill that he did not want to be part of a"drug deal" cooked up by Giuliani and Mulvaney.

Was he speaking as a metaphor or was he talking about a real "drug deal"? That seems a peculiar way to describe something else illegal?

Bolton had requested that Fiona Hill inform John Eisenberg, the lawyer for the NSC, about the situtation.

There is much more to discover here.

This is the Trump that America has been dreading since he came into office.

Everyone knew that someday there would be a crisis and Donald Trump would not be ready or equipped to handle it. It would be a disaster. It is now upon us.

He is a threat to our national security. Do I need to hold your hand and talk more slowly? He...is...a...threat...to...our...national...security.

We have been lucky to have made it three years without a disaster like we now have in Syria. That is not to say that we have not had many other disasters that were not military in nature. Many of our alliances have been damaged or destroyed.

There was always the sinking feeling that something terrible could happen at any time. Hopefully, this is not the time.

(on edit)
I think these are times, that other countries may perceive us as weak or distracted, and try to take advantage of some situations, such as in Syria.

Some might argue that this impeachment investigation is causing the huge distraction? But, it is the huge distraction that is causing the impeachment investigation. We cannot ignore our laws and our Constitution. So long as our Constitution is secure, our people are secure.

Why did Giuliani consult with Manafort's lawyer about Ukraine?

Giuliani informed that he had met Manafort via his lawyer "several times" about Ukraine.

He was interested in information in a "black ledger" but was told there was none?

So why meet "several times"?

It appears Giuliani's efforts were mainly getting Manafort out of jail and discrediting the Mueller investigation? It seems it is always about Russia.


Giuliani is like a tragic figure from a Shakespeare play.

He was praised as "America's Mayor" after 9/11. He had pulled his city together after the terrorist attack.

He was also known as a strict law and order guy. Although his tactics were criticized, the crime rate in NYC dropped dramatically while he was the Mayor.

But, in Shakespearean fashion, he was arrogant beyond the limits of normalcy. He could arrest people but he could never see himself being arrested for anything.

Perhaps his most fatal character flaw was his vulnerability for the limelight. He was power hungry. He saw Donald Trump as a means to getting power and maintaining his need for the limelight.

In the end, as in a Shakespeare play, he will not rejoice in a happy ending. His story will end tragically. Perhaps broke and in prison?

The most important charge for impeachment?

In my opinion, it is the campaign finance violation and bribery charge, where he is the "un-indicted co-conspirator" with Michael Cohen, who is now in jail. He paid off Stormy Daniels and the Playboy playmate to keep the information from going public, just before the election. If he had not done that, he probably would not be sitting in the White House today?

That seems too important not to be on the list of charges if he is impeached? Also, the numerous times he has obstructed justice by trying to fire the Special Counsel and the many times he has abused his power as the president. If the Democrats choose to just push the Ukraine matter, I fear the Republican PR machine can defeat just the one issue. I think it should all be on display for the American people to see.

The truth is really going to hurt.

Down to the last bullet.

The walls are closing in on Donald Trump and his henchmen.

They were saving the IG report about FISA abuse, and FBI malfeasance by James Comey and others, for a more opportune time. But, they need it now. It is their last bullet.

They feel an urgent need to fight back against the onslaught of bad news - about Syria, impeachment, and hostile witnesses seeking to speak the truth - and their backs are against the wall.

Of course, neither Trump nor his supporters are willing to accept the verdict. They will be in denial right up to election and beyond. The truth is going to hurt real bad.
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