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The right-wingers have backed themselves into a political corner

They felt compelled to choose between a Mormon (Mormonism is not considered a "Christian" religion by many Southerners) and a serial adulterer who they perceive can truly "take the fight" to President Obama in future debates. Casting aside all pretenses of religious purity, they were forced in their own minds to vote for the serial adulterer, touting the principle of forgiveness of sin as their excuse. In this process, they exhibited their own religious hypocrisy, shades of racism and willingness to disregard the Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom to all citizens (despite their claims of being strict constructionists).

In short, most of these voters played the role of the emperor wearing no clothes, hoping no one would notice. Most of us did.


"Romney won the bar fight, Santorum is drinking the free drinks and Newt Gingrich is

waiting outside with a broken bottle."

This loose quote should be credited to a commentator I heard today on The Ed Show, whose synopsis of the current situation within the Republican party seems simply perfect.

Nothing in my opinion is uglier than the seedy underbelly of our political domestic combat unless it is the pure, raw sight of Republicans devouring Republicans. Hey, but better "them" than us.

And they are just getting started....

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