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This is not a typical recession.

People left their jobs because of the pandemic. The economy was doing very good, thanks to what Obama left Trump. Most of the jobs were not "lost", they were postponed because of a national disaster. (coronavirus)

There is no reason to expect the jobs to not return? But, 13% is nothing to brag about. When it gets down to 4-5%, then we can say we have recovered. Claiming victory now is like a marathon runner bragging about his race before it even starts.

We should expect the job rate to go down as people's confidence returns. We should not expect the unemployment rate to remain as high as it is now.

However, when a new report shows almost 2 million more people applying for unemployment, how is it possible for the rate to go down? Unless, of course, if more people are returning to work and they have the numbers to reflect that? Usually, the numbers lag behind the actual facts, it has been reported.

Regardless, Democrats should not expect to use unemployment figures as a political issue. Unless, of course, the rate remains above 10%. The rate should go down. If it doesn't, then Mr Trump would bear the blame, just like every other president before him.

From George F Will's recent editorial in WashPost:

"So, assume that the worst is yet to come."

A political partyís primary function is to bestow its imprimatur on candidates, thereby

proclaiming: This is who we are. In 2016, the Republican Party gave its principal nomination to

a vulgarian and then toiled to elect him. And to stock Congress with invertebrates whose

unswerving abjectness has enabled his institutional vandalism, who have voiced no serious

objections to his Niagara of lies, and whom T.S. Eliot anticipated:

We are the hollow men . . .

Our dried voices, when

We whisper together

Are quiet and meaningless

As wind in dry grass

or ratsí feet over broken glass . . .

Those who think our unhinged presidentís recent mania about a murder two decades ago that

never happened represents his moral nadir have missed the lesson of his life: There is no such

thing as rock bottom. So, assume that the worst is yet to come. Which implicates national

security: Abroad, anti-Americanism sleeps lightly when it sleeps at all, and it is wide-awake as

decent people judge our nationís health by the character of those to whom power is

entrusted. Watching, too, are indecent people in Beijing and Moscow.

The people have not yet felt the full impact of the crisis in our economy.

It is now over 42 million people that have lost their jobs and filed for unemployment. Some of them probably had a little savings and a 401K plan. Some are getting their unemployment, plus the $600 per week stimulus for the unemployed. These folks have likely not felt a lot of pain thus far.

I'm sure that there are many that are having some difficulty getting their unemployment checks. They have been held up, or delayed for some reason, or outright denied? These folks are the ones we are likely to see in the food lines.

But the $600 per week stimulus is scheduled to end in July. People will then go back to work or they may not have a job to return to. That is when the economics of this depression will begin to be felt, in my opinion.

But, this is not the only crisis that we have to worry about. People are still dying by the thousands from the COVID-19. Hopefully, the summer will be hot and dry enough to dry up most of the virus? (If indeed the weather has any impact on the virus) It is still an unknown, whether or not we may get another huge surge, like that in NYC.

If that were all, that would be enough to challenge any society. But we have another crisis, also. We have a crisis in leadership, just as Leon Panetta, former Defense Secretary, warned on the Andrea Mitchell television show earlier today.

Of all the crises, the lack of leadership may be the most critical. America has no leadership coming from this White House. That is the reality we are burdened with.

Vote 'em Out !

The Unknown Soldier

Why can the Senators not see the big picture?

I am watching a bit of the Rod Rosenstein hearing on C-SPAN and the Republicans are indignant and out-raged about the way the Russia investigation was handled. As if it was some evil creation of the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Well, first of all, the Republicans were in charge of everything. They controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They fired General Flynn. They appointed Rod Rosenstein. They appointed Robert Mueller. They approved everything every step of the investigation.

But, now, they want the American people to believe that the Russia investigation was some concoction of the Democrats to tear down Donald J Trump. Republicans never had anything to do with it. In fact, they had everything to do with it.

The Democrats were in charge of nothing.

Just a point that needs to be made, in my opinion.

The Scarlet Letter (R)

As Steve King witnessed last night, the people are running out of patience with the coy strategy of the Republicans in the House and Senate. They have been very successful at running away from the press and hiding their views from the American people.

This morning, Republicans marched by the cameras, one by one, and refused to comment on the protests, or Trump's handling of the crisis, or the blatant use of the Bible for a photo op. They are relying on voters forgetting everything by election day.

But, it might not turn out the way they plan? The people may come to the realization that the problem in Washington is the Republican Party (R). The problem is with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and all the little lemmings that follow them.

The odds are against them. It is unlikely the political reality will improve before the November elections. It is more likely that the situation will continue to worse every day that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are in power.

The more intelligent voters can see what is happening. Those with an (R) by their name may have hell to pay by election day?

Every Republican, every single one, should be tossed out of Washington and sent home to reflect on their misdeeds and traitorous behaviors.

Does no one know what Trump talks to Putin about?

Are we simply to trust that he has our best interests at heart?

Well, that might be a very foolish thing to do.

When was the last time that he talked with the Russian dictator?

It does seem that Mr Putin is his "go-to guy" when he has a problem?

I trust no one that trusts Donald Trump. Their judgement is severely impaired.

There is no line Donald Trump will not cross.

Whether it be the line between Church and State or the line between military and government functions.

There is no crossed line that he cannot rationalize.

There is no line that he cannot persuade his supporters to follow along.

Yes, there is now 108,000 dead Americans from the corona virus but that is actually a good thing. It could have been over a million lives lost. Donald Trump and his decisive leadership saved over a million lives.

Forty million jobs lost? No problem. We will come back and be greater than ever before. Most likely, it will be after the election in November. We cannot turn over the government to the Socialist Democrats. They would destroy our nation.

Yes, we need to "dominate" the streets. We need to put people in jail for 10 years. We need to bring in the military to crack down on these "thugs".

The Bible? Why not use it as a political prop if it keeps the evangelicals on his side? He doesn't have to believe in the Bible. He just has to pretend to believe. That is all they need.

There is no line Donald Trump will not cross to promote or to defend himself.

Everybody look what's going down...

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