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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
December 18, 2011

Are we going to spontaneously combust with second-guessing /meta-ing ourselves?

Within a couple or three days of DU3 I was pleased with myself for having adapted to changes in this fabulous site as I never had adapted to previous changes. After the first changes where I had lectured, "Sometimes there is a perfect stage and change for its own sake doesn't equate with 'improvement,' " when the second round of changes came around I settled into just using the parts that suited me and skipping past the rest.

With DU3 there seemed to be a fascinating mixture of innovation (the jury) and preservation (strengthening of SoP).

But some trends seem to be gaining strength: Reviving what had seemed to be "settled law" (yes, the UnRec, but others, too). And unlocking locked SoP breaches back and forth. And the de facto weakening of the SoP (especially in GD), the bottom line being arbitrariness. And it was unsettling at first to see jury results being posted and picked at, although I guess real life juries after the fact do discuss and are discussed in public.

O.K., I get the "democratic" philosophical impetus fueling the changes --- empowerment and transparency. The change from a top-down ATA to Meta is emblematic, like doing away with Tech Support in favor of Chat Rooms. But it just seems that no decision is really going to be final, and therefore some issues won't ever be settled, and instead of just being Low Maintenance Me with my GD-LBN-Lounge, I'm going to have to keep a constantly wary eye on Meta to see what popular factions are going to take power (until they don't, anymore).

And slightly tangential, the Wish Lists for more and more features seem endless, but then again I *am* low maintenance.

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