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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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"Why are you ringing my doorbell?"

Some guy rang my doorbell at 3:00 am this morning.

When I asked him what he wanted he said "I need help man. I’m turning into a moth!”

I told him he needed a psychiatrist, and asked why he was bothering me.

He said “Your porch light was on!”

The lies and the cover-up

Which is worse?

Republicans, in their desire to cover-up the truth about what actually happened, tell one lie after another.

Why, if you didn't know better, you would have thought it was just a bunch of tourists going thru the Capitol.

Oh, we were only going to use those fake ballots if Joe Biden was not certified as President.

It was only our families we were showing thru the Capitol the day before the attack.

Just about everyone was a peaceful protester.

No one called from the White House for seven hours.

Look at all those dead people that voted.

Why, Donald Trump won by a landslide!

And on and on, the cover-up continues.

The truth is their enemy.

Mike Pence is like a rooster.

The rooster gets up early in the morning and starts crowing and then the sun comes up. The rooster thinks he is the reason that the sun comes up.

Mike Pence goes down to Georgia, crows about supporting Kemp for Governor, and if Kemp wins by a large margin, Pence will think he is the reason.

Has Russia declared war on the world by blocking the world's food supplies?

There are reports that we only have nine days of wheat left in the world's market? Yesterday, it was ten days.

The reason is because Russia is blocking millions of tons of products from shipment.

It is not enough that babies do not have enough formula to drink or that gas prices are going thru the roof, now their plan is to starve their way to victory.

I'm sure others may look at it differently.

I used to think Republicans were just naive...

That they did crazy sh*t that threatened our democracy because they thought our democracy was strong enough to withstand anything they did to it. Their more important task was to keep Democrats from spending money on social programs and to keep their taxes low.

But now, I see that they were never concerned whether our democracy survived or not. They see an opportunity to stick the knife in democracy's heart, and by God, they are going to do it. They see no real opposition from their supporters and very little from the Democratic Party, so they choose to strike while the iron is hot.

I was the naive one.

If you were in a foxhole, and rounds and tracers were going over your head...

...and rockets and explosives were going off all around you?

You wouldn't care if the person by your side was black, white, Democrat, or Republican, you would be fighting together to survive.

As a democracy, that is where we are today.

How much do you think Rudy told the Committee?

I cannot imagine him cooperating with the Committee.

He is a liar and a bullshitter extraordinaire.

The Committee is likely still trying to recover from the load of BS they were covered with yesterday.

Just my opinion.

True or False? - The attempted coup ended when Joe Biden became President on January 20, 2021.

Yes, that was the end of it. The attempted coup failed. Democrats regained control of our government.

No, the attempted coup continued. It is more of a threat now than the day Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Which of those comments do you believe to be the most true?

I would like to send kudos to Nicolle Wallace for her determined and consistent coverage...

...of the attempted overthrow of our democracy.

More than anyone I know, she has covered this story from every angle and perspective. Her persistence and her willingness to put country over Party is very admirable.

We have seen the stress and the frustration in her determination to assure that the American people get the truth about the January 6th insurrection.

Although she has received some criticism for her continued support for Liz Cheney, I do not believe it is deserved. Liz Cheney has been one of the most important figures in this investigation thus far, perhaps the most important? She has shown tremendous courage. Her past and her family's past notwithstanding. That was then, this is now. We must fight the battle that is in front of us, not those behind us.

I, for one, appreciate the job that Nicolle Wallace has done, and is doing, in the very difficult job of taking on this humongous task of uncovering the largest scandal in this nation's history.

The signs from dramatic climate change are not good.

We read that salt water, from the Adriatic Sea, is back-filling into the Po River in Eastern Italy and killing off crops in areas that have been the breadbasket for Italy for hundreds of years. The crops turn black.

We read of dangerous food shortages in Sri Lanka and suspect there are many other places in a similar situation.

We read about huge dust storms in Illinois and Nebraska and harken back to the desperate days of the 1930's, when the top soil was blown away and there were food shortages all over.

Are we at the beginning of the huge drought of 2022?

Will the earth be able to feed all the people upon it?

The changes may be happening faster than any of us realize?
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