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Will Trump be charged with espionage?

By simple retention of military classified documents, one could be charged with espionage. But, if espionage charges are brought, we might assume there is more evidence than simple possession of the documents? Not necessarily, but there is likely more evidence that we have not heard about.

Regardless if Trump is charged with espionage or not, the case of obstruction against him is very strong. By law, it could carry an even heavier sentence than espionage.

If it only takes a simple majority of the Grand Jury to indict, it is difficult to see how Trump is not indicted and charged from withholding documents from the US Government and lying about his possession of them.

It could happen sooner than we imagine.

Just suppose...

..that Donald Trump was working with Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs to destroy America?

He won't say. However, he will not say whether or not he inspired a cult of his followers to attack the US Capitol, either.

The people deserve to know.

If it takes a jury of his peers to resolve the issue, then so be it.

In my opinion, this is a time we need to stand up for America and our Constitution.

When I Get To Heaven - Gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine-miles long...

Did Trump lie about the document that he said was classified and could not be shown?

His lawyers say that they cannot find the document?

Did it ever exist?

Or was it just something created out of thin air, because he was angry with his former Joints Chief?

Also, he said that he "took what I took", in reference to the stolen documents. He said he "declassified" all of the documents as soon as he took them. Of course, with classified information, it is my understanding that each copy must be re-stamped with the updated classification, if it has been de-classified. Otherwise, it would serve no purpose, except to put at risk the lives of our allies and spies, if they were not aware of changes? (As far as we know, none of the documents retrieved from the Mar-a-Lago search warrant had any of their markings changed?)

Also, in reference to the "former president", it seems worthy noting that when the documents were being stolen and hidden, the former president was a "civilian". He no longer held any position of authority within the US Government. He is required to obey the laws as would any other "civilian".

Sometimes we just have to call bullshit, "bullshit".

It is past time for the long national nightmare to end and for the system to work.

We don't know when the Special Counsel is going to charge the former president with crimes? We don't even know if he is going to charge him? But, it is time for the justice system to do its job.

The journey for answers has been long and arduous. The country has suffered immensely. It is time for the nightmare to end.

It is time to let the system work. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. Either charge the people who committed serious crimes or drop the investigations.

In my opinion, the country is ready to move forward. It is decision time.

A quote by Goethe:

"Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action."

While President, did Trump de-classify any documents by the normal, secure procedures?

If so, would that not be evidence that he knows the process and how it works?

Or did he de-classify everything with his magical mind-melding method?

I cannot understand why folks choose to discard all common sense when it comes to this issue?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse except when it applies to the former president?

It's gotten to the point where he could walk into a bank with a gun and we would be arguing about whether he was there to rob the bank or just to show the teller his new Ruger semi-automatic firearm.

After all, how could we know what was in his mind and what was his intent?

If we could just find one document...?

...to show his intent and knowledge that he knew it was illegal to take the documents from the White House to M-a-L and he understood that he did not have the power to de-classify them?

Does it seem like we are returning to square one?

Did not his aides and attorneys tell him that it was not legal to keep the stolen documents?

If his intent was to not keep the documents, then why did he try to hide them from the FBI?

Who put those sensitive documents in his office and desk drawer?

So now, the Special Counsel has a recording of Trump saying that he had possession of a classified document but he could not show it because he no longer had the power to "de-classify" it.

Why is this any more important than the hundreds of other classified documents that were stolen and taken to M-a-L?

I suppose they are having a difficult time finding evidence to charge the former president?

After all, we must treat presidents and former presidents differently when thinking about charging them with a crime. They are superior citizens.

The Storage Room Saga

The boxes went in. Some of the boxes came out. Some of the boxes went back in again.

The prosecutors are attempting to fill in the details between. Reportedly, they do have video. Why would they not indict a couple of people for conspiracy? If two or more conspire, it is a conspiracy.

Perhaps some documents are still missing? And are being used to extort the Justice Department? Is that too far beyond possible? How would we know?

The saga continues.

The most sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago were found in Trump's office?

Why was that?

Were these the "personal mementos" that he was so fond of holding on to, as some of his supporters have stated? That doesn't appear to be the case.

One of his attorneys, Evan Corcoran, said that he was prohibited from searching Trump's office, just a day before the Feds came to search the place. It has not yet been reported who prohibited him from searching Trump's office?

When the Feds went in with a search warrant, they found all the most sensitive documents in the office, some of them in his desk.

If that doesn't raise a red flag, then nothing will.

What were his plans for the documents? Who did he show them to? Did he make copies? Did some of them contain intelligence that would help Russia in their war against Ukraine?

Will we ever know the truth?

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