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Rocky Raccoon fell back in his room - only to find Gideon's Bible...

Why Trump held up the Bible?

Because there is no fool like an old religious fool. By default, they are the most gullible amongst us.

He wanted to show his supporters that he was a strong leader, not the weak coward running to a bunker. So he ordered flash grenades and tear gas used on the peaceful protestors, so he could walk across the street and show his evangelical followers that he was still a man of God.

Just to prove it, he held up the Bible so no one could mistake what book it was? It wasn't his Bible. He must have borrowed it? Why waste a good photo op?

Trump is so disappointed in his MAGA Army

When protestors were gathering across from the White House, he sent out the message that it was "MAGA night", expecting the red hats to show up, with the motorcycle gangs and the camo-warriors, armed to the teeth.

But, none of them showed up. Somehow they had lost the courage they had when they marched into the state capitols, flaunting their weapons and sparking fear into many honest citizens. Perhaps they were in the bunker with Mr Trump?

He now realizes that they are much like him. They cannot be trusted. Their loyalty does not extend to putting their own safety in danger.

If anyone has noticed...?

Donald Trump does not post on Facebook what he posts on Twitter. He feeds the red meat to his supporters on Twitter. On Facebook, he only feeds them patriotic, flag-waving, Bible-thumping, flag-waving, all-American bullshit.

He covers all the bases on social media. It's like two different presidents.

It is a very sophisticated operation, albeit, depraved.

Hey Jude (Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman)

He needs to resign immediately

Nobody thought that he would try to divide the country during a pandemic, but he did.

He is not capable of bringing the country together.

Even with violent protests and riots in the street, he feels no need to calm the waters. Instead, he pours gasoline on the fires. He is unfit to sit in the office of the presidency, even for one more day.

Republicans have put themselves into an uncomfortable and untenable position of defending Donald Trump. They have no choice but to defend incompetence. They have to conceal the fact that their President is a threat to our national security.

Otherwise, they may not get re-elected in November?

So, they are gambling that the voters will not hold them accountable.

They are who they are.

How much are outside interests driving these protests?

We're back to the "few bad apples" theory, as some have used to describe the police.

Are they simply "opportunity looters"? They use the legitimate protestors as cover to hide their dirty deeds? Do they even know the difference between George Floyd and Pink Floyd?

Do they self-identify as "Antifa"? Is that a catch-all phrase? Is it just a way to have fun?

How are these "outside interests" helping the cause? Is the only way to get people's attention is to burn something down?

Are these protests organized and planned? Who is organizing them?

And a Baby General shall lead them...

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