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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
July 31, 2014

The (my) Democratic agenda

Wingnuts are so shallow, they frequently accuse me of being an Obama-IDOLATOR or a Hillary-IDOLATOR or a Wendy-TX-IDOLATOR or whoever the current human frontispiece is.

No, I don’t CARE about OBAMA or Hillary or McGOVERN.

ON EDIT: Note about McGOVERN:: In my life span, there have been Dem nominees from all wings of the Dem coalition, from the ultra Left to the Southern Conservative, and after the primaries are over, I support whoever the nominee is. I wish I had kept my letter to McGOVERN during his primary, where I said I vastly admired him on a personal basis but that he had NO chance to beat NIXON and beating NIXON was all that mattered, such that I wished he would withdraw and let anybody who had a better chance to beat NIXON run. Whether he or his staff, whether his signature or auto-pen, I got a brief letter saying, “Thank you, I think I have a good chance to win and I hope you will support me.” I wish I had kept the letter. Of course I voted for him, as with DUKAKIS and the rest.

I care about the Dem AGENDA: Civil rights, social Justice, civil liberties, investment in human potential.

O.K., I’ll admit to a bit of idolatry: W. WILSON, FDR, Eleanor, TRUMAN, LBJ, Lady Bird.

Other than that, there’s this:

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